Betrayal and Redemption
by Jade

Heero cursed himself as he and Duo were roughly tossed into the cell. If he hadn't let himself get distracted by trying to protect Duo, he and the Deathscythe pilot wouldn't have gotten separated from the other Gundams. He and Duo had managed to hide the Gundams and had been attempting to flee on foot when the OZ patrol had cornered them. He and Duo had taken out at least half of the soldiers before sheer numbers had overwhelmed them. Heero seethed as he saw Duo punched and kicked by the angry soldiers. Heero knew he was out of control, but he lost it when he saw the men's hands on the longhaired pilot. Heero tried to get control of himself. He couldn't let either Duo or the Oz soldiers know of his feelings. If the enemy knew, it would be one more weakness to exploit; Duo couldn't know, because Heero couldn't take the chance that the other boy didn't return those feelings.

Heero crawled to Duo's side. The braided boy appeared to be unconscious, and Heero checked him quickly for injuries. A bruise on the side of his head appeared to be the cause of Duo's unconsciousness, but for the rest, his injuries seemed to be superficial. Of course, any mark on the violet-eyed boy's body was enough to send Heero into a murderous rage, but since there was no one there at which to direct his anger, Heero put his energy toward making Duo as comfortable as possible. There were two cots in the cell, and Heero placed Duo carefully on one of them. Heero's gaze lingered on Duo's face for a brief moment, and mentally vowed to get Duo out of there without being harmed any more.

That was his last coherent thought before he lost consciousness from his own injuries.

When Heero awoke, he lay as still as possible while he tried to get a sense of the situation. He could tell something in the cell had changed.

Heero realized that he was now on the other bed in the room, not on the floor where he had passed out. And there was someone standing over him. Slowly, he opened his eyes and looked up.

Heero immediately recognized the long-haired figure standing over him, although he had never seen the man's face. The rest of him was distinctive enough that Heero was able to identify him as OZ Lieutenant Zechs Marquise. The silver mask, the powerful body, the flowing platinum blond hair... there was no doubt that this was Khushrenada's right hand man.

A quick glance across the room showed that Duo was still on the other bed where Heero had placed him, except he appeared to be handcuffed to the wall now.

Heero moved his hands, expecting to be similarly confined, but was surprised when he could move about freely. Heero was confused. Why confine the unconscious Duo, but not him?

"Hello," the OZ soldier spoke in a deep, sensual voice. "I trust you're feeling better?"

Heero had no intention in engaging in small talk with the enemy, so he ignored the question, choosing instead to glare at Zechs while surreptitiously checking him for weapons. None were apparent, but that meant nothing. The blond man appeared to be a good foot taller than him, and Heero could easily see the powerful muscles the uniform couldn't hide.

Zechs appeared to be reading Heero's mind. "No, I'm not armed. I'm not stupid enough to walk into the cell of the infamous Gundam pilot 01 with anything that could be used against me. However, there are a dozen heavily armed OZ soldiers right outside this door, and I have control of something else I suspect is even more important to you than your freedom." With this, Zechs looked significantly over at the unconscious Duo Maxwell. "You might be able to get past me and the soldiers outside, but even you couldn't do it while carrying him. And I suspect you wouldn't leave without him."

Heero frowned up at Zechs' smirk. How the hell did Marquise know of his feelings for Duo? Heero barely admitted it to himself.

Zechs continued, "No, you're not that transparent. But I'm not stupid either. I saw what you did to the men who touched him. I can read your desire for him like an open book. But he doesn't know, does he?" Heero tried to keep his emotions from his face, but apparently didn't succeed. Zechs went on. "No, I didn't think so. And I suspect you won't be the one to tell him how you feel, either." Zechs glanced over at the longhaired pilot. "Not that I can blame you. He's beautiful."

Even though Zechs made no move toward Duo, the rage showed clearly on Heero's face as Zechs' eyes swept over his Duo. Heero tensed his muscles, vowing that if Zechs touched Duo, that would be the blond soldier's last act on this earth.

Zechs laughed, knowing what was going through Heero's mind. "Don't worry, I don't plan on molesting your friend. Not that you could do much about it if I did, little soldier." Heero's face twisted in rage at Zechs' words and tone. "I think, for the moment, we will just keep it a threat. Or, if you will, a guarantee of your good behavior. If you harm any more of my soldiers, I might just decide to let them have a bit of fun with your pretty comrade. He's not really my type, anyway. You, on the other hand..." Zechs let his eyes wander deliberately over Heero's taut form, openly admiring the young body. "You and I could come to an understanding." Heero's anger was obvious without words, and Zechs added, "Unless, of course, you would rather tell me about your mission." Heero remained stonily silent. "I didn't think so. I had to try, however. I believe I will let you think about it for a while," Zechs continued.

Heero glared up at the OZ soldier, not dignifying Zechs' statements with an answer. Then Zechs did something completely unexpected; he removed his mask in one quick motion. Heero was stunned. He expected the mask was covering some disfiguration that the man was ashamed of, but it seemed to be the opposite; Zechs Marquise was beautiful, stunningly so. Platinum locks framed a flawless face adorned with the most breathtakingly azure blue eyes Heero had ever seen, perfectly formed features, and a full, sensual mouth. Even more surprising was the fact that the Lightning Count was young; perhaps only a few years older than himself. Heero's body began to react to the sight of the gorgeous man before he guiltily caught himself. Zechs saw the emotions cross Heero's face and smirked.

"I'll be back." Cape flowing behind him and, Zechs put his mask back on and made his exit.

Heero slumped back down on the bed for a moment, then forced himself to get up and check on Duo. Duo seemed to be resting as comfortably as possible, and Heero knew that sleep was the best thing for him, so he left the braided boy alone.

Unfortunately, this also left him alone with his own thoughts, which were none too clear at this point.

Zechs had made his intent clear. Tell him about the mission, or submit to his desires. Or Duo would suffer for it. Heero searched his feelings and realized with a sinking feeling that he would probably give up both his body and the mission before he would let anyone touch Duo. No, not probably; definitely. When had Heero fallen this hard? As long as Zechs' word was good, Heero had some control over the situation. He would have to hope for rescue from the other pilots, or for OZ to make a mistake and give him an opening, a chance to escape. With Duo. Until then, Heero was afraid he had no other choice. It wouldn't be the first time that his body had been taken against his will; in fact, it wouldn't be the first time he had made a conscious decision to use his appearance for personal gain. He would survive whatever Zechs wanted to do with him. And as long as Duo never knew about it, and he was safe, it would all be worth it.

Besides, it wasn't as if sex with Zechs would be all that bad; the man was gorgeous. Heero again felt his body react to the thought of Zechs on top of him, long hair flowing... Suddenly, Heero felt guilty about his traitorous body's reactions. He's known for a long time that he had a penchant for pretty boys with long hair; but he loved Duo. Still, he couldn't quell his body's arousal at the memory of the glimpse of Zechs that he had had.

Heero tried to strengthen his resolve; he would do whatever was necessary. Hopefully Zechs would become distracted, and they could escape. Heero was just going to buy them some time. It didn't mean he loved Duo any less; he was protecting Duo from a worse fate.

All too soon, Zechs returned, stalking into the room quickly and sealing the door behind him. He walked over to the bed where Heero lay. Heero looked up at him and tried to remain impassive. Zechs regarded him silently for a moment, as if coming to a decision.

"Well? Have you decided?" Zechs asked Heero.

Heero looked at the wall. "If you or anyone else touches him, I will kill you all. I won't tell you about the mission."

Zechs smirked. "As I thought. That leaves us with one alternative, then, doesn't it?"

Heero now looked Zechs in the eye, or rather the mask. "If that is what turns you on, fucking prisoners against their will, I guess I can't stop you."

Zechs removed his mask again, and shook his head so masses of shining platinum surrounded him. Heero's body reacted involuntarily. Zechs looked down and noticed; spandex hides little.

"Oh, but that's not what turns me on, fierce pilot," Zechs murmured. "You turn me on. The fact that I am going to make you enjoy this every bit as much as I will, that turns me on. The fact that you will beg for me to fuck you; that really turns me on."

Heero growled. "You are very sure of yourself."

Zechs smiled, and started to unbutton his coat. "Oh, yes, I am, and for very good reason, let me assure you."

Heero's eyes widened. "Here? But D... he will wake up!"

"That will just add to the fun," whispered the blond. "He's tied up, he can't go anywhere."

Heero hung his head. This was going to be worse than he thought. And worst of all, his body was betraying him. Heero was becoming more and more aroused as Zechs stripped.

The blond man casually shrugged off his uniform jacket, letting it drop to the floor. The shirt underneath was immaculately white. Zechs unbuttoned the shirt, pulling it out of his skintight black pants and letting it fall loose. The shirt perfectly framed his flawless, muscled chest and taut abdomen.

Heero groaned inwardly. Even though he knew Zechs was doing this for effect, he still couldn't take his eyes off the slow strip, or keep his erection from becoming rock hard as more of Zechs' body was revealed.

Heero forced himself to look over at Duo to make sure he was still unconscious. When he looked back, Zechs' boots were gone and the blond's hands were toying with the waistband of his pants. Heero cursed his traitorous body even as his arousal twitched, as Zechs unzipped his pants.

Zechs stopped, leaving the pants unzipped, and Heero snarled with disappointment. Then Zechs stepped closer to him and said, "Your turn."

With another glance at the unconscious Duo, and reminding himself why he was going along with this, Heero stripped off his tank top quickly.

"Stand up," commanded Zechs in a tone that allowed no argument and nearly made Heero moan.

Heero stood in front of Zechs, trying to stay expressionless and still. Zechs admired his lithe body for a moment, then reached out one finger to trace a trail down Heero's chest, making the brown haired boy shudder.

Zechs snickered. "If you're carrying a torch for braid boy over there, I suspect it's been a while since you've had sex." A moan escaped Heero's lips as Zechs brushed one nipple. "And it seems you're troubled by the fact that you're turned on by me. Perhaps even more turned on because he is in the same room? And he could wake at any moment." Zechs brushed the other hard nipple, and smirked at Heero's reaction. "Well, don't worry. You can tell yourself that you're doing this under duress. You're doing it so he doesn't suffer."

Zechs continued to run his hands all over Heero's upper body, then hooked a finger in the waist of the spandex. "Take these off. I want to see all of you."

Heero blushed but complied. Now he stood completely naked in front of the OZ soldier. Naked and highly aroused. Zechs smiled, eyes trailing all over Heero, from his muscular legs to his quivering erection. "Even more gorgeous than I thought," he said approvingly. Heero looked at the floor. Zechs put a hand under Heero's chin and forced his cobalt eyes to meet azure. "Don't be ashamed. You're beautiful. Let me make you feel good." Then Zechs crushed his lips to Heero's, and dropped his hands to Heero's ass, pulling the boy tightly to him.

Heero tried not to return the kiss, but the feeling of Zechs' hands on him and the soldier's arousal pressing against his stomach was too much for him. Heero opened his mouth and allowed Zechs inside. And surrendered to the inevitable.

Heero tried to be passive, and not enjoy what Zechs was doing to him. He failed. His dripping arousal was indisputable proof that his body, if not his heart, was willing. Zechs' mouth and hands roamed all over Heero, relishing the lithe young body. Heero moaned involuntarily, as Zechs' talent won out over his reticence. Zechs knew just where to touch him, and Heero had been celibate since he had met Duo. Soon, Heero could do nothing more than moan; he had been reduced to a creature of need.

Pushing the boy back, Zechs eased Heero onto the small bed. Heero let himself be lowered onto the bed. Zechs leaned on one knee beside him, kissing him all the way down. Once Heero was lying down, Zechs proceeded to kiss a hot wet line all the way down the pilot's muscular abdomen. Zechs smiled at the sight of Heero's straining arousal, begging to be touched with every twitch. Heero felt the blond man nearing his hardness, and chanced a look. The sight alone made him moan; Zechs' sensual mouth licked his lower stomach, and his flowing hair trailed all over Heero.

Heero ached all over; his heart ached for the way he was betraying his Duo, and his body ached to be taken by Zechs. His mind ached from trying to reconcile the two feelings. Then he could think no more; Zechs was taking Heero's arousal into his mouth.

Heero threw his head back and arched up off the bed as his erection was engulfed by Zechs' hot mouth. Expertly, the blond teased the tip with his tongue, then plunged Heero deep into his mouth. Heero gasped as he felt Zechs spread his legs while he tortured his arousal. Heero was accustomed to being the top, but this surrender of control was undeniably something he enjoyed as well. Now, lying back on the bed, completely controlled by the powerful soldier, being pleasured and exposed, vulnerable and desirous, Heero couldn't deny his feelings. Heero could almost forget why he was here.

Heero could feel his climax fast approaching; he wondered if Zechs would allow him to reach it. Then he felt Zechs' fingers slide inside his tight opening, and it was too much. Heero had been trying to be quiet, but couldn't manage it any more. A cry welled up in his throat as the pleasure blanked his mind. With one last gasp, he screamed, "DUO!" as he came violently in Zechs' waiting mouth.

Heero was still emptying his passion into Zechs' mouth when he heard a gasp from the other bed. Duo was awake.

Heero looked over at the boy he loved, completely torn, Zechs' fingers still inside him. Still in the grip of the aftershocks of ecstasy, Heero nearly cried as he saw the look of betrayal on Duo's beautiful face. Heero saw confusion also, as Duo realized he was restrained, and anger.

"He..." Duo had to try again to say the name. "Heero?"

Heero looked at Duo helplessly. He couldn't think of a thing to say.

Zechs could, however. "Welcome back to the world of the living, 02," the blond man said. "You seem to have woken up at an inopportune time. Your fellow pilot here was just trying to convince me that I shouldn't let my soldiers use you as a toy. He's succeeding admirably, as well." Zechs smirked down at Heero. Heero moaned as Zechs inserted more fingers inside him, his arousal rapidly returning against his will. "At least until he screamed your name as he came. Bad form."

Duo's eyes widened as he grasped the situation. Heero turned his head to the wall so he wouldn't have to meet those amethyst eyes. Now not only Zechs, but also Duo, knew of his feelings. Wonderful. Heero's face burned with shame even as his cock hardened again. He struggled to control his body but Zechs was far too skillful; his seeking fingers easily found the spot inside Heero that made him gasp with desire to be filled.

Duo found his voice. "Why are you doing this?"

Zechs smirked at Duo. "Because I can," he answered, expertly stroking the helpless Heero. "The fact that he wants you instead makes it even better that I'm doing it front of you. Yet if he resists, he knows I'll give you to the soldiers. A delightful situation."

Duo snarled, "You're sick!"

Zechs laughed, a low, sexy noise that made Heero's groin tighten even m ore. "Maybe." He looked more closely at the braided pilot. "You didn't know he wants you, did you? And from your reaction I suspect you feel the same about him." Zechs laughed again. "Maybe I'm doing the both of you a favor."

Apparently satisfied that Heero was prepared sufficiently, Zechs withdrew his fingers and freed his neglected arousal from his pants. Heero's eyes grew wide as he watched Zechs lubricate himself; the blond was huge.

Duo was watching, too. "No!" he yelled.

Zechs looked at Duo.

"Don't do this! Take me instead!" Duo desperately pleaded as Zechs' dripping erection neared Heero's entrance. Against his will, Duo felt himself becoming aroused by the sight of Heero's naked body, ready to be taken by Zechs. A part of him wanted desperately to watch, to see the face of his dreams twisted by passion, even though it wasn't for him. Belatedly, the fact that Heero had said his name when he climaxed registered in Duo's mind. The boy whom he had fantasized about for months returned those feelings? What a time to find that out, just as he was giving himself to the enemy to save them both.

Zechs looked down at Heero, ready and writing before him. "No, I don't think so. This just makes it even more perfect." With that, he started to impale Heero.

As the tip of Zechs' arousal slid inside him, Heero thrashed his head back and forth and moaned, "No, please, no..." But Zechs didn't stop, knowing it wasn't physical pain Heero was in.

Duo watched as Zechs buried himself inside Heero. He watched Heero's face anxiously, hoping the huge erection wasn't hurting him, but Duo saw no pain on that gorgeous face. Reflexively, Duo tried to lower his hand to relieve his own aching arousal, but the restraints wouldn't reach that far. Duo moaned in a mixture of frustration and jealousy.

Heero bit his lip to keep from crying out. God, but being filled with Zechs felt so good... now, the blond man changed his angle to give Heero the most pleasure, brushing against his prostate with every thrust. Heero was torn between arousal and shame. He couldn't believe he was enjoying being taken this much, especially with Duo watching. He looked over at Duo; the braided boy was indeed watching fixedly, and he looked flushed. He met Heero's eyes guiltily and looked down. Heero looked at Duo more closely and was stunned to see that the other boy had a huge bulge in his pants. Duo was turned on by this? This fact only made Heero more aroused, and the sheer depravity of the situation made him moan again.

Zechs watched this exchange and smirked. "I think your friend likes to watch, too," he said to Heero. And Zechs increased his pace.

Duo was squirming with the need to relive his arousal as he watched Heero pounded by Zechs. Why did this turn him on so much? Finally, he managed to turn over, and found he could create some friction by rocking his hips against the mattress, rubbing his trapped erection. He still had a perfect view of the activities across the small cell. Duo thrust helplessly against the bed, trying to get some relief, wishing he could touch Heero, and Heero could touch him. Duo moaned quietly as he thrust more quickly, guilty pleasure building.

Heero looked over at Duo and was amazed to see that Duo was rubbing himself against the bed, pleasuring himself as best he could with his hands tied. His hair had come loose from its braid and flowed around him. Heero thought he looked like an angel. Heero's and Duo's eyes met and an electric shock seemed to spark between them as they shared their first moment of mutual passion.

Then Heero felt Zechs grab his erection start stroking it in time with his thrusts. Heero cried out as he felt himself approach climax once again, but this time he was being stroked both inside and out. Even though he felt disloyal to Duo, he couldn't help but surrender to the ecstasy Zechs was giving him. Heero felt the pressure build. He looked helplessly at Duo. Duo was in the throes of pleasure himself, so turned on by watching Heero get fucked that he couldn't think straight. Duo looked straight at Heero and whispered, "Let me see you come, Heero."

Duo's words were all it took to drive Heero over the precipice. Screaming, he climaxed all over Zechs' hand and himself as he looked straight into Duo's eyes. Heero imagined himself buried deep inside Duo as he came.

Duo watched Heero come; the obvious intensity of Heero's climax brought on his own. His passion released as he promised himself that Heero's next climax would be because of, and in, him. Duo's seed spilled, soaking his pants and making him cry out Heero's name.

Zechs watched the two boys come, vision fogged by passion. With one final thrust he filled Heero with his seed. Ecstasy washed over him as he buried himself one last time in Heero's tight body.

The waves of pleasure ebbed; he carefully withdrew from the spent Heero, and got up off the bed. He gently smoothed back Heero's hair and whispered, "You are amazing. Don't lose him."

Then Zechs went across the room, gathering his clothes, and unlocked Duo's handcuffs.

Zechs bent over the sated Duo, kissing him hard, then whispering, "The guards will be gone from this sector for 15 more minutes. Don't waste time."

Then he was gone in a flash of platinum silk.