MEME : Chapter Two
by Fancyfigures

Trowa paused at the kitchen table and picked up the dirty plates and cup there. Duo had been snacking again. Pancakes … golden maple syrup … fruit. There were bottles still left open, paper napkins scrunched up, dirty cutlery lying loose. There was mess everywhere. It was late at night, but guys like Duo obviously worked to their own refreshment timetable.

“Leave it,” came a slow voice from the doorway. “It’s not important.”

Trowa smiled, wryly. He didn’t need to turn round to know who was there. “To you, Duo, no. To me, this could do with some clearing up. It’s bad enough, stuck here without any proper mission orders, getting under each other’s feet, without living in a rubbish tip as well.” He knew he sounded petty, but everyone’s conversation sounded a bit like that nowadays. There were too many arguments, too many irritations. They were like caged beasts, needing some kind of outlet.

Duo stepped into the room, in full sight. He was wearing nothing but a pair of sweats. The hair on his forehead was damp, as if he’d just come out of the shower - a stray droplet of water ran into the hollow at the bottom of his neck. The expression on his face was quizzical. “You’re up late. Everyone else is in bed.”

Towa shrugged. He stacked the plates beside the sink, though he didn’t run any water to wash them. “Can’t sleep. Wufei’s snoring gets worse every night, I can hear it right along the corridor.”

Duo grinned. “Me too. I just thought I’d do some surfing on the net, relax myself. This place gets pretty …”

“Boring,” nodded Trowa.

Duo took another step nearer him. “Frustrating, I’d say.”

Trowa flushed: he wasn’t too sure why he suddenly felt uneasy. “So what have you been looking at?”

Duo bit his lip. “The usual stuff. You know. Just for amusement.”

“Like we all do …”

Duo stepped up next to the table. He put one hand on it as if to steady himself, looking down, his smile rather slow and secret. “Not recipes, Tro. That’s your favourite pastime, eh? Sharing ingredients with the hungry net community, mixing up whatever you need … but then I guess we all need something to take our minds off the boredom –“

“ – frustration,” Trowa had joined in before Duo had finished, and they looked up and grinned at each other. “There’ll be some instructions soon, I reckon. Then we’ll get a taste of the action again.”

Duo’s eyes flickered warningly in their blue depths. His finger was brushing aimlessly at some syrup he’d spilt. Trowa’s eyes followed the movement, tracing a figure of eight back and forth, pale golden marks on the white table top. He realised too late that he’d been distracted, when Duo suddenly leant over the table and caught at the middle button of his shirt with his free hand. “I’d rather taste you,” he said, throatily.

Trowa frowned. “I hardly think now is the time and place for such a corny line –“

Duo laughed at him, tightening his fist in the shirt fabric, tugging Trowa towards him. “It’s true though, Tro. So we’ll clean up, just as you like. But that’s after we make the mess …” He only had to bend his head a little to the side to reach Trowa’s mouth. He pushed his tongue in, licking at the taste of toothpaste, enjoying the softer skin of Trowa’s lips plumping up against his.

Trowa turned around under Duo’s firm handling, finding his ass pressed back against the table. His legs bent and he dropped his hands out behind him to brace himself upright. Duo tasted of eagerness and enthusiasm, a combination he felt quite powerless – and reluctant - to resist. His mouth opened hungrily under the assault, and he lifted one hand back off the table to grasp at Duo’s neck, to pull him closer still.

When Duo’s hand scrabbled for something on the table Trowa only gave it half a mind. The plastic bottle of maple syrup appeared at the edge of his sight, brandished by Duo like a trophy. Trowa watched as the top was flipped open with a click. Something familiar sparked along his nerves in response, but for a second he was confused – his reactions were a complex mixture of mundane culinary memories melded together with a deeply buried portfolio of personal, sexual dreams that were often perilously close to nightmares …

Duo grinned at him, like he knew.

Trowa let himself be pushed back further. He reached a hand to the side of the table, gripping the edge in some vain attempt at finding security, but his elbows didn’t hold him and he fell on to his back on the table top, legs hanging over the side.

Duo didn’t waste any time. His fingers folded around the waist of Trowa’s jeans and he pulled sharply down. While Trowa wriggled and tried to pull himself back up by stomach muscles alone, Duo wrenched the jeans off, and his briefs along with them. From the look on Duo’s face, ignoring Trowa’s gasps was part of the pleasure.

Trowa stared up at him, now flat on his back, naked from the waist down. Duo was still grinning. With his free hand he peeled open the sides of Trowa’s shirt, baring his chest as well. Trowa could feel himself breathing too rapidly; he knew that his belly was shuddering with a fearful delight. Then Duo lifted the syrup bottle and squeezed …

Trowa yelped as the thick liquid trickled on to his torso. “What the hell are you doing?”

“Said I wanted to taste you, Tro.” Duo’s voice was husky. His laugh was mischievous, his hands lifted up and down with a flourish, trailing the viscous syrup along the line of Trowa’s ribcage. “Just need some seasoning. Some extra flavouring.” The sweet aroma of maple syrup flooded the kitchen: Trowa’s muscles clenched across his belly as he felt it run down him and pool in his navel. A shiver ran through his whole frame that had nothing to do with the temperature of the liquid.

It was then that Heero wandered into the kitchen, yawning slightly. He was also wearing his sweats, barefoot and bare-chested. He looked dishevelled, like he’d just rolled out of bed.

Trowa knew he should probably protest, but his position was disadvantageous, to say the least. He lay on his back, virtually naked, his skin smeared with syrup, his head swimming, and his body consumed by a lust that was thick enough in his mouth to <i>chew</i>.

Duo acknowledged the third man’s presence but didn’t question it. Heero walked over to the table, they smiled at each other, then both looked down on Trowa. Heero didn’t seem disturbed at what he saw; interested, was probably the best description. He pressed a finger to Trowa’s left nipple, letting it spring back and bringing up a drop of syrup on his finger. He licked it, tentatively, and grimaced. “Duo, you sure about this?”

“I don’t …” Trowa began, a little weakly, glancing between the pair of them. “Heero, sure about what …?”

Duo pressed a firm finger over his lips, sealing off his words. “Don’t fight me on this, Tro, else it’s going to get even more – “ He looked up and down Trowa’s body and smiled. “Messy. That’s the word.”

“It looks like it will anyway,” added Heero. His voice was a low purr, and his hand brushed possessively at Trowa’s hip. “Is that a problem, Trowa?”

Duo looked pointedly at Trowa’s groin and the rearing erection there. He licked his lips. “I think not. You want it, Tro. Don’t you?”

Trowa barely saw Heero move, it was so quick. He didn’t feel him until he grasped his shoulders and pressed firmly into the knotted muscles there. He was going to cry out, but Heero’s fingers were very confident and just what he needed to relax the tension. And his hands seemed to be warm and silky smooth with something that smelled aromatic and felt exquisite.

“Trowa,” Heero repeated. “You want it.”

“Yes,” Trowa gasped, wondering what the hell was happening, at the same time as welcoming anything that did.

“That’s oil,” smiled Duo, nodding his approval. “Look at you, Trowa, all covered in oil and syrup. Outrageous combination. Savoury and sweet. You got a recipe for this?” The question was obviously rhetorical, as his mouth dipped immediately to suck on Trowa’s raised nipple. Trowa gasped as Heero’s hands started to smooth over his shoulders and down his arms, and he could feel his skin softening under the assault.

Duo leant fully over him now, licking down his belly, licking up the syrup with long, strong strokes. When his mouth reached the groin area Trowa almost thrust his way up towards him, desperate for the touch. Duo crouched down between his legs and chuckled, blowing breath through the hairs around Trowa’s balls. His tongue followed some particularly tenacious threads of syrup down the inner thigh, licking and suckling gently.

“Tastes good,” he murmured.

Trowa couldn’t trust himself to speak.

Heero came to stand beside Duo, still smoothing Trowa’s skin, still spreading the warming oil over him. He ran his hands under Trowa’s buttocks, tilting up his hips, adjusting his position and making him slip slightly on the table top. He caught Duo’s eye and smiled down at him. Then he cradled both of his lubricated hands around Trowa’s fierce arousal and began to stroke in earnest.

Trowa cried out with pleasure: his whole body shook with surrender. When Heero reached one hand down to tease at his entrance, he let the slicked finger slip inside, When Duo stood back up, hooked his hands under his knees and lifted his legs high and wide, he stretched them higher and wider. Duo slid into him slowly and far more easily than he might have thought, and his flesh shimmered its delight all along its slicked surface.

He gazed up at Duo with blurred vision. The other man moved slowly in and out of him, smiling with his own excitement, his skin damp and slippery against Trowa’s thighs. Heero stood at the side, watching them both, one hand still pumping Trowa’s erection, the other now sliding fondly up and down his own cock. As Trowa looked between the two young men, Duo opened his mouth and a single drop of golden syrup shone at the tip of his tongue. Trowa watched, fascinated, as Duo let it roll to the edge of his tongue and fall slowly – so slowly – down on to Trowa’s aching cock.

“Just needed that final topping,” hissed Duo,.

Trowa groaned, loudly.

Heero watched them and sighed, his eyes closing over with his own approaching climax. His thumb brushed the sticky drop of syrup over the tip of Trowa’s tormented shaft, and Trowa felt the sudden, agonising rush of orgasm, his swollen flesh throbbing within Heero’s palm, and his thighs tightening suddenly around Duo’s hips. Heero was gasping now, hot sticky cum pumping out over both his hands. Duo cried out with his own completion, sinking down on top of Trowa, and the three voices moaned in various degrees of ecstasy.

For a moment more they all lay there, slumped over each other on the kitchen table, breathing heavily. Eventually, Heero pushed himself off the side and padded over to the sink for some water. He hitched up his sweats as he went, adjusting himself inside. Trowa turned his head and watched him move across the kitchen, the muscles of his shoulders bunching, the skin of his hips taut above his loose waistband.

Duo slipped out of Trowa’s ass and rolled over on to his back on the table, at Trowa’s other side. He hung his feet loosely over the side, his toes just skimming the cool tiles of the floor. He sighed deeply, and reached a careless hand across to stroke Trowa’s belly, scooping up some of the residue that glinted there.

Trowa flinched, but he enjoyed the caress against his too-sensitive skin. He turned his head back and watched Duo’s tongue slide out, licking the combination of thickening syrup and fresh cum off his fingers. “Messy,” he mouthed at Trowa, and laughed.

Shit,” sighed Trowa. “I never imagined that’d be so …” he paused. “But how did you know? How the hell did you know…?”

Duo grinned, too lazy to speak much. “It was sweet,” he mumbled. “Right?”

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