The Arrangement
Chapter Four

by Maldoror

Extra warning: Mentions of teenage prostitution.

Pretty When You Kill

"Hello, Matezi's...Colonel! It's been a while since we spoke...Paul. Remember? Short, shoulder-length red hair? I was with lieutenant Sanders?...Oh, I'm just babysitting the phones, Mrs Linde had a previous commitment tonight...Oh she does, but only for a certain select customer, if you see what I- oh, you know about that. Yes, rank has its privileges. Speaking of which, what can I do for you, sir?"

The plastic smile trembled on the edge of feral, violet eyes gleamed but the voice was light and soothing.

"Tonight? Ah, that may be a problem. Xian Hu is away tonight, tomorrow night as well. So's Jiansheng, he's your other preference usually, right?...Yes, we're very busy these days, what with the troops returning from the colonies...Well, you know, if you're interested, we do have a couple of new arrivals which you might like. Thoroughly vetted by Mr Matezi of course, our usual standards."

Mocking violet eyes flickered over them. Wufei dropped his gaze, not wanting to break Duo's concentration with a glare of fury.

"Very nice, very polite....Of course...Oh sir, I wouldn't suggest them otherwise, but they're sixteen, the both of them. Fei is perfect for you, but if you care to try something a bit more exotic- " Heero's eyebrow twitched a fraction "-Ro is mixed blood, and the prettiest dark blue eyes you ever-...Yes, shoulder length, black, and very beautiful black eyes. Hm-hmm.Say colonel..." Violet eyes narrowed like a cat going in for the kill while the voice oozed with charm. The braid was given a quick, self-encouraging tug. "To tell you the truth they're both, well, new. I was wondering...I'd have to run it by Mr Matezi, but maybe we could do you something, well, a package deal, so to speak? Seeing how you're one of our most valued patrons. Yes, both. They're really quite cute together...." Wufei felt the couch groan beneath his clenched fingers. "Hm-mm. Well, I guess...that shouldn't be a problem." A sharp thumbs-up. "Very well. I'll give them the usual passes, and they'll give the code to the gate sentries, that's if Mr Matezi okays this but it shouldn't be a problem...Yes sir...Very well, and a pleasure as always. Have a good evening, sir."

Duo dropped the phone back on its hook and rubbed the bridge of his nose as the smile melted from his face.

"Got you both in."

"Hn." It was an approving grunt; Wufei knew they were all relieved. The assassination should be easy enough now but getting out afterwards...Wufei unclenched his fingers from their death grip on the edge of the couch.

"You guys really sure about this?" Duo muttered, turning tired eyes their way. "Cause personally I think the guards will shoot you on sight."

"We'll have the codes he gave you to identify us." Heero said sharply.

"You'll have the codes, the fake id, and no idea what you're doing. He has people to check you over, you know. I made you both out to be fresh meat so you might get lucky, but to be're both as cute as buttons but if I were a mark I'd rather pick up a case of VD than either of you, you stink of trouble. Damn, if this asshole didn't have a thing for Asians, this would have been easier."

"In that case we would have deferred to your prior experience." Wufei muttered, anger and tension letting his words slip loose.

"Blow me, 'Fei'."

"There's not enough money on earth for that, Maxwell."

"...god, he's talking trash already, what have I created?" Duo stretched. He'd barely slept since the mission parameters came in. Wufei thought he should tell Maxwell he'd been impressed at how efficiently their communications expert had bypassed all security, isolated the phone lines from all of their target's locations, set up a filter to route a call to a particular number to their hacked line...and done the necessary research into Matezi's to be able to answer the call when it came, imitating one of the regulars there. Wufei hadn't even known what an escort service was.

He probably should give Maxwell a pat on the back - since Heero wouldn't - but the words died in his mouth.

"Explain to me again why we can't just go in there and take this animal apart with our Gundams?" Wufei muttered instead.

"We need to make certain we take out the target." Heero said as he got up from the couch. "And I still think you should stay here."

"Sorry, Ro, this is a package deal or Fei goes in alone." Duo said quickly. "The colonel has...tastes."

Heero scowled. "You should have tried harder, Maxwell. And until the mission starts, use our proper names."

"Tried harder?" Duo glared. "I got you both in!"

"I'm the only one who should be going in, I have the appropriate training."

A manic grin. "As a hooker? Heero, you never told m-"

"As an assassin, baka!"

"Well it's Wufee or both of you, so make up your mind. Come on, let's get you guys ready to part-ay!"

Wufei and Heero shared a look of resignation as Duo bounded off with his usual energy, braid flying, towards the bedroom of the town- house.

"And there you go. Man, you look so pretty! Say, just how much would it cost me to - okay, put down the weapon, I was just kidding."

Duo ruffled his bangs as he examined his work. Wufei glared at him and tugged the t-shirt again.

"Don't pull, bud. It's supposed to hang like that. You got real hot abs you know that?"

"Drop dead, Maxwell."

"You're supposed to bat your eyelids and say, 'I'm glad you approve' or something, Fei. Still, looking that pretty I doubt they'll listen to what you have to say." Maxwell's cheerful leer ignored Wufei's scowl. "What do you think, Heero? You in love yet?"

Heero slowly raised his head and gave Duo a death glare that made the L2 pilot wince. He then glanced at Wufei and sneered. He visibly did not approve. Wufei couldn't blame him.

Duo leaned forward to clean up the light line of kohl around Wufei's eyes. "I'm glad you're going in with backup, Wufee," Duo's voice had dropped to a whisper as his eyes slid sideways, "but as far as getting in goes, I don't think you're the one who's the liability."

They both glanced at Heero who was checking the base's layout on his laptop one last time, the scowl still on his face. At least he was dressed, Wufei thought, annoyed, trying not to tug the t-shirt down again; Heero had too many scars to wear a cut-off outfit. He was dressed in tight jeans and a sheer long-sleeved blue shirt that Maxwell had picked out for him when the plan had first been conceived. It was of vaguely Asian design and matched his eyes, which Maxwell had made up a bit, highlighting the oriental slant. He looked exactly like an assassin preparing for a hit, nonetheless. Hence Wufei's outfit, which showed more skin than he thought legally possible, and which would, as Maxwell put it, 'keep their eyes glued to your ass so hard they won't even be able to look at Heero!"

The crude statement didn't make Wufei feel any better, strangely enough. He was striving hard not to get a glimpse of himself in the mirror, or even form a mental image of what he looked like, lest his ancestors rise up from the dead and denounce him on the spot. But he was willing to believe that people would probably be looking at him - like a freak - rather than at Heero.

"Well, okay...time you got going." Maxwell's eyes were worried. "Oh Wuffers, here."


"Whatever." Duo slipped a black and gold elastic around Wufei's slim wrist.

"I need more decoration?" Wufei glared at the thing and made to tug it off. He was already wearing a chocker of square coral beads around his neck and a jade earring. He was willing to concede Maxwell probably knew what was needed to complete the mission but more jewellery had to be going overboard.

"It's for the hair." Duo tilted a chin at Wufei's straight locks falling forward and framing his face. "For when things go south. And I know they will."

Wufei narrowed his eyes at the elastic. Now that he thought of it he'd seen it before, at the end of a long braid. "...very well." He muttered. It was actually quite a good idea.

"Well you guys look gorgeous so off you go. I'll watch the colonel's phone lines and play merry havoc with their security systems as soon as you get inside." Maxwell gave an enthusiastic pat to the console Heero had set up; the base's security system was hacked and ready to go. The L2 pilot followed them to the door of the safe-house.  "You have the codes and ID, hopefully that will get you into his HQ digs, and maybe even out again. Say guys?"

They glanced back at the braided youth leaning in the doorway behind them.

"You know I'll be monitoring and recording through their cameras, right? While I'm looping the feed to fool their security?"

"Yes?" Wufei frowned, their respective parts of the plan was clear.

"So if the colonel gets you two to do something kinky together before you kill him- "

The door slammed shut an instant before Heero's fist crashed into it. "Baka!"

"- just remember to smile at the camera! Hey give me a break, I could make a killing selling those shots!" The cheerful voice was muffled by the door. "Good luck!"

"Come on, we'll be behind schedule if we run him down and skin him." Wufei said resignedly as he turned towards the taxi waiting for them.

How did I get myself into this...Wufei relaxed his features trying to look young and unsure -he knew he couldn't manage seductive if his life depended on it and in this instance it did. Maxwell had been right, it was a good thing he'd insisted they were both 'new'. The L2 pilot had been on the money for the entire deal in fact; people were staring at Wufei -with contempt, surprise, pity or lust- and completely ignoring Heero.

In fact the extent of Maxwell's cunning was such that he was still alive even after suggesting this plan after the mission parameters came through. He'd been smart and suggested it to Heero first who'd nodded and said he'd do it. Duo had said what a wonderful idea that was but unfortunately...the target had tastes...So Heero had asked Wufei to come along just in case he couldn't get in, and Wufei had been unable to protest to those cobalt blue eyes. They knew no shame, no doubt, no limits. The mission was all. Wufei knew with a feeling of resignation that he was going to have to choose between one more shred of the dignity he'd kept from a previous life - before the war, before the storm - and whatever slight respect there was for him as a fellow warrior and ally in Heero's eyes.

It irked him, this...need for Heero's esteem. But there was no denying it. This series of attacks was the first mission he and Heero were doing together. He knew Heero had some small consideration for him as a martial artist and thought he was dedicated and...essentially, Heero thought Wufei had 'his heart in the right place', but then again, so did Sally Po and her pitiful band of rebels. Wufei had his own doubts about his strength, his worth, but he was damned if he was going to let Heero lose sight of his effectiveness as a warrior. He knew how little the perfect soldier considered the fighting abilities of others. And maybe Wufei didn't have the physical and mental advantages of having been raised for assassination and terrorism, but that did not mean he could be discounted.

In the end, that and the fact that the mission was necessary tipped the scale. Duo (who Wufei was starting to think was probably less stupid than he let on) had actually helped a bit by occasionally reading out some of the juicier details of their target's long, honoured career. The man was a bureaucrat, a politician, a cultivated and refined man. He'd killed more people than the five pilots put together without even lifting a weapon. Some of his exactions...Wufei felt he could put up with a lot to bring justice to that sort of vermin. The political blow and the propaganda that would result from his assassination in the colonies, who'd suffered the brunt of the man's crimes, would do a lot to help the growing resistance there as well.

The two guards who'd escorted them in from the front gate led them to the ante-room of several of the luxurious suites set aside for officers visiting the base. A man was waiting for them besides a small desk where a laptop was humming. Wufei recognized him from the pictures they'd studied, he was the colonel's attach and right-hand man; a small dapper gentleman in a uniform that had never seen action, with thinning brown hair despite being only in his thirties, and thin long hands he stretched out for their IDs, his eyes flicking over them.

"Right." He scanned the IDs that Maxwell had stolen from Matezi's and thoroughly doctored. "These check out. Been working for Edward Matezi long?"

"No. A month." Wufei answered. The man looked him up and down once more.

"Hm, well, you'll do I guess. Up against the wall and spread them."

Wufei stiffened even as he heard Heero move behind him to comply.

The colonel's attach looked at him again. "Never been to Alliance HQ before? It's standard procedure. We search everyone."

"Oh." Wufei noticed the colonel's head of security and bodyguard stand up from a chair at the far end of the room. He approached the attach, eyeing Wufei carefully, hand on his side-arm. The two guards who'd escorted them over were still behind them. Wufei let his eyes widen in feigned surprise (and hopefully innocence). "You think I'm hiding a gun?"

The attach grinned as he dropped uninterested eyes over the tight black leather shorts which barely covered Wufei's ass, and the dark red cut-off t-shirt. "Okay I'll grant you that one."

"Wall." The bodyguard barked, gesturing, hand still on his weapon.

"Is that necessary?" The attach asked him wearily.

"Yes. There's quite a lot he could be hiding even in that outfit. Simpsons, do this one. I'll do that one." The bodyguard's eyes had fixed on Heero with a suspicious glare. The guard who'd been heading towards Wing's pilot with a metal detector nodded and grabbed Wufei by the arm, shoving him without too much force against the wall.

They weren't hiding any weapons so Wufei didn't worry about the sweep; he worried about the bodyguard's scowl as he carefully felt Heero up from ankle to collar. He didn't think they'd be searched so thoroughly. Wufei knew quite well what that body felt like, but even a prostitute could work out, right? He ignored the guard's hands on his own sides. If the man asked Heero to strip...Wufei had an almost tactile memory of scars through a thin tank top. He tried not to tense in anticipation of violence as the guard's hands lingered on his hips.

Wufei's glanced quickly and discreetly at Heero, eyes catching on his _expression. He never thought they had a chance of getting even this far, he'd agreed with Maxwell on that one, certain he should have tried this alone. But Heero had surprised him. The instant they'd left the taxi an _expression Wufei had never seen had settled on his face, something even beyond his usual blank look. Eyes slightly wide, face passive, mouth relaxed into something not quite a vacant smile. Despite the beauty of the regular features he was suddenly someone you wouldn't glance at twice. Odin Lowe, Wufei remembered, that was the name of the assassin who had trained Heero to be a child killer -raised was not the appropriate word for someone who had probably encouraged Heero to cultivate that _expression and the mentality that went with it.

Unfortunately the bodyguard had been trained as well. His job was to look beyond the obvious and twice at everyone. He spun Heero around and glared into the cobalt eyes, then took a step back. The other guard let Wufei turn around with a casual pat to the rear with the Chinese youth ignored from the dark focus of incipient bloodshed.

The bodyguard flipped open his cell and dialled a number, eyes on them both burning with suspicion.

"Hi, this Matezi's? Who is this? Paul who?...Okay, I'm calling from Alliance HQ, we have a couple of your guys here, is that correct? Can you describe them to me?"

Wufei listened to the small buzz of Duo's voice chattering away. The braided pilot had grumbled something about 'perfectly paranoid soldier' when Heero had forced him to bypass and filter the lines from all phones belonging to the attach and the bodyguard as well as the colonel's secretary and aide, apartment and office. It was a lot of lines to secure but fortunately he'd complied. Heero's thoroughness was paying off.

The bodyguard's eyes were still suspicious but he looked mollified. "Fine, can I talk to Matezi? Or his organizer?...Oh, when will they be available?...Okay, I can wait."

He put the cell against his shoulder and glanced at the attach. "Ask the colonel if this one-" a glance in Wufei's direction "-will do for now. I want to get the other one vetted first."

The attach shrugged and walked to one of the thick, elegant oak doors and knocked. "Sir? The- your guests have arrived. Can-"

Heero punched the bodyguard in the gut, ripped the gun from the man's belt as he fell, shot the two guards who'd barely started to lift their rifles and spun to fire at the attach who was fumbling with the strap holding his side-arm in its holster.

Wufei cursed and lunged for the door as a final shot behind him finished off the bodyguard writhing on the floor. The heavy door was locked.

"Out of the way." Heero snarled; he walked up to the door and slammed the reinforced wood and metal open with one savage kick. The gun shot up, fired twice.

"Let's go." Heero muttered, kneeling by the bodyguard to take two extra chargers from the man's belt. Wufei glanced through the door - a sprawled figure in casual dress, the head splattered across the back of the couch by the two shots that had scored there- and bent to get the attach's sidearm.

"Chang. Strip him and put his clothes on." Heero barked at him as he went to the door and glanced our prudently.

"Why?" Not that he'd complain about getting out of this outfit.

"You stand out a mile. Lose the shorts too, they creak."

"I'm supposed to stand out a mile." Wufei grumbled as he slipped out of camera's range -he didn't need Maxwell's input on this- and stripped himself and the attach quickly. "That was the plan. That and getting inside the room, kill the Colonel, wait an hour or so and hopefully leave without a fight." He added acidly. would be a miracle if the gunshots hadn't alerted anyone. Wufei tore off the chocker, furious at the whole situation. Beads scattered about them with a noise of fleeing rodents.

Heero didn't look repentant. "Maxwell is an idiot. Neither of us looks like a prostitute." Which was probably the nicest thing he'd ever said to Wufei, but he didn't let it distract him. Mainly because Heero's body language told him that, even if he didn't think Wufei looked appealing in his getup, he didn't look like much of a killer either. There was something slightly condescending in the tilt of the head as he glanced back at the Chinese youth, even though the eyes were blank.

"Is that why you didn't wait for the door to open before attacking?" Wufei asked sharply as he struggled into the attach's fawn dress pants.

"The bodyguard was a pro, he would have taken me away from the room before he let that door be unlocked."

"Not such a pro, or he'd have searched us in another room entirely." Wufei sniffed. "They were about to let me in though. I could have done the hit and come get you."

"Not efficient." Heero grunted.

"If the door had been reinforced steel beneath the wood we'd have been screwed!" Wufei growled, angered at the implication that he'd needed Heero on this. He grabbed the bodyguard's cell. "Maxwell?"

"Hi guys. Hey Fei, why'd you change, you don't look nearly as darling like-"

"You have their security bypassed?"

"Yes, but it's not good, I'm afraid. Oops, wait...Two guards! Running towards-"

Two shots echoed out from the doorway.

"Okay scratch that." Wufei heard the click of keys on the other end of the phone. "Unfortunately they called in before investigating. The alarms are offline thanks to yours truly but the call went through...lemme see...shit! Half a dozen coming in the front of the building! Two out back-"

"We're going out back." Wufei snapped, ripping off the earring and straightening the attach's t-shirt. The uniform jacket and shirt had been too bloodied from the headshot. Not that they were going to be able to bluff their way out even in full dress regalia. "Come on, Yuy."

The siren shattered the darkness like a scream and a new sun rose in every corner of the base, swinging to and fro and slicing the night to shreds.

Black eyes and cobalt blue shared a glance and the two teens were sprinting through a concrete maze. Subtlety was a lost cause.

"K'so." Heero muttered, sliding to a crouch behind a concrete balustrade. Wufei chanced a glance. Below them was the courtyard leading to the small north exit, the one without a mobile suit patrol. At least fifteen men or more were milling around in the flashing lights of the watchtowers as they poured out of their barracks, waiting for an order.

Shouts behind them. They couldn't wait for the men to get organized and leave. Wufei quickly gathered his hair out of his face in a ponytail with a silent thanks to Maxwell for the fastener.


Heero grunted, eyes on the men below, then started in surprise as he realized Wufei had shoved the attach's gun into his free hand. "What- Chang!"

Wufei threw himself over the balustrade, landing in a crouch on the hood of a jeep parked beneath. Ten meters distance. He leapt off the jeep in a squeal of suspensions. Someone shouted. Eight meters. Wufei ran, swift and low. A soldier lifted his gun - five meters - a shot from behind him and the man went flying. Now they were all turning-

Five more steps and Wufei was in the middle of the tight knot of soldiers. One blow crushed the vertebra of a man who was just turning to see what the fuss was about. He vaulted over the falling body, barrelled into another man, pushing him into a third. Soldiers shouted and bumped into each other. Someone tried to grab him. Wufei sent a deadly elbow into his face, slipped from the loosening grasp of the dying man, leapt forward towards another taking hasty steps back and raising his rifle, swung and kicked him, hard, sending fractured ribs plunging like knives into his chest. He leant into the kick and dodged a wild blow over his head, twisted and grabbed the man's arm and slammed it across the knee, shattering bone before punching him in the jaw.

The courtyard was a mass of confusion, some men lunging towards the quickly darting figure, others standing back to get a clear shot, shouting at their fellow soldiers to get out of the way. Concentrating on the dodging, whirling killer in their midst, no one realized that any who raised a gun on that slender form was instantly shot down from above.

Wufei felt something sting his ankle, flying concrete from a bullet strike. He dodged again and threw himself into the nearest knot of soldiers; proximity meant the others couldn't fire. He sent a deadly fist into someone's throat, then he grabbed and shoved the chocking man into an officer raising a gun at him. He sent a leg back out in a swinging kick to knock the rifle out of a soldier's hands, twisted, ducked, came up punching someone who'd leapt at him, grabbed and spun the stunned man around with him, using him as a shield as a hail of panicked bullets clattered around them.

Behind him the officer shoved the chocking soldier off of him, raised his gun at Wufei's back; a shot from above and the man's head exploded into blood and bone. Wufei ducked as he saw someone aim at him from the side, felt and heard the bullet sing above his head, then an impact that jerked his arm. He dropped his human shield and hurled himself across the space at the man firing at him, dodging to throw off his aim. The soldier cursed then went wheeling back, blood pouring from a bullet hole in his neck before Wufei could reach him.

Then Wufei was on the brink, left with only a few enemy but all at a distance, raising weapons and taking aim-

A man screamed and clutched his chest. Wufei ducked and weaved but no one was firing at him, and a glance over his shoulder showed him why; Heero Yuy was calmly walking down the steps towards the courtyard, both guns firing , mowing down the remaining soldiers. Wufei grabbed a fallen weapon, glanced up at the watchtower above them. The lights had been still for awhile now, he realized. A dark figure hung from the side of the tower. Heero must have taken them out too. He brought his attention back on the action, shot a soldier hiding in a doorway and aiming at his partner, then ducked another wild shot in his direction from another opponent before the man jerked and thrashed under the bullets Heero sent thundering into him.

Echoes of the shots died away behind them as they both started to run without a word towards the exit.

"Are you injured?" Heero asked crisply, as they both slowed to a brisk walk that was less likely to attract suspicion. They were a few blocks from the camp, back among streets and alleys, plenty of escape routes.

"No. Nothing serious." Wufei amended. His ankle was bleeding, and a bullet had grazed his forearm, a two inch-long rip in the skin. Not deep, but it would require stitches. That and a few bruises. "You?"

"Unharmed. You were lucky." Heero sounded angry still.

"One of us had to be." Wufei shrugged. They wouldn't have outgunned that many soldiers in a straight fire fight if he'd not served as a distraction.

They dodged into an alley and took stock. They were far enough away now. Time to figure out where they were, and go round the long way back to the safe-house.

"Maxwell?" Wufei lifted the phone as he glanced around the alley. Heero was at the entrance, noting the street signs. "We made it."

"Cool! I'll get stuff ready here. The base is in chaos, I don't see any kind of search party getting ready. They don't even know what hit them, someone started shouting about a Gundam and now they've all got their noses in the air. Man, what did you guys do?"

"Heero blew some stuff up in passing. They had an inadequately protected MS fuel tank which- never mind. We should be back in an hour or less. Get ready."

"Aye aye, Cap'n!"

Wufei leaned against the cold brick of a warehouse and breathed, closing the phone with a weary click. He glanced up at the footsteps approaching. "Maxwell says there's no sign of pursuit."


"Let's follow the back alleys for awhile though to be on the safe side."

Wufei glanced up at the lack of answer (or grunt). Heero was looking at him steadily, eyes narrowed -very different from his previous passive _expression -weighing him. He seemed to do that a lot, Wufei thought. Was he so condescending towards other people's abilities that a show of skill surprised him?

"You are an efficient killer, Chang."

Wufei met the gaze carefully. The eyes were the customary blank pieces of glass but the body language gave the look a different wasn't the same as usual. He wasn't being weighed for his abilities, his usefulness to Heero's overall mission, his utility in some form of arrangement or other. Heero was looking at him. Chang Wufei. For probably the first time.

Wufei shrugged, not knowing what to say, not even sure if it was a compliment, a statement of fact, or merely a cold evaluation. Then he motioned Heero forward, rooting through the pocket of his borrowed pants. Heero moved towards him, frowning, interrogative. Wufei scowled, the attach had not kept a handkerchief in his pocket. Damn. He used his thumb - the other flinched and started ever so slightly at the touch - to wipe away the faint line of kohl that sweat had dragged along Heero's face; it had been bugging him since halfway through their escape.

"We need to clean up." He muttered, showing Heero the dark streak on his fingers. "We don't want to stand out." He realized with some annoyance that his hand was shaking, the after-effects of adrenaline. He glanced up to ask Heero if he had similar streaks on his face and was met by a gaze like a machine gun.

An inflexible grip around his neck crushed lips into his own. A hand like steel dropped from the small of his back to his butt and a hard groin ground against his. We don't have the time for this; the pallid thought was scattered on the remnants of the hurricane winds that had blown away over fifteen men in less than five minutes. Wufei tried to remember their escape plans and the graze in his forearm and the fact he didn't really need any sexual release from adrenaline, that was something he controlled...but all he could recall at that moment was the way Yuy had walked down the stairs, a gun in each fist dealing death, a smile colder than the dark barrels on his face. Wufei found himself shoved against the wall, his arms wrapped around strong shoulders, lips moving in a fierce kiss of his own. He growled as his back was ground against gritty brick. He could feel the scratch of Heero's jeans against the dress pants and his own hardness, and the adrenaline and battle fury were ringing in his ears. Heero's sweat and the smell of his hair overpowered the dank air of the alley. Wufei, not caring anymore, lifted his legs around slim strong hips and used the wall scoring his back through the t-shirt to thrust back against Heero. Wing's pilot snarled, an animal sound, the hand on Wufei's hip bruising, the other one on his shoulder, controlling their movements somewhat. Wufei gasped, his head thrown back as he felt a burning surge of bruising pleasure quickly rise through him. Heero, no longer able to reach his lips, buried his face in his shoulder in an open-mouth kiss that was more of a bite.

Wufei felt the wall crumble behind him, throwing him into dark, roaring pleasure that tasted of battle and blood. When he returned to the alley his hands were leaving their own bruises on Heero's back and the L1 pilot was panting into his shoulder, slight shudders running through his frame. Wufei shook his head, trying to clear it, the alley swaying as he caught his feet beneath him.

"Let's go." Heero muttered, breaking the hold and glancing up and down the lane.

"...Yes." Wufei staggered a bit then caught himself, one arm against the wall which was, all evidence to the contrary, still perfectly intact. He shook his head sharply. At least his hands had stopped shaking now. He grimaced a bit as his stolen pants rubbed a cooling wet spot against his groin. Hopefully they'd have time to shower and change before they had to evacuate, or they would both be regretting the time out for their mutual...relief.

- Heero's eyes on him, 'efficient killer', both guns blazing finality -

Well maybe not actually regret...

The thoughts flashed through his mind almost too quick to follow. Why had he done that he hadn't felt the need of course he had it was only natural after throwing himself into such a life-or-death situation and Yuy was okay with it so might as well get rid of it as efficiently as possible and he wasn't going to regret doing so when there was a war raging around them damn it. Then he stopped thinking and let the warrior take over, with some relief.

A smear of fire and sirens lingered on the night behind them as they started to run back in silence to the safe-house and the war.

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