MEME : Chapter One
by Fancyfigures

Somewhere between floors 3 and 4, the elevator started to shudder and the lights flickered. Shortly afterwards, it lurched to a halt, the light sputtering a final time, and then extinguishing completely. In the sudden darkness, the two travellers grunted with surprise.

The young man with the long braid groaned. The takeout coffee in his hand hissed some escaped steam into the air. He muttered something about a computer with a processor the size of a planet that couldn’t even move a frigging elevator.

The dark-haired man beside him was calmer. A batch of letters in his hand whispered softly in the relative silence, as if he were rifling through them.

“ – the fuck you doing?” hissed the braided man. His voice was tense, the air chilly in the dimly lit enclosure. “We’re stuck, aren’t we? This is the last time I go with you in the elevator to fetch the mail. God knows why there’s always so much, anyway. All that nosing round the net, buying little geeky gadgets. You must get some kind of high on licking the stamps.”

“As far as I remember it, you insisted on coming along, to go to the store,” came the unfazed reply. “Something about the horrors of caffeine withdrawal if you didn’t have a double espresso within the next four minutes.” He lifted one of the envelopes up and peered at the address. “Guess that’s your drug of choice, eh?” It sounded like a familiar argument.

The other man snorted, stamping his feet restlessly, as if it might provoke the elevator into moving again. “Whatever. How can you read in this light? Where’s the alarm button?” He stumbled slightly against his companion, searching for the control plate, his complaints continuing. “Cooped up in this damned apartment for months on end until the Big Important Guys bother to tell us where we’re headed next, no wonder we’re so frigging fractious, nothing but a tiny grocery store for blocks around, no entertainment except for frigging computer games and frigging internet journal memes…”

Now the dark haired man became even more still, tilting his head as if he were listening more closely. He chuckled, softly. “You’re the one who introduced us all to those games, Duo.”

“So maybe you can find something amusing in all this,” grumbled his housemate, oblivious to the sudden increase in tension. “Your mail, your joke, your –“ His words were cut off abruptly as a strong hand propelled him back against the wall of the elevator, the coffee container flying out of his hand and thudding to the thin lino. He collided with the panelling, his breath expelled in a soft, surprised grunt. “Heero! Hey, we’ve all got personal space issues in here, y’know –“

“Shut up!” Heero’s voice echoed sharply. “I’m damned tired of your sarcasm, your relentless messing about. Now you’re to shut that smart mouth and do just what you’re told.”

Duo gulped.

“Drop your pants.”

Duo stared. His eyes were wide and shining in the dark. “Kind of brusque technique, Heero. I’m not that kind of guy.”

“Yes you are.” Heero slipped open the button of his own collar and took a deep breath. The taut skin at his throat shivered. He placed one hand either side of Duo’s shoulders, then he pressed up against his body and murmured into his ear. “I know just what kind of guy you are. I’m taking you – and now. Here. No questions.”

Duo blinked rapidly. He opened his mouth, but no words came out. That was partly because Heero pressed even more closely against him and thrust his tongue into his mouth, kissing him with a fierce aggression. Maybe the sudden pressure between his legs also reminded him that it’d been way too long since he’d last had such an offer.

Heero’s mouth slipped sideways, saliva trailing across his lower lip, nipping at Duo’s jaw. His dark blue eyes glinted in the confined space. No questions, he’d said. Did Duo still want to argue?

Duo didn’t. He growled with anticipation. His hands scrabbled at his waist, and his jeans – already loose and worn low on his hips – dropped to his ankles with a crumpling swish. He didn’t wear underwear. Heero knew that. Everyone knew that.

Heero hissed with satisfaction. “Turn around.”

For the first time, Duo’s eyes flashed some kind of protest. “It’s not your turn –“


Duo felt the pressure on his elbow even as he turned voluntarily. Some dark desire shuddered through his body and his cock swelled with sudden need. His chest pressed against the wall, his tee shirt twisted awkwardly up under his armpits, his body bared from navel to calves.

Heero unzipped, the body in front of him jerking in response to the sound, sharp in the cool air. He gripped Duo’s hips firmly, nudging the braid out of the way and pulling the other man’s lower body back out from the wall. His foot between Duo’s legs spread them further. Underneath him, Duo dropped his head. He was panting – Heero knew he was concentrating on his breath to relax his muscles.

“You want it,” hissed Heero. He ran a damp finger between Duo’s buttocks, probing for the entrance.

Fuck, yeah, thought Duo, not sure if it had been a question in the first place. “Yes,” he whispered aloud. Something familiar sparked along his nerves: something about the exposed position made his dick ache with the fiercest need. Yet they’d never done this before – fuck, he’d never done this before, not in an elevator, not with such impatience, not for such an aggressive demand ... then Heero pressed steadily into him, his cock thick and wet only from sweat, saliva and his own excitement. Duo whimpered, his concentration needed for far more than his sexual resume.

They didn’t speak again for a while, their energy used on a more physical exercise. Heero’s body was hot through his clothes, pressed down on Duo’s back. The muscles in his legs were taut, and his hands gripped around Duo’s torso, holding the pair of them together as he thrust in and out of him. The half empty coffee container rolled against his foot once and he impatiently kicked it away.

The mechanism of the elevator creaked under their exertions, suspended between floors. Duo felt as if the walls rocked with their movement. He wondered hysterically whether it’d suddenly lurch into movement again, that they’d start to climb back up to the next platform, that the door would slide open on a bunch of tenants waiting for transport, tempers frayed, eyes wide at the sight of two half-naked guys fucking enthusiastically against the useless alarm panel –

He moaned as the need coiled in his belly, growling for satisfaction. Heero was grunting against his ear, the skin of his hips wet with sweat, slapping against Duo’s ass, his thrusts getting more shallow, more desperate. The open zip of his jeans scraped along the back of Duo’s thigh each time his legs bent against him. Duo pulled a hand from the wall, shifting his weight slightly to keep himself stable, and curled it round his own dick to pump himself to completion.

They came almost together, Heero’s fingers bruising into Duo’s flesh, Duo’s muted cry of orgasm drawn out and agonised. Heero’s body crushed Duo’s forwards up against the wall, and Duo reached back to grab at him, hand sticky with cum. They were both breathing very harshly, their limbs shaking with tension and effort.

Fuck,” breathed Duo. “That was as good as I – “ he paused. “Good. Yeah.”

Heero nodded against him, his hair brushing Duo’s neck. He pulled back, wriggling himself out of Duo, his skin tickled by the slippery trails of cum that clung to his hairs. The elevator was warm now, smelling faintly of sweat, cum and spilt, sugary espresso.

“How did you know?” whispered Duo, speaking aloud but to himself, shaking his head with happy exhaustion and something like amazement. “Just how the fuck did you know…?”

Behind him, Heero smiled, tiredly.

It was another ten minutes before the lights came on and the elevator wheezed back into action.

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