Monsoon Season
by Violaine

Wufei gritted his teeth and glared out into the silent night as he cursed under his breath. Rain pooled into a shallow puddle around his bare feet, and pelted his exposed skin relentlessly. He was of course dressed in his usual attire, blue tank top and white baggy pants. Well, the pants weren't so baggy now, due to the water saturating them. The thin cloth clung to his muscular legs like honey, sticking to the skin even as he tried pulling it away. He began to pace on the asphalt below him, walking in long ovals and turning his head every so often to look down the deserted street.

"Shimatta," he cursed, "Why did I ever agree to this?"

An aggravated sigh escaped his lips, and he brought his hand up to his face, rubbing hard, as if trying to stay awake. The cold rain that washed over him wasn't doing much in the way of keeping him alert, though he did whip around as he saw a light illuminate the trees in front of him.

Two headlights pierced the darkness, steadily moving toward the lone figure on the road. Wufei stopped his pacing and folded his arms across his chest as he followed the lights with his eyes until they came to rest directly in front of him. He squinted at the brightness and turned his head to the side to avoid the light when the passenger side of the car opened.

"Get in," said the voice from within.

Wufei brought the same hand up to his face, only this time to shield his eyes from the invading white light. He squinted again and looked to make sure the person he'd expected to meet at said point was indeed the same person in the car. He affirmed the fact and walked around the side of the vehicle, sliding slowly into the car and closing the door. The foot attached to the driver hit the gas pedal as soon as Chang was inside, and then sped off.

A sopping wet Chinese Gundam pilot folded his hands in his lap and turned to assess the driver, eyes burning with annoyance and perhaps a bit of confusion.

"I see you're nice and dry," voiced the angry boy through a clenched jaw.

The only response he received was a loud crack of thunder, followed by a flash of lightning.

Almond eyes narrowed at the operator of the vehicle, "What is the meaning of this?"


Wufei grunted and turned away to stare out the window. The shiniest, darkest green he'd ever seen flew by the window. The leaves on the trees looked almost crystalline, mourning the earth with tears of rain sliding from their tips. A glance at his watch told Chang that it was well past midnight, almost 2am, to be exact. He shook his head, silently wondering where he was being taken, then resigned himself to study the world outside, which was being bathed in unfathomable amounts of water. It seemed as if there were a rip in the heavens no one could mend.

The road the car followed eventually turned from asphalt into dirt, then finally into nothing more than two dark ruts surrounding a line of grass. It took almost half an hour for that to occur, and in that time, the passenger of the vehicle had allowed the hum of the road lull him to sleep. A sharp jolt as the car caroused over a large rock shook the asian pilot awake. Wufei blinked and looked around wide-eyed, trying to determine where he was and how far they'd come. Another glance at his timepiece rested his mind a bit, though the apprehension at his odd surroundings was still present.

"Where are we?"

After a moment, thunder rumbled again, though no lightning this time.

"Kisama," hissed Wufei through his teeth, "Where ARE we?"

Wufei was met with silence again as the car made a ninety degree turn into a clearing in the forest. The two headlights switched off, and Chang blinked to adjust his eyes to the darkness. A field of luscious, brilliant green lay before him, bordered on all sides by a wall of emerald trees, the likes of which he'd never seen before. Had he not known better, he'd think they were in a huge hidden rainforest. It might as well have been with all the rain that was falling anyway.

Sharp cobalt eyes pierced through the darkness in the car as they rested on Wufei.

"We're here."

Wufei hardly noticed the driver's side door of the car open and shut. A slight anger was welling up inside him and festering. Chang cocked his head to the side, ignoring the fact that he was alone in the vehicle, to assess what he was feeling. This.... anger, this... seething aggravation he was experiencing wasn't like any other he'd ever felt. The annoyance building up was more of a frustration, and perhaps even a longing. Had Heero been anyone other than Heero, Wufei would have simply placed a knife to their throat and demanded an explanation. And he would have gotten it or the offending human would have met death with a swiftness only the pilot of Nataku could deliver. Why was he suppressing his urges?

But what could Heero want? What on earth could have prompted that telephone call at 1am? Heero instructed Wufei specifically to make no one aware that he was leaving, who he was meeting or where. Such was Heero Yuy. But none of the cryptic commands given to him on the telephone earlier could explain why they were sitting in the middle of an enormous green field, in the middle of nowhere, alone.

A knock sounded on the front windshield, and Wufei turned to face it with a start. The fist making the noise was attached to a tanned arm, which in turn was attached to a lithe, wet, muscular, tanned body. Heero's body. He was lying on his stomach on the hood of the car, plastered to it like a predatory cat. The Chinese pilot noticed with quite a disgusted surprise that Heero's eyes were almost drunkenly sexy, staring through the glass back at him. Slowly, the fist that had knocked on the windshield relaxed and the index finger curled back and forth, beckoning Wufei out of the car.

"Get out," came the muffled command through the glass.

That black pigtail brushed the back of his neck as Chang bowed his head, making him shiver involuntarily. He shook his head slightly and sighed, disappointed at his errant sexual thought about his comrade.

"I must be losing it. I am not worthy of your glory, Nataku," Wufei murmured, as he slowly pulled the handle of his door to make his way out of the car.

Heero rolled onto his side as Wufei exited his vehicle, and propped his head up with a hand whose elbow rested on the hood of the car. He watched almost amusedly as the angry Chinese man became newly drenched with rain from the still present downpour. Heero, on the other hand was loving every minute of it. Rain was a catalyst for Heero, one that almost instantly turned him carefree and almost.... ALMOST jovial. Tonight, he had decided, he would take advantage of the deluge that was supposed to last the entire week. Of course, the alcohol in his body was helping as well. With what Wufei could swear was a wink, Heero flopped onto his back and spread his arms out to his side, stretching like a great animal and writhing underneath the water falling on him.

Wufei's eyes nearly popped out of his head as he watched the normally stoic pilot seemingly release himself from the bonds of piloting a Gundam could place on one. He cleared his throat and swallowed hard before speaking through gritted teeth.

"What is the meaning of this, Yuy?" The same question he'd asked earlier, still unanswered.

Suddenly, the usual cold face of The Perfect Soldier reappeared, spreading it's way from forehead to chin, like a disabling disease. He turned his head to the side and assessed Wufei with his cobalt blue eyes, showing no emotion... no, wait. They were showing something, just something indiscernible. The change kind of weirded the China man out, but he stood his ground. Just as he drew in a breath to ask the question one last time, he was met with a response.

"I know about you and Treize Khushrenada."

Lightning pulsed through the indigo sky, illuminating a look of utter horror on Wufei's face. His mouth stood agape, eyes wide. He'd tried to be careful in his escapades with Treize, really he had. It quite frankly surprised him that Heero had found out, but that didn't quite matter at the moment. He knew... or did he? Was he just trying to get something out of Wufei? Quickly, Chang wiped the look of surprise off his face, hoping Heero hadn't seen. But Heero had. He'd seen the look just as clearly as Wufei had seen the look of seriousness on the other boy's face. One of not only stoic proportions, but heavy lidded and sexual ones as well. Or so he thought. He pushed the thought from his mind as he spoke.

"What of us?" was Wufei's quiet query.

Heero snickered and looked back up at the sky, smiling evilly as raindrops spiraled down on him, pounding his face and body with increasing force. He fluttered his eyelids closed, after what Wufei took to be rolling his eyes.

"You're a horrible liar. Honestly, I'm surprised you'd try to cover it up, Chang," came Heero's response. His voice was steady and matter-of-fact, with a tinge of anger. Again, and slowly, Heero turned his head to gauge Wufei's reaction.

The Shenlong pilot hung his head in defeat and shame. He was indeed sleeping with the enemy. The rain hit the back of his head, spilling over his face, which he was trying in vain to hide from Heero. He spoke not a word, however, and let his actions do the talking.

Yuy bolted up from his lying position on the car and sat up on the edge of the hood, legs hanging over the side to face the guilty party. Wufei's head darted up at the noise, and his eyes locked onto Heero's, which displayed an emotion Chang couldn't quite place. That emotion raged in his eyes, and his jaw clenched, as well as his fists.

"How COULD you, Chang? Do you realize what you've done?!" Cobalt blue flashed as Heero hopped all the way off the car, stalking his way toward Wufei. Each footstep slurped against the water logged earth. Each movement of his body came softly and precisely. And each breath Wufei drew came slower as he realized what Heero meant to do. He was going to kill him.

As Heero advanced, Wufei took a step back and readied himself in a fighting stance, though not quite fast enough. In one swift movement, the blue tank top the Chinese boy wore found itself scrunched up in the grip of Heero's fist. Unwillingly he was pulled off his feet as Heero turned around with Wufei still in his grip, and slammed him down onto the hood of his car, denting the metal underneath him. The fist relaxed into a palm and slid up to Wufei's neck, gripping it tightly... not tight enough to choke, but tight enough to let the boy know Heero meant business.

A gasp of amazement coursed through the captured boy's body as he struggled instinctively against his captor. He managed to slide a leg in between Heero's and draw it up swiftly, crushing his knee against Yuy's groin, which of course sent him stumbling to the wet ground with a groan. Wufei hopped up and rubbed his throat as he walked up to the fallen boy, placing the ball of his bare foot directly on Heero's throat. He stepped lightly, exerting some of his weight. Heero groaned again, holding his lower regions protectively.

"You'll have to do better than that if you plan to kill me, Yuy. None of the five are more closely matched in skill than you and I. I might be fucking Treize, but I'm not compromising our position, I'm not divulging secrets, and I'm not..." Wufei was abruptly cut off by Heero's squawking voice emanating from the ground.

"Shut up, Wufei. And let me up. I'm not going to kill you. I'm not even going to fight you, so get over yourself," mused Heero, though the anger was still on his face, as well as the pain from getting kneed in the balls.

Outraged, and for no other reason, Wufei stepped away from Heero. His own dark eyes flashed and he growled as his fists clenched.

"What did you say? 'Get OVER myself'? What do you mean by throwing me down onto the hood of a car and trying to choke me? This is injustice! If you don't mean to kill me, or even FIGHT me, then what, pray tell to you mean to do? Why are you so angry then?" Wufei was livid. During his whole discourse on the wrongs done to him that evening, Heero managed to make his way to his feet and stare Wufei directly in the eyes. Even though he remained hunched over a bit due to his injury, his gaze was no less lethal.

"I'm not angry," came Heero's response to Wufei's diatribe.

"EXPLAIN YOURSELF!" raged Chang.

Heero narrowed his eyes, almost in challenge to Wufei's tone, though his own was almost silent for the words he spoke next.

"I'm jealous."

What seemed like an eternity passed in merely a few seconds as Wufei blinked away what he thought had to be the remnants of a dream. But no, he was still in those lush green woods with an aching throat, and a particularly bold Heero Yuy standing in front of him. Did those words actually come out of his mouth?

"You're.... what?" asked Wufei.

Normally, the 01 pilot would have never repeated himself. Hell, normally the 01 pilot would have never admitted his feelings to Wufei.... or to anyone for that matter, let alone himself. But it was raining, and oh how Heero loved the rain. He was a different person, even after Wufei's counter attack on him.

"I'm jealous," replied Heero quietly, though perhaps a decibel or two louder than before. He took a step closer to Wufei, closing in the few feet that were left in between to a mere few inches. His right hand twitched upward slightly, but Heero suppressed the urge to reach out and touch the other boy. His groin couldn't stand another kick, and neither could his ego.

A step backward as Heero advanced placed Wufei with his back squarely against the car, no where to go. Heero made up for the step and took one of his own, as he stared deep into nearly black eyes.

"I'm jealous," Yuy whispered again.

Wufei gritted his teeth and hissed, "I heard you."

Though he did hear the boy, Wufei had no idea of how to handle the situation. He merely stood frozen in place, unable to move his eyes from Heero's, which were drilling into his own with a fierce need and sadness. Impulsively, that same same hand Heero'd suppressed earlier darted up, perhaps a bit too fast, to caress the Chinese pilot's cheek. Wufei darted his head away and widened his eyes. Heero stopped in place, fingers hanging in mid-air, only millimeters away from Wufei's face. He could feel the heat radiate off those fingers and drew in a soft breath of air as Yuy slowly closed the distance in.

"Didn't you know?" asked Heero, words nothing more than a whisper on the wind. He swallowed hard, almost nervous, and let his fingers slide down Chang's bronzed cheek, trailing a wet line down his already wet jaw.

A rustle from a nearby bush managed to suspend the moment between the two pilots. They both turned to see the unmistakable outline of an OZ uniform emerge from dripping leaves.

"The Little Dragon, I'll have you know, is mine."

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