MEME : Chapter Five
by Fancyfigures

It was late in the evening and none of them had moved from the lounge. But now all their clothes had been pushed aside and they lay together on the carpet, naked and nestled up against each other.

Heero lay in the centre of the group, flat on his back, staring at the ceiling. His cheeks were flushed, and although his body was stretched out in self-satisfied relaxation, there was a hungry sparkle in his eyes that made him look as dangerous as a wild cat. His right arm was wrapped around Quatre, pulling him in tightly alongside him. The blond man’s head was dipped to Heero’s chest, licking noisily at his nipple, his hand tangled in Heero’s dark, messy hair. Silver threads of his saliva trickled across Heero’s torso, like a trail of possession.

Heero’s left arm was around Wufei’s shoulders, also holding him close. Wufei suckled softly at his throat, brushing their thick dark hair aside where it tangled together, biting at the lobe of his ear, only half in play. Heero wriggled happily underneath the caress, growling gently in the back of his throat.

Duo sat cross-legged above them, cradling Heero’s head in his lap. He stroked the hair back from his lover’s forehead, slipping the tips of his fingers into Heero’s mouth each time the dark-haired man arched up and burrowed further back into his groin. He leant forward over Heero’s face, his own braid brushing at his ear, murmuring nonsense over Heero’s own, soft moans. Dirty nonsense, most of the time.

At Heero’s feet, Trowa lay against his legs, stroking the strong muscles of Heero’s calves, sliding his fingers up along the insides of his thighs, teasing at the soft hairs round his balls and swollen cock.

Heero thought he’d probably been swollen for hours, now. He wasn’t sure it was medically healthy, but there had been too much pleasure to enjoy, too much stimulation to ignore.

“So is this your fantasy, Heero?” Duo’s body shook as he chuckled, sending vibrations through Heero’s upper body. It made his cock jerk again, lying half hard on his upper thigh.

“All of us …” murmured Quatre, lapping at his shoulder.

“Holding all of us …” hissed Wufei, his breath hot on Heero’s neck.

“Enjoying all of us …” Trowa’s smile traced itself along his thigh, seeking out the gently throbbing flesh of his dick.

Heero gasped, arching again with delight. He smiled.

“That’s what it’s about, right?” whispered Wufei. “Fantasies …” Trowa had wriggled around from Heero’s feet to slide slowly up Wufei’s body, reaching for the other man’s hip, licking slowly in the creases of his groin, slipping his tongue over the crown of Wufei’s cock, feeling it flare hotly between his lips.

At the same time, Quatre had disengaged himself from Heero’s arm and stretched up to stroke at Duo’s thigh. Duo sighed, and moved Heero’s head from off his lap. He unfolded his legs and lay down on his side, drawing Quatre in against him. He rolled Quatre to face away from him, murmuring into the blond man’s neck, sliding his hand down between Quatre’s thighs and tracing the crease of his buttocks, damp with sweat. Quatre bent his upper leg away from them, allowing access for Duo to press his hips up to him and nudge his awakening cock against his entrance. When Duo pushed into him with a grunt, Quatre moaned greedily.

Heero turned his head from side to side. On one side, he watched Duo slide lazily in and out of Quatre, a happy smile on his face. On his other side, Trowa had turned himself to sixty-nine with Wufei, sucking lustily on Wufei’s cock, while Wufei’s finger curled inside his ass, seeking to torment him with each stroke.

“Yes,” sighed Heero. “That is what it’s all about. It’s been a boring, frustrating time, and we’re all horny as hell. Agreed?”

Trowa groaned, making Wufei’s cock twitch inside his mouth. Wufei stretched his hand over on to Heero’s chest, flicking at a bare nipple. Quatre whimpered at Heero’s side, as Duo thrust a little more deeply.

Heero smiled and yawned. He reached out a hand, resting it on Duo’s ass, following the rhythm of his movements. “We’ve spent too much time on the damned net, gazing in on our own navels, too stupid to ask to share some fun. Playing internet games to try to distract ourselves – filling in provocative questionnaires and memes…”

Duo let out a breath: a trickle of sweat ran down into the small of his undulating back. “Yeah – you did those too?”

Ten things I like most about sex …”, groaned Quatre.

List the things you like best about your friend’s body but were afraid to tell him…” sighed Trowa.

List the top 4 people you’d most like to do …,” grunted Wufei.

Tell your friends your favourite sexual fantasy …,” murmured Duo.

They all paused. “Yeah,” grinned Heero. “That one.” He felt the bodies shift around him: Duo clambering around to spread himself out below Wufei: Trowa shuffling around in the other direction to reach his talented tongue between Quatre’s pinked buttocks. Several hands trailed over Heero’s own body – his cock swelled further, nudging for its share of the attention.

“We may have posted anonymously, but the results were there for us all to surf and see,” he continued. “Duo’s fantasy of the strong, silent, aggressive stranger, taking the opportunity whenever he chooses. Trowa’s fantasy of losing control over food, the sweet, sticky mess all over his flesh. Quatre’s fantasy of being sucked off in a public place, the risk of being seen, his shrieking orgasm being heard. Wufei’s fantasy of nakedness in front of a fully-clothed audience, stripping at their beck and call, standing solely for their entertainment.”

“And your fantasy …?” muttered Wufei. “Your desire is to lie in a pile of naked young men and tug each one to you as and when you like.” He knelt between Duo’s thighs, wriggling the head of his cock under Duo’s balls, shifting them to one side, watching the skin wrinkle and harden.

“Sounds good to me,” sighed Duo. He groaned and arched back as Wufei breached his hole. Heero pulled himself up on to one elbow and reached over to kiss him. They moaned their pleasure into each other’s mouth, and Duo’s outstretched palm folded itself around Heero’s now turgid cock, ready to caress. It was far from the first time that night.

Quatre was starting to wail as Trowa slipped a finger or two in between his tongue, easing at Quatre’s entrance, stroking at his tense legs. “Of course, the posts were made anonymously,” he panted.

“So what?” Trowa’s voice was muffled as he licked slowly around the puckering skin: rolled the hanging balls on his tongue, savouring them.

“Well, are we sure we matched the fantasies correctly after all? Could have got them mixed up.”

Everyone paused. Wufei started to laugh, his body wobbling against Duo’s groin. Trowa bit at Quatre’s ass in frustration and the blond man shrieked and starting laughing as well. Heero stared down at Duo, and they grinned at each other.

“Doesn’t matter, really …” said Duo. “Does it?”

“No,” Heero agreed. “Shouldn’t distract us.” He stretched his body provocatively, his muscles glistening with sweat, his cock thrusting petulantly inside Duo’s hand, impatient for him to start pumping again.

Duo gripped once more at Wufei’s hips, securing his cock back inside him, and he reached up to suck on Heero’s tongue again. “Besides,” he mumbled. “It’d just mean we have to run through the whole performance again … and again … until we were sure.”

He didn’t bother with expecting – or receiving – any answers to that.


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