Consummation and Restitution
by Jade

The Gundam pilots' lives went on as usual, except for the fact that Heero and Duo were now screwing like rabbits every chance they got, and Wufei's rants had become longer and more violent than usual. Wufei had always chosen the room farthest away from Quatre and Trowa's room, so he could have a peaceful night's sleep, but now that Heero and Duo were involved, he was regretting that decision. Duo was as loud as anyone would have guessed from his personality, and Heero seemed to delight in making the longhaired boy reach new heights of vocalness. Quatre was quiet as a mouse in comparison. Not only that, Heero seemed to have a libido the size of a planet, and Duo seemed only too willing to indulge him at the slightest suggestion.

Not that they confined their newfound activities to the bedroom, either. Duo and Heero seemed to feel the need to have sex in every room of their current safehouse, repeatedly. The two seemed to have a special liking for the kitchen, which upset Wufei the most.

One night, about midnight, Duo had decided he was hungry. Since he didn't want to be away from Heero for even a minute, Duo dragged his koi downstairs with him. Duo bent over in front of the fridge, looking for a snack. Suddenly he heard a growl and felt hands on his hips, dragging him backwards. Moaning and pushing back, Duo felt Heero's erection pressed insistently against him.

"Oh, god, Heero..." Duo moaned as Heero ground against him.

Even though the two had just finished a session upstairs, Heero just couldn't get enough of the longhaired beauty. Just the mere act of Duo bending over made Heero instantly hard again. Being inside Duo's tight body, touching that lithe form all over, had become like an obsession to him. He couldn't get enough. He had so much lost time to make up for.

Duo felt drunk with passion every time the Japanese boy touched him, or even looked at him with those eyes. He never would have guessed that one night of passion at Zechs' hands would be all that was needed to unlock such unfathomed depths of lust. Not only lust, however; Heero always made sure that Duo knew he loved him, by whispering "Ai shiteru" in his ear after they made love. Duo had never been so happy in his life.

Heero pulled Duo hard against him, pulling him up against his chest so he could reach Duo's mouth. Kissing him hard, Heero let one hand wander down over Duo's chest and lower, sliding his hand under the long tshirt which was Duo's only clothing. Duo gasped as he felt Heero's hand run up his chest, over his sensitive nipples and back down to his rapidly hardening arousal.

Duo moaned and arched back against Heero, raising his arms up to give Heero complete access. Heero felt himself harden even more at Duo's submissiveness. "Mine," whispered Heero in Duo's ear. Duo shivered at the possessive tone of Heero's voice.

"Yes, all yours," agreed Duo, spreading his legs in invitation as Heero's hands wandered all over him, brushing against his entrance lightly.

As Duo moaned, Heero murmured, "What do you want, Duo?"

"You. Inside me. Please," Duo managed, nearly panting.

"Right here?" Heero asked teasingly, stroking Duo's arousal lightly.

"Yes, please, now," begged Duo, thrusting into Heero's hand wantonly.

Duo's words were like a fire to Heero, spreading through him, irresistible, unstoppable. He gently pushed Duo to the edge of the table, facing away from him. "Then bend over and spread for me, koi," Heero commanded.

Duo complied instantly, nearly mindless from the thought of Heero taking him again. Laying his head down on the table, he bent over and spread his legs as far as possible.

Heero stepped behind Duo, and, pushing the tshirt up, ran his hands possessively over Duo's gorgeous ass, savoring the thought of plunging deep inside him again. Heero brushed one finger against Duo's opening; Duo moaned and pushed back, impaling himself on Heero's finger. Duo was still lubricated from their last encounter, and Heero didn't need to take much time to prepare him. It was a good thing too, because Duo's begging for Heero to hurry and take him were hard to resist.

"Please, Heero, take me now, I need it so bad, just do it, Heero, please," Duo cried, ass thrust invitingly up in the air.

Finally Heero decided Duo was ready. With a hiss, Heero slid all the way into Duo, and Duo's pleading turned to moans of approval. Taking a moment to let Duo adjust, and to get control of himself, Heero paused. Duo started to beg again.

"Oh, god, Heero, that feels so good, give me more, I need it," Duo begged and tried to push back against Heero. But Heero's superior strength held Duo still until he was ready. Then Heero pulled almost all the way out; the tip of his rock hard arousal just inside Duo. Duo whimpered with need. Then, gripping Duo's slim hips with both hands, Heero slammed himself back into Duo as hard as he dared. He knew by now that Duo liked it rough and fast.

"Oh, god, yes, that's it, more, Heero, harder, do it harder, more, FUCK ME!" Duo screamed. A small part of Heero's mind registered that this was the loudest Duo had ever been and they should do it in the kitchen more often. The rest of his mind and all of his body were driven higher and higher by Duo's body and words. Heero lost himself in the rhythm, pulling out and driving in, over and over, until the table shook, Duo was screaming and the delicious pressure built up and up. The tight heat that was Duo enveloped him; the friction of his aching erection inside the longhaired boy's tight passage was all he knew. Higher and higher they climbed, and as the ultimate pleasure approached, Heero reached down to pump Duo's dripping arousal.

Duo had screamed himself nearly hoarse; this was his favorite position, and each thrust of Heero's cock filled him and touched him everywhere. The harder Heero pounded into him, the better it felt. Duo couldn't get enough; every time Heero drove into him felt better than the last until he thought he would lose his mind. Then Heero started stroking his cock, and Duo lost it. Overloaded, Duo screamed, "I love you Heero!" as he helplessly sprayed his white hot seed all over himself, Heero and the table.

That was the moment Wufei chose to walk in. His eyes grew large, his face went pale and his legs nearly buckled as he took in the scene before him: Heero and Duo, glistening with sweat, moaning with passion and having wild sex on the kitchen table.

Heero looked up and met Wufei's eyes just as he sent Duo into climax. Despite the fact that he was almost there himself, Heero managed to smirk and say, "Enjoying the view?" before he thrust one last time into Duo's clenching heat and filled him with his passion. Heero closed his eyes as pure pleasure took over, washing over him again and again, waves that drowned out everything else, even the low growl that escaped him as he claimed what was his.

Wufei barely managed to tear his eyes away, and fled the room before he lost all reason.

Heero gently pulled Duo up off the table, turning him around and holding him close. "Ai shiteru, Duo," he whispered in the sated boy's ear.

"Love you too, Hee-chan," Duo murmured into Heero's neck sleepily.

Heero surveyed the mess they had made of the kitchen, then looked back at the half-asleep boy in his arms. Fuck it, he'd clean it up tomorrow. Heero picked up Duo gently, cradling him in his arms, and carried him up to their bed. He slid in next to Duo and they both drifted off to sleep.

Heero was awakened by his laptop, informing him he had a message. Gently sliding out of bed without awakening Duo, he checked the message. It was the one he'd been waiting for. He and Duo would finally be able to give Zechs exactly what he deserved.

Gently, he woke Duo, with the whispered word, "Mission."

Heero and Duo made their way to the secluded safehouse. The undergrowth was so dense here that they had to travel the last mile on foot. Heero had resisted all efforts by Duo to find out details about the mission. Duo tried snooping in the bag that Heero carried, but Heero stopped him. Duo knew something unusual was up.

After gaining entry to the seemingly deserted house, Heero set up his laptop and ran a security check. All seemed to be clear, and he turned to the curious Duo. "This isn't a normal mission, but it is a very critical one." Surprising Duo, Heero gathered him into his arms for a passionate kiss. "Critical to us."

"What are you talking about, Heero?" asked Duo, trying to recover from the kiss.

"I promised you something, Duo. I want to fulfill that promise now," Heero said, and walked to a door. Opening it, he motioned Duo forward.

Walking up to the door with some trepidation, Duo peered inside. And saw a breathtaking sight.

Zechs Merquise, OZ lieutenant. Chained to the wall. Nearly naked, unmasked, platinum hair flowing. Duo's jaw dropped at the sight of the gorgeous, helpless man, and his body reacted automatically.

Zechs just raised his head and fixed ice-blue eyes on his captors. "I knew this was coming eventually," he said, as if he weren't completely at their mercy.

Heero strode in the room, looking clinically at Zechs' bindings. The blond man was chained at both ankles and wrists, in a complex arrangement that could be reconfigured by a system of pulleys from comfortable to painful. At the moment, Zechs could stand fairly normally, but couldn't move much. Heero started adjusting the chains, and Zechs' arms were pulled up over his head and apart, and his legs were pulled apart. Growling , Zechs fought the restraints, to no avail.

Heero stood before Zechs and smirked. The OZ soldier glared back. Heero admired Zechs, muscles straining, hair flowing, clad only in boxers. "I'll let you go eventually, Merquise," Heero addressed him, "But I think there needs to be a bit of ... payback first. You're in no real danger from me, and you know it. Except maybe your pride." Leaning closer, Heero murmured, "Remember how you made me beg for it? Soon, you're going to know just how that feels." Heero ran one finger down Zechs' taut stomach, and was rewarded by a gasp from the blond man. Heero allowed himself a small laugh, then walked back to drape his arms possessively around Duo from behind. Duo leaned back into him. "Besides, we have to think of a way to thank you for getting us together, don't we, Duo?" Heero pulled Duo's head around and back until he could kiss him. For long minutes, Heero and Duo kissed, tongues sparring and hands roaming, until they were both thoroughly turned on. Releasing Duo's mouth, Heero looked back at Zechs, who was watching the display closely. After running his hand over the front of Duo's pants, making him moan, Heero sauntered back over to Zechs. He stood in front of the bound man, his arousal clearly visible to Zechs. Moving closer, Heero brushed a hand down Zechs' stomach, just brushing the waist of the boxers. "Did that turn you on?" he whispered to Zechs. "I know you desire me. Do you like seeing me like this?" Heero stepped back, and reached down to rub his erection through his tight spandex. Heero moaned slightly from his own touch, and Zechs licked his lips, face slightly flushed. Ice blue eyes darted up to Heero's face, then back to the bulge in the spandex, guiltily. Heero smirked as he followed Zechs' eye movements.

"Don't feel like talking? That's ok, you can just watch for a while then," Heero said, and quickly stripped off his tank top. "Hot in here, isn't it?" Heero said conversationally, clad only in his tight spandex shorts.

Duo watched Zechs, whose eyes were fixed on Heero, and whose erection now strained the front of his boxers.

"Duo," said Heero, "Aren't you hot in all those clothes?"

Playing along, Duo answered, "Definitely," and took off his shirt as well.

"Come here, Duo," Heero said, with a commanding tone to his voice that made Duo even harder. Duo complied. Duo stood in front of Heero, and the cobalt-eyed boy pulled him tight against him. Taking Duo's mouth in a fierce kiss, Heero slid his hands down to Duo's ass, grabbing it and grinding his hips against Duo's. Their erections met, trapped beneath clothes, making them both moan.

Finally releasing Duo's mouth, Heero looked over at their captive as he ran his hands possessively over Duo's lithe body. Duo threw back his head and moaned at the feel of Heero's strong hands all over him. Heero knew just what he liked.

Heero strode back to stand in front of Zechs, looking with approval at the large bulge in his boxers. "I think the Lieutenant likes to watch, Duo."

Duo swayed up to Heero's side, admiring Zechs' incredible body. "Do I get to play with him, Heero? Please?"

Heero smirked. "You know I can't refuse you anything, Duo," he answered, then turned to Zechs. "My lover is very talented with his mouth, I've found. And he really enjoys what he does. He has this talent for bringing you just to the edge, then letting you hang there, until you beg for mercy."

Duo walked up to Zechs, looking him in the eyes. Then he walked around him, letting his fingers trail over the muscled man. He grinned up at Heero. "Looks good enough to eat, doesn't he?"

Heero smiled, "I was hoping you'd say that," and walked over to the bag, pulling out a small cushion, placing it in front of Zechs with a flourish. "Wouldn't want you to hurt your knees, Duo," Heero said in explanation.

Duo smiled and settled himself in front of the beautiful blond man. Zechs was breathing faster already, looking down at the innocent looking boy in front of him.

Heero studied the scene. One more thing to make it perfect: "Duo, please unbraid your hair."

Duo smiled and asked, "Help me, koi?"

Heero knelt behind Duo and began to release Duo's amazing hair. When they finished, Duo was surrounded by shining chestnut waves. Heero ran his fingers through Duo's hair; he would never tire of touching it. Duo purred and leaned back against Heero, the only person who was allowed to caress him so. "Hope you enjoy the show," Duo murmured softly.

"I'm sure I will," was Heero's reply. "Let's draw the curtain, shall we?" And without warning, he reached around Duo, grabbed two handfuls of Zechs' boxers, and effortlessly ripped them off his body.

Duo shivered at the thought of the awesome strength in his lover's body, then let his eyes roam over the now exposed Zechs. The sight of the gorgeous Zechs Merquise, helpless, naked, and aroused, was an amazing one.

"Have fun," Heero whispered in Duo's ear, then he stepped back, settling himself in a chair to watch.

Duo licked his lips and looked up at the treat before him. Zechs' ice blue eyes met his for a moment, then looked away in shame.

"Hey, don't be embarrassed, Zechsy," Duo soothed, leaning closer to Zechs' large and quivering arousal. "I can't wait to taste you."

Slowly, reverently, Duo reached out a hand to grasp Zechs' erection, wrapping his fingers around it and pulling down, bringing it closer to his lips. Zechs gasped, then bit his lip in an effort to not moan, watching helplessly as his hardness neared Duo's sensuous mouth ever so slowly. Duo brought Zechs' arousal just to his lips, then stopped and squeezed gently. The blond finally did moan, in frustration. This brought a smile to the lips that tormented him.

Delicately, as if he were savoring a rare treat, Duo put out a pink tongue and just touched it to the tip of Zechs' aching erection. Tasting the nectar gathered there, Duo said, "You taste as good as you look." Duo licked again, gathering more of the glistening fluid before swirling his tongue quickly around the tip. Zechs gasped again, then moaned as Duo withdrew his tongue.

Duo smiled up at Zechs, and slowly pumped his arousal with his hand until Zechs started trying to thrust back. Then Duo stopped, and lowered his head once more. Zechs found himself holding his breath in anticipation. Duo mouth was so close, nearing his tip again. Then Duo ducked his head further, and quickly licked a hot trail up the underside as he held Zechs' sheath pulled tight at the base. Zechs made a helpless noise at this sensation. Duo was driving him mad.

Duo smirked at Zechs' frustration, knowing exactly what the blond man was feeling. Heero also knew, and found himself watching fixedly as the powerful man writhed, and squeezing his own erection through the spandex. Duo was talented as well as a tease; a tease that always delivered, though, eventually. Even though you would think you were going to die first.

Still holding Zechs' arousal stretched tight, Duo licked upwards again, this time pausing to toy with the sensitive spot just below the head. Flicking his tongue back and forth quickly, Duo squeezed again with his hand. Zechs tried to thrust, and groaned at this torture.

When Zechs had finally given up all hope, Duo suddenly plunged Zechs' arousal deep in his mouth, taking every inch. Zechs' entire body tensed as he cried out from the hot, wet sensation. He looked down to see his erection completely engulfed in Duo's sexy mouth, and the visual just made it feel even better.

Duo moved his head up and down, slowly pumping Zechs with his mouth. Every few strokes, he would pause and swirl his tongue around the tip, tracing the sensitive edge of the head, then plunge his mouth back down again.

Zechs' frustration was growing as Duo skillfully brought him to the edge of climax, then changed his rhythm just enough so he couldn't reach it. Over and over Duo played with Zechs until the blond was begging for release.

Watching his lover torture the beautiful blond, Heero was rock hard. Leaning back in the chair, he slid his hand inside his the spandex and began to slowly stroke his own erection. He moaned softly, and pulled his shorts down and out to free his arousal.

Zechs looked up at the sound, and moaned himself as he saw Heero playing with himself. The Perfect Soldier looked incredible, head thrown back, eyes dark with passion, hard muscles tensing, glistening arousal in his hand.

Duo sensed a change, and glanced up from his ministrations, to see his lover pleasuring himself. He decided to give Heero something to watch.

Without stopping his actions, Duo unzipped his own pants, slowly, to be sure both men could see what he was doing. Heero moaned more loudly as he realized what Duo was doing. Zechs also watched, trying to thrust faster into Duo's talented mouth.

Heero bit his lip; one of his favorite things was to watch his beautiful lover play with himself. They had spent many erotic hours playing games, sitting across from each other while they pleasured themselves, watching each other and trying to see who could hold out longer.

Duo lowered his pants to mid-thigh, exposing his firm ass to Heero's view and giving him access to his own aching arousal. Heero smiled and stroked faster as Duo wrapped his hand around his own hardness and began to pump as he sucked Zechs. This proved to be nearly too much for the blond, who started moaning louder and thrusting into Duo's mouth. Duo pulled back, keeping the soldier at the edge of release once again.

Heero also felt close to release, but he had other plans for the three of them. Reluctantly, he stood up, and told Duo to stop, much to Zechs' dismay. The tall blond whimpered as Duo removed his mouth.

"Do you want something, Zechs?" Heero purred.

Zechs nodded.

"What do you want?" Heero encouraged.

Zechs started to say something, found he couldn't speak, then tried again. "To come. Please," he begged.

Heero smiled down at Duo, still on his knees. "You've reduced another poor victim to begging, Duo."

Duo shrugged. "I enjoy my work."

Heero walked up to Zechs, whispering in his ear as he ran a hand over his muscled torso, stopping to tease a hard nipple. "How bad do you want it?"

Zechs groaned, "I'll do anything."

"Anything?" Heero smirked.

Zechs nodded desperately. "I want you to fuck me, Heero. Please."

"You do? I thought you liked being top," Heero answered.

"I like it both ways," whispered Zechs. "Right now want to be fucked. Hard. Please, Heero? I can take it as hard as you can give. Please give it to me."

"That's very convincing, Zechs. But can I trust you?" Heero wondered. "I'd like to untie you, it's better that way."

Zechs nodded. "You could keep my hands bound," he suggested.

"Good idea," Heero said, and set about releasing the blond from his bindings. Before he released him completely, Heero snapped a pair of silk-lined handcuffs around his wrists.

As soon as Zechs was freed, he looked at Heero. "Thank you."

Heero said, "I think I'd like to fuck you while Duo holds you. Would you like that?"

Zechs moaned in answer, completely a slave to his desires. The powerful OZ lieutenant wanted release, and he wanted the two beautiful boys to give it to him.

Heero and Duo led Zechs over to the large bed. Duo removed what was left of his clothes, settled himself against the headboard, and spread his legs, indicating Zechs should sit between them, facing away from him. Zechs complied, and lay back between Duo's legs, moaning at the feel of Duo's arousal digging into his back. Duo wrapped his arms around Zechs to hold him still. Heero surveyed the scene with satisfaction.

"Oh, yes. I like that," he smiled, and quickly stripped off the spandex, leaving him naked and very much aroused. Duo and Zechs made an incredible sight, waiting for him on the bed, platinum and chestnut hair mingling.

Heero retrieved a small tube from his bag, then made his way to the bed, kneeling in front of the two aroused pilots. "Duo," Heero said, "Please spread his legs for me."

Duo smiled and hooked his legs around Zechs', pulling his knees up and apart, giving Heero the access he wanted. Zechs moaned wantonly at this further loss of control. The way that Heero was looking at him only increased his sense of vulnerability. Zechs only wanted one thing: Heero, inside him, hard and fast. Heero was ready and willing to give it to him.

Heero began to prepare the blond before him, sliding one lubricated finger into his exposed entrance. Zechs threw his head back against Duo's chest as Heero invaded him. Heero paused, hoping he wasn't hurting Zechs; although the blond didn't seem to be in pain, because he soon pushed back against Heero's finger and spread his legs apart wider in supplication.

Duo held Zechs' arms more tightly, although the blond wasn't trying to get away. Zechs seemed to like the restraint. Zechs writhed against him, creating delicious friction against Duo's aching arousal. Duo's and Heero's eyes met, only inches apart over the beautiful OZ lieutenant. Duo hardened even more at the look of pure lust in those cobalt eyes, so in control, so forceful. Sometimes Duo thought Heero could make him climax just with a look, so sensuous were those eyes. The looks that Heero gave him, especially when they were in public and couldn't touch, made him weak in the knees. Full of promise, full of pleasure, Heero's eyes spoke volumes without a single word. Promises of ecstasy and sheer decadence floated in fathomless cobalt. Duo could get lost in those eyes, happily. Lost he was now, and so was Zechs, under the Perfect Soldier's spell.

Finally, Heero was satisfied that Zechs was ready. Though he wanted revenge against the blond for his actions, he didn't want to hurt him. This delicious, willing surrender was what he wanted, needed, to complete their circle.

"Turn over," Heero commanded to Zechs. As much as he liked this position, he wanted something more. "Get on your hands and knees."

Zechs moaned when Heero removed his fingers, but moved into position. Both Duo and Zechs immediately realized Heero's intent as Zechs' mouth was suddenly inches from Duo's neglected erection. Zechs didn't need to be told; the blond immediately engulfed Duo with in his sensuous mouth, making the longhaired boy nearly scream. Zechs was as good with his mouth as Duo.

As Zechs licked Duo, Heero positioned himself, pressing his urgent hardness against Zechs' tight entrance. Heero suspected that Zechs wasn't often bottom, so he went slowly. But Zechs knew what he wanted, and pressed back against Heero's arousal insistently, driving Heero deeper inside him, moaning around Duo's erection.

Heero moaned at Zechs' tightness, and the sight of the blond's mouth wrapped around Duo's arousal. His eyes met Duo's in unspoken heat. After all the buildup, he knew it would take a lot of control to not climax immediately. All three of them were close to the edge, Heero knew. He intended for their climaxes to be unforgettable.

Finally, Heero was completely inside Zechs, his body tight against the blond's firm ass. Zechs moaned and wiggled, trying to get Heero to move, all the while moving his head up and down, sucking on Duo's hardness. Duo's head was thrown back, legs spread wide, hips thrusting upward into Zechs' hot mouth.

Heero started to stroke. Pulling nearly all the way out, he increased the pace slightly and pushed back in. Zechs protested this slowness by pushing back against Heero, but the cobalt-eyed boy gripped the blond's hips tightly and held him still. Heero would go at his own pace.

Duo was in heaven, watching his koi take the beautiful blond that was giving him pleasure. Zechs was slowly driving him crazy with slow, deliberate licks and squeezes. As Heero started to pound him, Zechs picked up his own pace, bobbing his head up and down on Duo's hardness. Zechs' moans as Heero went deeper and deeper vibrated on his length, building his passion higher.

Removing his mouth briefly from Duo, Zechs begged, "Harder, please, Heero, I need it harder."

Heero happily complied, holding Zechs' slim hips and pounding deep into him. Zechs took every thrust, pushing back to meet Heero and asking for more. Heero finally realized that the larger man could take more than his smaller lover, and Heero gradually built up until he was using nearly all his strength to drive deep inside Zechs. Still, Zechs met every thrust and moaned for more. Heero nearly lost his mind to pleasure as he pounded with abandon.

Zechs managed to take Heero's thrusts and still lavish Duo's arousal with attention. Finally, Zechs' talented mouth triumphed over Duo's control, the combined sight and sensation driving Duo over the edge. With a cry, he climaxed, filling Zechs' mouth with his seed. Hot burning ecstasy coursed through him as Zechs swallowed every drop.

No sooner had Duo climaxed when Zechs felt himself lose control. Heero had wrapped his hand around Zechs' erection while continuing to drive into him, and Zechs surrendered willingly to the onslaught of climax, pulsing onto Heero's hand with every thrust of Heero inside him.

Zechs muscles clamped tight onto Heero as he came, and Heero could resist no longer. With one final thrust while he looked at Duo, Heero emptied himself into Zechs, nearly losing consciousness at the intensity of his climax. The pleasure seemed never-ending, and Heero finally collapsed onto Zechs in exhaustion.

They disentangled themselves carefully, and collapsed next to each other on the bed. For a while, they rested, wars forgotten, spent from passion.

They parted later; Heero released Zechs, unspoken restitution complete, but never forgotten.

The End

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