Smut Contest 2005

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's contest. We hope you had as much fun reading the stories as we did running the contest.

There were a lot of great entries this year, but, unfortunately, we only have a few prizes. Also, since Boys Next Door is a very selective archive, only the contest winners will be added to our permanent archive. If your story didn't get in this year, please try again next year.

Honorable Mentions

Mirror Image
by D-chan
Homura x Sanzo
Because Kita can never have too many Sanzos.

Bunsen Burner Blues
by Caroline
Gundam Wing
For demonstrating that cleaning up after Chemistry class can be fun and educational for all.

Tell Me a Story
by Keistje
Weiß Kreuz
Yohji x Aya
For completely corrupting fairy tales and bedtime stories in Gal's mind.

by DarkFire
Weiß Kreuz
Ken x Aya
For letting us get into Aya's mind.

Red Is Not Racy
by Garden's Gnome
Final Fantasy VIII
Zell x Squall, Irvine x Seifer
For two things: kinky car sex and voyeurism!

What They Say About the Quiet Ones
by Darksquall
Final Fantasy VIII
Seifer x Squall
For including conversations between GFs which have Cyn and Kita smiling like dorks.

Conjunction of Gods
by Iron Dog
Final Fantasy VIII/VII
Sephiroth x Irvine
For making Cyn like a story that crosses FFVII and FFVIII.

Dancing in the Dark
by Keistje
Weiß Kreuz
Yohji x Aya
For being the best Yohji x Aya fic Gal, a Ran x Ken OTP girl, ever enjoyed.

by Lodrelhai
Gundam Wing
For showing that deep down the Gundam boys are just angsty teenage boys.

The Sum of the Parts
by Caelumi
Hakkai x Gojyo x Sanzo
For proving that attempting blackmail can be very rewarding.

The Push It Arc
01 Push It
02 Push It Redux
03 Push It Trifacta
04 Push It Quad
05 Push It Cinqo
06 Push It Senary
07 Push It Seiben
08 Push It Omega
by Iron Dog
Final Fantasy VIII
Squall x Seifer, Seifer x Squall, Seifer x Squall x Irvine
For writing Seifer x Squall in way that Cyn can stand.

Ordinary Dreams
by tokageMusume
Weiß Kreuz
Yohji x Aya
For comparing the dream Weiß boys to the real Weiß boys.

Such a Game
by D-chan
Homura x Goku
Because Goku needs sex too.

Tasting Incandesence
by FlowerGirl862000
Final Fantasy VIII
Seifer x Irvine
For the best math equation. Smut + Cliffhanger = Happy Gal

Award Winners

Best in Contest
by Paxnirvana
Gojyo x Sanzo

Readers' Choice
Hot for Teacher
by Cosmo
Hakkai x Gojyo

Cynthia's Favorite
Sudden Impulse
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [Epilogue]
by Fancyfigures
Gundam Wing AU

Nikita's Favorite
The Inertia Arc
01 Consequences
02 Bang, Bang
03 The Devil You Know
04 Interference
05 Going Sane
06 Incursion
07 Retreat
08 Reconnaissance
09 Ambush
10 A Learning Situation
11 Strangers
12 Strange Land
13 Fear No Evil
14 Start Like Ice
15 Confuse the Brave
16 Summer Day
17 The Only Moving Thing
18 Of Three Minds
19 Haddam
20 Or Just After
21 In A Green Light
22 Inescapable Rhythms
23 Evening All Afternoon
24 The Shadow of His Equipage
25 Pantomime
26 We Uncertain Step
27 Not A Moon Disclose
28 Learn To See
29 Darkness Alters
30 We Grow Accustomed To the Dark
by Eleanor K.
Weiß Kreuz
Schuldig x Yohji

Ana's Favorite
In the Cards
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [Epilogue]
by Garden's Gnome
Final Fantasy VIII
Irvine x Squall, Seifer x Zell

Gal's Favorite
Gunning for Sex
by Iron Dog
Gojyo x Sanzo

Best Romance
Beginnings 1 to 10
by Scribblemoose
Weiß Kreuz
Yohji x Aya

Best Masturbation
Pink Thing
by Fancyfigures
Gundam Wing

Best Multi-Part
The Right Guy
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
by Kebzero
Gundam Wing
2x1x3, 4x5

Best Arc
Sharp and Guilty Pleasure Arc
01 Vergnugen
02 Interlude 1
03 Scharfe
04 Interlude 2
05 Geteiltes Vergnugen
06 Interlude 3
by Iron Dog
Weiß Kreuz
Yohji x Schuldig x Aya

Best Angst
01 Sex is a Battle, Love is War
02 Second Battle
03 Third Battle
04 Peace
by Cinderzol
Gundam Wing

Best One-Shot
by Scribblemoose
Gojyo x Hakkai

Best Smut
Stress Relief
by Gwendolyn Flight and Scribblemoose
Final Fantasy VIII
Irvine x Squall