by Uru-Chan

Who is Solo? Solo is a character from the novelization of Duo's episode zero. He was the leader of a gang of thieving children, and a friend of the (7) year old, yet-to-be-named shinigami. Solo died of the L2 plague, saying he wished he'd been able to know his friend longer. Touched, the braided orphan names himself Duo, so they'll be together, in a sense, forever. As far as hair and eye color, I've no idea. I made those things up.

What was Solo? In this fic, Solo and Duo were even closer than imagined. From the moment he died, Solo hung around to keep an eye on Duo. He appeared to Duo in dreams, as an older boy, using the image Duo had of what an older Solo would look like. Duo never really recognized the boy as his childhood friend, and as it is in dreams, the moment he got close, he'd wake up and forget all over again. Here, Solo was the one who told Duo to steal a mobile suit in order to save Maxwell church. Of course, everybody dies, but Duo comes out alive (which is all Solo really cares about). So basically, Solo is a dead guy who hangs around giving Duo advice, waiting for Duo to die so they can truly be together forever.

So how come Heero sees him sometimes? Until recently, Solo has only appeared in dreams. But since he's running out of time, he's using up more energy to try to win Duo (and get rid of the competition). So sometimes he appears to both of them. (Chapters where Duo is dreaming are marked as such).

OK, so why is Solo dying? In this bizarre, made up afterlife of mine, Solo isn't supposed to be here. He should have crossed over to..whatever a long time ago. He's using up all the energy he has chasing Duo around and warning him about things. Now he realizes that if he doesn't talk Duo into dying (and joining him) now, he'll either burn up, or have to cross over without him.

What's with that note? Ehehe. That's me trying to rush a fic. Basically, Solo arranges for Duo and Heero to find notes. Duo gets his while Heero's out running errands, and Heero finds his when he gets back (and Duo is gone). Heero, naturally, figures it's a hoax. Duo would too, but my excuse was that he's too f'd up emotionally to rationalize at this point.

So was Duo a slut or what? Now now *sweatdrop* I'm not trying to say Duo's a slut. What I'm saying is, Duo believes in living hard and fast. Because of his background (and occupation) he's well aware that life, at least for him, is extremely short. He has no intention of wasting any of it. He's also carrying around a lot of guilt/emotional garbage he needs to cope with. Drinking, dancing, and sex are just quick fixes for him. He's never fallen in love before, and that's why opening up to Heero was such a huge thing for him.

What was that thing Solo did at the end? Solo died a child, and still had a child's way of looking at things. It didn't occur to him that this Duo wasn't the same as the one he left. In the end, he decided he'd have to let go. Otherwise, Duo would hate him and he wouldn't stay with him in the 'afterlife'. So he sacrifices the last of his 'energy' to save Duo's life, and then just sort of expires on the spot.

What was that silver-pants thing about? I didn't explain this very well. In fact, there's only one tiny line to hint that it's a trick. Duo really didn't know the guy he was dancing with. Solo just stepped in for a moment to make it look like it was him and piss Heero off. He wanted to get the two of them into an argument and maybe break up whatever he senses between them. Of course, it backfires and the rest is lemon history...

You call that an ending? Um...yeah? Hey, don't expect a monumental change in character here. This ain't 'promises' *grins* Heero is still Heero, Duo is still Duo. BUT, they have a new perspective on things, and they are very much a couple at this point. Heero is aware that Duo is in love with him. He's not sure he loves Duo, but there are hints in the story, like when he says Solo can't love Duo because that's not what love is like. He also tapes up that picture of Duo and Solo together, even though he hates Solo and will never forgive him. That's a small, childish, sweet sort of gesture on Heero's part that yes, it was worth it for Duo to stick around after all. When Duo says it's a new game, it simply means he's ready to love/be loved by Heero.

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