And I Have Touched the Sky
by Lasha Lee

"Chicken. Buck buck buck."

"I am not chicken. I just don't see what the purpose is."

"Because it's fun. Come on, just one call. He's used to getting them from Jazz and me, I'm dying to know how he's going to react to you being on the other end."

Heero sighed. "And it will make you happy if I do this?"

Duo nodded. "Very, very happy." He gave Heero his best wide-eyed eager look.

"You have unusual turn-ons, you know." Heero shook his head. "The things I do for love." He punched the code to Wufei's ship into the comm-link, and a few seconds later a suspicious voice barked. "NO I DO NOT WANT TO BUY ANY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES! I DO NOT WANT MY LAWN MOWED, MY WALK SHOVELED, MY LEAVES RAKED, OR MY CAR WASHED! I HAVE NOT ACCEPTED CHRIST AS MY SAVIOR NOR DO I INTEND TO AND I DON'T NEED A VACUUM CLEANER!"

Heero waited for Wufei to take a breath. "This is to go. I want an order of pork-fried rice, a large order of moo goo gai pan.."

Say it. Duo mouthed from where he was rolling on the floor.

"And the cream of soom yung gui." Heero blurted out, grinning in spite of himself.

"Oh, Heero, they've brainwashed you!" Wufei's sad, defeated voice said a minute later. "I was afraid this would happen. I'll rig up the connectors between the ships and you can come stay on this one until we reach the planet. Maxwell, if you're listening, and I know you are, you should be ashamed of yourself!"

"Yeah, I should... but I'm not." Duo called over. "And you can't have Heero. We're not done messing with his programming yet."

"You know, I've always thought you had a very bright child. After teaching him these last few weeks I'm convinced of it, he's the most gifted pupil I've ever had. I can only assume he gets that from his mother." Wufei snapped and shut off the comm-link.

"Should I be flattered, insulted, or both?" Duo asked.

"Be flattered. Wufei loves teaching Jazz. We talked about it the other day. He despairs ever teaching him what he calls 'proper manners' but he's in seventh heaven. He says most of his students sit like rocks just taking notes. Jazz challenges him; he can't accept that something just is, he wants to know why. I heard them the other day arguing over whether or not Hamlet was really insane."

"He caught me reading Hamlet when he was six and insisted that I read it to him." Duo explained. "I tried to tell him it wasn't a kid's book but that only interested him even more. So I read him the first part, translating as I went, thinking he'd be bored. We were up the next two nights in a row finishing it and he's still convinced Claudius got off too easy. After that we tackled Julius Caesar. Romeo and Juliet was fun, but his teachers got tired of him shouting at the other kids 'A POX ON BOTH YOUR HOUSES' Most recently we read this old fantasy series called Dragonlance. I'll have to show the pictures of the two us last Halloween dressed up as kender."

"He's going to fit in well on Dera. Education there is less structured than on Earth and the colonies. The theory is that a child will only be truly good at what he or she enjoys, that that is the path their life will take and it's a waste of time to teach them things they will never use. So aside from a few basics, the children decide for themselves what to study."

"Sounds dangerous. What if they make the wrong choices?"

"Then they correct them and learn from them, the same as anywhere else. The result is that by the time the children come of age, they are fit to do what they love, and are happier, more productive adults."

"Sounds like a Utopia."

"No, they have their share of troubles, again like anywhere else." Heero sighed. "Humans are humans, you know. Greed, pettiness, rage, they haven't risen above that. They have wars, people die. But it's how they handle it that appeals to me. I'm looking forward to showing you my favorite places."

Duo locked his arms around Heero's waist. "Thought you already did." he teased. His tongue darted around the edge of Heero's ear and the other man shivered. "See, there's one." He rested his head against his koi's back. "You have no idea how wonderfully happy you've made me these last few weeks." He nuzzled him. "I want to see this world, but in a way I'm sorry we're almost there. I'm going to miss having you all to myself."

"I promise, we'll still have plenty of time alone together." Heero let out his breath. "In the meantime, we should enjoy the moment. There's something I want to do tonight." He turned around to face Duo.


"You've been a bit lazy, you know. Making me do all the work. Tonight it's your turn." Heero kissed his forehead.

"Heero... you know you don't have to do this. I like having you in control." Duo protested.

"I like being in control, but I'm curious. I want to know what it's like on the other end." He couldn't resist a little teasing of his own. "But I'll understand if you don't want to experiment. I can always see if Quatre and Trowa are willing to sho...uummmffh." his words were swallowed by Duo's urgent kiss.

"I don't think so. You are the prisoner of the Dread Pirate Shinigami. No one touches what's mine. Don't make me lock you in the brig." He eyed Heero up and down. "Now, I wonder how much your father will pay in ransom to have you returned safely."

"Not much." Heero shrugged. "He hates me, thinks I bring shame to the family name. I had some legal troubles, you see; an irate Chinese man had me arrested for harassment. Plus there's the fact that I'm no longer pure. That takes my market value down. "

"Depends on what market." Duo rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "I'm sure I could fetch a decent price for you at a market somewhere. Even if you are... tarnished. But I'm considering keeping you for myself if your father won't pay. You amuse me."

"You should have taken the guy from the other ship if you wanted amusement. He used to be a clown."

"Naw, he belongs to the Not-Quite-As-Dreaded Pirate Blondie. We pirates tend to respect each others property."

"I see." Heero nodded. "Should I be afraid?"

"That depends." Duo walked around Heero, leering. "If you're good and behave yourself and do as you're told then I won't have to punish you. If you're bad I might make you walk the plank."

"Given that we're in space that doesn't sound very pleasant." Heero agreed. "I guess I'll just have to be good, then."

"Do you dance?"

"Like a sea-sick bear."

"And you can't sing either. Hummm. Shame. I guess I'll just have to ravish you." He shook his head sadly. "Nothing personal. I have a reputation to protect."

"I guess letting me go isn't an option."

"Sorry. Besides, I've had you over 30 days. I think it's too late to return you, anyway. I lost the receipt, too."

"Careless of you. What are you doing?"

Duo had produced a small knife. "Hold still and you'll find out." The knife slid up and caught the fabric of Heero's tee shirt and slit it up to his neck easily. "Ah, very nice." He removed the remains of the garment and let them fall to the floor. "Do you work out?"

"I've been getting a lot of exercise lately."

"I see. It shows." He licked his lips and ran a hand over Heero's flat stomach, feeling the other man shiver under his hand. The knife moved to the leg of his cotton shorts.


"Sh..." Duo gently cut the cloth open up the side, then the other side, and it fell at Heero's feet. "Oh, yes, you would definitely be worth a fortune if I decided to sell you." Duo breathed. "You're a work of art, pet." He walked around Heero again. "You have a most fetching birthmark, as well, did you know that? Well, you've probably never seen it given where it is, but it's very becoming. It's shaped like a number 2."


"I'm serious. It's right here." Duo traced the dark mark on Heero's flesh. "Rather amazing coincidence, don't you think? That by birth, you were branded with my mark on you? It's a sign from the gods. One never rejects a gift from the gods. That means I'll have to keep you for good."

"We have a saying where I come from. Put up or shut up." Heero growled.

"Now, now, that's not my definition of behaving." Duo sat the knife down on a stand. "You're my prisoner tonight, remember?"

"I remember. It's a bit hard to forget." He blushed when Duo giggled, not realizing what he'd said until after he'd said it.

"You poor thing." Duo clucked his tongue. "You've been left to run wild, I see. I'll have to teach you what it means to be the property of the Dread Pirate Shinigami. But I'm not without mercy, there are rewards for being a good captive." He gave Heero a searing kiss and Heero responded hungrily until his koi moved away. "Shall I show you, pet?" His knees bent slowly as he kissed down Heero's chest, finally kneeling at his feet. "Put your hands on my head." He instructed. "Good, now undo my hair." He sighed happily as the loose strands feel around him and Heero's fingers combed through it. "You've pleased me, pet. Now, let me please you."

Duo ran his tongue in short, quick rasps up Heero's scalding length, like a cat bathing it's chest. He curled his tongue as he went, cupping the flesh against it. "Did you know I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue?" He asked Heero casually.

"That... doesn't... surprise... me..."

"Ummm." Duo's mouth closed over the tip of Heero's erection, and sucked, moving his head up and down. Heero's fingers tightened in his hair and the other man groaned helplessly, muttering something rapidly in Japanese that Duo didn't quite catch. "I agree." He paused for a second to take a breath and then returned to his task.

Heero couldn't hold out much longer and didn't bother to try. Less than a minute later he was spasming, thrusting hard into Duo's mouth, holding onto a mass of chestnut hair in a death grip. Finally his hands released and his head hung low, panting and shivering.

Duo stood up, and traced a finger down Heero's damp chest. "See? You won't have it so bad here." He kissed his captive again. "But I'm not done with my ravishment yet. See, we have very strict guidelines we have to follow. They're set by the Pirate's Union, and no one dares go against the Union. Section 2, paragraph 23 clearly states that no ravishment is complete until the party of the first part, the ravisher, actually takes the party of the second part, the ravishee, in a fully carnal, decadent manner, until both parties are so exhausted neither one can move for a week."

"My compliments to your Union Master."

"Hey, it's a living. And it's got great benefits." Duo agreed. He backed Heero up until the other man was against the bed. The Dread Pirate Shinigami glanced down at himself. "Rats, I'm out of compliance with the dress code. It's Casual Day. You can help me stop violating the company policy if you want."

"Of course." Heero agreed. He pulled off Duo's tee shirt, taking a minute to free it from the long, loose hair. His hands then quickly unzipped the denim shorts and slid them downward. "Underwear is against the Pirate Policy too, I see."

"Wearing of such, yes. We do enjoy the occasional undergarment raid, however. Although I've found it more fun to plant them on people than actually steal them. The Dread-But-Humorless Pirate Wufei reacts wonderfully to finding pink silk panties stuffed in his jacket pocket. But in fairness, how was I know he planned to wear that jacket to teach his class in the next day? At least the children got a good laugh out of it."

"A complete misunderstanding, I'm sure." Heero agreed, stroking Duo's lower body. "As long as I'm not expected to wear pink. It's not my color."

"No, no, I prefer you in Casual Dress." Duo assured him. "The more casual the better. Ummmm, yes..." his breath came out in a hiss. "Just like that..."

"There's Vaseline in the drawer." Heero said after a minute. "We're out of your menthol gel."

"Is that a hint, pet?"

"Hint, no. Pleading request, yes."

"Lay down." Duo panted, taking the container out of the drawer. Heero leaned back on the bed, his arms behind his head, watching as Duo struggled with the slick cap and finally got it open, scooping out a thick glob. He paused then, slightly uncertain, glancing up at Heero to make sure this was really what his koi wanted. Heero nodded and opened himself. "Go ahead. Show me." The Japanese man whispered.

Still unsure of himself, and afraid of hurting Heero, Duo proceeded carefully, slowly. It didn't seem possible that he could ever get two fingers inside of his love, let alone three, but he knew that it must be possible because Heero had done it to him. The ravishee wasn't helping Duo's careful efforts very much, writhing about on the bed and ordering him to hurry up. Duo glared down at him, and pushed his fingers in a certain location. Heero's head snapped up. "You want me to do that again, pet?" Duo whispered.


Duo pressed the spot again and Heero cursed softly in Japanese, repeating it as Duo withdrew his hand. "Sh... it's okay." Duo soothed him. "I promise to touch it again, just a minute." He leaned over his lover, positioning himself at the tight entrance of Heero's body. "I am the Dread Pirate Shinigami" Duo intoned. "I don't usually take prisoners. But... I'm looking forward to taking this one." He slid into Heero.


"See, I keep my promises." Duo angled his thrusts to hit against Heero's sweet spot, figuring he must be doing it right from the look on Heero's face.

He stopped talking then, concentrating fully on bring his lover to completion, stroking him as he jerked his hips back and forth. This was good...this was very, very good. His eyes rolled back into his skull.

Although they had only been together a few weeks, Duo knew his koi well. Heero was a creature of habit. He started off making low noises deep in his throat. The closer he got the more desperate they became, until he sounded like a wild creature. There was nothing at all even remotely human in those sounds as Heero reverted back to his most basic nature. If Duo closed his eyes, he could picture them as animals, coupling together under an ancient sky in a humanless world. But this was the first time he had taken the role of alpha male, and knowing that he was in control, that he could make Heero respond how he wanted and when, was a powerful aphrodisiac. It lent him stamina he was unaware he even possessed. So much so that even after Heero gave into his own release and sprayed them both with his passion Duo was able to keep from losing control himself. He continued his thrusts until Heero hardened in his hand again. Only when Heero was crying out for the second time did Duo finally let go. The results left him shaking like a newborn child, collapsed on Heero's chest, unable to speak or move, only able to lie still in the endless rush.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah..." Duo raised his head. "How about you?"

"I will be. I think." He kissed Duo softly. "Why do I get a feeling you really enjoyed that?"

"Ummm." Duo agreed. "That was fun. We should do it again sometime. I still like letting you be charge, though." He snuggled closer. "I like being yours."

"Were you serious about that birthmark?"

"Yup. It's dark brown and it's shaped like a perfect number 2. I never noticed it before. I'm flattered; there's guys who'll have your name tattooed on their butt if you ask them, but not too many who'll arrange a birthmark on the grounds they might end up with someone it matches."

"No might about it. You're right. If there are gods they arranged this. Maybe thousands of years before we were born. Sheld would say our souls have always been together, in different forms and bodies, since creation began. Always finding each other which each new life."


"A friend of mine on Dera. She's a Mentalist."

"A what?"

"Humans use only 10 to 15% of their brains in a lifetime. Sheld explores what the rest of it can do. She's made some remarkable discoveries. You'll love her. She's very smart but very eccentric as well. She can remember what a cerebellum is for but not what she had for lunch two hours ago."

"Well, she better remember to keep her hands off of you." Duo kissed Heero's chest. "No matter how great she is."

"That won't be a problem. Her maclen, that's what a life-mate is called on Dera, wouldn't stand for it. He's very protective of her. They have a daughter Jazz's age, and another little girl who was born just before I left."

"So this world, they won't freak out about two guys being together?"

"Of course not. Most life-matings are male-female but such things are usually considered one's own private business and no one else's."

"Do they have like, wedding ceremonies and stuff?" Duo asked.

"Nothing that formal. There are different pledges people take. My favorite." Heero said after a minute. "Is the pledge to guard someone's dreams."

Duo sat upright. "You said that after we made love for the first time!"

Heero chuckled. "Did I?"

"You rat!" Duo smacked him. "You married me and you didn't even TELL me?"

"I thought you liked surprises. I can't take it back. It's binding. You didn't refuse my pledge." Heero turned serious. "You... are okay with this, aren't you? You aren't angry with me?"

"No, I'm not angry." Duo laid back in Heero's arms. "But you should have told me anyway. Maybe I wanted to take a pledge of my own."

"Well, there's the pledge to guard dreams, the pledge to share all you possess, and the pledge to love no one else to name a few. There's a newer one that's popular among younger couples. It's the pledge to make life interesting."

"Heero, I swear to make your life as interesting as I know how." Duo promised.

They cuddled in silence for a while, savoring the moment. "And I didn't even get to wear a long white dress." Duo sighed. "Still, I can work with this. Gotta be worse things in life than marrying your best friend." He yawned. "Heero?" He glanced over at his sleeping koi and smiled. "Goodnight, sweet prince. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."

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