by Uru-Chan

***Did he touch me? Does heat surround me like the air in this room? Oh...I can walk inches higher than the floor. But if you want to know the truth...***

"Such a pretty thing," the dark voice whispered, tone rich with admiration. "It's no use struggling. I couldn't stop myself if I tried. After all; what could be more irresistable than Death?"

"Nn...s' hot," the braided boy muttered anxiously, thrashing about on the narrow mattress. "So hot...can't...breathe..." Duo's head settled in the crease between his pillows, fingers clenching handfuls of crisp linen. His brows arched in an expression of utter despair, wrist yanking free to swipe at his eyes. The pilot's tongue darted out to lap at the salty hollow above his lips, a low moan of fear rumbling up from his breast. A pale blue haze flooded the narrow motel bed, fading gradually into impenetrable blackness. Light glistened on the mass of chestnut as he tossed his head about, glinting on his sweat-slick flesh.

"Sssh, lie still," the familiar voice soothed. "I'm the last person who'd ever hurt you." The mattress creaked softly as the green-eyed boy sank gradually beside him. Pale fingers stroked the contour of the American's cheek, exploring almost reverently. "I've come for you, Duo Maxwell. It won't be long now," he murmured distantly, features softening wearily. "Together forever; it's what we always wanted, ne? Here there's no sickness, Duo, no hunger...You'll never have to be afraid again."

The braided boy trembled slightly beneath his fingertips, sweat trickling from his temple. He moaned softly as the older boy's thumb parted his lips, sliding boldly between Duo's teeth. The pilot's tongue slithered hotly about the intruding digit, and he gnawed gently at the firm, oddly textured, flesh.

"Mine," the dark-haired boy whispered harshly, bending to capture Duo's mouth. Violet eyes slid lazily open at the warm, wet intrusion of the other's tongue. In a moment of drowsy pleasure he returned the kiss, exploring the slick heat of the other's mouth.

"Nnn, Duo..." The pilot's eyes flew open at the low growl of pleasure, gasping as firm hands grasped his wrists. His jaw dropped at the sight of the boy arched so aggressively above him, pinning his hands to the bed.

"S-Solo?!" The beautiful mouth curved in a brilliant grin, tongue lapping the taste of Duo from his lips.

"Y-yamete!" the American stammered, heart-shaped face bloodless with horror. "Hanaseyo!" Duo took full advantage of the boy's surprise, yanking one wrist free from the other's fingers. "K'so!" he bellowed almost hysterically, "I said let go!"

Shinigami's fist balled, yanking back to strike his assailant full in the face. Solo's head snapped sharply to the right, fine dark hair tumbling violently about. With excruciating slowness, he turned to face the younger boy once more. The American gazed wide-eyed as Solo's hand brushed his cheek, fingers stroking the injured flesh.

K'so! Duo's feet furrowed in the sheets, scooting him furiously back against the headboard. The older boy sat poised on the edge of the bed, one arm dangling upon his knee. He laughed softly, almost sadly, emerald eyes glistening in the half-light. "I-it is you," he sputtered feverishly, clutching his legs tightly to his breast. "I just---I don't-Kisama!"

Solo's laughter increased markedly, teeth glistening in the pale light. His head fell back, throat exposed, as the low sound welled up from his breast.

"What's so funny!" Duo demanded indignantly, fear all but forgotten. "Oi! You're dead, man! D-E-A-D dead! You died in my arms, you asshole!" he shouted angrily, voice raw with repressed grief.

"I remember," Solo replied quietly, his lips curved somberly. "I was there, after all. I lay my head in your lap, and you held me so tight I could hardly breathe. You were crying-"

"I was seven years old," Duo interjected sharply, embarrassed.

"Of course you were," the older boy said placatingly. "Seven years old, and losing your best friend-

"My only friend," the American whispered fiercely. "You were the only family I had, the only person in the whole fucking world who gave a damn about me and you died! You promised we'd be together forever! God damn you, Solo-you promised me!" the braided boy rasped, clutching his own shoulders in misery.

"I kept my promise to you, Duo," Solo replied quietly, a soft exhalation of weariness escaping his lips. "Earthbound to you from the moment I died," he explained faintly, so that Duo strained to hear. "I never really left you." The green-eyed boy advanced cautiously on the bed toward the trembling pilot. He drew the American's hand free, tracing the strong, yet slender line of the boy's wrist.

"Then why," the pilot questioned hoarsely, eyes fixed on the progress of Solo's fingers. "Why'd you have to barge into my life again and rip all the fucking scabs off! And why do you keep touching me like that!" he shouted, yanking his hand free. Duo's face went slack and pale as the older boy stiffened angrily. "Holy sh-"

Duo struggled violently as Solo launched himself across the bed, thrusting him back onto the mattress. The green-eyed boy pinned him easily, holding his wrists above his head, flush against the pillows. The American relaxed his struggles gradually, breath scalding his lungs in great desperate gasps. A low, indecipherable stream of obscenities spilled from his lips, buried against the flesh of his inner arm.

"You can't hurt me," Solo murmured almost fondly. "You couldn't beat me when we were kids, and you sure as hell can't hurt me now." The dark-haired boy paused, unfolding the younger boy's limbs, revealing the shuttered, heart-shaped face.

"I'll answer your question," he continued, palming the smooth surface of Duo's cheek. The braided boy shuddered slightly, flinching beneath the cool palm, the soft stroke of the boy's thumb.

"I'd planned to wait for you, Kid. I'd help you when I could, try to look out for you, keep you out of trouble. And one day, when your body gave out, I'd come for you. Heaven or Hell, we'd face judgement together. That was my plan," he chuckled darkly, gazing down into the pilot's stunned face.

"But it turns out I'm just as bound to this place as I am to you. Duo Maxwell, the god of death, piloting a gundam in the war. Running and hiding, as you like to put it, on Earth, and every goddamn colony but this one." Smooth palms held the boy's face steady as Solo descended, hovering so that his breath warmed Duo's lips. "I spent so much of myself following you. Watching you, warning you...wanting you." Duo gasped softly in protest as the older boy's tongue demanded entrance, sliding warm and wet across his lips.

"Nnn, pretty little angel. This is how it should've been--how it's going to be. Forever." The green-eyed boy plunged violently into the kiss, devouring the pilot with ravenous suction. Strong fingers threaded in the mass of hair at Duo's nape, riveting him in place even as he pulled away. Glazed eyes gazed down at his conquest, and he tasted his mouth reflexively.

"I'm not going to let you go this time," he whispered harshly, tracing the slippery curve of the boy's lips. "I can't follow you forever," Solo continued, breath grazing the curve of Duo's throat, "and I won't leave you alone. I can't."

"Don't!" the boy groaned faintly, remembering himself. "I told you to stop! I-nn!" The American's head fell back onto the pillows, fingers clenching Solo's hair.

"Why, Duo?" the darker boy questioned lecherously, tongue darting out to circle one nipple. "It's obvious you like it. You used to think about me--late at night, on a mission, all alone. You used to wonder what I'd look like, what we'd be to each other if I'd survived. You'd fantasize, Duo, remember that? You used to think of me and touch yourself."

"Demo-Solo!" he half sobbed as one hand closed on the heated fabric of his boxers. "You died when I was seven! How can you..nnn...how can you-"

"Want you?" the other boy supplied easily. "I've been watching you, Duo," he mused, fingers stroking the outline of the boy's erection. "There was a time when our friendship was everything to you. It was more than enough keep your thoughts on me, on us. And then you grew up.

"And suddenly," Solo slid his hand into the pilot's shorts, palm closing on hot, hard flesh. "Suddenly, this was all you could think about," he continued, freeing him, sliding his palm and fingers in slow, languid, strokes. Duo's eyes squeezed shut, breath growing increasingly ragged. He could scarcely concentrate on the words, not with the tight hot channel of Solo's hand.

"Dancing and sex, drinking and sex, fighting and sex. You like them pretty and you like them easy, and you're always, always gone before the dawn."

"It's... better that way," the braided boy managed, legs falling further apart as he arched his back. "It's safer for everybody. Nnnn....nobody...nobody gets hurt."

"It's a shame, Duo," the green-eyed boy laughed softly, lips grazing the other's hip. "No one will ever know you the way I did. Not even your little pilot friend."

"Oi! Heero isn't like that!" the American exploded abruptly, propping himself up on his elbows. "He's none of your fucking business, you got that? You don't know how I feel about him so don't---ah! Shit! Ah, god, just stop, Solo! Please, unnnn...no more!"

The dark-haired boy laughed quietly before swallowing another inch of Duo's cock. He found that he enjoyed the power of the act, as much as the little gasps and moans Duo couldn't quite contain.

The braided pilot parted his lips for Solo's offered fingers. He suckled dutifully, whimpering softly as the older boy pulled them free. Violet eyes squeezed shut, breath hitching as one slender finger penetrated his body. Duo groaned, trembling as the second joined the first, and the fingers began to curve. The chestnut head tossed violently back, Solo's mouth suckling fiercely in front as his hand stimulated from behind. Duo's hips thrust desperately into the other's throat, trembling with pending release. Climaxing, his fingers tightened in the boy's hair, mouth falling open to groan his lover's name in unadulterated pleasure.

Solo gathered the trembling Duo into his arms, settling back against the pillows. The braided boy shifted uneasily, worrying his lip between his teeth. Duo no baka...What have you done? Is it cheating if it's only a dream? Ch'. How can you cheat on somebody who doesn't love you. The pilot exhaled noisily, cheek nuzzling the soft fabric of Solo's T-shirt. The older boy pressed the younger close, inhaling the warm, vibrant scent of a satiated Duo.

Go to sleep, Angel, he whispered wearily, clutching the pilot close. It's only a little longer love, and then you'll sleep forever.

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