Only Human
by Lasha Lee

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Heero stood up and stretched, pacing around the small bedroom, bored. It had been much too quiet lately. No new orders, nothing to do but sit in the safehouse and wait.

Wufei was off with Sally doing something or other. Quatre and Trowa had been playing chess earlier and Duo had agreed to go to the store. Heero had mixed feelings about that; Duo was just as likely to spend their entire grocery allowance on pocky than real food, but the braided pilot had cheerfully announced that if they didn't let him get out of the house and do something he was going to probably tear it down.

Maybe he'd see if Quatre had gotten any new information.

Heero walked down the short hallway and into what Quatre had dubbed the game room of their latest safehouse. He pushed open the door and his eyes widened in shock.

Trowa stood against the far wall, his hands in Quatre's hair, his body jerking like he was being electrocuted. At his feet, Quatre was sucking his cock, swallowing rapidly.

Heero stood in the doorway, watching as Quatre pulled his mouth away, panting then looked right up at Heero with a grin.

"Okay, what?" Duo sat down the bag of groceries and glanced over at Quatre and Trowa, who were giving each other guilty looks every time they thought he wouldn't notice. However, they looked like they were trying to keep from laughing as well. There was a definite mischievous glint in Trowa's eyes, something Duo had never seen before.

"We... ah.... scarred Heero for life while you were gone." Quatre offered, then burst out laughing. Trowa was biting his lip.

"Scarred...?" Duo shook his head. "What do you mean scarred?" What could possibly scar the Tin Woodsman?

"We were in the game room..." Trowa muttered. "We didn't think he was going to walk in. Quatre was..."

"I was having a early lunch..." Quatre snickered. "If you get my meaning. Heero happened to stroll into the room..."

"Oh man." Duo snorted. "What did he DO?" He wished his imagination had a printer so he could get a hardcopy of the mental image he had right now.

"He picked his jaw up, and he said 'Excuse me' very politely and turned and walked away." Trowa replied.

"That's Spandexman for you. Too bad Wufei wasn't with him." Duo was giggling himself. "Could have sold pictures of HIS expression." He retouched the mental image to include Wufei passing out cold and a half-naked Trowa fanning him.

"We'll finish putting the stuff away." Quatre was still chuckling. "Why don't you go make sure Heero is alright?"

Heero was typing fiercely at his computer when Duo entered their room. Duo flopped down on the bed and put his hands behind his head. He watched Heero for a moment. So you finally got to see how real people play, did you? Don't expect any sympathy from this end. It was good for you.

"You hungry?" Duo asked after a minute, when Heero had not acknowledged his presence.

"No." Heero did not look up from the computer.

"Neither were the others. Then again, Quatre already ate..." Duo couldn't help putting in, watching Heero's reaction carefully.

Heero's shoulders tensed but he did not respond.

"Come on, man. Like you didn't know they were lovers." Duo pressed. "They did everything but put up color posters. I think it's beautiful. They're perfect for each other. They took this stupid war and pulled something good out of it."

Heero continued to stay at the screen. "Where I come from, that's not acceptable."

"Not..." Duo tried to control his anger. "What did Dr. J do, give you lessons in Bigotry 101? Who cares which way they swing? Love is NOT a bad thing."

"They're soldiers." Heero explained. "If they're distracted by each other, they cannot function in battle the way they need to. That is what is unacceptable. If they were man and woman, I would feel the same way."

"Well, lemme tell you something. Not everyone feels like that. Ever hear of the Spartans? They ENCOURAGED their soldiers to take same sex lovers. They figured that in battle, a man would fight a hell of a lot harder to protect his lover than someone he barely knew."

"And there aren't a whole lot of Spartans running around any more, are there?" Heero calmly replied.

"You're impossible. You're a homophobe and you can't even admit it. Well, let me tell you something else. You've been rooming with a queer for months now!"

Heero's hands froze over the keyboard. "That's right, sunshine." Duo continued, grinning. "If I'd been the one to catch Quatre and Trowa at it, I'd have probably asked to be next!"

Duo stood up, pacing around the room. "I wouldn't know, but I'm told that the worst blowjob from a guy is loads better than the best one from a woman. Women don't know what feels good, see? They have to guess. Guys know exactly what to do and how to do it."

"Lust is a weakness. As I've said before it doesn't matter who the partner is." Heero was typing again, trying to ignore the weird tingling feeling Duo's words were causing.

"But it sure feels good though." Duo sighed. "You've probably never even jerked off before, have you?"

No reply.

"God, you haven't have you? No secret time in the shower? No wet dreams? You have no idea what an orgasm is!" Duo was awed.

"I've read about the condition." Heero said in a flat tone. He shifted in the computer chair, the room feeling very warm suddenly.

"Condition?" Duo couldn't help laughing now. "I love how you phrase that." He looked thoughtfully at Heero's back. "Guys like you and Trowa, you keep it all bottled up inside. But when you do let loose, you go all out. Some day, you'll see what I mean."

"Not likely." Heero smirked.

"You'd go nuts if someone sucked you off." Duo laid back down on the bed.

"Duo, I can control my heart rate and respiration. Controlling that would hardly be a challenge."

Duo flopped over on his stomach, propping his chin in his hands. "Oh yeah? Wanna bet?"

"Excuse me?" What was he getting at here?

"I'll make you a wager. Loser has to clean the winner's Gundam from top to bottom. Wager says you can't keep being Mr. Freeze while someone is going down on you. "

There was silence for a long moment, then Heero turned toward his roommate. "Mission accepted."

"Really? Cool. I'll be back in about half an hour." Duo bounced to his feet.

"Back from where?" Heero was confused.

"Gonna go find you a hooker." Duo shrugged. "Blowjob should be about fifty credits. We'll split the cost. Hell, if you win I'll foot the whole bill."

"I didn't agree to that." Heero rose to his feet, his voice steadier than he felt. He took a step toward his roommate.

"Okay... do you want me to see if Quatre's managed to work up an appetite again?" Duo offered, standing his ground.

"This was a bet between us." Heero's eyes locked on Duo. "It stays between us. You can back out if you like."

"You mean you want me... oh, hell no I'm not backing out." Duo grinned. And you thought I would. You couldn't in honor refuse my challenge so you thought you'd get out of it this way.

"Fine, let's get it over with." Heero shrugged.

"Okay..." Duo thought for a minute. "Stand up against the wall there." He had almost asked his partner to lay down on the bed, but thought to himself that Heero would probably be more turned on in a position of total dominance.

Heero rose to his feet and stood rigidly, his spine against the pock-marked wood. Was he really going to let Duo do this? Yes, it was a matter of pride, a mission like any other. He was the Perfect Soldier. He'd withstood torture without breaking. He'd withstand pleasure too.

Duo tried to control his breathing, and didn't even bother trying to control the erection straining in his own pants. Heero, staring straight ahead, wouldn't even notice. He'd had so many fantasies about Heero letting him do this that he half expected to wake up any minute.

Duo sank to his knees at Heero's feet. "Poor Heero. You're so determined not to enjoy this, aren't you?" Duo whispered softly. "I'm just as determined to make sure you do." Gently he reached up and tugged the spandex down to Heero's ankles.

"You're beautiful." Duo said softly, sincerely. Although still soft, Heero's manhood hung long over his sack, curving slightly to the right. It was framed by a corona of soft brown curls. Feeling like was worshipping at an alter, Duo ran a nail through them softly. The soft flesh beneath was webbed in tiny squares from the weave of the spandex, Duo noticed, and slightly damp from sweat.

He leaned in and kissed Heero's cock, starting at the base and working his way up to the tip, following with his tongue. The scent was incredible. Warm skin, laundry detergent, and just the smell of a man in general. He licked the soft flesh again, scraping it slightly with his teeth. For a moment, he feared that Heero was right, that his inhuman self control could keep him impassive under Duo's ministrations, but suddenly Heero took in a deep breath and his flesh swelled against Duo's mouth.

Heero brought to mind all of his training, trying to fight against the storm raging within him. He could control this, he could keep this from happening...what was Duo doing now? God, his tongue was so soft, so hot. He was making little noises of appreciation as he licked, violet eyes half-closed, his hands rubbing against Heero's sides.

Duo allowed his tongue to circle the tip of Heero's erection, savoring the taste. Looking up, he saw Heero still staring stonily straight ahead, but swallowing deeply. His hands were splayed against the wall, so tightly they were turning white.

Duo drew the flesh into his mouth, still using his tongue to massage it. There was a vein against his lip, he could feel Heero's heartbeat grow faster and faster. God he tasted good. This was heaven.

"Ummm." Duo muttered, letting the vibration of the word flow into Heero's cock. Heero shivered.

Relaxing this throat, Duo took a deep breath and swallowed Heero completely. If nothing else, he was told he did a mean deep throat.

Oh shitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshitshit. How is he doing that? Heero's mind raced.

Duo had been in this position before, in this situation, at the feet of another man, using his skills to bring pleasure, but it had never been this good, and he had never been so proud of his abilities. He supposed it was like riding a bicycle; you never forgot.

Heero seemed inclined to agree with him. He made a noise for the first time, a mixture of a hiss and a whimper. After that, Duo showed no mercy. He wanted Heero's completion, his surrender, far too badly.

He sucked Heero frantically, holding on to this thighs, running his hands behind the other boy, wondering how much he'd allow. His fingers slipped into the crease of flesh, rubbed gently over the small opening. Not penetrating but massaging.

Heero was lost. Nothing mattered except this.... unbelievable feeling. He felt like he was being lifted, carried on waves higher and higher. His vision clouded, and Heero let the endorphins slam into him.

His body jerked over and over as he spilled into Duo's mouth, spiraling into something he'd never known was possible.

After a long minute, Duo took his mouth away from the spent flesh, licking the tip again for good measure. Heero slid down the wall, his breathing shallow and uneven, his eyes closed.

"Heero?" Duo said after a minute. "Are you okay?" He touched his roommate's shoulder. He expected Heero to pull away, and when the other pilot did not, he slowly put an arm around his shoulders, and touched Heero's cheek with his other hand.

Heero was quiet for a brief eternity. "I really thought I could control it." He said at last. "But after a while... I didn't want to." He tried to steady himself. "You've won. I'll get started tomorrow." He looked at Duo with wonder in his eyes.

"Heero... I didn't do that to embarrass you. I wasn't trying to prove a point. I just wanted you to know how good it was, that it's really nice to be human sometimes. And if... you want it again, or... well, anything else, I'd be willing." There, he'd said it. Laid it all on the line. Heero could accept or reject him as he choose, but at least Duo would always have the memories of what they'd just shared.

"Anything else..." Heero tilted his head. "Have you ever done... beyond that?" Duo's hand was stroking his. He realized that he was still sitting against the wall, his shorts around his ankles, his cock wet and sticky. For all that, he was content.

"I've given head to a few guys. But there was only one I ever let... " Duo's face clouded. "We taught each other."

"What happened to him?" Heero said curiously.

"His family found out. They had money, not like Quatre, but they were well off. They threatened to throw him out and disinherit him if he didn't stop seeing me. He knew how I'd lived, see. He was scared of being poor. So he picked the money over me."

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drag up bad memories." Heero squeezed Duo's hand, feeling a flash of hatred for the person who'd hurt this beautiful person beside him.

"No it's okay. Hadn't thought about him a while, actually. "

They were both quiet again for a while, and then..

"Tell me about what it's like."

"What, sex?"


"It's great." Duo grinned. "We tried it both ways, Ricky and I. It worked out well because he liked being in control and I liked being controlled. I took him a couple of times but I liked it a lot better when he was taking me. He'd order me around sometimes, and I liked that too. I knew he'd never really hurt me, but it was fun to pretend that I had to do what he said or else."

"Yeah?" Heero leaned closer. "Or else?"

"Hey guys." Quatre called out from the hallway. "Dinner's ready."

"Come on. I promise, I won't tell anyone." Duo offered Heero his hand. "Like I said, you want to learn about the else, I won't say no. I've wanted you for a long time now." He admitted, feeling suddenly shy.

Heero stood up and pulled up his shorts with Duo's help. "Yes."


"I want it again." Heero started to look away, then met Duo's eyes. "Please. I want to know about the else."

"You got it." Duo slapped him on the back. "After dinner, I'll give you the best evening of your life."

"You already have." Heero hesitated for a moment, then took a breath and pressed his lips quickly to Duo's, tasting something odd he knew was himself. "But I'm looking forward the rest."