Sweet Summer Sweat
by Fancyfigures

Trowa stepped up to the pool, Wufei's arm around him, Quatre's hands brushing against him, as if he tried to make it seem an accident of his dancing. But the touches lasted just a little too long for that.

He looked down at the man relaxing in the water, and their eyes held each other's gaze. Duo looked pleased at his confidence. Trowa felt ridiculously proud of himself. And there were other mixed, unusual, disturbing feelings inside him. He felt very young; very excited. Like he was arriving at a new friend's house for the first time!

"But you are," smiled Duo. And this time, Trowa knew that he hadn't spoken. Somehow, this man reached into his thoughts and turned the page, without him feeling a thing. Trowa tried to relax. He tried to feel comfortable. He didn't know what he may be offering himself up to, but he knew that he had little control over it. His eyes flickered between Wufei and Quatre. And kept returning to Wufei, like a moth, captivated by a flame.

Wufei's breathing speeded up. He gazed back at Trowa. Quatre stepped a little back from the pair of them, and his eyes met Duo's. They smiled knowingly at each other.

"You like Wufei, Trowa," came Duo's soft, hypnotic voice. "He's always been the one for you. He will show you what you need -- what you want. Do you want that?"

Trowa gasped, as if his breaths were like needles in his throat. "Yes..."

"Dance, Wufei..." murmured Duo. He shifted inside the pool, pulling himself up so that the water ran down his shoulders. He perched himself on the step, still half submerged. "It's your turn, strong one. Show us how you dance to forget."

Trowa stared at the tall, dark man in front of him. "Forget? I don't understand. What do you have to forget?"

Wufei's expression darkened. His body tensed. For a second, his eyes rolled into his head. Then his shoulders squared, and his back straightened up. His head settled back, and there was a burning in his eyes. A slight smile teased at the corners of his mouth.

And the music began again.

So very different, this time... a deep, slow, beat, that throbbed through the very floor of the courtyard. Trowa felt it up through his body; he looked around in vain for the source.

"Forget, Wufei," came Duo's low, caressing voice. "It was a past that has now been shed. You are new. You are free of it. It cannot touch you here..."

Wufei's feet came to attention, and his arms stretched powerfully forward. He swayed, once, leaning to the beat. Then there was the sound of clapping -- of a rhythm marked out by feet and hands, and laughing, cheering compatriots. He turned; he looked back over a proud shoulder. His hands waved in a smooth, graceful motion, as if he swung a silken cloth in front of him -- his back arched, and his head twisted sharply, as if he faced an invisible foe.

Like a matador! thought Trowa, though he'd never seen one perform. He was petrified where he stood. He was thrilled beyond anything! He had never seen such movement -- such fluid perfection, as the tall, strong man danced. Such an air of arrogance; such pride! Wufei turned again, and strode with the beat, marking a wide circle around both the pool and Trowa himself. His arms struck out, to provoke the imaginary beast; his body spun and leaned, to escape its equally imaginary charge. Dust flew up under his sweeping footsteps. His braid whipped against his neck, and his eyes were half closed. Trowa caught his gaze a few times, but he saw no recognition there. The man's mind was elsewhere -- his actions for another time and place.

The music in the background was gaining speed and intensity. There was sweat on Wufei's forehead, and the shine of more across his chest. His ribcage was beginning to heave -- his movements were becoming more frenzied. His eyes were almost entirely closed, and Trowa wondered how he could see where he was going. The night was dark, even with the moonlight -- but Wufei's steps were sure, and never faltered. His hands stabbed at the air; his hips thrust with the beating noise.

Quatre sighed in the background. Trowa felt as if he'd ceased to breathe.

When Wufei spoke, the sound was a shock. His voice was low, and had a very different timbre from usual. "I am free. It cannot touch me. Forget the man I was. I am Wufei --"

"You are free," echoed Quatre, his higher voice a strange contrast. It was like a mantra. And it seemed to satisfy Wufei. The music spun up to a single, hammering beat, and he came to an abrupt halt, his body stretching up, his arms wide. In that moment, his head turned, and he looked directly at Trowa. The gaze reached down into the stunned man's chest and squeezed at his lungs -- it stabbed at his heart.

It wrenched a sharp, almost painful response from his groin. He thought he might fall.

And then the music ceased, and Wufei relaxed.

Quatre was at Trowa's shoulder, a hand at his back, as if he knew that he needed support.

"You are magnificent, Wufei!" Duo said. His eyes were bright in the half light. "You are spectacular --"

Wufei's breathing was slowing down, but his eyes never left Trowa's. They were greedy; they were seeking satisfaction.

"Show him, Wufei," sighed Quatre. "Show Trowa what he needs."

"Trowa must ask for him," Duo murmured. He lifted a hand from the water, and gestured slightly at Quatre. The boy took Trowa's left arm. He rubbed his groin softly against the slim thigh; he reached a gentle, teasing hand to the front of his shorts, and tugged playfully at the string.

"Ask, Trowa," urged Duo. Trowa felt the man's eyes burning into him; the curling mockery of the Presence inside his gut. He saw Wufei's sweat-soaked face only inches in front of him. He felt Quatre, the seductive blond boy, easing his shorts down, and trailing fingertips over his rising erection. He should have been embarrassed, he knew; having a strange young man start to undress him. Another two virtual strangers watching it happen.

But still he stared at Wufei, astounded by his performance. He ached for him in a way that he'd never imagined.

"Do you want him in you, Trowa?" Duo's voice was just a purr in his mind. "To take you? To fuck you? You've never had that before. You've never felt that before. You're like a virgin." Quatre stroked his cock; Trowa could see it, jutting out in front of him; the small hands all over him. They were like feathers on his tortured flesh. The boy was whispering sweet, encouraging noises of his own. Duo's voice was persistent. "Or do you want to take him yourself?"

"Or both?" sighed Quatre, suddenly wrapping his soft, eager hand around Trowa's cock.

Trowa jumped. His nerves were strung very tightly; his desire was like a vice around his groin. He lifted a hand as if to reach to Wufei.

"Take me," he said. His voice was very quiet in the night air. But very clear.

Wufei smiled, and the lust flashed in his eyes. It was all he needed -- the request from Trowa himself. It had to be that way, to become possible. He moved towards Trowa, putting his hands on his shoulders, and dipping his hot mouth to the trembling lips.

"This has to happen, Trowa. You want it. You've wanted it for a long time now. You've waited so patiently, and now you don't need to wait any more. You need it..."

"Yes..." whispered Trowa. "Please, Wufei...I don't want to wait any more..."

Quatre was slipping the crumpled fabric of his clothes out from under his stumbling feet, until he was naked. Wufei placed his large hand with astonishing gentleness at his neck, the long, broad fingers stroking at his thumping pulse. He stared at Wufei's mouth, hearing the words, wanting more of the kisses he knew that mouth could give. That he'd seen being given to Duo Maxwell. His cock was raised high and angrily red, and his thighs ached with the anticipation. He remembered the man's strong, thrilling parade around the courtyard -- the strength and control of his muscled limbs.

"It'll be so good," murmured Wufei. "I can make you feel like no-one else can. But you know that, don't you? It was always me -- always me, that you waited for."

And now it was happening! thought Trowa. His face was caught up into Wufei's hands, into his strong, generous hands, and his tongue was sweeping through his mouth, sucking at the swollen lips, probing deep inside, tasting the sweet passion and the sour need.

"I want to suck you!" he gasped. He was panting -- his head swam. Wufei's face fell away from his, his dark eyes searching Trowa's and finding the promise of pleasure. He still held Trowa's head in his hands. His breath hitched. For a second, he looked over at Duo, as if for sanction. But he obviously received it, for he turned back to Trowa with a slow, hungry smile.

"Do it, dark one," he sighed, and he pushed firmly at Trowa's shoulders, forcing him down on to his knees, naked on the cool flagstones. Quatre was busy at Wufei's pants now, tugging gently at them, so that the material whispered in the stillness, and fell down from his hips.

His cock was exposed to the night air; Trowa had a good view of it at last. It was large; it was long. His whole body shivered at the thought of it plunging into him. It was so much darker than Wufei's shining, sweat-sheened body; so much softer than the harsh, curling hairs that bedded it down. His mouth watered. He grasped at Wufei's hips, like he'd been grasped himself in the kitchen, and he took the cock into his mouth. The taste was -- it was Wufei, that's what it was! and it was the taste of lust and laughter, and the loss of both innocence and inhibition. The best meal this man had ever made for him...! He began to lick, running his hand softly up and down the base of the organ, where his mouth didn't yet reach. He gathered the balls into his palm; rolled them gently against each other; rolled the wrinkled skin against the smooth pads of his hand. He felt Wufei's legs shake against his face; his voice moan with pleasure. A wide palm pressed down on the top of his head, urging him to continue. To do more.

Trowa saw Quatre out of the corner of his eye, bending briefly over the pool -- he heard a soft squeal behind him, and an answering murmur from Duo. They were caressing, he knew that. And yet he still felt their eyes on him; their talk was about him. Suddenly, there was a breeze behind his kneeling body, and warm, smaller hands at his waist. Quatre's. And then the nimble fingers were at his buttocks, easing them apart. He flinched -- his teeth catching suddenly on Wufei's shaft, so that the standing man groaned.

"Hush..." came Duo's voice, distracting him, drawing his attention back to his service of Wufei. Where was the braided man? He seemed to be all around them; watching, admiring, directing their moves...yet the pool was out of Trowa's actual line of sight. All he could see were the muscled thighs, straining against his hands -- the crinkled, nubbed sacs, wrinkling in delicious anticipation. "Hush, Trowa," came Duo's persuasive tone. "Let him touch you. He just prepares you. There should only be enough pain to appreciate the pleasure. Quatre understands this."

The fingers were wet, and they stroked around his hole, soothing the tension, stimulating the nerves. One slipped in, and Trowa tensed quickly. Pain? he thought. Is this how it would be? Wouldn't there be lube? Or something to ease the way...he was panicking. Then Wufei's hands came to his head, and pacified him.

"Relax, Trowa. It'll be fine. You must trust me. We only need Quatre's touch, to stretch you for me. You must be ready for me. I want more from you than your mouth. Oh God, yesss...!" He was shuddering now, Trowa felt the shock of his rising excitement, the weight of his body starting to lean more against him. The cock inside him was hot in its own right, and starting to swell, pressing against the roof of his mouth. He felt another slight panic, in case Wufei came suddenly -- would he swallow him? Like he'd been swallowed, himself? Could he do that? And now the finger in his ass had retreated, and there was the hot, wet muscle of a tongue, licking in its stead; lubricating him, stretching gently at the entrance.

Trowa groaned -- nothing had ever touched him there, except Heero's daring fingertips, and he'd always flinched away from continuing anything else. But the tongue was firm and persistent, and it stroked from the soft, sensitive skin behind his balls right up to his entrance, again and again. And when it thrust eagerly into the tiny, puckered hole, although he cried out, his legs stretched wider apart, almost instinctively.

Quatre laughed softly, full of delight, and there was a dribble of saliva running down Trowa's leg. The boy's tongue fucked gently, rhythmically, for another few strokes, until Trowa was relaxing even further, and his sucking was as confident as before. Then Wufei grabbed at his hair, and stilled him. He slid his cock out of Trowa's mouth; it glistened with moisture and its own desire.

"You can have more if you want, Trowa," he panted. Trowa felt the loss of the shaft in his mouth; the tongue had stopped invading his ass so thrillingly. He was bereft.

"Yes," he gasped. Inside him, the Presence was strong. It was exhilarated.

"You're perfect for me, Trowa. I want you. You want to know what it's like, don't you?"

"Yes!" he almost shouted. The Presence flooded him; it swamped his senses!

Wufei grinned. He looked over Trowa's bent head, and shared a look with Duo. Then he lowered his hands, slid them under Trowa's armpits, and lifted him back upright. He stepped away from the pool, almost carrying Trowa's body along with him, and he pressed him against the nearest bench.

Trowa sank down on to the cool, hard stone surface, panting, his back nearly against the wall. Wufei stood before him, his eyes raking over his nakedness, over his outstretched legs. Then the dark-haired man put his hands to his shaking thighs, and spread them even wider. Trowa felt his muscles crying complaint. He felt the breath of Wufei's desire on his skin, as the hands pressed his legs up as well, lifting his feet off the ground, and bending his knees back towards his chest. Trowa felt his hips sink back, and his pelvis tilt up. He threw his hands back behind him, to hold himself up in a half-sitting position. He knew that he must be totally exposed -- his balls and ass were open to Wufei's gaze. And that's where he was looking -- with eyes flecked with his pleasure.

"I don't know uke -- " gasped Trowa.

He heard a genuinely happy laugh from Quatre, behind Wufei's shoulders. "You do, now, Trowa! Wufei is the best at teaching that -!"

Trowa stared at Wufei. He flushed. "They can all see us..." He was barely aware of what was happening here. But he knew he was naked, in the open air, with strangers watching, and offering his ass to this astonishing, enigmatic man.

"Yes," Wufei smiled. "They always will. That's how it is. That's how you'll want it." He stroked at Trowa's pink, tight hole with a possessive fingertip. It was still damp with Quatre's saliva. Trowa groaned.

"Lift me!" he hissed. "With those arms. Lift me, and take me -- hard! Now!"

The muscles of Wufei's upper arms clenched, as he knelt on to the bench within Trowa's straining thighs, and his hands moved to take hold of the other man's hips. With an easy move, he lifted Trowa up, pressing his back up against the bricks of the wall, and settling his pelvis on to his lap. Trowa felt his balls resting on Wufei's bent, naked thighs. He leaned back, panting; the wall's surface was slightly abrasive on his shoulder blades. He felt the hands tightening on his hips, and he was shifted so that his hole touched against the tip of Wufei's cock. Wufei held him there; the strong arms held him like a child, and yet he was still being allowed care and gentleness, until he was ready. He moaned, softly, with the anticipation. Wufei touched at his balls, briefly, with a comforting stroke, so that he shuddered, and was -- possibly -- distracted. But rather than delay it, he stretched his legs wider -- spreading them around Wufei's back. He tried to force his pelvis higher, to make a better angle for penetration. He heard Wufei's murmur of delight at his eagerness.

Then strong fingers bit into his buttocks, he was pulled firmly down on to Wufei's lap, and the man's cock thrust into him.

Trowa was shocked; he cried out. He fell forward against Wufei's chest, clutching at his shoulders. The pain had slashed through him, as the thick organ forced through his entrance, and up into his channel; the incredible sensation of being taken shook his whole body.

"Jesus God!" he cried. "No -- wait -! Fucking hell -!" He wondered when the hell he'd started to swear as easily as Heero did. His whole body sweated -- his head ached. He felt Wufei pause under him ; it must have taken great self-control. There was a murmur of encouragement into his ear; then he was lifted up slightly again, and another thrust took the shaft even deeper into him.

Trowa sobbed. But this time, he felt the warmth of Wufei's cock, and not the ripping pain. The rhythm began, and he started to move his body with it. He was impaled; he was invaded. He was Wufei's! He began to grunt softly with each movement. The sound was one of pleasure, now.

He was aware of Quatre, crouched beside the bench, kneeling in the dust. His grinning mouth leant over him and latched on to a nipple. When Trowa felt the little thread of lightning dart from the soft brown tip to his groin, he wriggled, and moaned. Quatre's hand teased at his erection, trapped in his lap, neglected and desperate. He was barely aware of it; he felt only the man moving inside him.

"Harder -!" he groaned. "Fuck me -- I can feel it all -!" He wanted Wufei to be in him forever. The rocking became frenetic -- they grasped each other like driftwood in a raging sea. Wufei shifted the body on his lap, and Trowa felt a sharp pressure, stabbing at an already over-sensitive patch up inside him. The wave of pure pleasure shocked him. He whimpered -- tried to cling to that position, so that Wufei would strike him there again. Wufei was groaning as his climax approached -- but Trowa was there already, crying aloud with amazement and ecstasy as his own cock, crushed between their stomachs, hiccupped and spewed its completion over their sweating skin. With a shout of gratification at his own coming, Wufei shuddered under him, and gripped him so tightly that he felt the bruise spring up on his arms. There was a swelling inside him; a heat that increased; a rush of warm liquid, some of which trickled out down his inner thigh.

They fell back against the wall, melded togther like one person.

It was later, again. Trowa had lost all sense of time, and he had no watch to help him. There had been a blanket on another bench, and now he lay on it, on the ground, near the pool. He could hear the water lapping, so someone was bathing there.

He lay beside Wufei, both of them still naked. For a while, he'd been licking at his seducer's cock, and Wufei had stroked his hair as he did. Now he was stretched out on his stomach, hip to hip with his lover.

Hands came back to his ass, but this time he didn't flinch, although he knew they weren't Wufei's. It was Quatre -- of course it was. He stroked him; he probed mischievously into him. That sweet spot inside -- Quatre seemed to know unerringly where to touch him. Trowa moaned with a rising pleasure.

"May I take you, Trowa? May I have a turn?"

He was turned on to his side, and the soft young body pressed up against his back, spreading his legs apart. Quatre sighed with delight. Trowa could feel the boy's arousal up against his buttocks, leaking its eagerness on to his skin.

He didn't mind. In fact, when it entered him, the hard, smooth cock was a joy to him -- a fresh feeling; another delicious astonishment. There was little pain -- he assumed he must be stretched now. Or perhaps he was still lubricated from Wufei's warm, sticky cum. He gazed up from the blanket, and saw that Wufei was watching them. The dark-haired man smiled at him. He reached out and touched a finger to Trowa's lips; Trowa sucked on the tip.

"You're so good, Trowa..." came Quatre's sexy whispering, tickling between his shoulderblades. Trowa felt his own cock stir and respond. "I didn't want Wufei to have all of you to himself. Would that be fair?"

The boy groaned, and his head rested on Trowa's shoulder; his lips caressed the base of his neck. His hand slid around Trowa's waist, to hold his cock tightly. He thrust much more quickly than Wufei, and his skin was cooler and softer against his ass. Trowa realised this was the first time he'd been fucked from behind.

And he wasn't distressed about it. He wasn't embarrassed. He liked it.

He cried aloud when he came, and no-one was shocked or horrified by it. Quatre laughed along with it, and stroked his back to soothe him, and thrust only a few times more, before he shuddered, and released the burst of his seed up into him.

And then Wufei leaned over and lifted his head, hand on his chin, and kissed him deeply. For a long time. He was glad, then, to offer his ass to anyone who wanted to use it. For as many times as they liked. So long as he could see that pleasure in Wufei's brimming eyes.

And Duo Maxwell allowed them to play.

Duo came to speak to him a little later. He brought him some food, and a glass of wine; Trowa had never been a great lover of alcohol, but this was a sweet red, and warm on his tongue. He liked the way that Duo sipped from the glass before he passed it to him, and then ran his own tongue across his lips in appreciation. Trowa thought that he would ask him to bring some more, later. It was refreshing, in a rather seductive way.

Trowa didn't think that Duo had fucked him as well, though he had felt the penetration and the thrust many times tonight. And sometimes, it had been his turn to be inside a hot, tight sheath; his hands around a muscular waist, pulling hips against his groin. Everything was a little blurred in his mind, now; he was deliciously worn. And the others seemed tired, as well. Wufei's hair was shaken loose with exertion, and the sweat had dried several times on his muscular body. Quatre was wet from washing himself in the pool, and dancing some more, and then he'd bent his head to Duo's lap, and then there was more laughing, and splashing, and washing off the excitement of their caressing. Everything felt good, thought Trowa; everything felt sensitive and sensual, and the moon had never been so sharply bright.

Trowa knew that he wanted Duo, as well. Wanted to share in him.

"Trowa, you are my dark one, now," he smiled. "You can be what you want -- have what you want from us."

"Can I have you?" whispered Trowa. He felt the frisson of the wine in his mouth, still. He wanted Duo's full lips on him; the supple hands on his flesh. He knew that Wufei would want him to enjoy it. And Quatre would be there, too.

"Not yet, Trowa," replied Duo. He laughed softly. "Though you are a treasure..."

"Is it because of Heero?" asked Trowa. The guilt stabbed at him again -- he was missing Heero..."Will he understand this? He'll be angry with me --"

"Heero?" mused Duo. Trowa saw something in his eyes that flashed with a glittering intensity. "This is just fun, just pleasure, Trowa. He can have the same enjoyment, when he comes here. He'll understand that. And he'll still want you, Trowa..."

"Will he want you?" asked Trowa, curiously. Duo moved very smoothly, very swiftly -- but he seemed so often out of sight. Trowa thought he might still be naked. He might still be damp from the pool. He might be dressed. Trowa had no idea about him at all, but it didn't seem to matter.

Duo laughed again. "Maybe! But for now, I just like to watch you all."

Trowa was distracted again; Wufei was smiling, and kissing his neck, and Quatre's fingers were playing with his tangled hair, his boyish lips lifting up for his kiss. "Will Heero like to watch, as well?" came his gasping question.

He heard Duo's breath catch with barely suppressed excitement. "I think so, Trowa. But he must come here, first. We're all waiting for him. Will he come tonight, Trowa?"

Trowa was shrugging, but it was difficult in the fierce embrace of Wufei's arms. He thought that Duo's voice might have sounded a little uncertain -- but surely not?

"Will he come to find you, Trowa? Will he come to find me?"

The call came shortly afterwards. Trowa lay on the blanket, soaking up Quatre's soft, fierce little kisses. Wufei paused in his leisurely sucking of Trowa's balls, and lifted his head. He tilted it, as if he listened carefully to something other than the night's fading wind, the whispered moans of the young men, and the occasional bubbles of the pool.


"I know," the braided man interrupted. He had been kneeling at their feet, stroking at Trowa's slim calves, watching all three, and their caresses. He had been silent, and relaxed.

But now there was a bright, sharp light in his eyes. "I can see him now."

"He's here."

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