End of the Line
by Fancyfigures

Duo was way beyond tired. He'd worked more overtime this week than ever before, and his train home kept getting later and later. Tonight he'd probably not get back before eleven. And the journey itself was some kind of hell! A bunch of guys had pushed past him in the packed carriage, yelling to each other as if they lived on separate continents. A half-drunk businessman behind him smelled of something that had been saturated in garlic. Possibly several meals ago. A kid in the seat across the way kept drumming its feet on the rail while slurping messily on a sweet. A young girl standing diagonally across from him had the volume of her earphones so high that everyone for a ten yard radius suffered the bass line through their ribcage.

The train ground to a stop but no-one got off. The doors slid open and another mass of commuters squeezed its way on. The carriage had reached full capacity. Someone's briefcase fell across Duo's foot, bearing down on his toes and reminding him that his boots were wearing thin. Huffing a little, he wriggled around to get some more personal space and ended up nose to nose with one of the travellers just embarked.

It was a guy his own height, wearing a leather jacket with a tangy scent of dampness from the earlier rain. When the material brushed against the back of Duo's hand he was aware of how supple it was. He couldn't help but stare into the man's face, at least for the first few seconds. And he liked what he saw. Dark, tousled hair, bright blue eyes, straight nose, firm mouth. His shoulders were slightly broader than Duo's and he looked strong. He seemed resigned to the discomfort; even though he was being jostled about in the carriage, he exuded a sense of calm that Duo had lost on his own behalf about three stops ago. Duo felt an uncontrollable urge to press closer and was rather shocked at himself.

They swayed against each other, standing in the crush by the closed doors, rocking back and forth with the rhythmic movement of the train. Duo's left arm was out to his side, bracing himself against the panelling; his right arm was hanging on to a strap suspended from the ceiling of the carriage. There was nothing to stop him bumping into the other man every time the speed altered or they went round a bend. The dark-haired man held the strap next to Duo's; his body felt solid and muscled whenever Duo nudged against him. Duo cursed himself, but he couldn't help his instinctive reactions - the guy felt built; felt hot - and he felt a familiar ache in his groin. He was completely helpless, short of causing a fuss and humiliating himself. He couldn't move anywhere; his feet had their allotted space and no more. It was now almost an hour until he reached his station and could escape.

Suddenly, the train banked sharply and he staggered forward; the other man leaned too, but against him, though surely the movement of the train should have jolted him the other way. Duo twisted his head back to give his rueful apology, but the look that met his was bolder than he'd ever seen from a fellow commuter.

The blue eyes stared back at him, unabashed. And winked at him! The wide mouth creased in a slight smile. Duo felt - suddenly - very flushed. The guy's smell was lingering in his nostrils; the warmth up against the front of his legs was all too good. He felt the tightening inside his pants.

The train lurched forward, thundering through a tunnel. They were leaving the city behind, and the scenery outside plunged into the deeper blackness of night. The auxiliary lights in the carriage flickered on once, then snapped off completely, leaving it in semi darkness. A couple of passengers groaned, and at the far end a baby wailed.

"Hot," came a hiss at Duo's ear. What the hell -?

The hand at his ass was even more of a shock. The train rattled on, with only the rush of shadows past the window. Duo peered into the gloom. He had an umbrella digging into his ribs and the back of some woman's starched collar kept catching on his braid, but the hand behind him had still found enough room to slide down the seat of his jeans and cup his left buttock. He tensed, and felt the fingers trace firmly along his muscle. Fuck, but that'd feel even better inside his clothes!

He felt his cock swell further, straining against the harsh denim. He wriggled a bit, settling his ass cheek more comfortably against the wandering hand. He flushed, imagining the embarrassment if someone saw him being felt up like this. But no one gave a scandalised cry; it'd be hard enough to see anything in this lighting, let alone under cover of the mass of bodies and thick coats and selection of bags. He wondered for a wild second if the hand belonged to some innocent straight guy who'd yell harassment as soon as the lights came back on.

Then the hand tightened. The thumb pressed very carefully and very deliberately along the crease of his ass. There was no mistaking the deliberation.

It felt fucking brilliant. Duo bit his lip to hold the whimper in.

The train banked, and everyone leaned to the left. When Duo straightened up again, he found the smell of leather in his nostrils and the sweep of hair on his cheek. The guy opposite him was suddenly even closer. His nose brushed at Duo's; his breath steamed along Duo's collar. Duo let his head drop back very slightly, baring his neck. That was when he felt the caress at his jaw and the swift, wet tongue along his lower lip. His mouth fell open in astonishment. He felt the other man's chin nudge in against him and then the tongue thrust into his mouth.

The taste was hot. Hot in heat terms, and hot in taste terms! Duo sucked on a strong, assertive tongue, flickering in between his lips, licking in and around his mouth. He could taste coffee and mint and warm, live flesh. At the same time, the hand at his ass tugged him closer and his hips bumped up against the tightly muscled legs he'd been so appreciative of. Yeah, he thought, it figured that the forceful hand matched the demanding - but oh, so delicious - kiss.

Duo released his own hand from the overhead strap and relaxed into the kissing. He pressed his mouth back on to the other man's, twisting himself as best he could to get a better angle. He slid his hand around the man's neck and pulled his head closer. The dark hair smelled of a musky shampoo, or maybe that was the guy himself.

They clung to each other like that for a moment or two, kissing in the dark with open mouths and greedy tongues, Duo anchored by a hand on the panelling, the other guy still holding the overhead strap. Then Duo shuffled half a step nearer and rubbed himself against the other groin. He waited for a growl of complaint, but none came. He was hot and horny and damned uncomfortable, his dick trapped in too small briefs and too tight jeans. He needed relief, and it was both fabulous and tormenting to press himself against something that felt just as rock hard, that was just as hot, and was swelling the front of the other guy's pants.

Duo moaned softly into the other mouth and felt an answering throb from the shaft pressed against his own. It was a very satisfying response. He bent his legs slightly and leant into the solid body in front of him, rubbing slowly against him. Then the lights in the carriage flickered and came on.

Oh fuck, Duo thought, in stifled horror. Their mouths slid apart, though the crush in the carriage still kept their bodies pressed together. He had another good glimpse of the handsome face, the striking features. He could see the glimmer of saliva on the other man's full lips and had to hold himself back from leaning forward again and licking it off. He glanced up and the blue eyes met his gaze, just as boldly as before. There was laughter in them, but there was also something much darker and much more determined. Duo thought that if pure lust ever found itself a pair of human eyes, it'd be a brother to that look.

He watched the man's tongue flicker out and moisten his lips. He saw the shape of his smile and a single word, mouthed silently at Duo. More.

Duo felt as if the floor shifted underneath him. Maybe it did, or maybe it was just those hot eyes and the increasingly impatient pressure at his butt. The man's fingers crawled into his back pocket, scrabbling for purchase on his cheek, tugging outwards so that Duo's buttocks peeled a little way apart inside his jeans. Duo felt his anal muscles flex and open briefly. Longingly.

The train rattled over an old joint and everyone around him grunted and stumbled. To Duo's surprise, the dark haired man let go of the overhead strap and grasped him round the waist. Before he could make any sound or query, Duo was twisted sideways so that his back was wedged up in the corner where the door met the panelling, and the other man was pressing into him with his own body, as if trying to meld into him. No-one could see the hand at his ass now, though it was still there; no-one could see that the man in front of him wasn't just wriggling to try to find a comfortable standing position in the crowded train. No, the man in front of him was actually licking at his neck, nipping with sharp, even teeth at his pulse. The man in front of him was rubbing a very thick arousal against Duo's own aching groin, up and down, zips catching and cloth creasing, up and down, again and again. The man... but then Duo abandoned coherent thought and started moving his hips to the same rhythm. He felt his chest tighten as if someone squeezed him, a tear of excitement welling out of the corner of his eye.

No-one saw that of course.

And then the lights went out again.

Duo thought he might be getting cramp in his left calf, but he ignored it. It had been a very long time since he'd been this excited - and an even longer time since he'd been this close to another man, let alone one as gorgeous and outrageous as this one. They both abandoned any attempt to hold on to anything in the carriage, and instead they wrapped their arms round each other. Duo slid his hands inside the leather jacket and grasped the warm, soft fabric of a work shirt. The man secured a hand at Duo's neck, tangling his fingers into the base of his braid, pulling his mouth in for a fierce, hungry, open mouthed kiss. His other hand tugged at Duo's belt in the small of his back, then slid over it and down into Duo's jeans. His fingers were rough against the smooth skin of Duo's ass but he didn't try to reach any further. Instead, he used the position to push Duo's hips forward, to grind against him even more aggressively. Duo shifted his right knee, letting it slip forward between the other man's legs, and they linked together more closely. They stood clutched together, hips rotating, groins rubbing.

Duo knew he was panting but he hoped the sound was hidden by the noise of the train. His head was spinning and he let it drop down on to the other man's broad shoulder. His cock was throbbing in his briefs, he could feel the damp heat of his excitement soaking the cotton at every thrust. Any second now he was going to be so very embarrassed and so very, very explosive, but he couldn't think straight, couldn't think whether there was a hope in hell of controlling it, couldn't think whether he had any intention of even trying...

The other man's lips were at his ear. One word was hissed again. "Close". Duo didn't know if it was question or plea, he just kept grinding his hips up against the delicious friction, wanting it, needing it. He felt the body against him shudder and suddenly tense. The man's fingers tightened in his hair, pulling it painfully. Duo gripped at the man's waist, trying to anchor himself, feeling the muscles tense across his belly. His mouth opened with shocked delight as his own climax uncoiled from deep in his gut and started to race greedily through his body and out of a dick that was far too swollen for anyone's comfort.

godohgodohgod... He wanted to cry out, he wanted to groan, he really liked to be vocal in sex. But this was something else, something secret, something wicked, something totally fantastic! His cock jerked in his briefs, still stroking against the other guy's groin, and his cum spat out, finding no place to go other than saturating his briefs.

A few moments passed while he waited for the world to stop spinning around him. His limbs were shaking; his groin felt warm and sticky. A dribble of cum was running down the inside of his thigh, dampening the seam of his jeans. The other guy was breathing heavily, his head bowed against Duo's torso, a much heavier weight than before. Duo realised that they were clinging to each other, and if it hadn't been for the press of bodies round them, they might already have sunk down on to the floor. He tried to steady his breathing; tried to feel his feet again.

The lights flickered gently; warningly.

The train was slowing down; they were approaching a station at last. The lights in the carriage burst back on and this time seemed much steadier. The end of the approaching platform came into sight and the train shuddered to a shaky halt.

People started shuffling towards the door, squeezing past Duo. The dark haired man was tugged away, caught up in the sea of bodies moving towards freedom. Duo clung to his corner of the carriage, his head whipping back and forth, desperately trying to keep contact with a man he knew nothing about except that he smelled of soft leather and illicit orgasm. Can't call him a stranger, can I? thought Duo, a little hysterically. But I don't even know his name. Then a familiar hand came out of the melee and grasped his arm.

There was a brief moment when their heads nodded back together. The full lips lingered at Duo's ear again. "Heero Yuy," the man murmured. Duo felt goose bumps spring up all down his back. Something was pushed into his sweaty palm and his lifeless fingers were folded carefully over it. Then the door opened and most of the travellers spilled out into the cold, fresh night air, chattering and complaining. Duo saw the dark head swallowed up in the midst of the crowd, the lean body carried along with everyone else towards the station exit.

He glanced at the notice board outside; saw that the station was only two stops away from his own destination.

He looked down and opened up his hand again. There was a small white business card there, with a cell number scribbled on the back.

The door hissed shut and the train hitched its way back up to speed, rumbling off towards his home.


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