Sweet Summer Sweat
by Fancyfigures

Heero's mind whirled. The air was tight around him, like tentacles; like a vice that held and caressed him, at the same time as it pained him. Trowa stood in front of him, bent against the wall, legs apart. Moving under Wufei, with the sharp, jerky movements that showed he was impaled by the dark man -- that he moved only as he moved; only as he thrust into him. And he moaned with total pleasure at the feeling.

Heero felt Duo Maxwell move around him then, hot skin prickling at his own. A constant, living presence -- an aura around him that was becoming more a part of his self than his own awareness. He'd touched Duo Maxwell -- kissed him. He wanted more of him. No -- he needed more!

Duo's body pressed against his, then moved away. His hand was on Heero's waist -- his lips were on his shoulder blade, suckling at the bone under the thin skin. His hot cock snagged across Heero's thighs; leaking sticky pre-cum; leaving its trail across him. Each time that Heero turned, reaching to grasp him, Duo twisted and evaded his clutching hands. Now he was back at Heero's neck, kissing at his jaw, licking at his earlobe. Allowing his tongue to be caught, just for a few tantalising seconds before his mouth moved away again -

He ghosted past Heero's groin many, many times. Heero's body begged for him to touch his cock -- to fulfil the continuing promises. It was a torment that would have made him furious, with any other man. He somehow knew that Duo didn't intend to leave him unfulfilled. But, for now, he was tortured by anticipation and suspense - Duo never touched him further.

He whispered, instead.

"Are you enjoying the show, Heero? Your gorgeous, generous lover? Who do you want to be, Heero?"

"Who -? What do you mean?"

Duo's laugh was smooth as whipped cream, but somehow much warmer. "I asked before, but you never replied...Do you want him to fuck you? Do you want to be the one against the wall, spreading yourself for him; feeling the invasion deep inside you --"

Trowa was groaning now; his ass pressed hard, back against Wufei's thrusts. One of his hands slipped down from the wall, to grasp at his own, swollen, flesh-red cock. He began to pump, in perfect time with the rocking of their joined bodies.

"Or do you want to be the one taking him, Heero -- plunging into him? Your cock, pressing past that first, tight muscle; its aching head, bursting through, only to be crushed and gripped as you force your way on in. Embedding your thick, greedy shaft deep into that hot, moist channel; pulling slowly out, only to thrust back into its hungry depths -- making your lover cry out with the sensation --"

Heero held a hand up, as if to ward off the words. "I - don't do seme --"

"You didn't do seme!" cried Quatre, in some delight. "Until now!" Heero hadn't registered that the blond boy was so close. But now he felt his vivacious little body creeping around beside him -- the innate sensuality of it reaching out in response to his own desperate frustration.

"Hush, Quatre," came Duo's voice. Regaining the control. "I told you, Heero, that I would give you what you want. And that's what you want, isn't it?"

Heero knew that it was. He felt the surge inside him of desire -- the thrill of the dream. The speeding beat of anticipation in his veins.

"Trowa..." he groaned.

"Do you feel betrayed, Heero?" murmured the voice that surrounded him. "Don't be angry with him. It's only physical pleasure. It's nothing compared to your feelings for him. Nor his for you. It's just fun..."

"For us!" laughed Quatre.

"For me..." sighed Duo. He was visible again, close up against Heero, and reaching to kiss him. His hands took each side of Heero's face; took his gaze deep into the depths of his own eyes; took whatever he wanted from the aching lips. "Understand, Heero..."

Heero realised that he understood far more than Duo might suspect. Over Duo's shoulder, as their mouths sought each other out, he watched his lover's face -- he saw the anguished joy in Trowa's expression of being filled; stretched; invaded. He saw Wufei's look of adoration, as he lay close against Trowa's back; the shudder and cry as he came inside him; his gentle, soothing touch on Trowa's back as his body calmed. It made Heero's heart ache, not for the first time tonight.

He saw Trowa's face, twisted with joy, as he came.

"Yes..." he whispered. "That's what I want. When?"

Soon, smiled the voice. He didn't understand why Duo was no longer speaking aloud, until the braided man stepped away from him. Heero almost fell; he put a hand against the wall to steady himself.

Wufei... Trowa... come to us...

The two men he called to, slipped apart -- still touching each other's body; still smiling; gasping with the delicious aftershocks of their climaxes. They straightened up; they stretched cramped muscles, and laughed to each other. They moved towards Duo, delight on their faces.

Heero watched with a horrified fascination, as Duo slid a hand around Trowa's neck, and pulled the slender man's face down to his. His eyes remained on Heero's as he plunged his tongue into Trowa's mouth. They held each other for a time -- touching each other's body. Trowa was still sweaty from being fucked by Wufei; Duo's own flesh was flushed from his caressing of Heero. They kissed, open-mouthed -- they murmured words into each other's faces that no-one else could hear. Duo moved to kneel on the nearby blanket, and drew the other man down on to his knees beside him. Turned the pair of them, gently, so that he faced Heero over Trowa's shoulder; so that Heero could see his hand as it slid, possessively, over Trowa's smooth ass.

Trowa's head turned so that Heero saw his profile; he was gazing into Duo's dark eyes. There was communication that Heero didn't understand. He felt -- suddenly, irrationally -- excluded. Duo laughed deep in his throat, an animal sound. He stroked at Trowa's buttocks, almost as if he was considering what to do next. Trowa made a noise of frustration -- he arched his back, and his legs spread a little wider apart on the blanket.

Heero stared at them, his body frozen. He was a column of pure emotion. Emotion that wanted to slap Trowa away -- emotion that told him he wanted to be under Duo's hands himself. And another, less familiar emotion, that told him he also wanted to watch -- to see the gorgeous bodies together.

And -- of course -- he knew that Duo understood all this.

When Wufei reached for Heero, it was almost a shock -- he'd forgotten the existence of anyone else for that moment. But he slipped into his arms, without even thinking of it. He needed to be touched -- he needed attention of his own! Their mouths met -- Wufei's was hot, and eager, and Heero thought that he could taste far more than a single pair of lips. Heero found it unfamiliar, and very erotic, and his tongue thrust back at him, diving into his mouth, sucking at the wet, warm muscle that met him.

Duo was watching him - he could feel the deep blue gaze like a knife between his shoulder blades. He knew that they were teasing each other -- tormenting each other. Heero wondered who had initiated this game; who would win.

"Yes," sighed Heero. Wufei's hands were at his chest, teasing at his nipples, and he felt his immediate response as the tall, dark man twisted at one. He'd always loved that touch -- Wufei seemed to know this, instinctively. Heero felt the other man's free hand sliding down his naked stomach -- drifting to caress Heero's aching, throbbing shaft. Wufei's hand was sure and insistent; Heero's desire was a blazing physical need by now, and it was damned if it was going to resist any comfort, whoever offered it! He flinched in the man's hand -- thrust his hips jerkily towards the closing fist.

There was a sharp, distracting pain in his head; he shook it away. He wanted to come...

Then Wufei drew away. Just as the coiling ecstasy throbbed in Heero's groin, the pumping hand stilled around his rippling cock, and the fingers opened up, releasing his angry flesh to the air. Heero moaned with the loss -- his hand reached, uselessly, for Wufei's arms. The other man was moving away -- his face smiled in front of him, but it was becoming distant.

Then there were other hands at his ass; soft, wet, slipping through the cleft, to caress the pucker. A slim, damp fingertip, pressing eagerly into him -- rolling around; stretching; preparing him. A soft, musical laugh. Of course! groaned Heero, to himself. It was Quatre -- he could feel the boy's deft fingers, touching and driving him beyond bearance. He knew no-one else whose fingers would feel so slim, so mischievous... every touch was confident, and insistent, and damned inflaming. The blond boy's hands were cooler on his back; the slender limbs brushed against his, pushing him gently back against the wall. Quatre's torso now slid up against his own; his rich little lips reached up to kiss Heero's chin, his neck. Heero felt Quatre's erection, hot on his thigh; it rubbed against his own, with its own sharp little shocks.

"Want you, Heero Yuy..." whispered Quatre. "Want to feel you!"

He now turned in front of the dark-haired man, twisting, and exposing his back to Heero. He was panting, quietly. He wriggled, deliciously, up and down against Heero's groin, and Heero felt the soft, warm buttocks up against his skin. He groaned. His cock sprang up even further, beating at the boy's flesh -- seeking a home there. He was shocked at his lustful response -- and something made him look over towards Duo and Trowa.

They still knelt together on the blanket -- one of Duo's hands was around Trowa's waist, and the other was buried deep between the valley of Trowa's buttocks. From the movement of his wrist, Heero could see that he was fingering the chestnut-haired man. Trowa's breath was rasping out as he clung to Duo, trying to keep his balance. His lips dipped to Duo's time and again; then his head rolled back, his mouth opening with a soundless cry of joy and exhortation. His hands were tight on Duo's hips -- he was trying to rub their cocks together; trying to bring relief to them both. From the tension across his shoulders, Heero could tell that he was close to climax.

Duo's eyes were wild and wide -- but they were still fixed on Heero. It was as if only his body registered the mutual fondling with Trowa.

Heero couldn't have said with any certainty how close Duo was to climax. The man's body shone in the night air; the muscles flexed as he played with Trowa. His mouth was willing enough every time that Trowa nipped at him, begging for him. But his emotion remained a dark, deep ocean bed in his eyes. His control did not seem to falter.

Heero... it's fun for me... enjoy it...

Quatre's voice was whispering against Heero's legs -- Heero hadn't seen him sink to his knees in front of him.

"Want you, Heero," he repeated, a little petulantly. "Want to taste you!" The last words were a little muffled; Quatre had gripped at the skin of his thighs, and had gone down on his cock.

Heero gasped with pleasure, and the anticipation of relief. The pain in his head gave a nudge, but he ignored it.

He looked down at the blond head below, and leaned hard against the wall. His legs were shaking. He'd told Trowa when they arrived that he'd thought the motel would be a 'heaven' for them. He'd been joking, of course -- trying to lighten their frustrated mood .

He wondered perhaps if it mightn't be just the opposite.

Then Quatre's lips tightened, and his tongue licked at the taut thread of skin below the head of his cock, and Heero's climax overwhelmed him. He felt his seed spurting out, escaping, gushing into the eager, waiting mouth. He shouted; he cried out some unintelligible sound. He ripped at Quatre's hair, not caring how he might hurt the boy, and he thrust his hips against his face, asking to be milked, to be sucked to completion; demanding more, and more!

The pain in his head became a deep sigh...

Heero had sunk to the ground, his legs collapsing beneath him. He panted -- his cock ached beyond belief. He thought he might have gabbled some apology to Quatre -- afraid he may have ripped out his hair, or bruised his chin, or just generally made a fool of himself with coming so fast and so desperately -

"Never apologise, never explain..." sighed the light voice at his ear. Quatre knelt beside him, and his sweat-slicked torso shook with gentle laughter. "You are gorgeous, Heero Yuy..." His mouth reached to suck on Heero's lips, with a hungry, grateful, appreciative favour. Heero could taste his own cum inside it -- it was warm and musky. He'd never had such an experience in his life -- he wondered why the hell he'd not begged for it long before.

Quatre sighed. "You do taste sweet, just like he says. Your cum deserves to be savoured...and it was good to taste it yourself, wasn't it? All of you deserves to be savoured, Heero. I've known that since you arrived. You're a delicious treat! I wish... " He bit his words back and sighed, again; ruefully. "No, that's not for me, is it? But plenty of other things are. And there's plenty of time for us to enjoy them all..."

He rose to his feet easily, limbs young and lithe, and he stood above Heero, toying with his own, half-erect cock. As naked as the day he was born, but considerably more mature. Gazing down at the exhausted young man at his feet, and grinning. The breath of a tempting idea teased at his wide, blue eyes -- he had many imaginative plans for Heero Yuy, now his appetite had been so deliciously whetted...

But then he felt another man's breath on his shoulder, and abandoned his plans to tease Heero back into action. Not for him -- not for now...He swallowed his immediate disappointment, and turned with a half-smile, to take the embrace of the man behind him.

"Duo! Your taste now, I believe -?

Heero was still a little dazed. He felt a strong arm slide around his torso, and he was helped to a sitting position. A blanket was spread underneath him. There was cool water offered to him. It was Duo's hand that held the cup to his mouth -- Duo's fingertips that wiped the small excess drops from his lips.

"Heero, do you understand better? The joy? The release?" There was a thread of affection in Duo's voice that he thought might be for him alone.

The cup was back at his mouth, but he waved it away, impatiently. He reached a hand around Duo's neck, and twisted the man's head to him. They kissed, deeply. Heero tasted lemons again -- but also other fruits. Other liquids that he couldn't describe or identify. All sweet... all rich...

There was no pain in his head anymore. No nagging; no warning; no interference.

Duo was speaking aloud again. Heero couldn't find any evidence of the sounds in his head. It was all concentrated, now, on the man's face in front of him; the firm, mobile lips; the very human body, laid against his own.

"I want you, Heero."

Hands slid down his sides; around his ass; he was laid back on to the blanket. The fabric was another sensation on his naked back -- another sensual experience. Duo's body came down on top of him, their limbs entwined; still the kissing, still the caressing. They were touching all the way from their heavy mouths, to shoulders, to hips, to thighs. It was a fabulous body, thought Heero, in the midst of a fog of frenzy and desire. Fabulous -- all of it. And it would be his...

"Let me take you, Heero. You have no idea what pleasure I will give you..."

Duo knelt up before him, now, and Heero stared up into his deep, expressive eyes. There may have been some nervousness there -- but Heero suspected it was a reflection from his own. Duo's hands pressed firmly at his inner thighs, but Heero let his legs fall apart easily. He bent them at the knees; he felt the grip of Duo's hands, as he took hold of them, and forced them further up against his chest. He was exposed to his view. Completely defenceless. His exhausted cock twitched gently with returning interest.

"Ask me, Heero..." Duo's voice was very hoarse -- he had never sounded like that before. Like Heero thought his own voice sounded. They were alike, Heero thought, in this moment. They were the same -- they were coming together as equals --

Heero wondered if Duo was going to say please. He didn't want to wait to find out.

"Take me, Duo."

He felt the rustle of other skin, and the breath of a laugh. It was Quatre beside him again, but he didn't care who was there now. He had eyes only for Duo; eyes only for his dark gaze and his delight, and his eagerness. Ears only for his moans, and his murmurs of pleasure, as he stroked at Heero's dark pink hole, and slipped a long, slim finger inside. Nerves only for Duo's fingers pinching at his flesh -- the fire in his veins -- the sensitivity all over him, that felt as if he had been flayed alive, and the skin only just laid back down.

Quatre was kneeling beside him, stroking his taut stomach, holding his legs back in place. Then his blond head bent back down to his cock, which was throbbing softly with the excitement. He licked the tip so that it bounced up a little; he started to suck at the sides, softly. Heero sighed with the pleasant feeling -- but still his eyes held Duo's. They spoke without words.

"Do you want him to make you come again, Heero?" hissed Duo.

"No!" cried Heero.

Quatre let the slowly swelling cock slide out from his mouth, a thread of pre-cum silver on his lips. His eyes were puzzled. He looked from Heero to Duo. Awaiting instructions.

Heero knew he couldn't explain properly. He thought that he probably didn't need to. "Not you, Quatre -- I --"

Say it, Heero...

"Duo... just -- you..." he hissed. He didn't recognise his own voice -- it was a throb of passion; a skewer of need. He stared almost angrily at Duo. "I want you to make me come!"

Duo gave his own soft laugh -- it could never be mistaken for anyone else's. It danced with amazement and joy. It was embroidered with a rich tapestry of desire and triumph and need. They were the only two people alive, to each other.

"My very sweet one -- I have been waiting for this. I never thought you would come!"

"The others -- " sighed Heero. He was opening for Duo -- he could feel his muscles flexing; asking for him. Impatient for him.

Duo dismissed any other speech. He had two fingers in Heero now -- they were wet, and hot, and they pressed excitedly against his prostate, in a way so different from Trowa's touch, or Quatre's, that Heero felt as if he was being roused for the first time. He saw colours - he heard moans of welcome all around him. He groaned aloud.

Duo's voice was jagged, like a serrated knife. "Yes, there are others. There is the strong one, and the bright one -- and now the dark one. But no-one is sweet like you, Heero Yuy."

"Duo..." came a soft sound from behind them. Maybe a protest...

But Duo didn't acknowledge it. "You are the best, Heero. You are sweet, as mine is meant to be. You touch me like nothing else. You are mine..."

Duo gasped, and leant forward, hard against Heero's vulnerable flesh. He came fiercely into Heero -- his cock burst through the initial resistance, then met complete acceptance. Heero's ass relaxed around him, and drew him in. It caressed him; it beat at him; it succoured and swallowed him. They clung together, full of astonished delight. Duo began to thrust, and Heero's body moved with him. Duo took his weight on his arms at first, but his body sagged gradually until it caressed Heero's stomach and groin; Heero grasped him, and held him tight.

They groaned; they reached clumsily for each other's mouths, and kissed whatever they could reach instead. Heero felt the sweating of Duo's body; the hammering of his heart. He felt the burst of Duo's coming before it even arrived at his ass -- it was loud and fierce in Duo's blood, and Heero heard its demanding cry, even before the sound was wrenched from Duo's mouth.

They felt the pressure in each other's temples; saw the vivid colours behind each other's eyes; absorbed the throbbing anguish in each other's cocks, even as the climaxes raced to outrun each other.

Heero saw the restraint shatter in Duo's eyes; the control crumble. Overwhelming, ecstatic emotion flooded his head and his heart and his limbs, as if Duo flowed into his very veins.

They shuddered together; they shouted together.

And, once again, there was no other sound in the courtyard except for them

Heero woke in the small hours of the morning; there was no light except for a pale moon, and silence all around. There was the slightest whistle from a breeze across the motel site. In the first seconds of stirring, he didn't recognise anything of this. He was only aware of a sluggish consciousness, and confusion as to where he was. His body ached; his head throbbed. His mouth had that hideous parched, next-morning feeling, as if he had spent all night drinking

Which he knew he hadn't.

No -- he'd spent the night bathing, and smiling, and eating sweet stuff, and being fucked into glorious senselessness by a man called Duo Maxwell. Playing games with water drops, and ice cubes, and soft fruit... rolling on to his front -- on to his back... opening his arms, and then spreading his legs...and crying the man's name -- and sobbing at the intensity of feeling. Time and again.

He groaned. He sighed. There was the slight nag of cramp in his left leg, lying underneath his body. It was a sign that he'd slept heavily. He was gradually aware of the creased coverlet under his body, and the glint from the tiles on the ceiling -- he was back in room number 6, it seemed.

He couldn't remember how he'd got back to his room. At what time. In what state. He could smell the soft, musky smell of his lover beside him on the sheets underneath him -- his lover, Trowa, that was. He was groggy -- still half asleep -- but he knew that he was surprised to think that he was still sleeping with Trowa, in their strange little motel room. Did that matter any more? Why did he think it didn't?

He couldn't seem to focus any thought properly. Too much sun... he thought, still in a half-dream. Too much pleasure... too many touches... too much Duo...

The sound of the half-hearted fan whirred across his consciousness.

Hadn't he thought all these things before?

Then he wondered what had woken him. He stretched on the bed, and yawned. He knew at once that Trowa wasn't on the bed beside him. The close air stroked warm fingers over his bare stomach -- there was no cover over him, and he was completely naked.

Peering through sleepy eyes, he saw Trowa standing at the door, his shorts pulled on loosely, a vest in his hands.

"Trow?" he called, sleepily. "Where are you going?"

"To -- him. To Wufei." Trowa's voice was barely a whisper.


"I -- must go to him," said Trowa, hurriedly. There was a strange mix in his voice; apology -- sorrow -- eagerness. "He needs me. They need me -- they're calling me. And I'll be sleeping with them from now on. Heero -- you must understand..."

Heero struggled to sit up, but there was a deep lassitude in all his limbs. There was the brand of Duo's fingertips on the skin of his hips; the smell of the man still in his nostrils. He wondered how he could ever have heard or seen Trowa's movements through such obsession.

"Yeah... OK... I mean," he stumbled over the words. "I mean -- I don't exactly know what's going on, Trow... I didn't expect you here, to be honest... what with you and Wufei, 'n all..."

Trowa stared at him in silence, for a moment. Then he came back into the room, and sat down on the side of the bed. His eyes shone in the darkness.

"I know. It's amazing, isn't it? Everything that's happened...Look..." he wriggled, a little uncomfortably. His eyes were still fixed on Heero -- the sleepy, dark-haired man was suddenly very aware of his nakedness; and Trowa's slim, smooth torso, just a hand's touch away. "I still want you, Heero. You're fabulous, y'know? Christ, and I don't forget that you were everything to me! Before we came here... I mean, we escaped together, right?"

"Right," murmured Heero. He wondered if Trowa realised he was speaking in the past tense.

"But I don't want to go back, Heero --"

"What?" spluttered Heero. "We never said we'd go back! But we were gonna go on to the city -- find a new place -- jobs -- whatever --"

But he knew that Trowa's attention wasn't fully on him. "I can't believe this place, Heero. It's like nowhere else I've ever seen. And the guys want me with them; they want me to help out, and care for the place. And care for them..."

Heero stared, a little stupidly. "You wanna stay here, Trow? Like -- indefinitely? What about your plans? Our plans?"

Trowa shook his head slowly, the swing of his hair a whisper in the muggy room. "I don't think I was as prepared as I thought, Heero. I never really thought beyond getting out of that damned town. I -- couldn't tell you that before -- you thought I had the grand plan. You'd have been so disappointed - you looked up to me in that..."

Heero stared at him. He wasn't gonna argue. Though he understood a hell of a lot more now than he ever had before, and he knew that there'd been far more disappointment in their relationship than either of them had realised. He also knew that it wasn't their fault.

Trowa was continuing. The tone in his voice was light -- it bubbled with excitement. "But I'm happy here -- I can be very happy here! I can't believe the pleasure, and the contentment...

I can feel things I never felt before -- listen to thoughts in my head, that were always silent before --"

Heero was startled. "Mine?"

"No, not yours, Heero," he sighed. "Theirs. Wufei -- Quatre... when I'm with them... when we're..." his voice trailed off.

Heero flopped back on to the bed with a puff of resignation. It was too damned late in the night to be having this conversation, right? "Ok, I think I understand. Guess I never thought it'd be long-term, y'know? You 'n me..." He made sure that Trowa didn't see his face. "What'll you do here, Trow?"

Trowa shrugged. His mind was already made up, and he didn't care about details. "Help Wufei in the kitchen -- help Quatre round the motel --"

"And fuck --" said Heero, a little slyly. He felt Trowa's body tense. He saw Trowa's face smile in the darkness.

"Yeah. And fuck. He's magnificent isn't he? Wufei... Both of 'em, really...I never thought it'd be like that." He sounded almost awed.

Heero didn't answer. He'd never thought it'd be like that, either. He wasn't sure how he was coping with it, himself.

Trowa stood up, ready to go again. He gazed down at Heero. "But you'll be with me here, won't you, Heero? They want you, too -- they want to share it all. And there's Duo, now...isn't there?" There was no answer from the body on the bed. "Heero?"

He waited a few more seconds, but perhaps Heero had gone back to sleep. The voices were clamouring for him, now. They'd waited long enough -- they needed his attention. They wanted to show him theirs, in return. Trowa sighed, and quietly, he left the room.

When Heero next woke, it was noon. He knew this, because the sun was well established, burning brightly and fiercely in the sky, and searing its rays through the curtainless window on to his body.

He didn't see why he should get up. He still felt disorientated, and he thought he remembered a rather tense conversation with Trowa in the middle of the night. Had it all been a dream?

He rolled himself up on the bed, and his muscles protested. No it hadn't been a dream! He was stretched out here, sore from a night of amazing fucking, and on his own because his lover had just left him, to go and co-habit with a coupla other guys. It looked like another day of blinding, constant heat -- and he was sure that he'd not had enough food and water over the last few days, to have built up any stamina. He'd seen no-one else for over a week, had no transport or communication with the outside world, and he was effectively stranded in some second rate motel, where amazingly weird things kept happening.


And always a damn erection! He growled down at his lap -- it was nagging at him, like the worst kind of morning wood. He needed a shower -- to get dressed.

The memories were flooding back, seeping into him -- and he reckoned he knew who to blame for that. He seemed to be temporarily paralysed, sitting on the edge of the bed with his head hanging down. He thought of Trowa, sitting in that pool. Holding Wufei's face -- Quatre's slim hips.

He found himself stroking his cock; gently. Like he treasured its comfort. Not for the first time, he wondered if there was something in the food here, keeping him constantly in a state of heightened arousal. But it did feel damn good...

He remembered Trowa with Quatre, taking him. The boy's gasp of pleasure -- the way that his hands gripped at Wufei, as the taller man held him still for Trowa's use.

He tugged at his cock -- a little more insistently, now.

Then there was Trowa with Wufei, being taken. An astonishingly erotic sight; the sight of complete surrender and yet -- a totally consensual joy...

He was pumping steadily now. He knew the perfect rhythm for his own enjoyment -- he knew how soon he would come, bucking and shuddering, and spraying cum all over his warm, smooth stomach...

Trowa's bright eyes -- Wufei's dark, knowing ones. The excitement that vibrated through Quatre at all times. Lips licking an ice cube into Duo's eager mouth. Quatre's soft mouth, opening to drink him down. Like nothing he'd ever had before! The first kiss from Duo's thick lips -- the first touch of his cock...

He moaned aloud.

And Duo... came the echo of Trowa's soft voice. There's Duo, now...

Ahh, yes... Duo Maxwell. He could remember him as if he were standing here beside him. As if he touched him with those burning fingers; kissed his skin with the firm, damp lips. As if his body still slammed into him, bony hips up tight against his groin. Eyes on fire; hearts beating louder than their cries. Sharp, demanding thrusts -- slower, seducing penetration. And always the hint of something around his heart -- something that teased, and begged, and was somehow more vulnerable than it wanted to be.

Duo's presence. Heero knew that he'd felt it. He'd shared it.

With a shout, Heero climaxed, spewing seed from within his fisted palm. His back was arched, and his heels pressed hard into the thin mattress. He felt the completion hard and deep within his groin -- his heart hammered, his mouth was drier than ever. His hips shook, and his legs collapsed under him.

He felt a physical relief -- but there was a deeper, disturbing ache that wasn't assuaged. A face in his mind; a voice whispering in his head.

The masturbation had been nothing like the memories. No comparison at all.

Heero felt like weeping. Or shouting in anger. Or hitting someone... What the hell was going on?

And what the hell was going to happen to him now?

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