Falling In
by Violaine

~ blah ~ indicates song lyrics.
The quoted song is called "Falling In", by Tapping The Vein.

~ I realize this is one man's sin,
but I can't deny that you're pulling me in.
You've found a way to get inside my head. ~

Perfect toes on perfect pink little feet crept up the hallway from an opened door. Each step was placed more carefully than the last, on nothing but the tips of those perfect pale toes. The floor didn't protest, no creaks were heard. In fact, the only noises that could be heard was the thumping of poor Quatre's heart... and Heero's quiet moaning.

Silken lids fell over those aquamarine eyes slowly as Quatre stopped to take a breath. He placed a thin hand over his face and slid the other down his pink nightshirt... over his chest, down his washboard stomach, past his navel... on to an obscenely hard penis, purple with pain and passion, that jutted out angrily from underneath the hem of the blonde's silken shirt. No pants, no boxers, no socks, no shoes. With the soft night time light filtering in from the hallway window, the Arabian pilot was the cherubic epitome of delicious sin, erection grasped in his hand, weeping hot liquid sugar from the tip as he tried futilely not to stroke it. Two more steps and he was there.

Quatre licked his lips after removing his hand from his face and sighed very quietly, almost silently. One final desperate tug at his cock gave way to another sigh, which was actually the noise of him suppressing a painful moan. He'd been hard for almost an hour, waiting for that first sound from the room down the hallway. Heero's room.

The door to the room was left cracked, as always, which at first startled Quatre. But now that was the single most important and heavenly blessing in the world to him. Just the Japanese boy's moaning would be more than enough to sate the blonde, but the sight of The Perfect Soldier fucking himself was just that much more sweet. Maybe sweet wasn't the word, but Quatre didn't care. He leaned against the door jamb and squinted a bit as his eyes adjusted to the darkness in Heero's room, just as he did every night for the past two weeks.

~ And yes, I'm gonna know better than to sleep with you,
but at the same time I've got this need to feel you.
Let me put my hands all over you ~

There he was, shuddering lightly against the mattress on his bed, completely nude. Dark locks of wild hair slide over his forehead as errant strands clung to the light sheen of sweat on his skin. Quatre grimaced in pleasure as he touched his own erection again, moving his eyes over Heero's body. Yuy's left hand pinched and teased at his left nipple rather hard, and the muscles in his stomach tensed as his right hand moved at an oddly slow, agonizing pace over his cock. He licked his thin lips before another soft moan came from them, torturing the Arabian spy at the door. Quatre slid his own left hand under the nightshirt to tweak his nipple, just as Heero was doing. He wanted nothing more than to step into the room and take Heero for himself, in a delirious swirl of pleasure and sound. The need ached and pulled at him like a rodent gnawing it's way through wood.

Heero looked like a giant cat, lost in arousal and desire. He bit his bottom lip to silence another moan as his fingers moved over the head of his cock, back arching off the bed to meet his strokes. Muscles contracted beautifully all over his body; muscles Quatre didn't even know existed. It was all too much. Two weeks of watching and hoping, waiting and masturbating... it was starting to get to him. Heero moaned a bit louder this time and tightened his grip not only on the nipple between his fingers, but on his penis as well as he sped up his pace. Quatre knew Heero was close, and Quatre himself was beyond holding back. With a harsh moan the angelic aqua-eyed boy leaned against the door and stepped into the room, making his presence known.

~ I feel I'm falling in... ~

Before any words could spill from Quatre's mouth, Heero was sitting upright, the gun from off his bedside table pointed toward the door, directly at his head. None of it mattered to the angel. He stood, undaunted, and rested his piercing eyes upon Heero's as his delicate fingers brushed over the tip of his own hardness.

"Please... oh gods please, Heero, let me. Let me touch you. Let me finish the rest. Don't say no," whispered Quatre. He reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it over his head.

Heero blinked. Once, twice, three times. His grip on his gun became lax, and if his cock had lost any of it's erection when the little sneak burst through the door, it was now restored upon seeing Quatre's trembling naked body. Wait, check that... Quatre's trembling naked body that was now moving toward him. Heero could do nothing but watch in sheer awe as the light from the doorway played over every line of luscious flesh Quatre owned. A generous rock hard erection bobbed slightly with every footstep he took. Thin hips swayed across the room to Heero's bed, where he still sat, dumbfounded. The gun clattered to the floor loudly and Quatre kicked it aside gently as he looked down at the object of his weeks of lust.

~ And if I threw you off, I didn't intend to.
I'm just wondering do you feel me too?
And you've no idea what I'd do to you,
do you? Do you? Well, I do. ~

Five long fingers reached out to caress Heero's cheek, and were met with a flutter of eyelids and a shiver at their touch. Heero gasped and looked back up at Quatre with half-lidded, sexy cobalt eyes. A look of confusion passed over his face as this heavenly manifestation of sin slid a knee up to rest on Heero's bed.

"Let me," repeated Quatre, "I have so many devilish things I'd like to do to you. Just let me." The aqua orbs suddenly took on a somewhat evil glare, though it was clearly saturated with desire as well. He brought his other knee up onto the bed to kneel there. He knew he was at Heero's mercy. The boy could easily push him away, hit him, or something worse. But Quatre didn't care. He could get over rejection, he just knew he'd regret it for the rest of his life if he didn't try.

Heero swallowed hard. He'd tried for quite a while to tear his gaze away from the Arabian's eyes, and when he finally managed to, his stare had settled on the cock directly in front of his face. Mere inches from his mouth. He cleared his throat and started to speak, but no words came out. Suddenly he raised a hand and reached it out to the protuberance bobbing in the air in front of him... but he stopped short, as if he realized what he was doing. Cobalt eyes snapped up to look at Quatre, who had a finger in his mouth, suckling and licking at it seductively.

"Why? Quatre, I..." Heero stumbled for words, but it was more than obvious to Quatre he was hungry. Hungry for him.

~ Come lie with me and then let me touch you for hours on end.
I'll steal a little piece of happiness. ~

The finger being so languidly caressed in Quatre's velvet mouth was pulled out and placed vertically over Heero's lips, wet and glistening from his saliva. Heero jumped a bit at the touch, and met Quatre's gaze. For the first time ever Quatre saw a soft emotion in Heero's eyes. He looked like a lost puppy, one begging for food on a cold night.

"Shh," implored the blonde, as the finger that rested upon the Japanese pilot's lips requested entrance to his mouth. Heero parted his lips and blinked out a look that almost requested permission. Then in a sharp, quick move, Quatre found his finger being ravaged by a hot tongue, completely enveloped in a delicious wet heat. He tilted his head back and moaned softly as another tiny pearl of liquid formed at the head of his engorged erection.

Heero opened his eyes and groaned upon hearing the angel's response to his mouth when he noticed the neglected angry organ in front of him, begging for attention. Heero pushed Quatre's finger out of his mouth with his tongue, but before any complaints could be voiced, a loud groan echoed throughout the room as that same tongue found it's way to the head of Quatre's cock. Heero moaned as he covered the head of it with his mouth, and only the head. He swirled his tongue over and over the bulbous tip, delving into the tiny slit momentarily, and teasing the ridge with his teeth. Quatre whined and gritted his teeth, taking all the self control he had to reach down and pull Heero away by the hair.

~ And yes, I ought to know better and I thought it through, but I can't shake the need to please you.
Tell me what you need, I'll give it to you. ~

Quatre pressed his nimble fingertips in a circle on Heero's chest, pushing him down onto the bed, never moving his eyes from the confused cobalt stare he was receiving. Once his lovely Perfect Soldier was lying back on the pillows, the blonde slid his fingers down Heero's chest and stomach. Quatre spread Heero's legs gently and placed himself between the muscular limbs, kneading them softly as he dipped his head between them to run a hot tongue up the underside of his length, watching him all the while.

Heero arched off the bed and groaned out loud as he watched this innocent yet evil creature tease him mercilessly. The room spun around him already, but was brought to a dead halt as he focused in on the sight of his cock disappearing into the mouth of a cherub.

"Oh, fuuuuuck, Quatre... Quatre..." Heero gasped, as he ran his fingers through golden locks he was sure were made of pure silk.

Quatre didn't stop until Heero's entire length was swallowed into his tiny heart shaped mouth, and down the back of his throat. Then he let out the most erotic rumbling moan, used purposely to drive his victim wild. And drive him wild it did. Heero grasped a fistful of Quatre's hair and raised his muscular globes of flesh off the bed, bucking his hips into his face wildly, moaning and whimpering like a cat in heat.

"Quatre... why... oh god, Quatre, unnnh.... I'm gonna...."

The blonde smiled to himself and moaned again, sending vibrations through Heero's body, then sucked just a bit harder at the hard flesh in his mouth as be bobbed his little head up and down. The well developed muscles in Heero's stomach tightened up seconds before his hot life spilled down Quatre's waiting throat, ripping a scream from Heero that had surely woken the whole house... had anyone been home.

~ I feel I'm falling in... ~

Quatre has swallowed every last drop hungrily before moving his mouth off Heero's STILL erect penis, and down to the satiny sac below. He gently and silently took one sphere into his mouth and swirled a pliant tongue over it, eliciting another moan from the beautiful asian beneath him, who was now trying to sit up again.

"Why," Heero whispered. He was now propped up on his elbows, looking down at Quatre. Their eyes met and Quatre released the treasure in his mouth softly before nuzzling his way up to Heero's neck. His hot tongue darted out and licked over the skin at the crook of the perfect neck. Finally Quatre moved on top of Heero, lips only inches away from his.

"Because you're magnificent... in every way imaginable. I've watched you masturbate every night for two weeks, and I've done it right along with you, dreaming that it was your hands on my body. Now give up and let me fuck you, Heero Yuy. I want you," replied Quatre breathlessly before sucking Heero's lips into his mouth. The Japanese pilot opened his mouth eagerly and their tongues met in a clash of passion, fighting against each other, trying to claim the most for themselves.

~ And if I threw you off, I didn't intend to.
I just wanna know, do you feel it too?
Do you wanna know what I'd do to you?
Do you? Do you? Well sure you do. ~

The kiss was seamless, and seemed to go on for eons as nipples were pinches, asses were grabbed, backs were scratched by short nails. Quatre made certain Heero was doing nothing but lying back and enjoying as he made his way to one pebble hard brown nipple, nipping at it with his teeth, and causing Heero to vault his back off the bed again. He assaulted the strained flesh for minutes before reaching over to the dresser to grab the lotion Heero was obviously using before Quatre had entered.

Slowly the blonde pilot rose to kneel between Heero's legs and poured a generous amount of the thick cream onto his right hand. Methodically and teasingly, that hand came down to his own cock, purple with rage and passion, and he began to slowly stroke it, covering it entirely in the white concoction. Heero bit his lip and moaned, now touching his own erection as he watched. Quatre slapped his hand away playfully and finally slid a well moistened finger down the dark crevice and into the tight tunnel that Quatre would soon fuck.

Yuy turned his head to the side and gripped the pillow underneath his head, pulling at it wildly. His breaths became labored and loud as the intruding finger pushed farther inside, then another, and a third. Quatre leaned down and licked his way up Heero's stomach, moving the digits in and out of his ass slowly before sharply pushing them in deeper, and at an angle, hitting that sweet spot. Just as soon as Heero screamed out in pleasure, the fingers were gone. The tip of Quatre's erection requested entrance to the same tunnel, and pressed against that tight pucker of flesh as his tongue found it's way into Heero's mouth.

~ And if I threw you off, I didn't intend to.
I'm just wondering do you feel me too?
And you've no idea what I'd do to you, do you?
Do you? Do you? ~

Quatre slid his arms under Heero's back and gripped his shoulders, pulling his body down, impaling the Japanese beauty on the Arabian's cock. Heero screamed into Quatre's mouth, but all sound was lost as he pulled out again and massaged his tongue with his own. Slow strokes made way into more fevered ones, and Quatre's mouth never left Heero's. Heero spread his legs even farther and started to buck his slender hips against the blonde's stomach, his erection pressed between flesh. Moan after moan assaulted Quatre's tongue when he finally released one of Heero's shoulders to slide it between their bodies.

Heero gasped and broke free of the bruising kiss, moaning under the 'innocent' one. Tears of pure pleasure were welling up in his eyes, much to the surprise of Quatre.

"Please... unnnh... Quatre, harder. Fuck me...." pleaded Heero

Quatre obliged and grasped Heero's penis, synching up the strokes of his hips with the strokes of his hands. Aqua eyes drilled into cobalt ones, and The owner of the aqua ones finally started to let himself go. Whines and whimpers, loud ones at that, came from that precious mouth, and his eyes fluttered closed. Drunk on the sound of his new lover, Heero moaned loudly and spilled himself all over Quatre's little hand and between their bodies. Seconds later Quatre bucked into Heero one last hard time, groaning Heero's name as he came, hot and salty inside the asian.

~ Didn't mean to offend you,
I'm just wondering do you feel it too?
I wanna know do you want me too?
Now do you? Do you?
Well, maybe you do. ~


The sated blonde looked up at Heero to find that damn gun pointed directly between his eyes.

"If you wait that long again, I'll make good on my usual threat."

Heero smirked and Quatre giggled, both happy to have found the other's fantasy.