by Fancyfigures

Heero stood in front of his desk, half-perched on the edge of it, and watched as Duo spilled a box full of items all over the elegantly plush carpet of his executive office. He opened his mouth to protest, then shut it, reconsidering.

"I know," said Duo, as if Heero had spoken. He crouched down on the carpet, not meeting Heero's eyes, apparently engrossed in the box's contents. "Look, it's a problem, all this mess, I'll clear it up, we can talk about it later -"

"No," said Heero, swiftly. "It's fine." It was rare that Duo shared his preparations for the gallery - rare that he opened up his creative process, even to Heero. Sometimes, when they all met up socially, Trowa tried to explain this possessive wariness to Heero, wanting Heero to understand the complex character that was Duo Maxwell. But Heero would wait for another time to understand: for the moment, he knew instinctively that thrill was better than theory when it came to his relationship with Duo. He just encouraged whatever communication he could: anything to be closer to his lover.

"So what's the theme for this season's show?"

Duo hesitated, and Heero saw the start of his slow, mischievous smile. "Maybe you won't approve."

Heero frowned. "Maybe that's nothing to do with me, remember? The gallery is yours -"

"Not just yet," Duo interrupted, teasingly.

Heero shook his head, impatiently. "It will be, the papers are being prepared at the lawyer's this week. But in my mind, and in my intentions, it is yours. You can do what you wish with it - show what you like."

Duo settled back on his heels and looked up at Heero. The man looked so damned good! So cool, so sophisticated - especially here, in his business environment. Duo remembered when he'd seen him for the very first time in that lawyer's office: perfectly dressed; infuriatingly calm; bitingly sharp. Duo had thought he'd be meeting nothing but a corporate animal, the kind that he despised. At the time, Duo had been angry with most of the fucking world and ready for a fight.

Instead, Duo had been blown away. Stricken by a man who fascinated him from the moment he saw him. Someone so very different from him: who didn't measure himself by the same - by Duo's - standards.

"Duo. the show," said Heero. "Tell me about it now." Simple words, but Duo felt himself relax. Heero's voice was both seductive and persuasive. Duo wondered if he used that tone with his business associates, the same tone that he recognised from the early hours of the morning in Heero's bedroom, going deep and dirty under the covers. He guessed not - or the guy would be even richer than he already was.

Duo smiled, only half to himself. "The theme will be Bondage. Of all kinds. In physical terms; mentally; emotionally; in life's choices. Just something I'd like to explore a little further."

There was a brief silence.

Heero bit his lip. He couldn't help the sudden leap of shock in his chest, even while his business head examined the potential impact on the art world. "It's a provocative theme - as I'm sure you know."

"Uh-huh," agreed Duo. His eyes were sparkling. "But only what they all expect from me, right? It'll include all formats; reach across all mediums. Pictures; video; sculpture. Exhibits and entertainment. Whatever takes my fancy. You wanna censor me, now?"

Heero stared back at him. "Never," he said, quite clearly and wholly sincerely.

Duo flushed. His throat felt tight. Damn man wasn't just sex on legs, he was... Duo sighed. Too fucking good, that was it.

Heero glanced down at the floor. There were snapshots and a few art catalogues; a couple of programmes from exhibitions and video showings that he knew Duo had been attending. There were pages of notes and flyers protesting freedom of speech, and equality, and an end to oppression of many kinds. But there were also other - more obvious - tokens of physical bondage. He saw feathers and fur, leather and lace. There were chains and buckles, and both rigid and hinged sticks. There was a long length of corded rope and some gold-coloured silk. A couple of other restrictive devices that Heero hadn't seen outside of medieval novels. There were many drawings, some of them coloured, some of them apparently copied from text books: his eye was drawn to a set of sketches showing a key balanced on an open palm, up to four views at a time on the page, in different styles, in different shades of black, grey and white. Duo often sketched hands, nowadays.

Heero looked more closely at some of the smaller items. Some were keys themselves; some things metal; some things plastic; some things made of materials far more sensuous and tactile. In several cases, he had no idea of their purpose at all.

"You're blushing," grinned Duo. "Makes me wanna run through some of the inventory with you right here..."

Heero grinned back, a little ruefully. The room felt warmer than usual. "That's hardly appropriate."

" - and right now," continued Duo, ignoring him. "Doesn't that excite you, Heero? It's past normal office hours - the staff have gone home. We could do each other, here in the office. Don't tell me you haven't thought of it before." He watched Heero's eyes widen, the pupils dilating. Yeah, he thought, gleefully. I knew it.

"Stand up," muttered Heero. He seemed to be having some trouble speaking. His chest was heaving under his white silk shirt.

Duo unfolded himself from the floor and stepped over his treasure trove, moving nearer to Heero. He held his hands slightly behind his back, as if nervous of his approach, but his eyes sparkled with amusement and hunger. "Is this the way to deal with my... inappropriateness?"

"It's the way I want to deal with you," said Heero, grimly. He reached out for Duo's arm and pulled him a few steps closer. He could smell Duo's skin and feel his pulse and see the challenge in his eyes. He could hear his own heartbeat, thudding through his limbs, speeding up. This happened too often for him to control - too rarely for him to tire of it. "I want to kiss you."

Duo smirked. "This place is just too damned big," he hissed. "Too much floor space between us. A guy could get lost in here, y'know? Could park your limo in here; play football; stage a Greek orgy, for God's sake."

"Right," Heero hissed back. "So make it smaller, for us alone. Come here."

He slid his arm around Duo's waist and pulled him in tightly against his chest. Their mouths met and Heero's senses wallowed happily in it. He was still propped against his desk, the edge of it cutting into the back of his thighs. He was near its right corner, a tall filing cabinet at his side, and the picture window beyond that. Duo's hip knocked against the cabinet as his knee nudged in between Heero's legs, spreading them apart. The desk shook a little and there was the whisper of papers shifting on it behind them.

"We should get back home," gasped Heero. Duo's tongue had left his mouth and was now licking at his neck.

"Yeah," Duo murmured back into his lover's ear. He slid his hands down Heero's arms, feeling the muscles, relishing the strength. He curled his fingers around Heero's right wrist and gripped it tight. "But after."

Heero lifted his head, startled. He could taste Duo's saliva on his lips - feel the hardening of his cock inside his pants. He struggled to think clearly, but before he could say anything, Duo had drawn something from behind his back and snapped it around Heero's wrist. Heero registered a glint and the cold feel of metal on his skin. Then, with another snap, Duo fastened the other end to a drawer handle of the filing cabinet.

Heero's mouth opened and then closed again. He stared at the cabinet, then back to Duo's face, only inches away from his own and staring back. "Handcuffs?"

Duo started to laugh, then swallowed it back. There was a grin on his face and his eyes were wide. He leant in to kiss Heero again, but Heero turned his head aside. Duo frowned. "Huh? Come on, now, I'm just playing. You know you'll like this."

Heero pulled at the cuff, experimentally. Duo had cuffed him to a drawer at hip level, so there was no awkwardness to the angle. But the drawer was locked shut and the cabinet was solidly made - Heero couldn't tug himself free.

"This is not..." he struggled to find the words. He was angry, definitely. But at the same time he was excited. His heart hammered in his chest and he was damned hard: he knew Duo could feel his erection, pressing against his thigh. But he couldn't imagine what Duo had in mind. No, that wasn't exactly true. He could imagine, but he rather thought he was afraid to...

Then Duo pushed him backwards - gently, but firmly. His knees bent and his ass thumped on to the desk top, and then he went down on to his back. The handcuffs rattled and the cabinet creaked as its handle was tugged, but if Heero kept his arm outstretched, it wasn't uncomfortable. Just...


Duo stood between his spread knees, looking down at him. "You look fucking gorgeous," he breathed. Heero's hair, tousled from their kissing, dark locks flattened against the pale white of the day's documents. Heero's throat, his pulse throbbing quickly. Heero's mouth, swollen and damp from Duo's lips and tongue, opening now to protest -

"No," Duo said, quickly. "I won't let you free. Not just yet. Indulge me."

Heero cleared a throat gone suddenly dry. The gleam in Duo's eyes was familiar - and feral. "Not here. The papers need clearing... someone might... I don't..."

"But you do," sighed Duo. He placed a palm almost reverently on Heero's groin, stroking the hard bulge under his pants. Heero moaned, involuntarily.

"You see?" Duo smiled and his other hand caressed Heero's throat, running a finger almost carelessly along his open shirt collar. Heero wriggled, trying to sit up, trying to see what Duo was going to do, but the cuff rattled again as if to warn him. "Lie back," murmured Duo. "Give up the control thing, Heero. You're at work - but you're definitely not in charge. You'd better make the most of it."

Heero was still tense, but he stopped fighting the cuff. He lay on his back and stared at the ceiling. A leather-covered pot of pens lay on its side by his left ear. He could feel paper crumpling under his shoulders. When he moved his head, the edge of a staple bit into his ear. And then Duo started to sink down on to his knees, his hand sliding slowly down from Heero's neck to his torso as he went, opening the silk shirt, flipping button by button.

Heero gasped.

"Hush," Duo whispered. "I want you spread out above me, panting; handcuffed; captive, even if only for a little while. I want to know what that feels like."

Heero tried to catch his breath but it was painful in his chest. His shirt fell open fully, the silk bunching under his armpits, though Duo made no move to take it off. His hands were busy elsewhere, now. He pressed a hand on to Heero's thigh to steady himself, and then he slid down the zip of Heero's pants.

Heero's gasp turned into a groan.

"My God," whispered Duo. He crouched between Heero's knees, his breath hot on Heero's groin. "I love those black boxers of yours." He leant forward and nudged the fly of Heero's pants aside with his nose, exposing the underwear even more. He could see Heero's cock swelling, straining against the thin fabric of his boxers. He could smell him, and it was rich and tasty - a combination of clean skin, freshly pressed cloth and the warm promise of pre-cum.

Duo smiled.

"What..." Heero didn't like the way his voice croaked, so he swallowed and started again. "What are you doing? I don't know what the shareholders would say if someone caught me with my pants down in the middle of the office, chained to my cabinet..." The vision caught in his mind and made him flush even more deeply. A trapped muscle twitched in his thigh. His erection shifted restlessly inside his boxers, spreading the wet patch.

"Maybe they'd want some of it themselves," sighed Duo. "Such delicious cock - and I should know." He liked the way that Heero's dick twitched at his words, as if it were nodding to him, agreeing. "But we won't go that far, will we? After all, I don't need to strip you to enjoy you. To taste you." He leaned in again, nudging at Heero's balls, trapped in the material and clenching up underneath the fierce arousal. His tongue flickered out and lapped at the fabric, just where it stretched taut along the line of Heero's belly.

Heero's stomach muscles clenched. "Oh, fuck," he hissed.

"Well... not just now," grinned Duo. His voice was husky. He settled himself more comfortably in his crouched position, and his head rubbed against the inside of Heero's thigh. He breathed heavily on Heero's groin, and then he started to lick again, slowly; lasciviously; greedily, his tongue snagging on the damp material and his lips moulding around the swollen shape beneath.

Heero arched up, the cuff tightening on his wrist, the cabinet drawer rattling in protest. "Duo... dear God..."

"Tastes so good," came the muffled voice between his legs.

Heero was panting now, and making soft, agonised sounds. Duo had heard - no, provoked - a wide range of moans from Heero's mouth in the last few months, but these were new, fractured sounds, with a hoarse timbre of their own. He caught the tip of Heero's cock between his lips, tasting the pre-cum through the material, suckling gently at it. It bobbed against his lower lip, and he felt the throb of Heero's pulse ripple along his tongue.

"Can't..." Heero was still moaning. His hips jerked. "Going to..."

"Yeah," hummed Duo. I know. He went back to licking up and down the sides of Heero's dick, occasionally catching a fold of the fabric between his teeth and tugging playfully. Once, on the downward stroke, he took time out to capture a mouthful of his balls, just to rest them between his lips, to feel them shift with shocked delight under the expensive cotton. Heero was close - Duo knew the signs. Close, and in twelve kinds of agony about coming like this, spread out at Duo's mercy, still fully clothed.

It made Duo smile even more.

He slipped a hand inside the opening of Heero's pants, pulling the boxers to one side on the crease where Heero's thigh met his groin. The skin was wet with sweat. Duo ran his fingers down it, making Heero shudder above him. Then he wriggled a single digit in under the material, down between Heero's legs and under his balls, and up between the crack of his buttocks.

Heero clenched his muscles instinctively.

Duo was laughing, his mouth back over the head of Heero's cock. Heero felt the vibration run all the way down it, and he groaned aloud. He couldn't believe the thrill of Duo's mouth, sucking him off in his clothes, driving him to distraction even when he couldn't feel those greedy lips on his bare skin. Duo's finger brushed over Heero's entrance and he arched up again, gasping, the muscles flexing open with an almost frightening need. Heero hadn't been bottom yet, and Duo never showed any dissatisfaction with the balance of their sex life - but Heero felt a sudden stab of excitement and a fierce desire that had more to do with taking Duo into him as deeply as possible and less to do with the nervousness of a new sexual adventure. Soon, maybe...

Then the tip of Duo's finger slipped into him, and Heero moaned even more loudly. It wasn't really slick enough to go further without discomfort, but Duo seemed happy enough just to tease.

Heero was more than happy. Heero was now hurtling towards climax.

His arms stretched out wide on the desk beneath him. On the right side, his wrist reached the limit of its chain, the cabinet squeaking and the handcuffs rattling. On the other side, he gripped at a pile of scattered papers, dragging his sweaty palm across them until the print was smudged and the edges were creased beyond repair. His shoulders pressed back on to the table top, and his eyes closed briefly. His hips lifted from the desk, his legs tensing and his feet pushing him upwards until he was only anchored to the floor by his toes.

Duo fingered around his entrance and licked deeply along his cock. He hummed; his saliva soaked through Heero's boxers; his head bobbed up and down between Heero's thighs. "Come for me," he murmured. "Do what you're told. I'm in charge, right?" It was a rhetorical question, of course. He sounded extremely breathless and Heero could imagine that his other hand had dropped to his own lap, rubbing at his own erection, even while he sucked and savoured Heero's...

Heero came, groaning aloud, and shaking with the excitement. He came in spurts, long and thick and hard, soaking the front of his boxers, swamping his groin with hot stickiness. He felt his cock shuddering and jerking against Duo's mouth and Duo's happy laugh. Even as the bursts started to calm again, Duo continued to lick, as if he cleaned Heero from outside of his clothes - as if he wanted to share the warmth and the taste.

Heero couldn't move. Muscles ached in places he'd never known he had. He collapsed back on his desk, his heart hammering, his breath rasping, his cock still throbbing with aftershock. Slowly, Duo got to his feet again. Heero looked up at his flushed face and shining eyes. As he'd thought, Duo had his own jeans undone and his hand down the front, pumping himself. He had no underwear on to get in the way: Heero had watched him dress that morning, so he knew.

"You did, didn't you?" Duo grinned, but his eyes were a little nervous. "Like it?"

Heero nodded. God, yes. "You're... amazing." His eyes flickered to Duo's groin and then back up to his face. "Make the most of it, you told me."


Heero sighed. Duo's expression was fascinating; his mounting excitement intoxicating. "Relinquishing control. Being in bondage to you. I'm making the most of it." Duo's breath was getting shorter: he was pushing impatiently at the flies of his jeans, trying to get better access to his cock.

"Come closer and let me watch you come," said Heero, hoarsely. "Come over me, if you want."

"If I want -?" Duo's voice slipped up half an octave. His grin got broader and he took a couple of steps back towards the desk, standing once again between Heero's outspread legs. He let his jeans slip down his thighs and his cock reared out from his groin, its wet, swollen head jerking in and out of the top of his fist. He pumped much faster now, panting.

Heero couldn't take his eyes off him - he watched with fierce determination, as if trying to see every drop of cum as it welled from the slit; every bead of sweat that trickled between Duo's clenched fingers.

"Stop that," hissed Duo. "Watching me like that."

Heero raised an eyebrow. Duo was groaning loudly now, slicking his cock, leaning over Heero's torso. He fell forward, throwing out an arm to the desk beside Heero's head, holding himself still upright. "I'm the one in fucking charge, remember...?"

Heero smiled up into Duo's sweating face. He moved his wrist gently, listening to the chink of the cuff. He was still watching every pump that Duo made; every shiver of his chest. "There may still be cleaning staff out there in the corridor," he murmured. "They'll hear you coming."

"Too right..." groaned Duo. "Too fucking right they will. And they'll know who made me." He came with a loud cry, gripping his cock too tightly, feeling the ecstasy spearing through him and out of it. His cum burst out in loops of thick stickiness, splattering over Heero's bare chest. A couple of drops landed further up, glistening on Heero's chin and throat.

Duo looked shocked. His eyes were barely in focus and his body was still shaking. "Heero..." he gasped. He grunted, and gave a blissful smile.

"Duo," Heero whispered back. He lifted his free arm and curled it around Duo's neck, pulling him down for a kiss. They clung there for a second or two, their tongues flickering around each other's, their mouths kissing each other's face and lips and their smiles wide with bubbling laughter. Duo was trying to hold himself up from falling on to the sticky mess on Heero's chest.

"You're wonderful," grinned Heero. "But are you going to release me now?"

Duo frowned, but he was grinning too. Damned man made him feel too good, too much. If that were possible. "If I must. You look damned fine down there. I'll think of this next time you call and say you can't get away from the office."

Heero laughed, breathlessly. He lay still while Duo leant over him, releasing the catch of the cuffs with fingers that still trembled slightly.

"And you'd better be prepared," he hissed into Duo's ear, just as he twisted his wrist free again.


Heero smiled, very gently but very seriously. "There'll be payback for this."