Mirror Mirror
by Jade and *kelley*

The circus was filled to capacity. The main tent was virtually brimming with people. Wide eyed children, and their equally curious parents. Political figureheads, couples from every walk of life. It seemed that everyone from the entire colony had turned out to see this performance. Including three very unique boys. To the average observer they looked to be ordinary teenage boys, but only a few knew their true identities. They were the infamous Gundam pilots. Feared by all, intimidated by none. But not tonight. Tonight they were just three regular boys enjoying life, and anticipating their friend's act. And then it was time. The lights in the tent dimmed, and a large, wooden board was rolled out. A tall, nimble clown came to stand before it, his arms spread on either side of him, his body forming a T. Then a curly haired girl came out, and took her place opposite him. The crowd applauded, but quickly hushed, a nervous silence taking over. The girl pulled out a knife, and then flicked her wrist, causing five more to appear. One by one, she hurled those blades at the still clown, the dull thunking of them as they hit the wood echoing in the quiet. It was morbidly fascinating, seeing them challenge death like this. The three boys watched, as engrossed as everyone else. The braided one chewed tensely on the end of his hair. The messy haired, blue eyed one showed no fear at all, completely at ease with the daredevil stunt. And the blonde one held his breath, his eyes glittering, promising a messy death to the girl if even one knife failed to be perfectly accurate. The girl turned, and threw her last two knives at once, landing them in the wood right beside the clown's head. Then they stepped together, and bowed. The crowd stood silent, awed by the show they had seen. And suddenly the room burst into thunderous applause. The pair bowed again, and headed off, disappearing behind the curtains. The rest of the show went on, but everyone agreed that that had been the most exciting part. Everyone except the little blonde, who feared his lover's job would eventually give him a heart attack. Then the circus ended, and the crowd as one made their way towards the exits. Quatre separated from his friends, promising to meet up later, and went in search of his Trowa. He had visited the circus many times, so he was familiar with almost all the performers. He waved hi to them, and congratulated them on a good show. Consequently it took him longer than expected to reach the lion cages. So he was rather surprised when Trowa wasn't there. The green eyed boy always fed the lions after the show, so they always met there. Quatre wandered around the cages, saying hello to Trowa's pets. He had come so often, he knew them all by name. He was standing by the cage of the circus's featured feline, a large, particularly wild looking lion, when two warm hands covered his eyes.

"Guess who?", came the whispered question.

Quatre melted back into his koi.

"Could it be the love of my life?"

The hands left his eyes, and two strong arms came to encircle his shoulders.

"It is. Did you enjoy the show?"

Meanwhile, Heero and Duo wandered around the circus.

"Heero," began Duo, draping himself over the cobalt-eyed boy and pressing up against him.

"Duo," Heero replied with a warning in his tone.

"Yeah, yeah, I know, not in public," sighed the braided boy. "You're no fun, Hee-chan."

Heero smirked and grabbed Duo's braid, pulling him close against him and pressing his erection against Duo.

Duo gasped as he felt Heero thrust against him. Heero didn't usually do things like this in public, preferring to show his passion only in their bedroom. Heero's unusual actions only served to make Duo more aroused, and he rocked eagerly back against his lover.

Heero brushed his lips against Duo's, then whispered in his ear. "I want you. Now."

"Now? Here?" Duo asked, almost giddy with excitement.

Heero nodded. "Let's find a place," he commanded.

Quatre broke the embrace and turned around to tell Trowa how close he'd come to having a heart attack, when his voice caught in his throat. Trowa was standing there, his hair damp, presumably from a shower, and his chest was gloriously bare. He was clad in pants so tight, they looked to have been painted on. Quatre gulped. The blonde stood there, his eyes raking in every piece of exposed flesh. It was a few minutes before he realized that Trowa was speaking again.

"Wha...what did you say, Trowa?"

The tall boy chuckled smugly.

"I asked if you liked what you saw."

Quatre nodded enthusiastically, his previous complaints long since forgotten. Trowa smiled mysteriously.

"Good, because the fun is just beginning. Follow me."

Heero and Duo walked around the circus grounds with a purpose. Duo practically bounced as they looked for a suitably semi-private spot to ravish each other.

Then Duo exclaimed, "Look! There's Quatre and Trowa! Maybe they know a place!" With that, he dragged Heero off toward the two other boys.

With that, Trowa began to walk off, expecting Quatre to follow. The Arabian stared, mesmerized by Trowa's retreating figure. The way his pants molded to his long legs, his firm rear. The way the moonlight played off his muscular arms. Trowa turned to say something to Quatre, but he wasn't there. He turned around and saw the blonde still standing there, his mouth agape. And he had to smile again. Quatre finally conceived that he was standing there leering, and hurried to catch up with his lover. The two walked hand in hand in comfortable silence through the empty grounds. They twisted through the maze of booths, and rides, until they came to the funhouse. Trowa picked up a flashlight, and led him inside the darkened building, pulling him through the corridors. They came to the back, and the tall boy took them into an area marked employees only. It was a large room full of the most eclectic storage of paraphernalia Quatre had ever seen. There were broken cages, and trapeze nets. Glittery costumes, and animal feed. Unicycles, and a tightrope. The room was crammed to the ceiling. Trowa maneuvered through the junk to the corner. And there Quatre saw a strange shaped box of some sort. It was triangular, and fitted into the corner. It was maybe ten feet high, but it didn't extend all the way to the ground. There were two feet of space between the floor and the bottom. It was supported by three long poles. It looked rather precarious, upheld by only those three legs. Trowa shut off the flashlight, and opened the swinging door, and led him inside the box. It was dark inside, so he couldn't see anything. Quatre felt his way around, and determined the space was big enough to hold only about three normal sized people. He was curious about the texture of the walls, though. They were smooth, and slippery. Trowa clicked the door shut behind them. Quatre continued to run his hands over the walls, when Trowa pushed a button, and illuminated the box. Quatre's eyes widened in wonder. It was the most amazing sight. The walls were covered by a thin paper, which refused to lay flat. It also worked like a looking glass, reflecting their images. Quatre turned a full 360 degrees. Everything was entirely covered, even the door. The effect was amazing. It was like being trapped in a liquid mirror. He reached out and touched the paper. It rippled, and moved, almost like it was made of water. He looked into the shimmering mirror surface, and saw infinite Quatres staring back at him. He turned to Trowa.

"What is this?", he asked astonished.

"The paper is milar paper."

Quatre ran his fingers over it with childlike glee. He looked at Trowa with bright eyes.

"Trowa, it's so beautiful."

"Not as beautiful as you, my Quatre."

Duo pulled Heero along. "Look! They went in there!"

Heero sighed and followed. Trowa and Quatre had disappeared into a dark building.

Trowa pulled Quatre to him, and locked his strong arms around the blonde's slender body. Quatre sighed, and snuggled into the embrace, enjoying the feel of Trowa's bare skin against his cheek. And enjoying the sight of limitless Quatres and Trowas being reflected on the paper's surface. Still holding Quatre tightly with one arm, Trowa reached out and hit another button. Quatre gasped as the room began to dance with colors. Above them, something on top of the box began to rotate, and a spectrum of hues swirled around them. The Arabian looked up, and saw various shapes and colors twirling on the ceiling. The paper reflected them, and sent them wildly cavorting through the box. The designs bouncing across the walls, the colors filling the space, bathing them in their brilliance. Quatre was taken in by the sheer magic of it all. And it dawned on him what this box really was. It wasn't some sort of mirror, it was a life sized kaleidoscope. It was surrealistic, the way the multi colored figures gyrated around them. He looked at Trowa, his blue green eyes filled with amazement. Quatre didn't know how to thank him. He couldn't even form words to describe this experience. It was too overwhelming, too thrilling. So he did the only thing he could think of to show his gratitude. He pulled Trowa's face down, and caught his lips in a gentle kiss. Quatre tried to express with his actions, what he was unable to express with his words. Trowa pulled him closer, crushing their bodies together. Their lips opened for one another, and their tongues slid out to sample the other's mouth. As Trowa's tongue slipped into Quatre's mouth, he noted that the boy tasted sugary, like cotton candy. The tall boy devoured that mouth, his tongue wanting to lap up all of that sweetness. At the same time, Quatre was delving into Trowa's mouth, his tongue probing its inner recesses. The green eyed boy tasted sharp, and fresh, like mint. They continued savoring one other's unique flavor, their tongues sliding against each other. Pink flesh stroking pink flesh, until all tastes melded together, and neither could remember who they belonged to. They broke the kiss for a brief second, breathing heavily, but their mouths quickly met again. Tongues slid out to seek haven in the other's warm mouth. Trowa guided Quatre back, until he was resting against the wall. Thankfully it was one of the sides that was braced on the building's walls. As Quatre's body came into contact with the wall, the door of the kaleidoscope swung open, but neither cared. The tall pilot pulled himself back from his lover's soft lips, to look him in the eye. Quatre stared back at him hungrily. Trowa ran his thumb over those smooth, sensitive lips, and gasped as Quatre sucked that digit into his warm mouth. Heat flooded from that finger, and set his entire hand on fire. Wanting to return the favor, Trowa leaned over, and placed an open mouthed kiss on the side of blonde's neck. Lightly sucking it, and running his tongue over the creamy flesh. Quatre moaned around his finger, and began sucking in earnest. The Arabian tried to put his arms around Trowa's neck to pull him closer, but Trowa pulled his finger from his mouth, and pinned those arms to his sides. He moved the attack to Quatre's collarbone, gliding his tongue across, and nipping at it with his teeth. Quatre whimpered as a fluid heat spread through him.

Picking their way through the dark room, Heero and Duo searched for Trowa and Quatre.

"I'm sure they went in here," said Duo, not sure why he was whispering. "But I don't see them!"

Heero had been listening instead of talking, and though he couldn't see the two boys, he could certainly hear them. Putting a finger lightly over Duo's mouth to silence him, Heero pointed to a door that stood just ajar.

Duo listened, then his face broke into one of his trademark manic grins. Pulling away from Heero, Duo crept toward the door.

"Duo!" Heero hissed accusingly. Duo ignored him, so Heero followed silently.

Trowa released one of his arms, and undid the first button of his shirt. The green eyed boy's mouth moved down to lavish the newly exposed piece of skin. The sponginess of his tongue wetting it, warming it. Quatre writhed against the wall, as Trowa continued his downward onslaught. Another button undone, more skin freed. Trowa bathed that flesh until it glistened, his hot breath sending shivers through Quatre. He kept up the glorious torture, slowly undoing button after button, licking his way down Quatre's chest. The farther down he went, the hotter Quatre got. Each sweep of that teasing tongue burning into him. Trowa looked up at his handiwork, feeling his pants becoming too tight as he admired the view before him. Quatre was squirming, his chest slick, the colors in the box shining as they moved over him. With a growl, he unfastened the final button, and pulled the shirt from Quatre's pants. Trowa attacked that flat stomach, causing the muscles there to go taut. His tongue searched across the flesh, roaming into the blonde's bellybutton. Quatre cried out, as that wandering wetness explored him. He was feeling incredibly hot, like his blood was mellifluous fire. The lower Trowa went the harder he could feel himself getting. And as the green eyed bow swiped at his stomach, he couldn't hold his enjoyment in any longer. He moaned aloud, as his lover neared the area where he ached to be touched. Trowa's tongue slithered along his waistband, and Quatre struggled in vain to touch his lover. But Trowa wouldn't release him. He held his arms firmly. Trowa's tongue continued to skate over his stomach, tormenting him, inflaming him, driving him crazy with need. Trowa took pity on him, and let go of his arms. Immediately Quatre tangled his fingers in Trowa's damp hair. Trowa's hands wandered down Quatre's legs, caressing them, until he reached the blonde's feet. He lifted one foot up, and deftly untied the shoe, and slid it off along with the sock. Then he moved to the other one, giving it the same treatment. Never once breaking contact with that quivering stomach. Once the tall boy was done, he moved his hands back up Quatre's legs. Slowly touching every part. Each place he touched, his fingers burned into Quatre's skin through the fabric. Quatre thought he'd explode when he felt Trowa's long fingers on the button of his pants. His breath was coming in short gasps. He tried to focus on the colors swirling around, the shapes dancing frantically matched his own frenzied state. Trowa kneaded one of Quatre's thighs through his pants, as he unbuttoned them, and pulled the zipper down. Quatre was agitatedly trying to move Trowa's face closer to him, wanting Trowa to stop toying with him. Trowa stopped what he was doing, and pulled those hands from their deathgrip on his scalp. He gave Quatre a warning look. Quatre whimpered with need. Trowa put his hands on Quatre's hips, and oh so slowly slid his pants down. Quatre obligingly stepped out of them, shivering not from the air, but from passion. Trowa looked at the large bulge filling out the boxers before him. He ran two slim fingers over the swollen flesh.

As they approached the door, the noises grew louder, and it became very apparent what the two lovers were doing. He pulled Heero closer. Duo whispered in Heero's ear, "They're doing it!"

Heero frowned. He whispered back, "I know! We should leave!"

Duo pouted, "But I wanna watch! Come on, Heero, don't you want just a LITTLE peek?"

Heero glared, but allowed Duo to drag him closer.

Quatre hissed, and arched forward, begging for more of that touch. Trowa leaned forward and nuzzled Quatre's erection with his cheek, then he turned and placed light kisses on it through the cloth. At the same time he ran his hands up Quatre's chest, his palms brushing over the blonde's nipples. The rosy nubs stiffened instantly, and Quatre moaned as fire spread from around them. Quatre thrashed around as Trowa continued to alternately kiss his throbbing arousal, and lightly squeeze his hard nipples. His body was burning with need, flames rushing through him, consuming his consciousness. But all that was merely a flicker compared to when Trowa slid his boxers down, and Quatre felt that moist breath on his arousal. The blonde shook in anticipation. Trowa put his hands on Quatre's hips, pinning him to the wall. Then he licked a searing trail along the underside of Quatre's rock hard length. Quatre shuddered, and tried to thrust into that harassing mouth. But Trowa held him firm. His tongue licked the tip of Quatre's rigid cock, tasting the moisture beaded there. Quatre cried out, his erection was painfully swollen. Trowa looked at his flailing lover, his own blood burning at the picture he made. Blonde hair tousled, face flushed, eyes closed, lips parted. The banged boy could hold back no longer. He gradually took all of Quatre's heated arousal into his mouth. Quatre screamed wildly as the new sensations flooded him. It felt like someone had poured warm molasses over his entire body. He felt hot, and gooey. Trowa's tongue swirled around his cock, sucking hard, then pulling back, and plunging down again.

Duo crept forward, peeking around the edge of the door. It was bright inside and dark outside, so the braided boy was reasonably sure the two lovers inside wouldn't see their spectators. Plus, they seemed to be reasonably preoccupied in there.

Duo inched silently closer, and was rewarded by an amazing sight: the mirrored interior of the room reflected multiple erotic images of Trowa kneeling before Quatre, sucking the blond boy's arousal enthusiastically. By the look on Quatre's face, Trowa was very good at it. There were so many reflections that Duo couldn't tell where the two boys actually were, or if they could see him. Pulling Heero forward so he could see, Duo waited for the other boy to tell him they should leave. But Heero just stared, watching Trowa pleasure Quatre.

The blonde thought his legs were going to give, they were trembling so hard. Trowa's wet heat threatened to send him over the edge. All his concentration was focused on that one area, that one feeling. Up, down, up down, Trowa's mouth driving him crazy. Then he opened his eyes, and was rewarded with the sight of endless Trowas pleasuring endless Quatres. The mirrored walls let him see that erotic picture from every angle. He watched, with voyeuristic delight. Trowa's pace had increased, his tongue was stroking him faster, Quatre thrust up, wanting to be buried in that mouth.

Duo was amazed. He had never figured Heero for a voyeur, but the cobalt-eyed boy was watching fixedly, licking his lips. Duo had to admit, the sight was an incredible turn-on. Duo was painfully hard himself, and pressed himself against Heero so the other boy could feel his arousal.

Duo slipped his hand around the front of Heero and brushed his hand across the front of Heero's shorts. Duo smirked as he felt the huge erection stretching the spandex. Heero moaned as Duo stroked him through the thin material, tracing the outline of his hardness.

Quatre was so close, he could feel himself on the brink of ecstasy, fires burning their hottest. Trowa knew it too, and one hand left Quatre's hip to reach into the pocket of his pants. He fumbled with the tube there, finally managing to extract it, from its tight confinement. The tall boy lifted Quatre's leg to rest on his shoulder, and plunged his mouth down again, fully embedding Quatre's erection in his pliant mouth. Quatre cried out, as he rose higher and higher, flames coursing through him. Trowa squeezed some of the lubricant from the tube onto his fingers. And just when Quatre felt he could stand no more, Trowa gently eased a finger into him. Quatre screamed in rapture, and stiffened, flooding Trowa's mouth with his warm seed. Trowa swallowed, and licked him clean. Quatre shook as the colors danced before him, unsure which were real, and which were caused by his climax. He didn't know how much longer he could support himself, but Trowa was giving him no time to rest.

Duo pressed his arousal against Heero's side and gently kissed his lover's neck. Duo was rewarded by another, louder moan and he grasped Heero's erection through the pants, stretching the spandex around it. Duo squeezed, and he felt Heero pulse beneath his fingers, and Heero rocked his hips forward into Duo's hand. Duo couldn't believe Heero was letting him do this, in public. Duo couldn't believe that Heero was so turned on by watching Quatre and Trowa. Angelic Quatre was gasping and moaning in ecstasy as his lover began teasing him with fingers as well as mouth. Duo slipped his hand in Heero's spandex just as Quatre climaxed in Trowa's waiting mouth. Heero growled and pulled the braided boy close, crushing his mouth to Duo's demandingly. At the same time, Heero shoved a hand under Duo's shirt, roughly teasing his nipples. Duo gasped and tightened his hold on Heero's hot arousal. With his other hand, Heero pulled Duo's hand out of his shorts, only to pull his lover hard up against him so their erections ground together roughly. Duo moaned; he loved it when Heero was rough; it meant his passion for the longhaired boy was more important than anything else at that moment. Holding Duo close with one strong hand, Heero quickly loosened Duo's braid with the other. Duo helped, shaking the shining mass of chestnut free, knowing how much Heero loved his hair loose. Heero pulled back slightly, and Duo shivered at the look of pure lust in those cobalt eyes.

"Want you," whispered Heero, looking deep into violet pools.

"Here?" Duo whispered back, incredulously. Heero nodded. "Hentai," grinned Duo happily.

The green eyed boy had added a second finger, and was roughly sucking on his thigh. Quatre was trying to come down off his high, but Trowa was ceaselessly stroking his insides. His long fingers opening him, stretching him, making him ready for the pleasure he was going to receive. The burring torrent in Quatre didn't recede, in fact it heightened. Like a bonfire that flickered, and then burned brighter. Trowa's tongue worked his leg, while his fingers worked his passage. Trowa added a third finger, wanting Quatre to be fully prepared.

Duo wiggled out of his pants, retrieving the tube he always kept with him. He handed it to Heero, turned around and bent over a wooden box of just the right height. The position had the added benefit of giving them both a perfect view into the mirrored room. Heero stood behind Duo and ran his hands possessively over his ass. He began to prepare the waiting Duo just as Trowa was stretching Quatre. Duo moaned, feeling Heero's fingers inside him just as Quatre was feeling Trowa's. The juxtaposition made him even more turned on, if that was possible.

Suddenly Trowa brushed against something that made Quatre's world topsy turvy. The kaleidoscope's patterns seemed sluggish next to the fierceness of the stars exploding before him. The blonde started to push back onto those fingers, wanting, no needing them to be deeper. His cock hardened again, as the burning was renewed. Trowa sensed Quatre's urgency, and he felt it himself. His arousal was so large it threatened to break through its cloth confinement. He slowly removed his fingers from Quatre, the pleading cry the blonde gave only succeeded in making him harder. He stood up, and Quatre grabbed him, pulling their bodies together, desperate for contact. You could almost hear the sizzle as their bare chests met. And they groaned as they rubbed against each other. It was too much for both of them. The swirling colors, the palpable desire, it clouded their senses. Quatre's hand strayed down and he groped Trowa through his pants. Trowa moaned, and attempted to undo his pants, wanting to free his aching cock. But his greasy hands floundered, and he nearly cried in frustration. Quatre growled with yearning and ripped the button off, and tore down the zipper. He yanked the pants to Trowa's knees, and licked his lips at the sight of Trowa's liberated erection. It was beautifully swollen, and moisture dribbled from the tip as proof of the tall boy's excitement. Quatre grabbed the lubrication from him, and squeezed some into his hand. The Arabian grasped Trowa's length, and slid his fingers along it, coating him, scorching him. Trowa thrust into Quatre's agile hand, his cock gliding through those slippery fingers. The heat flowed off them in waves, as the colors of the kaleidoscope flittered across their sweaty bodies. They panted together, their need consuming them. Trowa pulled Quatre's hand away, knowing he wouldn't last much longer under the blonde's ministrations. He pushed Quatre back into the wall, and lifted his legs, supporting the Arabian's body with his hips. Quatre wrapped his legs around Trowa's waist, his fingers digging into the tall boy's shoulders. With one hand Trowa braced himself against the wall, with the other he guided himself into his lover's waiting heat. They both gasped as Trowa's cock entered Quatre's tightness. The banged boy slowly pushed forward until he was completely sheathed inside Quatre.

Just as Trowa was plunging deep into his angel, Heero decided Duo was ready. Lubricating his aching arousal, Heero touched just the tip to Duo's sensitive entrance as he watched Quatre's face twist in ecstasy. Duo raised his tight ass higher, pleadingly. Heero waited until Duo started to beg, then rammed himself deep into Duo. Duo bit his lip to keep from screaming his ecstasy and disturbing the lovers in the mirror.

Quatre's head was spinning, the feeling of being taken by his love was overpowering. Trowa had readied him, so there was no pain, only the exhilarating feeling of fulfillment. Of being sated, filled to capacity, ultimate satisfaction. Then Trowa started to move inside of him. Stroking his insides, stoking his fires. As soon as Quatre had relaxed around him Trowa hadn't been able to hold back. Quatre's warm haven had stimulated him to the breaking point. Trowa pulled out and thrust back in, over and over. With each inward thrust he went a little deeper.

Grabbing Duo's slim hips, Heero started to pound deep into the longhaired boy, all the while watching Trowa do the same to Quatre. Duo angled his hips so Heero could drive even deeper, just like they both liked it. Duo soon couldn't hold back his moans of pleasure, but the couple inside was making their own noise.

Quatre's inner walls were caressing him, fondling him, suckling every inch of him with their moist warmth. And then he hit Quatre's sweet spot again causing the blonde to cry out, and buck against him. Their tempo increased, Trowa drove into Quatre faster, each unable to deny the liquid fire burning within them. With each thrust Quatre's rigid cock rubbed against Trowa's stomach, the friction driving him mad. There were both climbing with breakneck speed to their pinnacles. The erratic prance of the colors only added to the delirium. Trowa sank his arousal in deeper, exploiting Quatre's sensitive sweet spot, making the blonde cry out wordless phrases. Trowa's free hand went to clasp Quatre's cock, his fingers sliding along the firm flesh, pumping it in time with his thrusts. They were both at the edge, ready to tumble over. Trowa kept slamming into Quatre, never relenting, continually filling him. At the same time stroking him. Quatre's body began to spasm as his climax overtook him. His world burst and he screamed Trowa's name as he spilled himself into his hand. Seeing Quatre so lost with passion was all it took to send Trowa over the threshold. He slammed in one final time, just as Quatre tightened around him. The torrid fires burned through him, and finally overwhelmed him. And Trowa came inside Quatre as he screamed the blonde's name. The tall boy collapsed against his lover, pinning him to the wall. They were both breathing heavily. Slowly, he slid himself from Quatre's body, and lowered the blonde's legs to the floor. They stood there gripping each other, and trembling as the aftershocks burned through them.

Thrust after thrust, Heero took them both to new heights, his arousal sliding in and out of Duo. Duo took every stroke, pushing back against Heero in perfect rhythm. Their passion built, and Heero reached down to wrap his hand around Duo's dripping hardness.

Duo arched his back, the combination of Heero pounding into him and stroking his erection making him lose his mind. Forgetting to be quiet, Duo climaxed loudly all over himself and Heero's hand.

Quatre looked up, his eyes still slightly glazed over from pleasure. Those blue green orbs widened as he saw what was going on outside the kaleidoscope. Heero was thrusting into Duo. He nudged Trowa, and motioned for him to look. The tall boy turned, and gasped, just as Duo spilled himself into Heero's hand. They both shivered in delight at the sound of Duo climaxing. They began to kiss again, pretending not to notice the sounds just outside the box. Neither saw the twin looks of lust thrown their way. They let Duo and Heero dress, and slip from the room. As soon as the door shut they broke the kiss, and stared into each other's eyes. Quatre smiled.

"Did you see the position they were in...," he began.

Trowa smiled back, and ran his finger down Quatre's smooth face.

"Yes," he leaned in and whispered into Quatre's ear, "they were watching us."

Quatre trembled, as Trowa's lips brushed his ear.

"And, do you think.....do you think we should let them get away with that?"

Trowa looked into his lover's sweet face, and knew exactly what he was thinking.


Duo stood next to the car, leaning against Heero. Since the area was deserted by that time, and since he knew how tired Duo was, Heero didn't protest. Just then Duo stood up straight, and waved.

"There they are," he yelled.

Quatre saw Duo, and waved at him. He and Trowa walked over to the car. Heero and Duo shared a glance at the state of the other two's clothing. They looked disheveled to say the least. Like they weren't even trying to disguise what they had been doing earlier.

"Hi, Duo," Quatre said almost breathlessly, " did you enjoy yourself tonight?"

Duo blushed, as he thought of all he had seen tonight.

"Uh...the circus was great," he stammered, "You were great, Trowa."

Heero smirked, "Trowa seems to be very...talented."

Trowa stepped closer to Heero. The Japanese boy could feel the heat radiating from Trowa's body. Trowa looked him in the eye. "I'm glad you guys liked the show. I knew you were there. I could almost feel your eyes on me."

Heero looked surprised. "Yes, the uh, show, was very...interesting."

Duo looked confused. Which show was Heero talking about? Quatre smiled as he inched closer to Duo.

"I can tell you, Trowa knows exactly what he's doing," he breathed, "whenever he performs I always get all sweaty..."

Duo thought back to what he had seen.

"I know," he said without thinking.

Quatre feigned an innocent look. "Oh, really? How?"

Duo blushed again, and looked down. "We...uh...that is, we...were..."

Heero saw the teasing look on Quatre's face. "Shut up, Baka. I think they know."

Trowa and Quatre smiled promisingly. Quatre looked at both of them."Sex isn't a spectator sport. Next time, join in."

The blonde winked at the two dumbfounded boys.

Heero's eyes widened, and Duo smiled.



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