by Uru-Chan

Pale moisture fell in sporadic sheets, sizzling against the heated pavement. Steam coiled feebly skyward from the hoods of parked cars, contributing to the unbearable humidity. The dull orange haze of an artificial sunset cast thick shadows along the street, enhancing the evening gloom.

"Mine... Mine, and nobody else's." A bitter smirk carved it's way across Duo's face, lip raised slightly with contempt. K'so, Heero. I guess the 'new' wore off pretty quick for ya, ne?You hardly took me out of the goddamn wrapper. Duo sniffled, running the back of his hand across one rain-slicked cheek Mr. Perfect fucking soldier. Perfect pilot, damn near perfect lover, and what a perfect day he picked for the perfect screw.

Duo swiped the hair from his eyes with one sleeve, his flesh cool and clammy. Water trickled from the tip of his nose, rolling across his lips onto his tongue. His mouth twisted at the harsh, metallic flavor, marveling that he'd ever found it palatable. Even now, on either side of the narrow, residential street, it thundered noisily from gutter to rain-barrel.

Violet eyes surveyed the nearest crossing, without any real knowledge of his whereabouts. He'd fled the tiny motel room, choosing his streets and alleys by sheer whim. He felt a vague familiarity with this sprawling neighborhood, with it's pockmarked lawns and crooked fences. And yet, they all seemed remarkably similar, with small, uninteresting houses in various states of disrepair.

The American shoved his hands in his pockets, wincing as his fingers closed on a scrap of notebook paper. He scrubbed briefly at his eyes to combat a sudden suspicious burning, worrying his lower lip between his teeth. He withdrew the little page, uncrumpling it in the palm of his hand. The ink smeared slightly with moisture, bleeding sadly into the little creases in the paper.

"I refuse to take any responsibility for last night. If anyone is to blame, Duo, it's you. I was drunk, and you knew it. What happened between us disgusts me, and I promise you, it will not happen again. I'm leaving, and I don't want to see you when I get back. If you bring it up again, to me or to anyone, I'll kill you."

"Signed, the great Heero Yuy," Duo sniffed, shoving the note back into his pocket. The braided boy slumped against the welcoming support of a streetlight. He crouched there, moisture seeping into the fabric of his jeans, clutching his face in his hands.

Baka! Baka ne? It's not like you've never been dumped before eh? Not the first time somebody's stomped a gundam-sized hole in your pride. Aa, Shinigami conceded miserably, but that's different, isn't it? It's not that he was pretty...they're always pretty, aren't they? Ch'. You won't bend over for anything less.

So, he interrupted defensively. I'm not lookin' to fall in love-just have a little fun, and life's too short to waste it on anything less. Yeah, he argued relentlessly, so how come it hurts so fuckin' bad? Duo blanched slightly, examining the cracks in the pavement. His body seemed to shrink inside his jacket, and he clutched his shoulders fiercely. "Mine... Mine, and nobody else's."

Duo glanced up, startled by the high-pitched giggling of small children. A little girl with black pigtails issued a series of orders to her sister, before covering her eyes against a tree trunk. He could hear the loud, excited countdown as the smaller girl darted off to hide.

Hide and go seek... The American trembled slightly, comprehension seeping like the rain into his fine, pale skin. Catch me Heero... Catch me if you can... The door swung open and a women howled for her children to come in out of the rain. Duo, stood slowly, clutching at his chest as he struggled for breath.

You're lonely, ne Duo?So you find a pretty boy, and you show him what you've got. TAG, you're it.He takes you home, and maybe he's a good fuck, and you forget about it all for a while. He's got that long to make it all go away, the one's you slaughtered yesterday, the one's you'll send to hell tomorrow. You want me? Catch me then... Catch me if you can... Duo thrust his body into motion, trudging uncertainly along the street.Nobody ever caught me, he reflected, shoving his hands into his pockets. I wouldn't let them. I wasn't finished running.

"Mine... Mine, and nobody else's."

Heero... God, you son of a bitch, how could you do this to me? I let you catch me...I lo- The American's teeth closed on his lip, the dark flavor of blood tainting his mouth. I shouldn't have stopped running, he ground out angrily, closing on the far side of an intersection. Solo was right...Heero didn't want me after all...

"Solo..." The breathless whisper dissipated, masked by the steady sheet of rain.Duo stood uncertainly on the curb, violet eyes shifting from the cluster of street-signs to the line of prefabricated houses. Something familiar...I could swear I've been here before The American's gaze skimmed the broken landscape of clotheslines and lawn furniture, settling on the distant cul de sac.

No...It can't be... He launched himself at the blackened maple tree, and the narrow french windows.A sign sprouted from the barren yard, offering the property for sale. Judging by the peeling paint, the real estate company had long since abandoned hope.

Duo moved along the walk with exaggerated slowness, toying nervously with the tuft of his braid.He paused before the door, sliding his palm along the cool, moist surface. His gaze fell to the padlocked handle, and a smirk crept along his lips.The American fumbled for a lock pick, refusing to be deterred.

"Okaeri Shinigami. Welcome home."

Ruddy light spilled through the open door, casting a dull glow across the floorboards. His palm darted instinctively for the wall-switch, yanking it vainly as the door swung shut. Ch'. Naturally the power's cut. Duo fumbled in his pocket for the lighter he'd 'borrowed' off silver-pants. The flame leapt to life, and he shielded it, noting how it trembled in his fingertips.

His nostrils flared at the pungent odor of rotting fabric, the vague contour of a couch protruding from the corner.Floral print paper drooped from the walls, now balding in large, glue-streaked patches.

Jesus...was it even half this bad when we found it?It always smelled funny, but at least the lights worked. That ugly green couch with the stuffing comin' out...that god-awful wallpaper...

The braided boy palmed the grooved banister, navigating the hall to emerge in the broad, circular living-room. The waning sunlight filtered through four grimy windows, illuminating the ragged carpet. Crimson glinted in the chrome of a rusted tricycle, half crushed beneath a fallen beam.

This is where we lived...eight years ago.Solo called the shots then--callin' everybody out, and callin' em back. We'd sit here, all of us, playin' show and tell with whatever we pinched off the streets. Two boys on the couch...five in a circle, and Solo n' me front and center. We'd divvy it up nice and even; all for one and one for all, or somebody's fist in your face. God, things were a hell of a lot simpler then...

Duo's fingers closed on the far door, settling on the small, speckled knob. He passed silently into the adjoining room, hands falling helplessly to his sides.The waning light glinted fiercely in a full-length mirror, pegged to the closet door. Faded posters dotted the far wall, half-furled beneath brightly colored tacks.

This is where we slept, Shinigami murmured distantly, kneeling before one rose-colored window. His fingers grazed the floorboards, tracing patterns in the dust. And this...this is where he...Solo--Oh, god...

"You remembered." Duo gasped softly as long fingers closed on his shoulder.

"How could I forget?" he managed hoarsely, gazing up at the green-eyed boy. "You died in my arms, remember?"

"Aa," Solo rasped in agreement, sinking down to crouch beside the American. He pressed one palm into the omnipresent grime, blotting out Shinigami's design.

"W-what are you doing here?" Duo stumbled, fixing his eyes on the mottled wall.

"I live here," the taller boy shrugged, settling cross-legged onto the floor. "This is the place I feel strongest." Solo's hand snaked out to clutch the American's braid, smirking slightly as water trickled from his fist. "Ne, Duo...what are you doing in such a bad neighborhood? And on a day like this...Look at you-you're soaked to the bone."

"I-I was..." what? It's a good question, isn't it? he muttered angrily. What the hell were you doing?"I was...running."

"And what were you running away from?" the taller boy half-purred, looping his arms about the pilot's waist. The boy's cheeks flushed slightly as Solo tugged him gently into his lap.

"Duo no baka...you're soaking my shirt. Here, let me help you..." Solo tugged the jacket from the American's body, the smaller boy dazed and compliant in his arms.The black t-shirt followed shortly, thudding wetly against the floorboards. The slim, pale body stiffened briefly in his arms before slumping bonelessly against him. Warm, dry arms encircled Duo, the boy's chin nuzzling at his shoulder.

"It's nothing," Shinigami whispered, features twisted in a kind of weary self-loathing. "I just did somethin' stupid, that's all. Ch'. Surprise surprise..."

"Iie." Strong fingers grasped at his shoulder, yanking him roughly about. "I don't wanna hear you talk like that, understand? Now, I asked you a question, ne? And I expect you to answer it."

"Oi! Hanaseyo!" Defiance flickered briefly across Duo's face, and he jerked his chin free of the larger boy's grasp. "You don't own me," he hissed angrily, fisting the other boy's collar. "Don't pretend that you own me!"

Solo's eyes narrowed menacingly, his right hand clenching furrows in the American's flesh. He relaxed it almost instantly, mouth turning in a placating little smile. No...not like this. There'll be time enough to own him properly. Better to let him vent now; he's hurting, after all.

"Forgive me," he conceeded, fingers sliding up to cup the pilot's cheek. "But I never want to hear you talk that way again I want to help you, Duo. Please...just let me...

Exhaling noisily, Duo grasped for his discarded jacket. Fisting the crumpled note, he jabbed it mechanically at Solo's fingers. "There," he spat, "congragulations! He hates me. I disgust him! Jesus fucking Christ! I should've listened, ne Solo? You told me he'd never love me, Man--you told me from the very start."

The green-eyed boy squeezed until the paper balled in his hand, and he tossed it into the shadows. He gathered the trembling pilot in his arms, scooping him up to rest in his lap. Duo's arms hung loosely about the other boy's neck, and he buried his face in Solo's shoulder.

"Hey," the older boy murmured, fingers smoothing the American's back. "Why'd you let him get to you, eh? So he couldn't handle it; so what? You should be proud; you probably gave him the best fuck of his life."

"Iie," the boy's breath whispered against his flesh."I told you...me and Heero, we're different-"

"Aa," Solo replied caustically, "and I told you--there's no "me and Heero."

"Don't! Don't say that!I don't want you to say that anymore."

"You're in love with him," the older boy remarked softly, more to himself than to Duo.

"Mine... Mine, and nobody else's."The braided boy slumped against the comforting warmth of Solo's T-shirt, eyes heavy with exhaustion. Duo no baka...you really fucked this one up, didn't you? There's business and there's pleasure; you learned that eight fuckin' years ago, workin' the streets. For some people, there' ain't no difference. Men can screw you for money, or they'll screw you for skin. Life...liberty...innocence.Men like to take, it's in their nature. But they can't take what you haven't got, ne? I gave my soul to Death for safekeeping; smartest thing I've ever done. And all it took was a psychopathic Japanese boy with a death-wish and a gorgeous ass, and I would've done anything...ANYTHING--

"Duo?" The braided boy glanced up, eyes wide and frightened in a bloodless face.

"Do you want me?" The taller boy started at the unexpected question.


"You heard what I said," Duo interrupted sharply.The American shifted in his arms, staring up at him with raw intensity. "Do-you-want-me?"

"Hai," Solo rasped in agreement, "of course I do."

"Then take me," Shinigami demanded, eyes feverish as he clutched the older boy's shirt. "Please," he whispered harshly, "I need you to make it right. I want it like it used to be, before Hee-"

Solo's hand leapt unexpectedly to crack against his cheek, staining the pale flesh crimson. Duo's fingers traced the heated imprint, stunned by the boy's violence.

"If you want a cheap screw to set you straight, you're in the wrong neighborhood." The boy grasped at Duo's braid, and the pilot stared in confusion as he began to unravel it. "I'm not gonna fuck you," he announced angrily, fingers burrowing into thick, damp, chestnut. "But I will make love to you."

"No," Duo whispered hoarsely, wrenching his head free to avoid Solo's kiss. Not like this...please, I can't stand it. The green-eyed boy snatched at his chin, holding him fast for a hard, bitter kiss.The American tasted blood as the older boy's tongue penetrated him, flooding his mouth with warmth. Good, Duo muttered brokenly, I pissed him off. It's always better when it hurts a little. Pain's good for blockin' out the bad stuff; I don't' need his tenderness...

Solo's weight shifted, pressing Shinigami to the floor beneath him. Dust billowed in tiny eddies around them, glittering in the waning light. The older boy clenched Duo's throat, tilting his head forcefully back against his rumpled jacket. Soft, moist lips grazed the tip of the American's chin, mouthing a slow descent. His tongue settled in the hollow of Duo's neck, writhing wetly against his flesh.

The pilot gasped softly, hands sliding up to tangle in the other boy's shirt. Solo responded, yanking the green fabric free. He grasped at the American's palms, pressing them to firmly to his chest. Duo's fingers explored the smooth, flawless skin, marveling at the texture. Fascinated, he tugged gently at one nipple, scratching the other slightly with his fingernail. Groaning softly, Solo caught the errant digits, taking the forefinger into his mouth. He ran his tongue slowly across the oddly textured surface, grinding his hips in time with his suckling.

Duo's eyes slid shut, hips rising to mimic the slow, rough pressure of Solo's denim-clad groin. His breath shuddered as the boy's teeth closed on his left nipple, gnawing at the hardened flesh. A quick, hot tongue punctuated the tiny bites, circling languidly.

One hand fumbled at his zipper, and he arched sharply, allowing better access. Solo's fingers hooked his waistband, peeling both jeans and boxers from his hips. Duo wriggled impatiently, kicking the heavy fabric free.

"Duo...This night will be our last. Do you understand me?"

"Nani?" He shook his head feebly, failing to dislodge the haze of lust and grief.

"Aa," he murmured distantly, "the very last." Solo knelt before him, nude, preternaturally beautiful. Duo's breath caught briefly as the other boy moved, flesh stained by the waning light.

"You're leaving me?" he rasped, eyes heavy-lidded with desire. "Ne, Solo, you don't have to go. Maybe we can talk about it--"

"We are," the older boy retorted, sliding his knee between Duo's thighs. His hand clenched the pilot's sex, squeezing the turgid flesh in slow, even strokes. The American groaned, thrusting his hips vainly at the retreating pressure. Solo dipped between the other's legs, lapping the tip of his cock almost as an afterthought. He paused to gather the Duo's balls in his palm, rolling the soft weight between his fingers. Solo's tongue stabbed at the sensitive flesh, lapping a course down the center.


"You like that," the other boy smirked. "We have until dawn, Kid; I'll do it as often as you like." Hands clutched at his thighs, hooking them over his shoulders. "I'd do anything for you." Lie... Cheat...Kill... I'd even betray you, if I thought I'd have you in the end.Whatever it takes to make you mine. Slender fingers traced the boy's lips, parting them gently.

Duo suckled enthusiastically, rolling his tongue across each digit. Such beautiful skin... No scars or calluses... Not like Heero, ne?Not like Heero at all...

"Agh--Fuck!" Duo's head flung back, his hands thrusting violently against Solo's shoulders.

"Who were you thinking about?" the other boy murmured, shoving a second finger ruthlessly inside. "It wasn't me, was it?" The American jerked his head to one side, yelping softly in discomfort. "You wanted to forget," Solo reminded him; "I'm only trying to give you what you asked for." The intruding digits slowed deep inside of him, stroking the inner wall.

"Nnnn..." Duo rocked desperately against the boy's fingers, grasping his own sex with a hard squeeze. Solo held himself rigid, admiring the flushed, tormented, face.

So beautiful... and so terribly naive. To think you actually believe that asshole abandoned you. And after seeing you like this... Duo no baka; I hope you'll forgive me someday. He struck at the American's hands, ignoring the low moan of protest. Withdrawing his fingers, he positioned himself at the entrance to Duo's body.

"Mine," he whispered fiercely, seating himself with a swift, brutal thrust. "Mine, and nobody else's." A choked, desperate cry dislodged itself from Shinigami's throat.

Iie, he hissed, reason failing beneath the hard, relentless friction inside of him.Masaka!

"Solo, please!" His lungs closed on whatever he'd meant to say, until only the plea remained. Solo, please; this isn't what I wanted... Duo's back arched, nails raking the taller boy's flesh as he quickened his pace.

"Oh, god, Solo-I can't!" I can't be what you want me to be! Warm fingers closed on his sex, squeezing the tip, pumping with each thrust. Violet eyes flew open as his body convulsed, spattering hot and sticky against his belly.

"Mine... Mine, and nobody else's."

"I'm sorry, Solo. I loved you once. But I can't be what you want me to be."

The American drowsed listlessly against the floorboards, Solo's tongue lapping at his stomach. Solo, he whispered brokenly burying his face in his upper arm.Gomen, but it look's like I'm still running.

It's always better when it hurts a little. So catch me Heero...Catch me if you can.

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