Control and Release
by Devil Chick

The darkness surrounded him, suffocating him. He couldn't move. Slowly, oh so slowly it drifted away and he returned to consciousness. With consciousness came the awareness that he was cold. He was cold because he was naked. A shiver ran through his body, a mixture of chill and apprehension.

He noted that his hands were cuffed above his head, looped over a hook in the ceiling. He hung about a foot above the floor. There was a spreader bar strapped to his ankles. This was chained to the floor to keep him from raising his legs and causing damage.

All of this was, in fact, not very strange to him. What was strange was that two of his fellow pilots, Duo and Heero, where secured in chairs before him. They were both still unconscious.

He tried his own restraints and found with much surprise, that they were real. 'I'll kill him, this time I'm really going to kill him,' he thought.

His thoughts were disturbed by a quiet moan from the direction of the two pilots. He looked toward their direction, horror and shame etched deeply into his features. He willed them with all his might not to waken. But to no avail.

Duo's eyes fluttered open slowly, as if from a peaceful sleep. This though, was belied by a painful moan that escaped his lips. Heero's eyes snapped open moments after he began to stir. Wide awake he surveyed the dark room, his eyes falling upon the chained form before him. Heero's eyes met the other's for a brief moment before the head was bowed. What was it he'd seen in Heero's eyes? Anger? Disgust? Confusion? He couldn't tell really, but did not wish to find out.

"What the fuck?!?!" He cringed at Duo's loud exclamation, Heero's icy glare could be avoided with averted eyes, but he could not cover his ears from Duo's brash words.

"Man, Wufei, why are you-?" Duo had begun, but Heero cut in sharply, telling him to shut up. He turned away from the American and turned to the vulnerable Chinese.

"Wufei, do you know OZ's intentions?" He said this coolly and slowly. His tone implied he did not notice Wufei's nudity, or at least, did not acknowledge it as particularly important. Still, it did not help Wufei's frame of mind. His face burning with shame, and still refusing to look at Heero, he ground out that, no, he did not know OZ's intentions.

Although he did not look, Wufei could hear Heero struggling with his restrains. He could also hear Duo encouraging him to get free. Well, not really encouraging, more like begging. And if Wufei didn't know any better he would have thought there was the tiniest hint of panic in the jokester's voice. But alas, even Heero could not escape the restrains. So they were left there, waiting to see what would happen.

It wasn't too long before the door, facing Duo and Heero, and behind Wufei, opened. The light outside showed the silhouette of a large man. He carried himself well, and stepped gracefully. From his post at the door, his cultured voice floated into the room,

"Mmm, what a lovely view," Treize purred. Slowly, he entered the room, his eyes raking appreciatively over Wufei's lean form. As he neared the boy, his hand alighted upon the small of his back. Wufei jerked violently, trying to get away, but the restraints made it impossible.

"What do you want?" he snarled, twisting his head around as much as possible.

"Come now, you're not that naive, are you?" Treize said casually, a lascivious smile painted on his lips. Wufei's jaw dropped as his face twisted into absolute horror. With a soft chuckle to his response, Treize raised a hand to the boy's face and caressed his cheek. Wufei jerked away from the touch, snarling:

"Don't touch me!" Treize laughed.

"Act surprised," he said in Chinese, which Wufei did.

"What are you doing?" Wufei returned in his native tongue, keeping his tone harsh so as not to arouse suspicion from his friends. Treize smirked.

"An audience really gets me off."

"No," Wufei whispered, in disbelief

"Yesssss," Treize hissed into his ear.

"No! You can't!" he said with a little more force.

""But I will," he husked, his tongue snaking out to caress Wufei's earlobe. Wufei groaned in disgust. He clenched his eyes shut, and turned his head away from the sensation. (Which actually gave Treize better access to the area.)

"Leave him alone you sick fuck!" 'Damn you Duo,' Wufei thought. 'Shut up so I can forget you're here.' Treize averted his attack from Wufei's ear, and turned an amused look to the American pilot. Casually, and with the utmost civility, as if from a host to a guest, he told Duo to relax, and enjoy the show. Duo's face twisted in anger and hatred. "You're sick!" he screamed. "Sick, sick, sick, sick!!!!! I'll kill you if you touch him! I'll fucking kill you!" Salty tears slid down Duo's face as he screamed in rage. Wufei was amazed, he had not thought Duo held him so highly in his heart. Well, not for long, not after this. Sick is what he called Treize, it would be what he called Wufei as well. Although unnoted by anyone, other that your humble narrator, even Heero reacted to the scene before him. It was hardly noticeable, but increased by Duo's tirade. A slight widening of the eyes, a short intake of breath, that was all.

With the distraction now pacified, Treize turned back to Wufei.

"You can't do this," Wufei continued in Chinese, masking his tone as threatening, rather than persuasive. "Not in front of them, they'll know. They'll kill me."

"Well, that will be your fault if you can't mask your expressions. Play it up right and they'll think I'm just taking advantage of you." As he spoke, his speech was broken up each time he bent to kiss Wufei's flesh. Starting at his neck, he inched lower, each touch causing Wufei to squirm with discomfort.

"You are taking advantage of me," he hissed through clenched teeth. It was difficult to control his body, to keep it from showing his arousal. He could feel the heat begin to build in his loins, and knew it would not be long before his ultimate shame would be revealed.

"What are they saying?" Duo whispered to Heero. Heero shook his head. He didn't know. He'd taken it upon himself to learn all the other pilot's native languages. So far he knew English and Arabic. But he had not had time to learn any Chinese.

The two pilots watched helplessly as Treize fell to his knees, his head becoming level with Wufei's groin. Their view was somewhat obscured, but they could tell from Wufei's shame filled sob that when Treize's hand went up the back of their friend's thigh, the older man had successfully aroused the boy.

Wufei moaned and buried his tear streaked face into his arm. Treize, pleased with his accomplishment, nuzzled the proud erection tenderly. From Wufei's tensed thigh, Treize's hand moved upward, caressing lightly over the tight buttocks. Wufei chewed his lip to suppress the pleasured moan. 'I cannot enjoy this!' he thought to himself. 'I can't!'

Duo tried to avert his eyes, for Wufei's sake. He knew of the boy's deep rooted sense of honor. The mere thought of allowing his enemy to do this must be killing him. But there were other reasons as well. The sight before him was so disturbing, so sick... So familiar. He banished those thoughts from his mind. He did not wish to think of such things. But seeing Wufei, unwilling and uncooperative with this man's whims, so very clearly brought Duo's own experience to the forefront of his memory.

Considering all this, Duo hated himself for looking. Hated that the strangled moans and quiet whimpers sent pleasant little shivers down his spine. Hated that his breath was coming harder, and his pulse faster. Hated especially the erection that was making his pants so painfully tight.

In a moment of great will, he was able to tear his gaze away from Wufei. He looked to what he hoped would give him strength, Heero. He was surprised though. Yes, Heero's face was a mask, devoid of any emotion, as usual. There was one thing though, that Duo had not expected. Heero's eyes were wide, watching the scene intently. Duo's eyes wandered a little lower, down to the bulge straining against Heero's tight spandex. The little gasp he let escape caught Heero's attention. Their eyes met for but a brief moment, then darted to other parts of the room. Neither to each other or the live porno in front of them.

Slowly, with tentative, darting glances, their eyes met again. Then, slowly they wandered down to the other's bulge. Finally, having nothing else to do, their attentions returned to their friend, and his enemy.

Wufei looked down, wondering why Treize had pulled away, worried about what he would do next. He watched as the man removed the shirt he had been wearing, and before discarding it on an empty chair, pulled a little tube out of its pocket. Wufei's face became a mask of almost comical dismay as he recognized what the familiar little tube was. He thrashed and struggled against his bonds, screaming expletives and threats in Japanese.

"Shhhhh," Treize soothed. "Don't worry darling, it won't hurt."

"That's not what I'm yelling about!" Wufei screamed, again reverting to Chinese.

"I promise it'll feel good," Treize said, acting oblivious to Wufei's real reasons as he smeared some of the lubricant onto his fingers.

"No," Wufei whined feebly, but to no avail. Treize slid one finger into Wufei's clenching insides. The resistance was more than usual, a given, considering Wufei was really trying to keep him out. But Treize pressed on, and his finger passed the tight ring of muscle, burying itself in the hot sheath.

Wufei's eyes flew open at the intimate invasion, but only briefly. A moment later, he snapped them shut again, determined not to see his friend's faces. Worried of what he would see etched into their features.

From, behind him, at the same instant he inserted his first finger, Treize heard a tiny gasp. He turned around, smirking at the other pilot's, as his fingers thrust into Wufei. "I think our audience is enjoying the show," Treize purred. Wufei groaned miserably. Duo blushed. And Heero, well Heero might have blushed, or would have, but was probably capable of controlling such bodily functions... Usually.

Treize inserted another finger, stretching the tight ring of muscle. Wufei was now far beyond pretending he hated this. It was certain that he was not willing, but the pleasure of it rocked him. He panted heavily, an incessant moan drifting from his slightly parted lips. A thin sheen of sweat glossed his skin. His head tossed from side to side in passion, sometimes thrown back as Treize stroked him especially hard.

The scream he let loose was one of unexpected, intense pleasure. Treize's mouth had closed over his weeping cock, swallowing him whole in an instant. The mere shock of it nearly sent Wufei over the edge, but he held on. 'I will not come. I will not come...' he repeated endlessly as he fought his orgasm.

'Oh yes you will,' Treize thought, knowing exactly what his lover was up to. But he knew his little dragon so well, knew exactly what would get him off. So he used that knowledge. From its steadying position on Wufei's hip, Treize's other hand moved between Wufei's legs, caressing his tightly drawn sack. Wufei emitted a surprised noise, was able to hold off his orgasm for but a moment more, then surrendered to the inevitable. That final, erotic, satisfied moan floated through the room, pleasant to hear by those who found pleasure in others pleasure. Also there were two erotic unsatisfied moans, pleasant to hear by sadistic people like Treize.

Treize pulled away from Wufei, after suckling every drop of semen from him. He glanced to Duo and Heero as he licked a stray drop from his lips. With a grace and tenderness not expected of the enemy, Treize removed Wufei from his bonds. First removing the chain from the spreader bar, then the bar itself. Wufei let out a little unconscious whimper as his legs were allowed to close. Next, wrapping his arm snugly around the boy's waist, Treize reached up and removed the cuffs from the hook. Wufei's arms fell naturally around Treize's neck, his head buried into the man's shoulder. With the boy so comfortably fit in his arms, Treize walked to a darker portion of the room. Through the shadows Duo and Heero could see Treize set their friend down. The faint squeaking of springs suggested he had been placed upon a bed. Treize, free of his load, returned to the dimly lit area with the two pilots.

Treize watched the two bound pilots as he made his way to the intercom. 'Must remember to get the surveillance videos from the holding cells later,' he thought to himself.

"I'm done with them now, you can take them," Treize said into the intercom. The door opened again, and four guards came in, each with guns. Two headed for Duo and Heero, and two headed for Wufei.

"Leave him," Treize said, referring to Wufei. The guards complied and headed for Duo and Heero. Other than a few furtive glances from Duo, the two pilots were removed with no problems. With their departure, Treize turned to that darker corner of his private suite....

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