by Sdstc One

The room is filled with steam; huge billowing clouds of vapor obscure everything. The only thing that tells me he is indeed under the hot spray of water is his voice, singing some song or another that caught his attention. My feet carry me closer, with each step the steam thickens and it feels hotter. Fingers reach for the hem of my shirt, pulling it up my torso, up and over my head then goes flying off to the side, I notice my movements are with the same pace as the song he is singing.

I can see his figure through the shower curtain; feel my cock harden stretching the black spandex shorts. By the Gods, is there anything that he does that doesn't radiate pure sensuality and sexuality? My hand slips down to relieve some of the pressure, but it doesn't help much but only make me harder.

Duo turns around, allowing me to see his face and I find a small bit of disappointment because his eyes are closed, I long to see those eyes of his. My gaze travels down his exquisite body, from his muscular chest down to his abdomen to the line of hair leading my eyes to his cock

Simply perfect, I can't take my eyes off of him my tongue wets my dry lips. I want to wrap my fingers around him, feel him burn my hands with his heat. Slowly my gaze moves back up his body, to his now open violet eyes. He grins at me, and I see the aroused mischief in his eyes, he looks over my body and it feels like he is touching me.

I follow his hand, from those alluring lips all the way down his chest to his arousal. My heart stops as I see him hard, fingers dancing over the tip, teasingly. Minutes pass and I continue to watch him stroke his cock, jealous because it isn't my hand. My body aches for him, yearns to be buried in his tight heat, to feel his lips wrap around my cock.

Our eyes meet, and I see the growing lust in the amethyst orbs, his mouth parts open and a moan fills my ears, running down my spine and heading straight to my arousal. Before I know how, my hand is fondling myself through the black shorts. My eyes close and I'm instantly back to that night, the time I had only a taste of Duo Maxwell.

My hand slips under the spandex, fingers wrapping around my erection. Gods...I'm so hard...

That night...he came into my room wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of white briefs that molded to his body. I nearly came just from him sitting on MY bed clad in that outfit, legs spread out as if in invitation. I could see the outline of his impressive length, though I held out and didn't just join him and fuck him into the mattress.

Most of what happened is still a blur up to the point of him asking me to touch myself and let him watch. That was after he kissed me...

My eyes open again, and I push the spandex shorts over my hips and down my legs stepping out of them. Standing before his hungry gaze like a virgin awaiting to be sacrificed; slowly my fingers wrapped around my erection a moan leaves my lips.

How could I have said no? So I stood and dropped my shorts showing him that I preferred not to wear underwear. I was already fully aroused, the tip slick with passion. My hand was pumping just like it is now, long slow strokes that drive me insane with lust. He watched, unable to advert his eyes. I looked down at his lap, and moaned again from seeing his straining arousal confined in those little white briefs.

There is just something so fucking hot about an arousal trapped in briefs.

Gods...then and now are merging; my hand squeezing my cock as he watches from under the cascade of water. Eyes fell closed and I just felt his eyes on me, my hand pumping faster, harder, the steam rolling over my skin. He calls out my name; I swear he is teasing me with the seductively evil tone; the same one he used that night. The same night where I became addicted to Duo Maxwell, a low growl rumbles in the back of my throat as I remember pulling down those teasing briefs and taking his erection into my mouth.

So lost in the past that I jump when I feel his body up against mine, tongue running over my chest; his hands are all over, roaming from my abdomen to hips, finally settling on my ass. I swear my skin is burning....


My eyes open and I look down, he is down on his knees looking up at me, water dripping from his nude body. His tongue darts out to lick his lips...

"Turn around, on your hands and knees," I order, stopping my hand. No, I want to come deep inside him. He obeys me, and does as I say without question or hesitation; Duo must know what I want because he spreads his legs as far as he can, head low and his ass up in the air.

I fall to my knees behind him, running my hands over his back. I'm so hard, I just want to pound into him, but first I want him to ask for it, beg.

"Duo." I say his name, voice low almost dangerously so. I spread the firm globes apart, exposing him to my eyes.

Wasting no time, I lean down and swipe my tongue over his opening, slowly teasing the skin around before passing over it again. Gods, his whimpers and moans are so sweet; I continue to tease his opening with the tip of my tongue while reaching between his legs and taking his cock into my hand. My tongue baths every inch, teasing the firm cheeks of his ass; his voice is harsh and pleading, asking for more.


I'll never be able to deny him, and I give him just some of what he wants. I continue to lick, trailing my tongue back to his opening. His breathing is becoming more labored. Teasing the wet tip of his arousal, gathering the proof of his desire with my thumb and forefinger, I know what that does to him. He gasps out loud and throws his head back...

I grin to myself as my tongue pushes past the tight ring, slipping inside his body. My hand pumps him hard and fast, tongue matching the pace. He yells out, voice straining as raw pleasure flows through his veins.

"GOD!!" He screams out, and I can just feel the word wrapped around my cock teasing it more. Duo continued his sweet whimpers and moans, my hand was flying over his length, tongue delving deeper inside of him, only to leave to his body and repeat. I am fucking him with my tongue.

His entire body was tense, so close to climax. I tighten my grip and pump him faster.


Duo's body quivers as he comes in my hand, sticky seed pulsing out of his cock.

He is so hot, just like this. Legs and arms shaking, body wet, panting for air, and waiting to be taken. Duo wiggles his hips, just a little bit. I growl again, pulling back and just stare at him from behind. He looks over his shoulder, violet eyes swimming in lust and passion. His eyes, begging me...

Using his own seed, I coat my hardness; stroking myself. Gods...I'm so close...biting my lower lip doesn't really help.

Duo whimpers again, and I look up to see him watching me, knowing that soon I'll take him. I bring my fingers to my mouth; taking two in and sucking on them. They are still coated with his come.

Making sure they are both coated with saliva, I pull the two fingers out and run them down the cleft of his ass; teasing his opening again. He thrusts back, trying to get me to hurry. Lucky for him that I'm tired of being patient, I tell him to stay still and I thrust two fingers inside his body. Gods, he is so tight and responsive. Already he is thrusting back, seeking more.

My fingers plunge in and out of his willing body, stretching him for my length. His voice reaches my ears again, asking me to take him, fill him, claim his body, and fuck him.

I already know I'm lost, unable to deny him what he and what I want. I pull out my fingers, and position myself; the tip of my hardness nudging his entrance. My fingers are wrapped around the base of my cock, and I begin to tease him just a little bit more.

"Take me now!" He commands. Did I mention how fucking sexy he is in the midst of euphoria? I push into his body, gods he is so tight, the pressure is making me mad...

"Duo..." I growl out, as his body finally relents and the head of my cock enters the impossible tightness. My free hand grips at his hip, holding it with such force that I know Duo will bruise. I stop, using every ounce of control I have, and let his body adjust to the feel, but he doesn't have any of that and promptly tries thrusting back in an effort to impale himself on him. When that doesn't work, the tease starts contracting his muscles...

I growl again, and with a powerful snap of my hips I thrust completely into his body. A scream of primal lust fills the room, but whether it is my voice or his I can't tell. He is so hot, tight; it feels so good that it is painful. His voice is strained, barely above a hoarse whisper telling me more...he wants more... do I.

I let go, completely, and allow my body to move. Grunts are all I can manage as I pull out of his exquisite heat and slam back in, not holding anything back. My hands tighten on his hips, and hold him there as I drive deep and hard into his willing body. Duo's body rocked with my thrusts, throwing his body back to meet me each time, my name falling from his lips.

"Duo..." The only word that falls from my parted lips, all that matters is the impossible heat, his body. My hips thrust faster, harder; pounding into him harder, Duo welcomes each thrust. One hand reaches around his hips, fingers curling around his reawakened erection, he cries out again as I run my thumb across the slick tip.

"Mine." Possessiveness floods over me, I don't know why but he is mine, all of him, soul, mind, body, cock, all of it belongs to me. My hand flies over his flesh, mirroring my own thrusts, his body becomes tighter...hotter...squeezing me as he cries out and climaxes, jets of his passion cover my hand.

"MINE!" I yell out, thrusting wildly now seeking release..he tightens even more around my cock and robs me of all control. I howl in primal ecstasy and pump his body full of my hot seed. difficult to catch my breath, my hands are shaking and my body is still riding out the ebbing waves of pleasure, shallowly thrusting in his body; slick and sticky with my own passion. I lean down, laying my head on his back trying to catch my breath. If sex with him is like this every time...

Mmmm....I will have to test that theory later, after resting.

My eyes slowly close, and the last thing I hear is the sound of the cascading water from the shower.

The End