Two Divided By Zero
by Lasha Lee

"Ah ah." Heero smacked at Gage's hand as the boy's fingers inched toward a tray of deviled eggs. "Not until tonight."

"Please sir. I haven't eaten in three days." Gage held up four fingers. "Me mum and me twenty-five brothers and sisters shall starve if yer lordship turns us away." He blinked.

"Fine." Heero rolled his eyes. "One egg."

Gage grabbed up two halves.

"I said one egg!"

"And that's what I took. Two halves equal one egg." Gage stuffed them into his mouth. "Aren't you glad you're keeping me? You definitely need someone to teach you basic math skills."

Heero growled at the boy.

"Another? Don't mind if I do." He reached for the tray and Heero yanked it away, putting it down inside the refrigerator. Gage stared down sadly as he closed the lid.

"Go order a couple of pizzas." Heero finally sighed. "Some of those all-meat ones. And no Derasian peppers."

Jazz's invention had become a must-have for every pizzeria on Dera. He had been talking about leasing farmland in another city and increasing production, but that had been before Nadia had arrived. They were making excellent money the way they were, and he did not want to miss even the smallest bit of his daughter's development. Just the night before, Duo and Heero had been awoken by an ecstatic phone call: Nadia was smiling.

"Thanks." Gage trotted into the living room to place the order. Shan and Luke were on the floor, finishing up a banner. "We considered misspelling their names." Luke admitted. "But we decided against it."

"Put someone else's names on it. Happy anniversary Fred and Irma." Gage suggested. He filled out the order form and hit send. "Happy Birthday, Francine."

"Or Happy 75th anniversary." Shan suggested with a snicker.

"Our Deepest Condolences?" Luke asked.

"Ahem." Duo had entered the room. "Not if you don't want to spend the evening locked in the basement."

Gage sighed mournfully. "Ah, the tribulations of age. One's sense of humor is the first thing to go."

Duo's response was cut off by the transporter chiming the arrival of their pizzas. Grabbing one, he headed into the kitchen to share it with Heero, leaving the boys to devour the second one for themselves.

Gage glanced over at Shan and grinned. He bent forward quickly and kissed a string of cheese off of his mouth. Luke muttered something they couldn't make out over his mouthful of food.

"What was that?" Shan asked, his hand on Gage's thigh.

"I said." Luke swallowed. "Get a room already."

"He's just jealous." Shan teased. "He hasn't had someone to kiss in years."

"I'm not jealous." Luke protested.

"Uh huh."

"I could get any girl I wanted. I'm just too busy right now to date."

"Of course you are." Gage patted his arm. "Here. Keep yourself busy." He grabbed another slice of pizza and stuffed it into Luke's mouth. Gage then turned back to Shan, grabbing a piece of fallen meat from the box and slipping it between his lips. With his mouth.

Luke made retching noises. Shan gave him the finger.

It might have gone a little further if the transporter hadn't chimed at that moment. They were expecting Wufei to appear, but...

"'Shel?" Shan jumped up to hug his twin, who was laughing. "What are you doing here?"

"I came back earlier. There was no way I was going to miss this." She embraced him back.

"Miss Chang." Gage was pushing Shan aside to pump her hand. "The light went out of Dera with your departure, and now it returns. Did you have a nice visit to the world that gave birth to me? Did you see interesting sights? Did you marry a nice Jewish boy and settle down in Queens to raise a family?"

"How did you ever guess?" Meishel kissed his cheek.

Shan had emailed her that Gage was going to be living with Heero and Duo for good. He had been a bit vague about other areas, but she had easily read between the lines. She looked from one boy to another, and she did not have to speak her approval and happiness for them out loud; they could see it clearly.

"Hey shrimp, welcome home." Luke waved.

"Hey yourself, butt-ugly. Good to be back."

Gage raised an eyebrow at Shan, who grinned and shrugged.

"You miss me?" Luke held out a slice of pizza and she accepted it.

"A little. But don't get all happy. I missed my computer too."

She flopped down on the floor across from him. Luke burped and licked his fingers. Meishel gave him a dirty look. "You're gross."

"Maybe, but I'm lovable." He winked at her.

She snorted, blowing her bangs upward.

The boys took slipped down the hall to Gage's room and shut the door. Shan laughed.

"Hopeless, aren't they? They've been in love for years now; they're just not ready to face it yet."

"Will your parents be okay with it?"

"They'll be thrilled. They love Luke. And let me tell you; Baba thinking any guy is good enough for Meishel is a feat."

"Your father is starting to weird me out, do you know that?"

"He's been nice to you."

"Exactly. It's not... normal. Justice Skunk has actually been civil. Well, civil for him, I suppose. He's up to something."

Shan wrapped his arms around Gage's neck, pushing him against the wall. "As long as he doesn't know that we've been up to something."

"Or that we're planning to get up to something."

Shan nuzzled his neck. "Tonight's the night."

Gage ran a hand over his rear and squeezed. "You get to go first. But after that, this is mine." He squeezed again, and Shan rubbed against him with a whimper. "I dream about that ass." He said against Shan's ear, knowing that the slightly vulgar talk seemed to turn him on. "Just like I dream me on my stomach and you pounding into me, over and over. God, you turn me on."

"I've never wanted anything as bad in my entire life." Shan licked his neck.

"A few more hours." Gage agreed. "I need something to tide me over..." He sank down to his knees his fingers fumbled with Shan's fly, sliding down the zipper and tugging out the hard flesh below. Shan closed his eyes as the hot mouth surrounded him and began a steady suction. This was what Gage referred to as "blowing Shan's mind."

"Gage." Heero called out. "Come out here."

The boy pulled his mouth away. "Suit yourself." he muttered, "but I usually like to keep things like that private."

Shan began cursing in Chinese, and Gage reluctantly tucked Shan back inside his jeans and zipped him up. He pressed his lips against the bulge, and then stood. "Later." he promised the disappointed boy. "I'm taking a rain check."

They straightened their clothing and headed up to the other room. "You bellowed?" Gage asked Heero sweetly.

"Yes, I did. You have a visitor." Heero pointed.

The person standing by the transporter was a man that Shan had never seen before but knew instantly. His hair was long and snowy-white, halfway down his back. He was beautiful, but in a masculine way that Shan would know anywhere. It was that face, with quite a few decades removed, that he had fallen in love with.

And that face broke into pure delight at the sight of Gage. The man moved forward and grabbed the boy into a tight embrace, and Gage returned it eagerly.

"Uncle. I'm so glad that you could make it."

"Look at you." Milliardo turned Gage around. "You look wonderful. I don't think I've ever seen you tan before."

"I've been working out in the fields." Gage shrugged. "Guess it's paying off."

"It's definitely paying off." He put his arm around Gage's shoulders and smiled at Heero and Duo. "Well, has he been behaving himself?"

"We had to take the whip to him a couple of times in the beginning, but we eventually broke his spirit." Duo quipped.

"He's been wonderful." Heero confirmed. "We may have some good news later, but we need to speak to your sister first. Where is she?"

"Relena will be here later tonight. She wanted to stop by the government building and see a few people. Ever the workaholic, you know."

She'd rather go see strangers than the son she hasn't seen in over a mouth, Shan thought sadly. Gage seemed to think so as well. For a moment something flashed in his eyes, some hard and hateful, but he covered it quickly.

"But me." Milliardo smiled, squeezing Gage again. "I couldn't wait to get here and see how my boy has been getting along."

"How long can you stay?" Gage asked hopefully.

"Only a few days. But we'll make the most of them. I've always wanted to see what Dera was like, and you can show me. I'll make sure that we have lots of time together, just the two of us."

It was the first time Heero had ever seen them together, and he found himself noticing certain things. It wasn't just the physical resemblance that linked them; there were other things as well. They both stood with all of their weight on their left leg, for example. Gage, he had noticed soon after bringing the boy here, had a nervous habit of twisting his index finger over his middle finger when he spoke, and right now Milliardo was doing the exact same thing. Gage had a different accent than his uncle, and his voice was still adolescent, but Heero knew that it would eventually turn husky like Milliardo's.

And then there were the conversations Gage had overheard between his parents. And the pictures of his mother... he watched as Milliardo made a joke about something and they both doubled over laughing.

You son of a bitch, thought Heero. He looked at Gage, and he felt his heart break for the boy. A boy who had wanted nothing more in his life than for his parents to love him.

And who had no idea that the person he loved most in the world was his own father.

"Heero, you have no proof." Duo said, buttoning up his shirt.

"I know what I know." Heero frowned, pacing. "I saw the way he looked at Gage. It all makes sense now."

"Okay, Heero, what if you're right?" Duo asked, "What then? They've obviously gone through a lot of trouble to cover it up, if it is true. I mean, Gage has seen pictures of his mother pregnant."

"He's seen pictures of Relena pretending to be pregnant. That's why she didn't look happy and glowing; it was a sham."

"You didn't answer my question. What are you going to do? Confront them about it? Can you imagine what this will do to Gage if it's true? How devastated that boy is going to be? My god, he worships Milliardo."

"He'll know that his father, his real father, loves him." Heero argued.

"And never told him the truth. Lied to him, left him with people who never did love him like he should have been loved." He sighed. "And if this true, then I have lost any respect I had for Relena. If she wasn't able to love Gage like her own, she never should have taken him in."

Heero looped a tie around his neck. "I think about our kids. Duo, there has never been a second that I've loved any one of them less because they're not my own flesh and blood. I've never seen you treat Luke or the girls different than you treated Jazz."

"What's blood? Love is what matters; my kids are my kids. Where they started from is beside the point."

"Exactly." Heero nodded.

"And where's his mother?" Duo wanted to know. "If Zechs is his father, then who the hell is his birth mother? Where has she been in all of this?"

"I don't know. Like you said, I could just be jumping to conclusions... that poor boy."

"Third time, Heero. What are you going to do?"

"Nothing." He admitted. "I have no proof, and I won't break Gage's heart with speculation. Maybe they'll tell him when they're ready; maybe he'll never know. If he didn't love Zechs so much I'd tell him right this second. I won't take that away from him; it's the only real love he's ever known."

"Until now." Duo muttered.


"We'll talk about it after the party."

"What aren't you telling me, Duo?"

Duo stilled Heero's hands, tying the tie himself. "I think that Gage and Shan have a crush on each other."

"Oh lord, that's the last thing we need."

"No, Heero, it's the first. Gage can be good if he has someone to be good for. That's why he's been keeping his nose clean lately. And if... if your theory does turn out to be true, then he's going to need someone. And I don't know this for a fact any more than you know about who Gage's father is, and we're both going to zip our lips for now. Got it?"

"Got it." Heero agreed, and leaned forward, kissing Duo quickly. "I don't care who fathered that boy. His birth parents didn't want him, and his adoptive parents couldn't love him. He's ours now; I love him, Duo. Zechs might have helped create him, but he's my son now."

"Our son." Duo corrected, kissing him back. "I love him too, you know."

"If Relena doesn't agree to let him stay, I'm going to fight her. I can't promise that we'll win, but I'm going to do whatever I have to do to keep him with us."

"Let's not go looking for trouble before we find it. Not tonight. This is our night, babe. Nothing earth-shattering won't keep until tomorrow."

"You're right. It's almost time." Heero picked a thread off of Duo's jacket. "You look good enough to eat."

"Oh?" Duo grinned. "Is that an offer?"

"Absolutely. But not until our guests go home. It would be rude to ask them to excuse us so that we can go fool around."

"Yeah, but they know us. They'd understand."

"Come on." Heero laughed. "This party was your idea. Let's get it underway."

"Let the good times roll."

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