Eyes On Me
by Enjeru

Disclaimer: I do not own the song "Eyes on Me". It is from the FFVIII soundtrack. I also do not own Gundam Wing. (Although I really wish I owned Heero and Duo) This is a warning. This fic contains yaoi. Do not read if you do not know what yaoi is. I am not about to explain it to you. Also do not read if you are a Relena fan. There is a bit of Relena bashing. Please excuse whatever misspelled words and bad grammar there is.

This occurs after the end of the war. Just pretend Endless Waltz never happened. Besides, I didn't even see it yet. The tapes are still on my shelf, untouched. The POV changes from time to time at the beginning. It starts in Duo's POV. Questions, C&C are welcome. Flames will only be squashed, deleted, eliminated and killed. As Heero would say, "Omae o korosu."

The war was finally over and done with. The Gundam pilots were dismissed from their duties and a chance for a normal life was given. But how could one lead a normal life after living one full of death for a full year? Trowa and Quatre certainly adjusted rather quickly and their relationship bloomed further than it ever could during the war. Wufei had joined the Preventers the second the war was over with Sally Po.

How would I be able to lead a so-called normal life? I could always go back to L2 with Hirde for a while. Then again, I wouldn't want to seem like I was leading her on. She's cute and all but she's more like a sister than a candidate for a girlfriend. Besides, I have my eyes set on a certain prussian eyed, brown haired ex-pilot.

I wonder if Heero ever noticed me at all. During the missions that we were paired together, all he would say to me was 'Omae o korosu' and then give me a glare. It was always the same thing over and over again. I don't know how much I could take if it went on any longer. Then, we were separated. I found myself longing for his presence even though you could barely tell he was in a room because he was so silent.

Woe is me, as they say. Of all the people I fall in love with, I had to fall in love with the supposedly emotionless 'perfect soldier'. I am probably last place in his heart anyway with Relena being first. It's obvious that she has feelings for him. Heero just doesn't acknowledge that fact. Each time she came, I found myself running back to my room. Actually our room, since we were bunking together. I just can't take the image of them together. It hurts too much.


The war is finally over. Why am I still alive? There is no place in a peaceful world for such a destructive soldier like myself. Oh yes, I keep myself alive because of a certain violet eyed, longhaired gundam pilot. I wasn't supposed to have any feelings for girls and much less guys and yet I found myself watching him when he turned away or paying more attention to his words rather than the mission.

The longhaired baka doesn't know what's he's done to me nor the power he wields. He thinks that I don't care about what he says. Not only do I pay attention to what he says, I listen to what he doesn't say as well. I have an idea that were I to tell him my feelings, he would probably accept me. But...

I don't deserve him. I could only sully that radiant smile that he has and his innocent soul. I doubt anyone would call Duo Maxwell innocent, but I do. Compared to myself, he is as innocent as a new born lamb. I was born to kill and trained by Odin Lowe ever since I was young. I was a human weapon made for destruction. How can anyone love a monster like me? Because of that, I am sure he will reject me. However cold I am, I still have feelings buried under my harsh exterior.

Besides would have a more satisfying relationship with Hirde. I saw the looks she gave him during the short time she was on the Peacemillion with us. I have been emotionless too long to change overnight although I would strive to change for him were he to accept me. But that wouldn't do. Duo has enough problems already. He doesn't need to deal with an emotionless perfect soldier in his life.

What problems? Nightmares, a lot of them. He never wakes up during the dreams but thrashes restlessly against the covers. My training told me to ignore him but what was left of my heart told me to comfort him. I had once been told that to lead a good life, one must follow his emotions. It was about time I followed that quote. Each and every night during his nightmares, I would slip under the covers with him and hold him until the worse went by. He seemed to be calmed by my presence so I continued to do so, slipping out long before Duo would wake up.


Heero hides under a mask of ice. I hide under a mask of smiles and jokes. But I could have sworn he smiled, albeit a small one, each time I laughed or gave a real smile. It was probably my imagination anyway. If I were to tell him how I felt during the war, he would probably say that a soldier does not need any attachments. It makes them weak. The war is over so I guess I could tell him.

That wouldn't do, though. If he rejects me, I don't think I could go on living a normal life without him. That is why I find myself becoming jealous of Trowa and Quatre. Maybe I should ask them for advice. Trowa's personality is almost the same as Heero's although he talked much more than Heero ever did.

I've caught him looking at me out of the corner of his eye several times. Does he have the same feelings I have for him? Probably not. I would only be deluding myself. This world has given me far too many deceitful lies and illusions. It would probably be best if I just left for L2 after leaving Quatre's mansion.

He had invited us for a one-month stay for recuperation. Trowa of course stayed, he was in no rush to go back to the circus. Wufei reluctantly agreed to the notion. And me, I of course stayed because they are the only friends I have other than Hirde and maybe Howard. Amazingly, Heero stayed as well. I wonder where he's going to go after this one-month is over. The only 'family' he has is Dr. J and I doubt that he's going to go back to him after what he had been through as a child.

Despite how dumb I may look, I am much smarter than I put on. I could easily compete with Heero for skills on computer hacking and such. I just choose not to let anyone know. I had hacked into his files and what I had saw shocked me to the core. How could anyone take a child and train them to hold a weapon and kill at such a young age? I had acquired most of my skills off the streets. If I didn't know how to fight, I would have been dead ages ago. A jovial voice knocked me out of my reverie. I turned.

"Duo-kun!" shouted Quatre, running towards him. Trowa was not far behind. They were attached to the hip these days. You rarely saw one without the other.

"What's up, Q?" Duo chirped, his jester mask in place once again.

"I heard a couple of kids our age talking about a club and I was wondering if..." Quatre began to stutter and the rest of the message was unclear.

"Quatre was wondering if you were interested in coming with us. We were planning on going there for a celebration of sorts since today is your last day here. Besides, the manager invited all of us," Trowa cut in. Duo's eyes widened. Trowa just said a mouthful!

His words finally registered into Duo's brain. Duo gave them a huge smile and glomped onto Quatre, letting go quickly when he saw the look Trowa gave him. The green-eyed boy wrapped a possessive arm around the smaller boy's waist. "Sugoi! I can't wa..." He stopped and then realized that he would be a third wheel if he went. "But I might something else to do. Maybe next time! We have all the time in the world, you know," Duo said, winking before running off.

If he couldn't have a relationship of his own, he would make sure that his friend's relationship worked.

"Chotto matte, Duo! Heero's coming with us, too!" Quatre yelled out after him. Duo stopped in his tracks. The blonde hid a knowing smirk in the crook of Trowa's neck, shoulders shaking slightly from a couple of stifled giggles.

"So, what do you say, Duo-kun. We're leaving at eight," Trowa said. He had more reign in the control of his expression but couldn't keep the smile out of his eyes.

"I'll get back to you on that. I haven't been clubbing in...well I haven't been clubbing in a long while!" Duo shouted before bouncing back towards the mansion. He ran straight to his room and flopped onto one of the beds. Out of habit, Heero had bunked with him. Trowa and Quatre had also done so as well but Duo had a hunch that one of the beds were going unused.

Heero raised an eyebrow at Duo's antics. He noticed his slightly flushed face and rapidly rising chest.

"Oi, Heero. I heard you were going to the club tonight with the guys," Duo chirped.

"Hn," he merely answered. With no more missions to occupy his time, he found himself wandering the halls more often as of late. Usually, he would be found in the library reading a book. What else could he do besides read? His computer laid closed next to him.

Duo used to Heero's toneless answers merely continued as usual. "Whatcha gonna wear?" he asked.

Heero looked down at his black spandex and green tank top. He then turned his gaze back on Duo, who somehow managed to understand his meaning. He found it slightly disconcerting that the braided boy could read him like a book. Thankfully, none of the others could.

"Don't tell me that you're wearing that ratty old thing!" Duo said exasperatingly.

"Fine, I won't," Heero replied. Duo pouted and then broke out in a huge grin. His eyes twinkled merrily. The ex-gundam pilot knew from experience that the look Duo was giving him meant the violet-eyed boy was up to something. And he was positive that that something had to do with him. He swallowed nervously. The last time Duo gave him that look, he had ended up with a massive headache for the entire week.

"Well, we'll just have to find something for you to wear. Come on, I'm taking you shopping!" Duo shouted before grabbing his wrist and dragging him out the door. By the time Heero could get his bearings, they were already in the garage.

The prussian eyed ex-pilot wrenched his wrist out of Duo's grasp and muttered a firmly intoned, "I'm not going."

"Onegai, for me...?" Duo whined. He put his clasped hands under his chin and gave him his 'I'm a poor orphan' look. He pouted and batted his eyelashes for good measure.

Heero glanced at him and that was all it took. He sighed mentally. Duo was too cute for his own good. "Fine," he ground out. Then again, it probably wouldn't be a bad idea. He was sure that Duo would fuss over him for the rest of the day. It would be nice to have someone concentrate on his appearance.

Trowa and Quatre waited at the front doors of the mansion for Duo and Heero. Wufei had politely declined, saying that he was just looking forward for a quiet time by himself. He had to catch up on a bit of reading. The blonde laid his head on Trowa's shoulder, dozing a bit. He felt more than heard Trowa's sudden intake of breath. Quatre looked up and felt his jaw drop down in shock.

Duo had his hair loose from its usual braid and had it tied up in a high ponytail reaching his waist. His slim legs were encased in a pair of skintight leather pants, which seemed to shimmer when he walked. He also had on a pair of black boots, which reached, to his knees. He had a black mesh shirt on. Over it was a billowing violet colored shirt the same color as his eyes, which had the first three buttons, unbuttoned. On his neck, face and eyelids was some shimmery substance. There were even a couple of shimmery streaks in his hair.

"So what do you think?" Duo asked, striking a pose. He laughed when he saw the looks Trowa and Quatre were giving him. Then Quatre gave him a puzzled look.

"Where's Heero?" he asked. Duo turned but didn't see the brown haired boy behind him. He scratched his head and muttered something along the lines of 'Thought he was right behind me' before starting back up the stairs.

"Heero! Come out!" Duo shouted. A loud 'NO' was his response. "You look perfectly fine to go clubbing!"

"This is the most idiotic thing you have made me do thus far," growled Heero.

"We're waiting! The limo is still outside but the chauffeur doesn't have a lot of patience!" shouted Quatre. Seconds later, Duo dragged out a cursing Heero.

Both Trowa's and Quatre's jaw dropped in shock yet again. The usually spandex clad pilot was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a black tank top. Over it was a dark blue silk shirt. What surprised the pair was the fact that Heero had on a long silver earring on his left ear with a crystal shaped blue stone the same color as his eyes at the end which nearly brushed his shoulder.

"I'm a genius don't you think? It took me hours! Especially just the bastard just wouldn't cooperate," Duo said. "I ran through all the jewelry stores when I found out that he had his ears pierced!" At this, Duo blushed a bit at the memory.

They were in one of the many stores at the mall. Heero had just gotten out of the changing room and was standing in front of the mirror while Duo inspected him. It was the umpteenth outfit the boy had picked out for the stoic soldier. It gave Duo plenty of excuses to touch him without getting whapped upside the head.

The braided boy was standing in front of Heero while he fixed the collar. He had his head arched to see the back of the collar. Subtly, Duo had inhaled the scent that was just simply Heero, some strange mixture of some exotic flower and gun powder that intoxicated his senses for some weird reason.

He found something weird about the pilot's ear and leaned in closer for a look. It was an ear hole! Who would have thought the perfect soldier would have his ears pierced?

"Done yet?" grunted Heero. Duo backed away and gave him a big grin. He looked like the cat that ate the canary and polished off several dishes of cream with none the wiser. Heero actually became apprehensive. "Why are you staring at me with the stupid grin on your face?"

"Why Heero, I believe you have just exceeded your twenty words per day limit!" Duo giggled. "Go change back. I think that is the outfit you're going clubbing in."

"KORE?!" Heero shouted. [1]

Everyone in the changing room stopped to stare at them who were sweatdropping. Duo had a hand behind his head and was laughing nervously. Realizing that there was nothing interesting, they resumed their activities. Duo wiped sweat off of his brow. "Lower your voice please."

"I am not going dressed like...like this!" he hissed lowly. Truthfully, he would have wore anything Duo told him to provided it was not something girly but he'd rather self-destruct than tell the baka that.

"Just go change," Duo sighed. Minutes later, Heero came out of the changing stall with the articles of clothing in hand. The prussian eyed boy was about to hand them back to the mall attendant when Duo snatched them out of his grasp and ran to the cashier to pay for them. Not wanting to cause a scene, Heero calmly walked out but was too late to prevent Duo from paying. He had already bought them.

Duo's eyes lit up and he bounded over to him. "You paid," he said flatly.

"Yup and you can't do a thing about it because they were on sale and you can't return 'em. Now, let's see, where else do we have to go. Oh, yeah!" Duo said to himself. His back was to Heero and he could fell those eyes trying to bore into his skull. He turned suddenly and kissed a shocked Heero chastely on the lips before dragging the shocked boy off to another store. "Now we've got to get you an earring to match your outfit."

Heero remained in a daze for the rest of the trip at the mall. By the time they got back, he seemed to have forgotten about the kiss.

"Omae o korosu," Heero growled. [2]

"You always say that! Well, shall we go?" Duo asked impatiently. Quatre laughed and they all stepped out for one carefree night. They arrived at the club several minutes later. The guy at the door recognized Quatre and merely let them in.

Music played loudly over the speakers as a disco ball cast multicolored light upon the bodies on the dance floor. White mist swirled around their feet from a hidden fog machine in the building. They walked over to the table reserved for them and called out for drinks. Duo, who was tapping in time with the music, finally got out of his chair after he finished his drink half an hour later and made his way to the dance floor.

Summoning all the skill he used to have, his body gyrated in time with the music, seemingly like a professional dancer. He danced better than any of the others on the dance floor with grace that seemed to make up his entire being.

Heero's fašade shattered as he stared in shock at the lithe body plastered between several others. Duo had his eyes closed as he swayed with the music and could not see the sudden hunger in the prussian eyes. Having had a couple of glasses of wine probably didn't help one bit at all.

As if in a trance, he made his way towards the chestnut haired beauty. The crowd seemed to have parted like the Red Sea, making a path straight towards Duo. Plastering himself to Duo's back, he wrapped one arm around his chest with the other splayed across his abdomen.

Duo closed his eyes and let his body do the moving. The music was around him and yet also within him as he danced. He felt someone press against him but was not surprised. In a club as popular as this, you could not dance without someone touching you. However, he knew that it was someone he was familiar with when he felt an arm wrap around his chest. A familiar scent made its way to his nostrils and he identified the person to be Heero.

He turned in the embrace and gave Heero one of his heart stopping smiles. He weaved his arms around Heero's shoulders and pulled him closer until their hips locked together. As one, they moved to the beat of the music, their steps synchronizing beautifully. Nobody noticed that they were a same gender pair since there were several of those all around the club. (Besides, with the dark lighting in there, they all thought Duo was a girl because of the long hair and large eyes.)

The fast beat song slowed to a stop and the tempo slowed. The amethyst-eyed boy sighed and detached himself from Heero's embrace. "This is a slow song. You have to dance this one with a girl."

"Who says?" Heero replied. Duo shrugged.

"Hey, there's Relena. Never thought her to be the clubbing type," Duo said as he waved to the blonde. He was sure he was doing Heero a favor by getting the girl's attention. In actuality, Heero was growling.

Of all the lousy luck. What the hell is she doing here? Doesn't she have an entire kingdom to run? "Get down," he growled, pulling Duo's hand down. It was too late. Relena had spotted him. Heero was not looking forward to listening to her inane chatter.

"Hello, Heero. Do you want to dance?" she asked.

"No," he nearly snarled before pulling Duo after him back to the table.

"H-Hey, s-slow down will ya?" Duo said, half stumbling after Heero. His anger was forgotten by the sight that greeted them.

Quatre was sitting on Trowa's lap. But that wasn't all. He was also giving the tall pilot the hottest French kiss Duo had ever seen in his life. One minute passed and still they showed no signs of backing away from each other. Duo gently tugged Heero away from the couple to leave them in piece.

Heero managed to find an empty table and sat Duo down in one of the chairs. The silence between them was deafening even with the loud music in the background. It was a battle of wills, who would speak first. Of course, Duo being the most talkative of the pair did. "Are you angry with me? I thought you would want to dance with Relena-san," Duo said quietly, his head bent down in embarrassment.

"No I did not. Relena and I have no relationship with each other. She reminded me of someone I knew a long time ago," Heero said. In his mind, a memory of a little blonde haired girl with wide innocent amethyst eyes and a puppy looked at him. 'Niisan, are you lost?' He shook his head mentally.

"Oh," Duo simply said. The silence stretched on. The music changed from a slow tempo back into a fast one.

Heero waved a waitress over and ordered two martinis. She took the order and left, but not without winking at Duo who turned red. Meanwhile, Relena was making her way over to the table.

How dare he walk away from me? Who was that girl with him? I didn't see Duo anywhere so I guess the idiot must be somewhere else. From day one, I already thought there was something bad about him. Why would you be with a person who shot at you, twice! were Relena's main thoughts. She failed to acknowledge the fact that if Duo hadn't been there, she wouldn't have lived so long.

"Heero! I've been looking all over for you!" she exclaimed, a little breathless from making her way through the crowd. The waitress took that moment to arrive with their drinks.

"Enjoy," she said to the both of them. To Duo, she said, "He's a looker. Keep a good grip on him."

Duo turned red again. I wonder how much more I can blush before my face overheats and blows up? he thought idly. Maybe I should leave the two of them alone. Heero doesn't like expressing his feelings to the world so he could be masking the attraction for all I know. "Well, Heero. I'll leave the two of you alone. I'll go check on Q and Tro," Duo said, plastering on a smile and grabbing his drink.

"Matsu!" Heero yelled. It was too late, Duo had already disappeared into the crowd. "Do you want to dance Heero? That girl obviously left you," Relena stated.

"No I do not want to dance. Get it through your head, I do not like you," he growled.

"B-But you saved me. You h-have to have feelings for me," she stuttered, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"You were imperative for the peace of the Earth. Now, if you would excuse me, I need to go after someone," he said, stalking after Duo.

He reached their table where Quatre and Trowa were still at it, oblivious to everything but themselves. The music around him stopped and all stood silent. A man walked up to the stage up front and turned on the microphone.

"Are you all enjoying yourselves?" he said. All answered yes to his question. "As all the regulars here know, we always have a contest at this hour. A few of you have already signed up. Today's prize is an all expenses paid cruise to New Hawaii. For those of you who want to sign up for this singing competition, please do so now," he said before stepping backstage.

Minutes later, a singer stepped up onto the platform. Person after person, male and female alike sang to try to win the grand prize. The man stepped onto the platform once again. "Well folks, we have one more competitor before we choose the winner. This person has requested for us to dim the lights so please make sure that your belongs are secure."

The mysterious figure stepped up, his/her face covered in shadows. The soft trills of the music began and the person began to sing.

**Whenever sang my songs,**
**On the stage, on my own.**
**Whenever said my words,**
**Wishing they would be heard.**

**I saw you smiling at me,**
**Was it real, or just my fantasy?**
**You'd always be there in the corner,**
**Of this tiny little bar.**

Heero's eyes widened. He knew that voice. Could it be Duo? He listened closely to the words of the song. His mind began scrolling through memories. The braided boys draping his arms around him while he was finishing up a mission report. Duo pouting and walking away to read some manga he bought, never seeing the small smile that had crept up to Heero's face.

**My last night here for you,**
**Same old songs, just once more.**
**My last night here with you?**
**Maybe yes, Maybe no.**

Quatre's invitation at his mansion was nearly over. Afterwards, the pilots would go off to their own paths. Heero had a hunch that Trowa would be staying around for a long time. Wufei would go back to the Preventers while he...where will he go? With the amount of money he had wired off of OZ in numerous accounts, he could go anywhere he wanted. (Hey, he had to pay for the ammunition even if you fixed your suit yourself.) Most importantly, where would Duo go after this?

**I kind of liked it your way,**
**How you shyly placed your eyes on me.**
**Oh, did you ever know,**
**That I had mine on you?**

**Darling, so there you are,**
**With that look on your face.**
**As if you're never hurt,**
**As if you're never down.**

He knew more than anyone that his aloofness hurt Duo. But he could not have any distractions during the war. As much as he liked to be with the beautiful boy, Heero's training was too ingrained into his mind. After the war, he could throw all that away and if he could gather up his courage, confess to Duo.

**Shall I be the one for you,**
**Who pinches you softly but sure,**
**If frown is shown, then**
**I will know that you are no dreamer.**

**So let me come to you,**
**Close as I want to be.**
**Close enough for me,**
**To feel your heart beating fast.**

"Are you trying to tell me something Duo?" Heero whispered to himself.

**And stay there as I whisper,**
**How I loved your peaceful eyes on me.**
**Did you ever know,**
**That I had mine on you?**

That line was entirely true. More often then not, when they were bunking together on a mission, he would see Duo looking at him from the reflection on the black screen of his computer. Heero was tempted many times to ease the sadness from them.

**Darling, so share with me,**
**Your love if you have enough,**
**Your tears if you're holding back,**
**Of pain if that's what it is.**

Could he even feel pain anymore, much less love? Through his entire training, emotions were the first to go. Was he capable of letting go that part of his life? Yes, yes he could. For Duo, he did and he will. He would take on the most dangerous mission in his life, tell the light of his life his feelings.

**How can I let you know,**
**I'm more than the dress and the voice.**
**Just reach me out then,**
**You will know that you're not dreaming.**

**Darling, so there you are,**
**With that look on your face.**
**As if you're never hurt,**
**As if you're never down.**

**Shall I be the one for you,**
**Who pinches you softly but sure,**
**If frown is shown, then**
**I will know that you are no dreamer.**

The last notes of the song faded out, leaving the club devoid of any sound after the magick the singer seemed to weave. Moments passed as no one wanted to break the spell. Finally, someone got the courage to start clapping. One by one, the applause rose in volume as the people showed their appreciation. The man came back out.

"I'm guessing that this last person should win, right?" he said. The crowd yelled out a big yes. He gave a light laugh and handed the last singer the prize, face still shrouded in shadow. That figure merely took the packet and walked backstage. Dance music was put on once again.

Heero wondered momentarily about the identity of the singer but remembered that he had to find Duo first. Today was probably the last chance he would ever get with the braided boy. Weaving around crowd, he idly wished that he were taller so he could see over the heads of the people.

A flash of violet caught his eye and he made his way in that direction. He found Duo between two other people, dancing, one male, and the other female. Duo had his eyes closed but as if he could sense Heero's presence, he opened them. He detached himself from the two dancers and made his way in Heero's direction.

"Where were you?" Heero asked.

"Here and there, why? You missed me?" Duo smiled. It didn't quite reach his eyes so Heero instantly knew something was wrong. A slow song chose that moment to play. Gathering up his courage, Heero grabbed Duo's hand and led him to the middle of the dance floor.

"Dance with me," he said sternly, crushing the smaller boy to his chest. Duo 'eeped' as the air rushed through his lungs. "Why did you run away before?"

"Didn't you want some private time with the Queen of the World?" he asked. Seeing that there was no escape, Duo decided to surrender to the inevitable. He threaded his arms around Heero's shoulders and clasped them behind his neck.

"I told you that I have no relationship with her. You seem to disappear a lot whenever she's around," Heero said.

"I...don't like seeing her with you," Duo admitted. He allowed himself to lay his head down on Heero's shoulder and closed his eyes.

"Doshite?" [3]

"I..." Duo said, for once not having the right words to say.

"Doshite?" Heero asked again.

"Damn you, Heero Yuy. Are you so obliv..mmph." Duo's words were interrupted by a passionate kiss from none other than the 'perfect soldier' himself.

"Something along those lines?" Heero said, slightly breathless from the kiss. A slight nod answered his question.

"What was that for anyway?" Duo asked softly. He needed the reassurance that he wasn't reading too deeply into the kiss.

"Aishiteru, Duo," Heero whispered, finally voicing his buried feelings for the cheerful, upbeat boy. He buried his face into the soft chestnut waves and wrapped a possessive hand around the end. [4]

"Don't joke with me Heero. I don't like jokes about my feelings. I know you and Relena..."

"Have nothing to do with each other. The girl merely thinks that I have feelings for her. As you can see, she's very persistent," Heero said.

"Hn, she's the mother of persistence," Duo snorted, then seriously added, "Are you serious about this Heero? I'll accept no less than your word and I know you never break promises. Not intentionally." Duo backed a little away from Heero to look him straight in the eye.

"As serious as I'll ever be hatsukoi[5]," Heero said, tilting Duo's head up, love shining plainly in his eyes. That look proved the truth of his words. With a strangled gasp of happiness, Duo tightened his grasp and buried his head in the crook of Heero's shoulder.

"I love you, you know that?" he murmured.

"Now I do," Heero answered. He lowered his head to capture Duo's lips with his own while still swaying to the slow paced song in the background. They stayed that way, oblivious to the fact that a faster song had started.


-This?! Even perfect soldiers can become surprised. Hey, Heero did say that he was going to throw away his training.
-Famous words to live by. What's with Cartoon Network's "I will destroy you" bit? That is the reason why I record the uncut versions. So much better. (And bloodier. *Duo's maniacal laughter is heard*)
-I have read many GWfics and Heero always seem to go for the braid. Wonder why?
-first love

Note from Cynthia: This has to be one of my favorite GW fics. And I agree with the Cartoon Network bashing! What have they done to my poor Duo!