Just Wild Beat
by Ponderosa

Finding he was losing purchase and sliding down again, Heero bucked his hips, using his heels to pull his ass higher into the air. Flexibility and youth had its benefits and he was swiftly back in position again: knees splayed, the soles of his feet flat against the wall and his cock hovering tantalizingly, just a few inches above his mouth.

Heero watched as his hand slid along the length of his shaft: fist tight, foreskin bunching, the gleaming circle of his fingers trapping the blood in the head of his cock so it swelled dark and purple. Precum was oozing out, a cloudy drop that quivered to the rhythm of his strokes. It swelled until it dangled from the slit of his cock, and Heero opened his mouth wide to catch it as it fell. Most of it hit his upper lip and he curled his tongue out. He opened his eyes, half-lidded and heavy, as the flavour of his precum spread through his mouth.

Pausing his hand in its rhythm, he concentrated on the taste alone. It was familiar, pleasant, with that elusive something he could only quantify as a flavour that belonged entirely to him. He'd tasted it and its thicker, more bitter brother a hundred times before, but Heero analyzed the hint of salt that was already fading from his tongue. He hadn't put so much thought into the action since his first experimental taste years ago. What, he wondered, his hand beginning to move again, did Duo taste like.

They'd been jerking off together for weeks now; huddling together over skin magazines that Duo had shown up with one day. Heero had little interest in the female flesh spread out on those glossy pages. What made his heart thunder and his legs quiver was the boy standing next to him. The one who made lewd comments and breathy grunts and threw his head back when he came.

The braided boy always initiated their sessions, saying things like, "I'm so tense. Wanna check out this new mag?" or "Hey, Heero, I bet I can shoot my wad faster than you can." And Heero would make some quiet agreement that did nothing to reveal just how excited he got as soon as he picked up the subtle signs that indicated Duo was 'in the mood'.

Duo usually liked things to go slowly, he'd unbutton his pants and peel back his fly, taking a position standing next to Heero and flipping the lucky magazine open with one hand as he pulled his cock out with the other. He was never fully hard when they started and his eyes would devour the page as he tugged himself to stiffness. Heero on the other hand, was always hard; just the short walk down the hall to Duo's room had him turned to steel.

"I want to suck you off," Heero said in a rough whisper, imagining that the familiar shape of his cock was Duo's. It was easy for him to do. They were roughly the same size, only Duo's had a slightly thicker head, and a faint, splotchy birthmark on the right side of his shaft, just below where his foreskin bunched as it pulled away from the crown. Duo liked to joke that it was there so he knew where to put his thumb.

"I want to make you come," he said, a bit more boldly. The Japanese boy's calves flexed, pushing his hips further from the wall and his fist moving faster.

"Come on me, Duo!" he cried, lost in the fantasy. His hand was a blur, and the other clutched the covers of the bed in a white-knuckled stranglehold.

"Come on me... come on me..." he repeated over and over, struggling to keep his eyes open and focused on the tip of his cock.

"Duo!" he shouted, and the first hot stream of cum hit him on the cheek. He slowed his pace immediately, the curve of his thumb edging the ridge of his cockhead as surge after surge of cum erupted from his cock and into his open mouth.

"Duo..." he murmured when it was over. The first jet of cum was cooling on his cheek and he slid down wearily and turned his head to keep it from dripping off onto the duvet. The muscles of his legs complained and he ignored their shaking as he gathered the energy it would require to stand and clean up.

"Guess what I've got," Duo said, hanging over the arm of the couch and waving an innocent looking envelope in front of Heero's face. Undaunted by the Japanese boy's apparent lack of interest, he continued in that quiet voice reserved for the juiciest of secrets. "It's the newest edition of Rhythm Emotion...

Heero suppressed a shiver as Duo's warm breath slid across his skin.

"It's the Preventer Issue," Duo said, and leaned further into Heero's field of vision to give him a slow wink. "Come on, you know you want a peek. Uniforms man, they're hot."


Duo tore open the envelope and stood tall, jostling the couch with the side of his thigh before he headed towards the hall. Heero waited a few thudding heartbeats before setting his book down and trailing after.

"Preventers?" he said, hanging on the door frame a moment before he joined Duo beside the bed.

"Yup. Guys buy subscriptions just to get this issue," Duo said. He shook the envelope and the magazine slid out an inch, then two, and finally fell open onto the mattress with a gentle bounce.

"Oh yeah..." Duo whispered breathily. He hastened to unbutton his fly, and Heero bit back a moan when Duo held down the waist of his boxers with a thumb and pulled his cock and balls into view.

He was harder than usual to begin with, and a few strokes brought him to full erection. Heero watched as discreetly as possible, his own hard length already in hand and sliding effortlessly in his fist with the help of a little saliva.

"Mmm.." he heard Duo say as he turned the page. Heero was transfixed by the wet sounds Duo's hand was making and the way his balls looked pushed up by the elastic. They looked different than the last time... lighter... smoother. Heero's jaw opened a little further when he realized why: Duo had shaved. The patch of hair around the base of his cock was absent, and only a neat, half-inch wide line of short curls ran down from Duo's navel.

"Holy shit! That's Noin!" Duo cried out and a distant part of Heero's mind -- the miniscule section not obsessing over how far the other boy had shaved -- registered that the magazine had been flipped a few pages.


The Japanese boy snapped back into reality and discovered that the magazine had been flipped a few pages all right - flipped closed and tossed all the way across to the other side of the bed. More importantly than that, he'd been caught.

"What's with you?" Duo's hand had stopped and held his cock up towards his belly in an almost protective fashion.

Heero's mind ran through a series of excuses, but ultimately, he couldn't bear to tell anything but the truth. "I like watching you."

The American's mouth dropped open in visible shock. "Me?" he said in a strangled whisper.


"But, you like looking at the mags too, right?" Duo asked.

"Well," Heero began, but something told him now was not the time to explain that the magazines' appeal was only because Duo got turned on by them. "Yes..."

"How come?" Duo seemed to regain his composure and his boldness right along with it. "How come you like watching me?"

Heero considered the question. "You're real," he said. "I like hearing the change in your breathing when you see something you like..." that little something reared it's head again and warned him to be quiet, but his tongue ran over it, "...and I'm attracted to you."

"Yeah?" Duo said after a short silence. He eyed Heero curiously, thoughts churning behind his violet eyes. "Well, you know, if I were a girl, I'd be all over you."

Heero didn't know what to say, but he felt his dick getting hard again in his hand. The reaction wasn't lost on Duo. The longhaired boy's eyes had slid down at some point, and before he spoke again, he licked his lips unconsciously. "I'm going to be horny all night long if I don't come, so I'm going to finish up." He chewed on his lower lip for a moment and started stroking himself again as he peeked through his bangs at the other boy. "I guess you can watch... If you want... Just no touching."

Heero swallowed nervously and he couldn't stop his hand from tightening around the length of his cock.

"Or maybe," Duo added suddenly, "you could let me watch you a bit first."

Heero was flushed with nervous excitement and not even the pressure of knowing he was being watched daunted him as he started moving his hand again. He looked down, and with practiced ease, let a drop of spit fall onto the head of his cock.

With Duo's eyes locked on to the steady pace of his fist, and that familiar hitch in the longhaired boy's breathing, Heero had to hold back and go slowly. His balls ached, he wanted to come so badly. Finally Duo joined in, wetting his fingers with his tongue and then sliding them around the head of his cock until the entire tip gleamed with wetness.

Duo didn't bother holding back. He widened his stance and jerked off hard and fast, his breathing growing rougher by the second. Heero groaned and altered his pace to accommodate, gauging the look on the other boy's face and timing things just perfectly...

"Fuck yeah," Duo gasped out, his head rolling back as he blew his load. No tissues this time, the jet of cum arced through the air, just like when they'd spent an afternoon rubbing themselves raw trying to outdo one another in distance.

A low shuddering moan came from Heero as he followed Duo's lead, and the most intense feeling of pleasure he'd ever experienced shook his body as cum flooded into his cupped palm. He was in a daze as he milked the last of it from his cock. Did sex feel as good as this?

"I'll uh, clean up my mess," said Duo. He dragged his pants back up and began pulling tissue after tissue out of the box resting on the bed. He handed a few out to Heero. "Here."

Heero mumbled a thanks and his eyes widened when Duo's fingers brushed against his and lingered for a second.

"This wasn't so bad," Duo said, as he crouched down and started dabbing at the carpet. "I can see why you like watching me."

Heero wiped up the mess in his palm and threw the spoiled tissues away before tucking his cock away and zipping up. As he was leaving, he heard Duo clear his throat and ask him to wait a second.

He paused at the door and glanced back over his shoulder. Duo stayed kneeling and scrubbing the floor, but Heero could see the faint blush darkening his cheeks. "Maybe we could take a second look at the mag tomorrow? Skip the centerfold," he glanced up through his bangs and caught Heero's eye briefly. "You can watch me again if you want."

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