A First Time
by Fancyfigures

For Cynthia's birthday. *hugs*

"Are you OK?" Duo breathed slowly, keeping his voice as steady as he could. His lips brushed the nape of Heero's neck, his body spooning up against his lover's back. His heart was beating very fast. His upper arm was clasped across Heero's torso, his fingertips tracing gently over Heero's skin, running along the lines of his ribcage. Heero's heart was beating pretty fast, too.

"Fine," whispered Heero. "Very fine." He shifted his body, nestling more comfortably on his side, and he felt Duo's cock press against his thigh. It was warm, swollen thick, and damp. Every inch of his skin shivered in response, raw with anticipation; flushed with excitement.

Duo's other hand slipped down his back, smooth against his sweat, strong along his taut muscles. A finger wriggled mischievously between his buttocks, and Heero tensed, involuntarily. Duo's hand moved swiftly away.

"Come here," he murmured. When Heero sighed, Duo rolled him on to his back, pulling himself up to lean over his lover. He looked down into the blue eyes, wide and dark, the pupils dilated. "We don't have to do this," he said, gently. Fuck, but Heero looked good! His throat bobbed with each nervous swallow; there was a fine sheen of sweat all over his body. The look in his eyes as he gazed back up at Duo was fierce and determined and... impossibly hot.

"I want to," said Heero. His voice was little more than a whisper. "God, I want to."

Duo sighed, too. "Me too, lover. But you know it's no big deal to me how we do it, right?"

Heero nodded. Duo's face dipped over him, his generous mouth only inches away, strong arms holding him just close enough for Heero to feel the heat from his skin and to see his chest moving with each breath, but not so close that Heero might feel intimidated in any way. Heero looked up into his lover's eyes and saw the support and the tolerance there - and the need. It matched his own.

"You were so good at the show tonight," he murmured. "So assured. Such a fine, confident host. You've made that gallery your own, you know."

Duo flushed. He watched the slow movements of his lover's mouth; listened to the low, loving tone. Heero wanted to talk, it seemed, and while he could think of a few, rather more athletic ways to relax, if that was what Heero wanted tonight, Duo would go with the flow. "Sure, but that's because it's my name on the lease," he grinned. "You signed it over, remember?"

Heero frowned, but he smiled, too. "That's only on paper. I mean that you've created your own signature there - your own style. People come to see you and your work, not the landlord." He reached a hand up to Duo's face, cupping his cheek and brushing his thumb over the creases of Duo's smile. "You're a success of your own making," he whispered.

Duo smiled back. He was astonished at how proud that made him feel. He relaxed one of his arms, dropping back down to lie at Heero's side. His fingers trailed over the other man's hip as he moved. His palms itched to grasp the skin; to pull Heero's body close to him. But he kept his touches soft and soothing.

"Thanks for coming to it," he replied. "You didn't have to fly back early from Europe." But I'm damned glad you did. It had given him his greatest pleasure, to see Heero enter the room towards the end of the evening. Duo had been doing his usual juggling trick with the press and the art critics and an assorted selection of fans. He was pleased with the show but tired from the preparations - bitterly so - and more tense than he'd realised: a combination of too many late nights and Heero having been away on business for over a week. The crowd was starting to suffocate him; the noise around him becoming way too strident. Then the door to the gallery had opened again, he'd turned - and Heero had been there, his jet-lagged eyes meeting Duo's over everyone else's clamouring demands.

It had been enough to turn Duo's whole evening around. They'd left the gallery shortly afterwards, together. To hell with the guests!

Now in Heero's bed, both of them deliciously naked, he felt his lover's breath on his face: Heero's lips at his ear. The gentle touches made him shudder with excitement and impatience - he'd always been like this. Heero was the one who took a little longer to relax and surrender, whereas Duo knew exactly what he wanted, and pursued it with hunger and mischief as swiftly as he could.

But tonight... tonight was different.

"Talk to me," he sighed. He flattened his palm on Heero's belly: felt the pulse throbbing under the skin. "Tell me what you saw at the show."

Heero pursed his lips. He was very conscious of Duo's fingers, brushing gently along the line of dark hairs that ran down to his groin. "Not sure I can do you justice. The colour blindness, remember? I don't always get the full benefit..."

Duo gave a dismissive grunt. He started to slide down the bed beside Heero, his lips trailing down the inside of Heero's arm. "Not just the colours. Tell me what you saw."

Heero frowned. He could only see the top of Duo's head now, not the expression in his eyes. "Well, the usual dramatic combination of art and sculpture - all sizes, all mediums." He smiled at the memory. There'd been a ladder effect of exhibits - paintings and other creations, stepping up beside each other; behind each other, making the visitor crane his head to be able to see it all. It was what people had come to expect of a Duo Maxwell show - a riot of activity; a challenge to their critique. Then his smile was caught on a gasp as Duo nipped mischievously at the skin stretched tight over his hip.

"Turn over," Duo muttered. "On to your belly. Keep talking."

Heero rolled slowly over, resting his head on his hands. His heart started to beat more rapidly again. Duo had a way of demanding things of him that reached into Heero's equally assertive soul and invited total surrender. They'd spent a long time on foreplay tonight, licking and kissing and nipping gently at skin until one or other of them laughed, or begged to move on. He had the taste of Duo's cock on his tongue, having sucked and licked it, a better taste by far than the fine wine at the show. And he'd had little enough of that - he'd barely finished his glass before Duo's shining eyes had winked at him, insisting they leave by the back door before any of the assembled glitterati noticed.

Heero had never been so eager to leave a party in his life.

"What did you feel?" hissed Duo, breaking into his thoughts. "Tell me."

"I felt excitement; suspense; anticipation." Heero's mind drifted back to all he'd seen. "There were curtains over the corners of the room, half-hiding the displays underneath. It was... tantalising."

Duo nodded: his tongue lapped gently at the small of Heero's back, making the prone man gasp again. Heero felt the edge of Duo's braid nudging heavily at his thigh: the cheeks of his ass tightened with the thrill of the touch.

"I said, keep talking," hissed Duo. He gave a low, slow laugh.

Heero smiled, his cheek nestling into the thick pillow. "It was exciting, too, the way that some exhibits were free-hanging: moving as the guests passed them." He himself had felt the startling brush of lace against his cheek as he ducked under a low painting; the rough scrape of some abrasive material on his hands as he pushed a curtain aside. Duo always expected full involvement in his shows - full audience participation.

"An experience for all senses," murmured Duo.

"God, yes," sighed Heero. Duo's fingers were tugging gently at his buttocks, prising them open. His breath was warm on the crease: his tongue swiped gently yet shockingly across the nerve endings of Heero's entrance. Heero yelped softly, and his thighs shook.

"Come up," whispered Duo, and Heero pulled himself up on to his hands and knees. He could feel a bead of sweat running down his spine, and his cock was hot and swollen, hanging down heavily between his legs.

"Tell me what you heard."

Heero's eyes half-closed, partly from concentration on his memories, partly because Duo's tongue was pressing gently around his entrance, wet and hungry. His skin shivered and his head fell down between his braced shoulders. "Uhh... so many voices. But even when there was no conversation, I could still hear an underlying murmur - a soft one; like the thread of a tune, just humming in the background. It was soothing - very comforting, despite all the clamour in the gallery itself."

"Good." Duo's breath brushed the cheeks of Heero's ass. "And what did you smell?"

Heero felt Duo's finger, cool with gel, pressing gently inside the opening. He knew the feeling from times before - he knew it would eventually make him shudder with pleasure - but he still tensed slightly.

Duo ceased moving at once. "You want to stop?"

Heero shook his head, fiercely. "No! Go on..." He willed himself to relax and Duo's finger slipped slowly inside him. He moaned softly, with delight, and he heard Duo's laughter again.

"And...?" his lover whispered. The finger reached for Heero's prostate.

"I smelled something rich and thick and exotic," Heero breathed. Duo's finger touched him and he groaned aloud. His hips shook, his ass clenched, against his will. He felt Duo shift on the bed behind him, getting a better position, and the other man's tongue flickered wetly against the base of his spine. Heero arched up underneath him. "It was something wicked - something delicious - something extremely sensual. How did you do that?"

Duo wasn't entirely sure if Heero meant the effects at the show or the way Duo's finger stroked at his prostate. Duo's own breath was very tight and his cock bobbed painfully at his groin, hot and thick with need. He watched the way that Heero's body arched; the way his shoulders tensed as he held himself upright; the way that the skin darkened over his muscles. "Malia has been studying perfumery," he said with a smile. Heero couldn't see his face, but he hoped he would hear it in his voice. "I wanted the whole atmosphere to be involved; the whole range of senses engaged."

Heero was panting now, as Duo's finger rolled against him; inside him. "You succeeded, I'd say." His voice was starting to shake. "What was the theme, Duo? Tell me."

Duo smiled again, and placed himself closer, kneeling up between Heero's outspread legs. He never told anyone the theme until the very day of a show: not even Heero. He pulled his finger slowly out of Heero and placed both hands on his lover's ass. His cock nudged up eagerly at the smooth skin, leaking its wet trail among the fine hairs. It had been a while since they used condoms, a development that had thrilled them both.

"Seduction," he whispered. "I reckoned that was what you wanted. What you deserved."

Heero gasped. His eyes widened with excitement and pleasure. "Me? But I never actually said..."

Duo dug his fingers into the flesh of Heero's buttocks, tugging them apart again. His cock nudged up against the hole, its tip also cool and slick with gel. "Not in so many words, no. But you wanted to try this, and I wanted the mood to be right..."

"I wanted..." Heero echoed. Dear God, but he had wanted it! He felt Duo's cock pressing into him - slowly, carefully, greedily - and he groaned. So much better than the fingers - so much closer to Duo, himself! He readjusted his weight on to one arm only, reaching the free hand to his cock to stroke it in rhythm. His ass pushed back against the invasion, welcoming it, allowing Duo to sink in even deeper.

"Careful," hissed Duo, but his heart was pounding with the thrill. Heero was tight around him, and he was scared of moving too quickly. But they'd prepared well, and Heero had been a very inquisitive, very intuitive, and - he grinned to think of it - very enthusiastic pupil for everything that Duo had suggested to date.

Heero rocked back and Duo cursed, only half under his breath.

Heero tensed, pausing the movement of his hips. "What's up? We can stop -"

"No," groaned Duo. He sounded very hoarse. His sight was cloudy; his sweaty hands sticking to Heero's hips. "Shit, no! But... I'm not going to last very long."

It was Heero's turn to laugh, as best he could when it seemed he needed all his breath for coping with the astonishing delight of having Duo inside him. "The whole range of senses," he gasped. "You wanted them all engaged, you said." A long, slow thrust of Duo's cock made him shudder. Ecstasy coiled deep in his gut; his cock jerked in his fist. "Looks like you fell for your own seduction -"

Duo's fingers suddenly gripped him even more tightly and a strange, guttural noise came from his throat. "I never thought it'd be so..." he whispered. Heero could barely hear him. "So good... Heero... you..."

"Hush," Heero soothed him. "Hush." He could feel the tension in Duo's body, the way his hips slammed up against him. He heard the soft sibilance of Duo's cry as he came. Heero knew the fevered look there would be in Duo's eyes - the sound of Heero's own name on his lips. His hand tightened reflexively on his own cock, the pumping fierce, wrenching the climax out of him. He cried aloud, too, just as Duo's body slumped down over his back.

Duo held him, his arms hanging on to his lover, trying to anchor them both in the real world. He could still hear the echo of their combined moans; see their sweat-slicked skin and smell its musky fragrance; taste the warm, spicy saliva in his mouth. The thrill still coursed around his body, the blood pumping in his veins.

"How... are you OK?" he gasped into Heero's ear. How do you feel? It was suddenly very important to him that he knew. He let Heero down on to the mattress, where he rolled over on to his back, still panting. Duo lay down beside him, knowing that his own legs wouldn't hold him upright for much longer.

"Heero?" Duo felt his throat tighten up; a sudden fear that he might have hurt Heero; that he might have disturbed him; that he'd misjudged so many things, from the theme of his show to the way he'd thrust so eagerly into the man who meant so much to him; was so precious to him; was so -

"Fine," Heero sighed. "I'm fine." He turned slowly, the muscles of his body still relaxing after such excitement. He met Duo's wide, worried eyes - a sight he hoped to see for every day of the rest of his life, albeit without the worry. He grinned. Broadly.

"I feel great," he said. Exhausted, but great - it was the truth. He reached out and drew Duo in closer against him, their skin cooling, their breath slowing. He chuckled, softly.

"And so do you."

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