Learning Relationships: The Hard Way
by Devil Chick

It's 198 AC, two years after that whole Mariameia conflict, and so far, the last war on earth or in space. However, as dreamy and optimistic as we'd like to be, this is not due to the overall good nature of the human race. No, I assure you, there have been plenty of attempts to disrupt this well fought for peace in so short of a time. Fortunately, the Preventers are much better funded now. And with the inclusion of all five Gundam pilots into their ranks, now world known heroes, support for this program is far from flagging.

We tried to just live our lives peacefully, get away from the fighting and the wars and just try to be normal. But we realized, slowly, one by one, that even if we felt we deserved a break, and our own lives, we each felt obligated to continue protecting a world we had fought so hard for. Wufei was the first of us to realize this. He joined the Preventers right after the Mariameia conflict. Massive support for the program started shortly after that, probably not just because of Wufei, but also because of the realization that the program COULD have stopped Mariameia before hand. The people realized that prevention was better than fighting. Support for the Preventers is top priority all over earth and the colonies.

I was the next to join up. Wufei called me especially, said he needed my superior stealth skills to help him with an assignment. When it was done and over with, the paper work filled out and filed in triplicate, Wufei said to me, "It was good working with you again, Duo, just like old times." And he smiled at me. And he was right, it was like old times. So I, Duo Maxwell, became the second Gundam pilot to join the ranks of the Preventers.

Quatre joined next. Mind you, he never did any field missions. He wasn't made for that sort of thing. A great tactician, that Winner kid, but no hand to hand fighting intuitions, which is what me and Wufei came up against quite often. Without his Gundam, Quatre was no fighter, so he was our strategist. With the three of us on board now, and the realization that we did work well together, we formed a loose team. We almost always worked together, and almost always exclusively.

Trowa did not join the Preventers, not officially, and not permanently, but he worked with us often enough that he was considered a Preventer. I think the reason he came sniffing around in the first place is because Quatre had. He loved the circus and being with his sister Catherine, but he had a devoted love to Quatre as well. He liked keeping an eye on him to make sure he was all right. I tease the two of them, but know that they're only friends.

Heero was the very last to join, and he was a surprise at that. He walked right into my and Wufei's office one day and said very casually, "Think they have room for one more Gundam pilot here?"

Apparently, he felt that Relena was going to be all right without him hiding behind curtains and lurking in her garden to make sure she was safe. While she was still very important and influential in world affairs, and still a very likely target for assassination, it also meant her security was on par with her importance, partly due to Heero's suggestions. He left feeling confident that even he would be hard pressed to get to her. He later admitted that he'd only stuck around because she had a crush on him and his presence made her happy, even if she knew he had no intention of being with her. When she had become engaged to some handsome and intelligent young diplomat, he felt it was time to move on.

So, the five Gundam pilots, so intent on living normal lives and very likely never seeing or hearing about each other ever again, ended up seeing each other in the office nearly everyday, complaining about the bad coffee, and loads of paperwork to fill out. It was so much easier just blowing shit up and then running off, cackling into the night. Ah well, I suppose it comes with growing up.

What's more is Wufei, Heero and I lived in the same apartment. A really big, spacious and expensive apartment, mind you. I had moved in originally with Wufei when I first joined the Preventers, at least until I found something I liked. Turned out we both liked me living there. Heero only came at our mutual request, we'd both come to agreement that Heero should start living like a normal human, with normal social activity and living habits. That and we wanted to keep an eye on him incase he decided to just 'disappear' again like at the end of both wars.

The three of us lived there as a happy if not sometimes disjointed and argumentative family. I was glad to see Heero, in little over a year, begin smiling, joking, laughing, like a real person. Occasionally, on assignments, he slipped right back into his perfect soldier routine, but it slipped away just as easily when we returned home. Wufei was also changing, probably just growing up actually. It had already started when I joined the Preventers, but it flourished further as time passed. I think I've grown up too. Wufei told me once that he was glad to see that my smiles were more genuine now.

Now that the stage is set, time to get to the story. It starts out about this time, after we three have been living together for about a year, all working with the Preventers and finding a stable life that we all find acceptable and comfortable.

Now, despite the fact that Heero and Wufei are my two best friends in the world, I cannot deny the fact they are the two most attractive men I have ever met. Now, this is not going to be a story of unrequited love, where neither of them realize how handsome I think they are, I assure you, they know. I am not ashamed to say that I do flirt with them, but I will have to admit, that I probably wouldn't as much if they didn't flirt back. Oh, it's nothing serious, not really. I have been, up until very recently, involved with a very nice man from the office. However, where this story takes place, we have broken up, and please do not ask for details, I don't want to get into it.

So, as I usually deal with a break-up, I hit the bars and clubs. Just to have fun and dance, I never hook up with anyone I meet at clubs, no exchanged numbers. I hardly ever even give my real name. It's just fun to dance and drink a little and have fun. Wufei scolds me if I stay out late during the week because then he has to listen to me snore in the office. Heero is supportive. He seems to understand my desire to 'have someone' in my life. He tells me to be careful when I go out, but is never critical of my activities.

Well, despite my attempts to show that the break-up did not upset me that much, my friends notice my depression, and try their hardest to cheer me up. Now, some of the things are fairly normal. We go out to dinner together more frequently, Wufei tries to tell me the guy at the water fountain has been eyeing me all day, Heero offers to off my ex for me, and they're generally just nicer to me. These things do nothing to cheer me up really. It's when they start making out in the tub together that my bad mood can't help but break.

What? You don't believe me? Well here, let me explain it a little better. Like I said, I think they're both very attractive and have made no attempt of hiding this from them. So, they are aware, that I occasionally stare at them like pieces of meat. Sorry, but I do. They've said it doesn't bother them and both have admitted that they think I am also a very attractive male. So, there is at least mutual physical attraction on both sides. This, and our recent extreme comfort around each other has led to a level of flirtatious and sexual 'games'. No, we have never done anything with each other, I assure you, as much as I would like to. See, we just like to push each others buttons. So, Heero and Wufei, both knowing I think they're hot, and both knowing I am a voyeur, like to give me 'shows' as well as playing our usual games.

One day, after my break-up, I returned home and found them in the bathroom together, soaking in the huge Japanese style tub. This in itself was not odd. They asked if I wanted to join them. This was also not odd. I quietly declined, feeling that I'd rather sit in my room and mope a bit.

"You sure you don't want to join us?" I heard Wufei ask just as I was about to turn and leave. My jaw dropped slightly as I heard the huskiness in his voice, I was almost afraid to turn back around and look. But I did, I had to. And there it was. Wufei had raised himself out of the tub slightly, elbows resting on the rim as he faced me. He was also straddling Heero's lap and Heero's face was currently pressed into Wufei's throat, and I could see his jaw working as his nipped and sucked at the damp flesh. Wufei's eyes were half shut with pleasure, feigned or real I could never be completely sure, as his hands brushed through Heero's damp hair, and Heero's hands stroked his back, and very daringly, clutched Wufei's bare ass.

"You guys are EVIL!" I said, with mock anger and stomped out of the room. I could hear them laughing and splashing behind me, trying to call me back so we could 'have a good time'.

When this first started happening, I was utterly shocked, I almost had a heart attack. So did Wufei actually, since it was Heero who had very quickly grabbed him and kissed him roughly, asking me afterwards if that was the kind of thing I liked to watch. I had nodded dumbly and then laughed hysterically as Wufei finally regained his senses and proceeded to beat the crap out of Heero...or tried to anyway. So, that was how it all started. We discovered that the very casual flaunting of sex and sexuality usually led to cheering up whoever was upset. It was also useful for discouraging the girls that flocked around us at work. It's not that Heero and Wufei didn't like girls (or so they say) they just weren't interested in THOSE girls.

Anyways, so yes, this slightly disturbing and perverted way of cheering each other up did work, but I think, after awhile, the fact that they were just supposed to be games, was starting to be forgotten. Life was going to get interesting.

It's morning. We have three bathrooms. One for each of us. But only one of them has a shower, which is the most desirable way to get clean on a morning before work. It's the fastest. However, we do not always work out the showering schedule perfectly so that no one ends up going to work smelly or late. This was one of those mornings. Wufei usually showered before me, but that day he had gotten up late. So that meant he was pounding on the bathroom door telling me to hurry up so he could go in next. Frustrated, I finally leaned out of the shower and unlocked the door. He came in quickly and then stood outside the curtain, arms crossed over his chest in impatience.

"Well? What am I supposed to do? Clean myself with the steam?"

"If you're in such a rush, why don't you just hop in here with me? There's room for the both of us." I was getting slightly annoyed, I did not like having my showers interrupted, so I was really just joking, trying to bait him into stomping out of the room. I was not expecting his actual response.

"Fine," he said huffily. My head popped out from behind the curtain.

"What?" I said. I hadn't expected him to take me seriously, but there he was, stripping down to nothing and pushing the curtain further back to admit himself. I made a weird growling noise of frustration and made room for him.

"Fine. But don't whine if you get smacked by my hair," I said, and proceeded to start washing my hair.

"You smack me with your hair and I will beat you so hard." He said it with a smile, but I could tell I would not get away unscathed if my hair so much as got in his way. A few minutes passed and then Heero knocked and walked in without waiting for a response.

"Duo? Do you know where Wufei is?" he asked.

"I'm in here," Wufei said.

"Oh," Heero said stupidly. "Then where's Duo?"

"Oh, I'm in here too," I said with a slight giggle and it was that that decided we had slipped into another game, this one just for fun and amusement. I could hear a gasp from the other side of the curtain, feigned hurt and surprise overly dramatized in the noise.

"You sluts!" I heard him say in mock outrage as the curtained was jerked aside, revealing us in the shower. "How dare you get all naked and sudsy without me!"

Oh, this was too funny, Heero was playing a lisping fem this time.

"Oh please Heero, all you ever want to do is watch anyway. We haven't even barely started yet," Wufei said, his voice normal for him, but playing the part of the placating, more masculine lover.

"Well snap to it you little horndogs, you know I like show while I'm shaving."

"Gaw, he's such a bitch when he isn't getting any cock," I said, barely stifling a laugh.

"Oh I know, and he won't even use a dildo for himself. I swear, his testicles are the size of--"

"Hey hey hey!" Heero cut off Wufei. "Will you two stop gossiping about by sac and get going before I give you something to really talk about?!"

"Bitch bitch bitch," Wufei groused with his hands on his hips, he was slipping a bit into the fem stereotype, he usually did that. "Oh Duo!" he said dramatically as he clasped my shoulders and spun us around so that his back was against the wall. "Kiss me, you fool! Show me how manly you can be!"

"Oh, I'll show you how manly I can be," I said in a deep voice and waggled my brows, Wufei actually squealed in delight and wrapped his arms around me, lifting his leg to wrap around my hip.

"That's more like it," Heero said as he began lathering his face. I groaned into Wufei's throat and it was only halfway for affect. I mean, for Christ's sake, my cock was rubbing up against his; he was soapy and wet and in my arms, and even if his little sex noises were faked, they were still arousing as hell. Needless to say, I was half hard, and there was no way Wufei would not notice, considering how friendly our nut sacs were getting. It was a little comfort though, that I wasn't the only one to ever get aroused during these 'games', Heero and Wufei occasionally sported impressive erections during a game as well as myself. And Wufei was then also half-hard. I pressed hard against him and would like to imagine that his little pleasured grunt was because of me and not faked for the game. I found myself staring lecherously over in Heero's direction. He was watching us through the mirror as he shaved, wiping at it desperately every few seconds so he could see.

"Oh Duo," Wufei whined into my ear, loud enough for Heero to hear. "You're so sexy!"

I honestly hoped Wufei wasn't like this in bed, I'd feel bad for his lovers if he really talked like that. I pressed my lips to the corner of his mouth, that permissible imitation of kissing that we used for display. But this time, this time, Wufei's head moved too much to the side, accidentally or purposely, I don't know, and I caught him full on the mouth. Instinctively, my tongue went in search of his, and when I realized what I was doing, Wufei was kissing me back anyway. He was a good kisser, and obviously willing, so I did not stop.

A few moments of this and I dared a glance over to Heero. He had finished shaving and was wiping his face and neck with a damp cloth. He was smiling slightly, looking amused.

"Well, don't you two make a pretty picture," he said and I noticed that he adjusted his genitals briefly as he said it. As he spoke, Wufei pulled away from the kiss and looked over to Heero, his face was flushed and he was panting slightly.

"Jealous?" he husked.

"Always." Heero smirked and then walked out throwing over his shoulder as he left, "Hurry up you two, we got twenty minutes."

"Twenty minutes," Wufei parroted to me, smiling and still flushed. I nodded and glanced down, getting an eyeful of his fully erect state. He noticed where my eyes went and blushed slightly. He turned away with a small, nervous laugh, and continued bathing, slightly hurried I might add. And bad as I am, I couldn't help brushing up against him a few times while in the shower, just to see his eyes widen slightly and then ignore it. He got out before me, and tried to look like he wasn't rushing as he toweled off and left the room.

I couldn't help but smirk to myself. Our game had created an interesting turn of events.

At work, Wufei was back to normal, this morning's events in the shower utterly forgotten, or at least pushed down until a better time to think about them came up. I myself was on my best behavior and pretended nothing had happened. Of course, this was mostly because, as much as I would have loved to tease Wufei at work, I knew that unless there was a female threat, it was a big no-no that could lead to a broken nose or some black eyes if it were attempted. I would have to wait until we got home.

However, something strange happened during my lunch break. As per usual, Wufei, our little workaholic, worked through lunch. Heero occasionally did this as well, but that day, he didn't. So we sat together in the cafeteria. That was when he said the most shocking thing that I have ever heard come out of Heero Yuy's mouth. I nearly choked on my food.

"Did you like the way he tasted?" he'd ask, just as casually as you please, as if he were asking the time of day. Had he been possessive or angry when he said it, I may have understood that. That perhaps he was harboring some feelings for Wufei I hadn't really noticed. But no! He just popped that one out of nowhere.

"What?" I asked intelligently after I had swallowed the food that nearly killed me.

"I'm just curious, I've only kissed him once myself," he said, he seemed almost shy. And then I realized. I sometimes forget how virginal Heero is. He's a ruthless killer, a computer expert and works with one of the most prestigious organizations in the world, and yet he's practically a virgin except for that clumsy experience with the prostitute I got him for his birthday. The most experience he's had with sex, is with me and Wufei talking and acting dirty around him. Every once in awhile, when we're playing around, he gets this very surprised look on his face, full of wonder. And I realized he had that expression very briefly when me a Wufei were in the shower, kissing. He'd never seen Wufei kissing anyone before, unless you counted when he did it, but his eyes had been closed then.

"So you liked watching me kiss him?" I asked, smirking now that I was over my initial shock.

"It made me hard," Heero confessed quietly with a blush. I loved talking to Heero when he was like this. It was just about the only thing I knew more about than he did. And it was even more fun because he hadn't really been raised to be embarrassed about sex like most people...like Wufei. He didn't know anything really, but he also wasn't aware that you weren't supposed to talk about it either. You weren't supposed to ask very straight forward, direct questions. And you most CERTAINLY did not experiment with you friends. And yet Heero did, and while he did it with his very adult, direct manner, there was a certain naivety about it that I found too adorable.

"Yeah, me too. I know what I'll be jerking off to tonight," I said very casually. Heero shook his head, pretending to be appalled, but we both knew he'd be doing the same thing too.

"Do you want him?" Heero asked, again with that same casualness. I sat there for a moment, chin in hand and really thought about it. I knew what he meant. While he was talking about sex, I knew Heero had not separated sex from relationships yet. In his mind, you did not have sex with someone who was not you boy or girl friend; it was far too intimate to be that casual with. I secretly hoped he never made that full realization. I can imagine people easily hurting him very much that way.

"I want him," I said very slowly, carefully. "But I would never pursue him." Heero's head tilted slightly and I could see that wonder seep into his eyes. It's when he does that that I really feel I want him as well.

"You see, it's like this unwritten law in the universe. If I pursue Wufei, he'll just turn me down, either because he isn't gay, isn't interested, doesn't want to ruin our friendship or something like that. Either way, I know if I try to do anything, it won't work out. But that doesn't mean that if Wufei wanted to initiate something, that I wouldn't jump right on it."

"You mean you're afraid to try something?" Heero said, his eyes still full of wonder. I could tell he was struggling to understand the confusing ways of human interaction.

"Not really afraid," I said with a sigh, trying to be as clear as possible. "I guess I feel the same way I imagine Wufei would. I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship. I want things to be the best they possibly can be, and where they're at right now is the best they can be."

Heero seemed to ponder this for a minute and then returned to his food, looking at his tray as he ate.

"If you really want him," he said slowly, with his food pushed off to one side of his mouth so he could speak clearly. "You should just go for it."

"I DON'T really want to, he's my friend. Yes, I find him physically attractive, but I found Hilde physically attractive too and you don't see me pining over her, do you?"

"Well, gee that might be because she's a girl." Heero was starting to get a smart mouth that occasionally got annoying.

"You know what I mean," I said.

"No, I really don't, I'm trying to understand," he said and his voice was starting to sound a little piteous. He really didn't understand and I knew how frustrating that could be for him. I sighed and thought for a minute.

"I don't really want Wufei. I should, and I could, because he really is just perfect; he's beautiful, smart, kind and all that other crap. But that doesn't change the fact that I don't really want him, not like that. He's my friend. I don't want to see him like that. Occasionally, like this morning, I do see him like that, and sometimes I see you like that too."

Heero stopped chewing and looked up at me. He then finished chewing and swallowed.

"You want me?" he asked very innocently.

"Yeah, well, I mean, I COULD want you. You're just as desirable as Wufei. You've got the same number of fan girls that he does. I just DON'T want you. You get it?"

"I think so," he said slowly. "You see in us aspects that could be desirable, either to yourself or others, but in our case, probably because we're friends mostly, you just don't."

"In a nutshell, yeah, I think you got it."

Heero nodded and continued eating his lunch. A few minutes passed and then, "You never answered my first question," Heero said.

"What first question?" I asked through a mouthful of food.

"Did you like the way he tasted?" Heero raised his brows at me and was trying not to snicker.

"You filthy, perverted voyeur," I said, starting to laugh myself. "You need a cold shower."

"Only if you join me, babe," he said and waggled his eyebrows.

"Okay, I'm done," I said and threw my utensils back onto my tray. "I'm going back to work now." Heero was cackling to himself as I walked away, trying to keep up the ruse with a straight face. Sometimes, Heero was too much.

We tried desperately to have a normal home life, something like they would call a nuclear family tradition back in the AD years. Whenever possible, we had a home cooked dinner around the table. It had started when Wufei forced me to learn how to cook when I moved in so I could cook once in awhile. When Heero moved in, he was forced to learn as well. We ended up rotating every night on who had to cook. It was nice.

After dinner, if none of us had anything planned, which was very rare, almost one of us was always out, somewhere, doing something. But on the nights we were all home, we sat in the living room with the television on; usually on the news, sometimes a movie. Such a night was the night of the shower scene with Wufei.

I had taken the lounge chair that was set directly in front of the television. Wufei was stretched out on his belly on the couch, reading a news magazine since he didn't consider television news of any use unless something was being blown up. Otherwise, it was just gossip about celebrities and politicians. Pointing out that we were on the news quite frequently did not seem to change his mind in the slightest.

It was Heero's turn to do the dishes that night, so he was the last to come into the living room. He glanced around, noting me in the chair and Wufei stretched out on the couch. The only sitting space left was the uncomfortable recliner that we just never got around to replacing. No one wanted to sit in it, ever. Naturally, Heero's eyes turned back to Wufei and the couch that had room for two, so long as no one was stretched out on it.

"Wufei, make room," Heero said, well, slightly commanded. Wufei did not look up from his magazine.

"Go sit in the recliner," he said, his voice also in a slight command.

"There's room for the both of us on the couch," Heero argued.

"But I'm comfortable," Wufei said sensibly.

"We can both be comfortable on the couch." Heero's eyes were starting to furrow.

"I like lying down while I read." I could see Wufei grinning slightly.

"Then read in your room." Heero raised his voice slightly. So Wufei lay it down very clearly.

"I got here first." Heero seemed a little startled that he'd brought that out so soon.

"I just want to share it," he tried.

"I got here first," Wufei said again.

"Give me the end, you can put your feet in my lap."

"Recliner," he said flatly.

"Duo," Heero said, although he didn't actually look at me as he spoke. "Don't you think Wufei is being unfair?"

"Oh, I'm not getting in the middle of this," I said. I had already been biting down my laughter. The two of them bickering was amusing enough as it was, but I could tell, this was going to get physical. Heero glared at my response, but then returned his attention to Wufei, who had yet to lift his eyes from his magazine. Heero started smiling evilly. Pity Wufei didn't see it.

"You sure you want to sit on the couch Wufei?"

Wufei heard it in his tone and looked up startled.

"Keep away from me," he almost snarled.

"No," Heero said and then he pounced. Yes, he literally pounced. Right on top of Wufei. Wufei struggled to get out of the way, or in a position that would easily repel Heero away from him, but he wasn't fast enough. Instead there was a flurry of limbs as Heero landed on top of him and then they struggled as Wufei tried to dislodge him from his back and Heero was struggling to do something, I'm not sure what. It finally ended with Heero sitting side saddle across Wufei's back, holding his arms uselessly behind him.

"I'm going to sit here, is that okay?" Heero asked cheekily.

"No! Get off of me, you horse!" And with that Wufei twisted in a way that just made my spine want to cry and flipped Heero, and himself, right onto the floor. The two of them proceeded to wrestle and grapple right in front of me. This was always better than whatever was on television. Now mind, if they were fighting seriously, I would pull them apart. But considering they were just goofing around and not really hurting each other, I was gonna sit back, relax and watch the show. They usually ended up getting into rather, ahem, 'compromising' positions. For instance, Heero soon had Wufei on his stomach, he was holding one of his legs up and was straddling Wufei's other, basically using the stress of both legs to try to hurt him. Of course, if they were naked, they'd practically be fucking in that position. So, of course, I could not help myself.

"How long are you two going to do this foreplay before you get to the fucking? I'm getting impatient here."

Both of them stilled immediately, but it was Heero that started chuckling first, Wufei was still struggling to get out of his rather painful position.

"See? Even your little toy there is getting impatient for you," I said.

"I am NOT his toy!" Wufei said with wide, surprised eyes.

"Oh no?" Heero said, tossing Wufei's one leg to the side so he was between his legs. He leaned forward between Wufei spread thighs and brought his face up real close. "You sure about that?"

"Heero," Wufei said, his voice shaking slightly as he tried to push Heero off of him. Wufei sometimes took awhile to get into a game. "Cut it out, I just want to read my magazine."

"What is it? A porno mag?" Heero growled and buried his mouth into Wufei's throat, probably biting him or licking him, I couldn't tell. Either way, Wufei's eyes went wide.

"Stop!" he fairly shrieked, but I could hear a laugh in his cry.

"Oooh, c'mon Heero, tear his clothes off! Show me what a beast you can be!"

"Heero! Don't you dare! I will so kick your--Mmmmf!"

Well, Heero didn't TEAR his clothes off, but he pulled his shirt over his head and tangled up his arms as well. A pretty sight I must say. A thrashing and guttural Wufei, half-naked and on the floor beneath an equally gorgeous man. This was WAY better than television.

"Should I ravage him?" Heero asked me, smiling wickedly. The half-mute Wufei shrieked in his confines.

"Oh definitely. Do you even have to ask?" I said and Heero nodded. He hiked up Wufei's leg again, this time over his shoulder and held it there. Now, it wouldn't have gone much further than that, but Wufei suddenly freed himself from his shirt and used it to smack Heero across the face with. Heero's moment of shock allowed him to dislodge himself and scurry back a bit.

"You filthy perverts!" he said, face flushed red from exertion. He was trying to sound angry, but was not succeeding. "BOTH of you keep away from me," he continued, sounding wary of us, and made a move to retake his place on the couch, ending the game there. Me and Heero traded mischievous glances and decided the game must go on.

Wufei squawked as Heero made a grab for his ankle and pulled him back onto the floor, and more precisely, into Heero's lap facing away from him and the both of them facing me.

"Now, now Wufei, a request has been made, we can't be so rude as to deny our dear friend a show, can we?"

"I already did a 'show' today, lemme go!"

"Tsk, tsk, that was a show for me. Now it's Duo's turn."

"I just wanna read my magazine!" Wufei whined, and we all couldn't but help laugh, even Wufei.

"C'mon, Wufei, darling, baby, sweetie," I said all this as I slid out of my chair and started prowling toward the both of them, finally coming up chest to chest with Wufei and even then, pressing him back, forcing Heero onto his back on the floor and Wufei on his back on top of him, with me on my hands and knees above them both. "Don't you wanna put on a show for your dear old friend?" I said this very sweetly and innocently, batting my lashes quickly.

"I think my dear old friend is a perverted voyeur who just wants to watch his two best friends get it on so he can have nice wet dreams." Wufei said it just as sweetly as I did and even finished it up with a wide grin.

"Au contraire, my dear friend. I'd much rather fuck you both senseless at the same time, so there," I said and stuck out my tongue as I finished.

"Greedy American," Wufei said...and I realized just how close his lips were to mine, I could feel his breath against mine. We were only about an inch apart, and all I could think about was the kiss from this morning...and that it was making me far too hard for this game.

"Yes, very greedy," I said, and I very nearly kissed him, right there, but I licked his nose instead, earning a small giggle from him. I would never call Wufei fem to his face, but every once in awhile...

I stood up quickly from that intimacy, managing a smile which was genuine, but probably for other reasons than some would think. I reached down and hauled Wufei up by his wrist. I pushed him into the couch, sitting up and motioned for Heero to sit as well.

"Now you two play nicely, or no TV privileges for a week."

"Yes, Dad," they said in unison, and then pretended to cower in fear as I glared at them. They did settle down though, resting against each other almost as one body, and taking up the couch almost completely.

It's odd sometimes how quickly a game can just stop. Point blank. No questions asked. But I guess we all realize when it's gone far enough, and that if we went further. Well...

The evening progressed with no other interest, even the news was boring. One by one, we all turned in for sleep.

I for one had been hoping for the privacy of my room almost all day... specifically since my shower that morning. Although fortunately not visible, I was aroused all day and on the verge of painfully obvious erections tenting my pants. The follow up game in the living room that evening was not making me feel any better. Needless to say, I was more than grateful to finally slide between the sheets of my bed, stroking myself very gently and just running through my memories to get myself fully hard.

Images of Wufei wet and naked and in my arms made me groan aloud as I tugged at my erection, feeling on the verge already. Then images of our most recent game came to mind, and I imagined Heero and Wufei wrestling again, but this time they were naked, and hard and slick with sweat. I imagined their groins rocking against each other, their cocks slapping together loudly and both of them moaning aloud, their heads going back and their tongues sticking out slightly between their teeth. They started rocking more steadily, not wrestling, but almost fucking. And then Heero starting sliding his cock between Wufei's cheeks and Wufei was making the sweetest, most erotic little keening wails, Heero's huge cock nearly splitting him in two. Their faces neared each other and their tongues lashed out, twining with each other outside their mouths until Heero sucked Wufei's tongue into his mouth and sucked it harshly, making Wufei whine harder, even as Heero pounded into him.

I was going to come too soon, so I had Wufei come with me, crying out harshly as Heero grabbed his cock, not stroking it, but just squeezing it real hard and forcing the orgasm out of him. I imagined Wufei spilling across their bellies even as I spilled across my own, we quaked together, panting heavily with satisfaction, even as our pleasure continued, Wufei from Heero's cock still pistoning inside him, and me from my hand still stroking slowly. As my aftershocks faded, I imagined Heero coming inside Wufei, his seed seeping out from Wufei's cheeks even before he pulled out, and then the two settled down, kissing languidly, sucking each other's tongues as I laid back comfortably and fell into a fitful sleep.

Just before falling asleep, I recalled the conversation I had had with Heero at lunch and how I had struggled to explain to him why I did not want Wufei. The reason I did not want Wufei was that I would not want him unless I could have Heero as well...greedy American indeed.

The following day was Friday. Friday was a wonderful day because it meant only one more day of work before the weekend and then I could do anything I wanted for two whole days. And that usually entailed teasing Heero and Wufei relentlessly. But first, I had to get through Friday.

Fortunately the morning routine went by smoothly, so no more naughty images to torment me during the day. Lunch was also simple, no more explanations and complex relationship theory there. But then, just as I was getting ready to leave...

"Duo, could I ask you a huge favor?"

Yeah, so it turns out Sally had to catch a plane by five. She also had to get a report in that needed to be handed in physically. Since I was the only one left (with Heero and Wufei mysteriously absent for the moment) I sighed and accepted the files with promises that she owed me big time. Shortly after she left, Wufei appeared again.

"And where the hell were you?" I half shouted, exasperated. Wufei was startled by the sudden outburst, but not angered by my fuming. Lucky for me.

"I just stepped out to get some water. Why?"

"You knew Sally was looking for someone to cover for her, didn't you?" I fairly growled. Wufei blushed just slightly and then grinned.

"Maybe," he said coyly and then picked up his coat to get ready to leave. "I take it you won't be home for dinner then?"

"I hate you and hope you choke on your food," I grumbled with my head down as I poured through the paper work.

"We'll save some dinner for you in the fridge," he said as he left and I heard him step down the hall to fetch Heero, and then they walked past my door again on the way out, both smiling smugly and waving. I growled and hurried to finish the report.

It took me two hours to finish the report, and by that time I was anxious and eager. I wanted to go out and party, something I hadn't felt up to earlier in the day. I got home quickly, fairly kicked the door to our apartment open and stood in the doorway dramatically with my hands on my hips.

"Tonight," I said, and then paused for effect. "I will go out!"

I finally looked around and saw Heero and Wufei sitting in the living room, the television was off and their bodies were facing each other, only their heads turned toward me. They looked like they had been talking. I was slightly curious as to what, but only slightly, I wanted to go out.

"You guys wanna come?"

"No," Heero said, a little quickly, and my curiosity tried to point this out to me as a little strange. And that Wufei also said no, but not just as his own lack of desire, but as if he were agreeing with Heero. However, my mind was concerned with other things then and pushed it away, intent on showering, dressing and leaving quickly for the nearest locations of alcohol vending and music playing.

My physical appearance tended too, my monetary supplies stocked and my destination set, I paused briefly again to look on my roommates, still settled in the living room, but now with the television on, and asked again if they wished to join me. Their response was still the same, as it usually was, and so I left.

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