Control and Release
by Devil Chick

He walked over slowly, hitting a switch as he passed. The room was flooded with a warm rosy glow. Bright enough to chase away the shadows, but not so harsh as the overhead lights.

A canopy bed was illuminated with gossamer curtains. They were pushed back to reveal a prone figure stretched out on his belly, arms raised over his head. His dark hair and skin contrasted sharply against the white sheets. The image never failed to remind Treize of the days when Europeans bought exotic slaves from faraway places. Wufei was exotic, but far from his slave. /sex slave/

Treize traced a lazy finger over that caramel flesh, alighting upon a smooth buttock, and caressing upward over the spine. There was little response, his dragon must still be asleep. He looked at the boy's wrists, slightly red, despite the soft lining of the cuffs.

Treize turned to his desk to get the key, and was quite surprised when pain exploded across the back of his skull. /well deserved/ With a shout of pain, he fell to the floor, his hands flying to his head. A moment later and he rolled over onto his back. He looked up and his eyes were graced with the vision of a very agitated Wufei. "Was that absolutely necessary?" Treize intoned. He seemed not too surprised, more annoyed then anything else.

"Yes," Wufei snarled. He reached forward quickly, grabbing a handful of Treize's hair. He jerked harshly, bringing the man forward, and just over his knee. Said knee flew up with amazing force and crashed into the general's stomach. He watched his gasping and sputtering lover as he went for the desk to retrieve the keys. When he had removed the cuffs, he turned to Treize, who was now standing, but still a bit shaky from the attack.

"Wufei, darling, why don't you calm down and we can deal with this like gentlemen?" Treize's tone was placating. After all, he was dealing with a youth who could very easily kill him with his bare hands. He did not have the safety of his sword, so the slightest hint of worry dripped from his every word. /when you play with fire.../ "I do not feel like being a gentleman right now," Wufei said. His mouth curved into a snarl with the slight hint of a smile. A very sadistic smile. He looked like an absolute brat, and he certainly felt like being a brat. He attacked.

Treize dodged, as was natural. Indeed, Wufei could easily best him at hand-to-hand combat, but that did not mean he would so easily submit. So he attempted to sidestep the attack, much like he did in their duels. Nonetheless, he found himself under Wufei, on his back, with his jaw aching from the blow. From his perch on Treize's chest, Wufei glared down at the general, nostrils flaring with pent up anger. Wufei's face swooped down quickly, taking Treize's lips in a harsh kiss, as a hand clutched his hair tightly. Treize struggled, refusing to submit until Wufei pulled away. He looked into Treize's eyes, still almost uncomfortably close, with a strange expression on his face. Curiosity. Wonder. Contemplation. These wandered over his features, confusing to Treize. Wufei's hand tugged gently at the ginger hair in its grasp. It was not a completely unpleasant sensation, Treize thought. /more than you deserve/

"That sidestep was very well executed, my love," Wufei said. His tone implied little other than careful consideration. He'd been considering the words for a long time now. "But would have worked better were we using swords. Then it might have fooled me. Perhaps you would prefer to use swords for this lover's quarrel?" Wufei raised a careful brow in a questioning manner. Treize could no longer see that malice which had only moments ago graced Wufei's face. It had completely vanished and was replaced by civility. He wanted to keep that civility in place so answered reluctantly after much thought.

"Yes," he said carefully, hoping he answered correctly. "I would prefer a sword. It is so much more seemly than this show of brute force." It was evidently the wrong answer, Treize realized, as he shouted in pain. Wufei had pulled rather harshly on his hair.

"Fucking the enemy is unseemly," Wufei said. Treize would have laughed, but fear for your life usually takes the humor right out of any situation. Wufei continued: "You are better with your sword than hand-to-hand, especially when it comes to me, right?"

What is he getting at? Treize usually had no difficulty reading people. It was what had gotten him so far in life. But Wufei was a mystery to him, that is what had first attracted him to the boy. /fatal attraction/ Now he regretted it. He had no idea what had him so perturbed. He had to tread carefully lest he set him off again.

"I feel more comfortable with a sword, yes," he answered evasively. He would not give straight answers or give too much away until he knew what was going on.

"You wouldn't fight me hand-to-hand if you could at all help it, would you?"

"Well, as we can obviously see, if you really press the issue then I don't have much choice, now do I?" Treize tried to joke, lighten the mood into a scenario he could more readily deal with. Wufei knew his tricks, and glared him into answering the question. Treize sighed.

"As I've said before, fisticuffs are so unseemly."

"Unseemly because you would lose. And you don't like to lose, do you general?

You like to be in control." The impersonal "general" hurt, it gave Treize the desire to hurt Wufei. He smiled maliciously. /look out/

"Who doesn't?" His legs suddenly flew up and wrapped around Wufei's neck.

With a quick jerk, Wufei was flipped onto his stomach with the sickening slap of flesh against wood. Treize jumped quickly to his feet and immediately took a defensive position. Wufei rose gracefully, hardly fazed. He looked steadily at Treize. "This should be interesting," he said quietly, then attacked with a fierce scream. Treize saw Wufei's left hand rush toward his face and hurried to cover it. The right hand crashed into his stomach. As the air burst out of his body, and he bent double, Wufei followed up with a knee to the face. Treize fell back howling, clutching his face as blood trickled between his fingers. Wufei stood back and watched as Treize tentatively touched his bleeding nose and watched Wufei in return.

"I think you broke my nose, dragon," Treize said.

"Dammit," Wufei said with feigned frustration. "I was aiming for your pride."

"That," Treize said, smirking through the pain. "Is quite a bit lower."

"Hentai," Wufei said, slight amusement in his voice. He was still full of resentment, anger and good old sadistic intent, but he was having fun.

"Are you quite done now?" Treize asked calmly, as if this were nothing more than a little temper tantrum.

"Nah, I wanna beat you to a bloody pulp." Wufei smiled as innocently and maliciously as he could. Treize pointed to his face and said:

"I am bloody."

"But your not pulpy yet," Wufei whined, then lunged again. Treize jumped back, to avoid the attack and tripped over the spreader bar he'd carelessly left on the floor.

"Didn't your mother ever teach you to pick up your toys when you were done playing with them?" Wufei said as he took a seat on Treize's chest, this time facing away from the general.

"Still aroused?" Wufei mused as he noticed the bulge in Treize's pants. Certainly the man had become hard as he teased Wufei before his team mates. But he'd thought for sure the man would have lost his erection during the fight. Unless... Unless Treize was enjoying himself? Wufei toyed with the idea for the moment. It was possible. He knew his lover was sadistic, it was very likely he was masochistic as well. Treize was a very versatile man in all things he did, why exclude the bedroom? 'Good,' Wufei thought. 'Now I won't feel nearly as guilty.'

He reached for the spreader and clapped it onto Treize's ankles. The larger man jerked in surprise and sat up in amazement. The surprise quickly turned to anger and he wrapped his arms tightly around Wufei's neck, attempting to strangle him. 'I might feel guilty about this though,' Wufei thought as he dug his heel into Treize's crotch. (1) The older man let go with a painful gasp.

No longer restrained, Wufei let his elbow fly back to hit Treize in the face, before rolling away to freedom. He stood up and watched Treize roll into a ball, clutching his crotch and muttering obscenities under his breath. He began to laugh hysterically as he watched Treize struggle to get up. Treize's cool, calm composure had been slowly slipping away since that first blow to the back of his skull. Now it was all washed away and true anger was showing through. /bad form/

"When I get my hands on you.." he snarled as he finally reached his feet.

"You'll what?" Wufei teased. He stepped closer and shoved the man in the chest. Treize grappled for balance, making quite a sight as his arms flailed about, trying to gain purchase and finally finding it on Wufei's shoulder. Wufei jerked away and stepped behind Treize to deliver a sharp kick to the man's back. He fell forward with a gurgle of pain and surprise. His arms flew out, breaking his fall, and leaving him in a push-up position. From that position he tried to roll over and get up.

Wufei walked over to his felled lover, and stopped his attempts to stand up. He straddled his back and bent his head close to those ginger-gold locks. Very quietly and with a tenderness unexpected after such a vicious assault, he whispered these words into Treize's ear:

"I want to love you, Treize," Treize's eyes widened at this confession. His mind turned and the gears cranked as he tried to digest the information. His little dragon was confessing love to him, or nearly so. 'He loves me?' he wondered. /Einstein/ Then wondered if he felt the same towards the boy. He was beautiful and intelligent, and a worthy opponent, (this little scene proved that) but... He lusted for the boy, that was certainly clear. Even this, this supposed lovers quarrel was thick with sexual heat. Despite his protests he could not deny the painful erection bound tightly in his pants. But did he love Wufei? He was not sure. /he will find out/

"Before I can love you," Wufei continued, for the above paragraph, while only describing some of Treize's more important thoughts, and not all that was going on in his head, took but a mere intake of breath in time. So Wufei continued as if undisturbed. "You must give something up to me." Treize grunted the question.

"Control," Wufei whispered, just a bit more sultry then his previous words. Treize's brows raised at that word, at the meaning it held. An involuntary shiver ran through his body. But Wufei was not done. Not with words, and not with actions. His hand snaked around under Treize, reaching for his belt.

"I like it when you take me, Treize," he said as he unfastened the belt, button and zipper, releasing Treize's painful erection to the cool air. "I wouldn't let you if I didn't." He tugged the pants down to Treize's knees and caressed the dark crevice that was revealed. "Have you ever been taken, Treize?" Wufei asked innocently, knowing the answer already. Treize jerked away from Wufei's touch and growled his response. "I'd like to share that pleasure with you." Wufei said sweetly.

"No!" Treize shouted, his voice ragged with anger and... a bit of fear?

"Don't worry, darling." Wufei cooed. "It won't hurt. I promise it'll feel good." Wufei snickered as he threw his lover's words back in his face.

"Spiteful bastard, fuck you!" The expletive seem very out of place coming from Treize's lips, and only made Wufei laugh harder.

"No," Wufei corrected. "Fuck you."

Treize decided he wouldn't take this humiliation anymore. He jerked quickly, and sent Wufei rolling to his side, then began to get up. Wufei raised himself swiftly, and delivered a quick blow to Treize's stomach, the force of it flipping Treize onto his back. As Treize lay there, moaning, and clutching his gut, Wufei retrieved the discarded cuffs. He grabbed one of Treize's hands harshly and clapped it on. He jerked the general down, bending him almost double and looped the cuff around the spreader bar before cuffing it to his other hand. Then with a crisp, brisk motion, he flipped the general over again onto his knees. Lacking in proper leverage, Treize fell over, the hard-wood floor coming up to meet his face with a dull thud. Twisting his, once more, injured face to reveal his now split lip, he gurgled hoarsely over the blood that spilled out of his mouth and onto the wood.

"Wufei! This has gone far enough!" /not nearly so/

"Not yet, Treize, not yet." Wufei said with little emotion. Some pain showed in his features, a brief sadness that he had to use these extremes on his lover. But little else than that. He understood what he needed to do, and the means to do it. He glanced over to a spot on the floor easily within reach. There was that little tube of lubricant. He took it, and opened it clumsily. He did not have the grace of experience that Treize had with such things. He smeared a lot on his fingers, figuring it would be worse if there were too little, than too much, and slipped a bold finger into Treize's tight clench. Treize yelled out in surprise and pain.

"Stop! STOP!" He shouted, his voice ragged with pain and fear as tears rolled down his cheeks. Wufei noticed with some remorse that his lover had lost some hardness with that action, but was far from completely limp, so he pressed on, quite literally, by adding a second finger. He pressed them in deeply, desperately searching, looking, looking...

"Ah!" And finding, he discovered, as Treize gasped in surprise.

"See how nice that is?" He purred as he rubbed the spot relentlessly. Treize previously believed he could only gain pleasure by being seme. Wufei would prove him wrong by wracking his body with exquisite pleasure. And if this did not work, then he at least had the knowledge that he would be capable of doing such things, should Treize ever get so out of line as today. That though made him smirk. He could see why Treize liked to dominate him.

Despite himself, Treize began to moan softly. He let loose another little gasp of surprise as Wufei's hand came around to fondle his unbearable hardon. "Do you like that?" Wufei husked into his ear. Treize merely squirmed under the ministrations, panting heavily. He whined piteously as Wufei's hand stopped caressing him, and the boy leaned over him, close to his ear.

"Tell me you want me inside you," Wufei said, his voice full of sadistic intent.

"N-no!" Treize gasped out. The idea of it and the absurdity of Wufei even demanding such a thing made his head spin.

"Beg me for it, Treize," Wufei continued as he inserted a third, liberally lubricated finger. The three digits worked cruelly against the general's prostate, never easing up, presenting a steady, rhythmical beat that drove Treize wild. He was on fire, burning up. He felt like he was going to explode, and not in a pleasant way. 'Jesus Christ, I feel like my balls are going to explode,' Treize thought. 'Where the Hell did he learn to do this?.... Duh, where do you think he learned it?' he reminded himself. 'If I just give in, he'll let me come... If I just give in, he'll let me come....' Treize repeated this over and over again, deciding that a strategic retreat would be his best choice for the time being. /he is a general after all/

So, softly, since it is easy to say such things in one's head, and not so easy to put them into practice, Treize muttered something incoherently. Wufei smirked, knowing what the general had said, but telling him to repeat himself anyway.

"Please," Treize said gruffily. He should have known Wufei would make this difficult.

"'Please' what?" Wufei insisted. He was answered first with a growl, then: "Fuck me! Just fuck me, and get it over with!" Treize's voice cracked with tears, as it filled with anger and resentment. Wufei pulled his fingers out, and Treize felt oddly empty, abandoned. He'd become accustomed to them there, and was also well aware of what would come next. Wufei smeared some of the lubricant onto his aching shaft. Then paused for a moment. He pulled back slightly, and planted a soft kiss on Treize's upturned rear. Treize shivered at the soft touch and hot breath against his skin. "You're doing so well," Wufei whispered. The statement was oddly comforting to Treize, and he relaxed. Wufei pulled himself up again, and positioned himself. He pushed in very slowly, trying not to hurt his lover, and allowing him to adjust. Despite all that though, Treize cried out. Not nearly as loud as Wufei had, their first time. But it was certainly pained.

Wufei stayed still, not moving as he rubbed his lover's back and whispered soothing words to him. He asked Treize if he was okay, if he was ready to continue. Treize marveled at Wufei's consideration, having thought the ordeal would have been crueler, harsher more... like rape. Shakily, hesitantly, for his pride still fought, he asked Wufei to continue. Wufei pulled out slowly, and thrust back in, the pace torturing him when all he wanted to do was ram into the bound form below him, despite screams of pain. But his will held out, and he kept his pace slow, bringing himself to a certain point before reaching around to grasp Treize's weeping cock in his hand, and stroking it in time with his thrusts.

Treize moaned with each thrust, making the most erotic noises Wufei had ever heard, and heated his blood further. Treize cried out in agonizing ecstasy as his lover's hand wrapped around his cock and stroked him within as well as without. This was Heaven, he knew it, and he'd been sure he'd be damned to Hell. He nearly screamed with every thrust, the pleasure was so intense, and each thrust drove him closer and closer, until...

"Oh God!" He yelled as his seed spilled into Wufei's hand, and splattered the floor below him. Treize's muscles clamped tightly around Wufei with his orgasm, and milked him to completion. Gasping for breath, Wufei pulled out and retrieved the keys for the cuffs, releasing Treize and allowing him to stretch out on the floor below him. They lay there for a few moments, before Treize began to stir, spilling Wufei from his back. He then sat up to remove the spreader bar, before collapsing to the floor once more. "Well?" Wufei asked, after some more time had passed. How did Treize feel? /good/ Had he accomplished anything? /yes/ Or had this just been a waste of time? /not at all/ There was a long pause before Treize responded. When he did, it was with a cold clarity many would often attribute to Heero Yuy.

"You are never allowed to do that again." The finality of it somehow struck Wufei as funny, and he had to stifle a laugh before saying:

"I hadn't realized I'd been 'allowed' this time." He couldn't help the smirk. Treize sat up, keeping his back to Wufei.

"I did not enjoy that. It will not happen again," Treize sulked. He probably had a pout on his face as well, but Wufei could not see it. Wufei sighed, then said offhandedly:

"I've never seen you come that hard before." With a grunt, Treize began to stand up, but Wufei jerked him back to the floor. A fiery glare was turned on the small pilot as Treize turned back to him. But it was met with Wufei's soft features, pleading for him to understand. The fire went out of the general's eyes, and his expression softened with surprise at the look in Wufei's black pooled orbs. 'Was that...? No, it couldn't be,' Treize thought to himself, but it remained nagging at the back of his mind. /Yes it was, yes it was./

"Dragon," Treize started, as Wufei's eyes bore into him a few minutes more. /What lesson have you learned today?/ "I... I care for you, and... Do not wish you to be unhappy." He did not look Wufei in the eyes /coward/ as he said this, until Wufei drew his chin up. Treize was graced with a most beatific smile. The boy leaned forward and kissed the general's already bruising temple, then his cheek, and down to his jaw. Each touch was tentative and light, so as not to injure further.

"Ah, my poor, poor general," Wufei crooned as his lips barely touched Treize's, then pulled back to lick the blood away. Treize moaned softly as even these light caresses brought him minute pain. Gingerly he touched his very likely broken nose, and shot a heated, but not menacing glare, at his fiery lover. Said lover smile innocently. "Think of it this way," he offered. "Like that, it will be easier to explain how I escaped." Treize laughed, then stopped. It made his jaw hurt... And his head... And his stomach...

With the two of them finally back on reasonable terms, Wufei stood and headed for Treize's closet.

"What are you doing?" Treize inquired from his position on the floor.

"I need clothes," he said simply as he pushed through the various styled clothes, rich, poor. New, old. Soft, harsh. Only one thing in common, they all reeked of Treize.

"Why?" Treize persisted.

"Because I do not think 01 and 02 would appreciate being rescued by a naked Wufei as much as say, you would." Wufei said, his voice slightly muffled from deep within the closet. He knew there had to be something here that fit him. Treize always kept something for just those occasions when his clothes were "accidentally" destroyed.

"Oh, I don't know about that. They seemed to be enjoying the show quite a bit." Wufei pulled his head out of the closet to toss Treize a slightly disgusted look. "I do *not* want to hear that. I have to work with them all the time, I don't want to think of them having ecchi hentai thoughts about me." Wufei shuddered for emphasis before continuing to search through the closet. Treize mused for a moment. "You and the other pilots share hiding places sometimes, don't you?" Wufei didn't respond, that was too much information. Treize didn't really expect him to answer anyway, it was a prompting question. He even answered it for himself.

"I'll bet you do. They're probably pretty small sometimes, certainly not five separate bedrooms. You probably have two or three to a room, at least. You've probably shared rooms with 01 and 2, possibly even a bed -"

"Stop it." Wufei said, knowing exactly were this was going. Nonetheless, Treize continued.

"Have you ever heard them shifting around in bed at night? Maybe little gasps or grunts, like you make when I touch you? You probably tell yourself they're thinking about girls... But you hope they're thinking about you as they stroke their hardened little cocks. Pray that as the lay there in bed, they'll suddenly lose all control and call out your name with their climax." Treize chuckled as he watched his dragon covering his ears and muttering, "I'm not listening, I'm not listening."

Wufei tentatively pulled his hands away from his ears and asked Treize if he was done. Treize nodded, and Wufei disappeared into the closet, only to return moments later.

"Yay! Wufei came out of the closet!" Treize said. Wufei glared at him, tired of the really, old joke.

"How do you think this will look?" he asked striking a pose.

"You know me, I love a man in uniform."

"Yeah, especially when it's crumpled up on your floor."

"Mmmm, now there's a idea." Treize muttered as he rose from his place on the floor, a predatory gleam in his eye. He lunged forward, snatching the uniform from Wufei's hand and allowed it to flutter to the ground. Then he grabbed his prey and tossed him on the bed. He climbed on top of the small boy, ravishing him with kisses and wandering hands before he had a chance to fight back. Within a few moment though, Wufei had collected himself enough to pull away from his aggressive lover.

"I don't have time for this," he husked, his face already flushed with passion. "I have to go save my frie- 01 and 02." Treize ignored the falter in Wufei's speech. Pretended he did not realize his little dragon considered his fellow pilots as friends. It was a weakness he would not take advantage of, for the sake of their relationship.

"And what kind of general would I be if I just let you go?" Treize smirked. Wufei returned the smirk.

"The kind of general that sleeps with the enemy."

"Hn," Treize intoned as he pushed Wufei back into the soft sheets and over stuffed pillows that made up his bed. "I assure you, they'll be safe until you reach them. I've only given orders for them to be held, nothing more. I'll even tell you exactly where they are to make up for lost time."

"I should still go," Wufei said, without conviction. Treize had begun kissing his neck, sucking gently at the sensitive skin there. The sensation had a drugging effect on Wufei's senses, forcing a low moan to build in his throat.

"You're my prisoner," Treize said with mock force in his voice. "I won't let you."

"Mmmm, okay." Wufei muttered as Treize's lips latched onto his ear, nipping and sucking with no mercy. He had surrendered.

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