Monsoon Season
by Violaine

Wufei gnawed on his lower lip and stared out into the silent night as he hoped under his breath. Rain pooled into a shallow puddle around his bare feet, and pelted his exposed skin relentlessly. He was of course still dressed in his usual attire, blue tank top and white baggy pants, though a new set. The thin cloth clung to his muscular legs like honey, sticking to the skin even as he tried pulling it away. He began to pace on the asphalt below him, walking in long ovals and turning his head every so often to look down the deserted street.

A shuddering sigh escaped his lips, and he brought his hand up to his face, rubbing hard, as if trying to snap himself from out of a dream. Everything that had taken place in the past two days had all but convinced him that he was suspended on another plane of existence. That was the only way, he'd convinced himself, that Heero could possibly return such taboo feelings from him. The cold rain that washed over him wasn't doing much in the way of keeping him attentive to the goings on around him, though he did whip around as he saw a light finally illuminate the trees in front of him.

Two headlights pierced the darkness, steadily moving toward the lone figure on the road. Wufei stopped his pacing and folded his arms across his chest as he followed the lights with his eyes until they came to rest directly in front of him. He squinted at the brightness and turned his head to the side to avoid the light when the passenger side of the car opened. A shiver ran through his body as he realized how achingly familiar all of this was.

"Get in," said the voice from within, in much the same tone as it had that night.

Wufei brought the same hand up to his face, only this time it was more to hide the expression of relief on his face. He squinted , and took his precious time about it, making sure that Heero didn't perceive him as being too eager.. Once he was satisfied, he walked around the side of the vehicle, slid slowly into the car and closed the door. The foot attached to the driver hit the gas pedal as soon as Chang was inside, and then sped off.

A sopping wet Chinese Gundam pilot folded his hands in his lap and turned to assess the driver, eyes huge and burning with surprise and confusion as his nostrils opened to take in the scent invading the vehicle. It was Treize, and it was roses, and it was rain, all lusciously swirled into each other... the effect was nothing short of intoxicating. The boy stared at him incredulously for a moment, then calmed his gaze, as he realized that Heero wasn't his to be so possessive over. So he smelled like Treize, big deal. But he thought he'd ask anyway.

"You smell like him." The sound was a little more than a whisper, and simply a statement, carefully measured so as not to carry any inflection of emotion.


Almond eyes narrowed at the operator of the vehicle, but quickly reformed into a natural look. After close to ten minutes of awkward silence, Wufei allowed his mind to get the better of him. What if Heero had killed Treize? Or worse yet, what if Treize had raped him? What if Heero had raped..... No.

"Why?" asked the raven haired boy in the passenger seat.

The question took Heero off guard. He was in his own reverie at the moment, and snapped his head toward Chang.

"Why what?"

Wufei swallowed and gritted his teeth. "Why do you smell like Treize, Heero?"

"Probably because I was in his arms."

Wufei gawked at Heero for a moment, who remained silent, then turned away to stare out the window. The shiniest, darkest green he'd ever seen flew by faster then he'd remembered two nights ago. The leaves on the trees looked almost crystalline, mourning the earth with tears of rain sliding from their tips. The boy he wanted... no, the boy he loved, had been in his ex-lover's arms today. Was this Heero's idea of a joke? Was he trying to torture Wufei like Wufei tortured him? Maybe Treize would show up and whisk Heero off his feet tonight. The thoughts all made him sick to his stomach, so he resigned himself to study the world outside, which looked the same as he recalled, being bathed in unfathomable amounts of water. No one had mended the heavens yet.

The road the car followed eventually turned from asphalt into dirt, then finally into nothing more than two dark ruts surrounding a line of grass, the same dark ruts they'd traveled before. Wufei remained awake this time, sulking for his foolishness, and battling his own jealousy for what had obviously transpired between Heero and Treize this afternoon. He should have followed him. He should have known that even the Perfect Soldier couldn't resist his wiles. Treize was... Treize was perfect as well, wasn't he? Before he could complete the thought in his head, telling himself he'd crawl back to Treize,

the car made a ninety degree turn into that fated area they'd been in only forty six hours earlier. The two headlights switched off, and Chang blinked to reaffirm that Heero had indeed taken him back to the same place. He had. But why?

Wufei heard his door open. He looked down at a hand extended to him, the same hand that had assisted him the night before.

"Heero?" Wufei asked in confusion.

The Wing pilot had already gotten out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. He stood in the onslaught of rain, with almost a smile on his face. With a second look, Wufei was sure it was a smile. Yuy left his hand outstretched, and a glint of longing flashed in his eyes and across his features, inexorably drawing Chang to the standing boy, though he did not accept the hand provided to him.

Being this close to Heero was making Wufei's head spin, and the slight hang over he still harbored probably didn't help matters, but he was determined to hide his emotions. Up until the point Heero said he'd been in Treize's arms, the boy was ready to divulge his utter love for him. But not now. Was this the jealousy Heero felt? Suddenly a guilt came washing over him. His car door slammed shut, and Wufei blinked his black eyes over to blue ones no more than a foot away.

"Heero. Why did you take me here... again? And in... and in the rain?" whispered the Chinese boy.

Heero took a small step closer to the boy, and raised a shiny wet hand to his cheek, piercing him to the heart with fire blue orbs of love. Slowly his face moved closer, until their noses were almost touching. Wufei felt his breath catch, fighting with himself as to what he should do. A thumb caressed his jaw before words came tumbling out of the Perfect Soldier's mouth faultlessly.

"I wanted to show you how I intended the other night to be, Wufei. And I love the rain. How can I pass up two things I love at once?"

Without even taking time to register Heero's last sentence in his head, the tightly pigtailed one lurched to the side, whipping his arm in front of him to disconnect Heero's hand from his cheek. The force did indeed bat the boys hand away, and it also placed an astonished gaze on his face, the likes of which had never been seen by anyone. Wufei was breathing hard, not from exertion, but from the adrenaline, desire, confusion and stress welling up in his body. Finally Heero dropped his hand to the side, knowing not what he'd done to hurt the one he loved.

"Don't play games with me, Heero," he said, as he sidled away slowly. "I can't... no. Not if you're sleeping with Treize."

Heero blinked. He'd completely forgotten about the question Wufei asked him in the car, but upon remembering, even after his answer, he was highly annoyed that the boy would think such a thing of him.

"You're insane," Heero stated dully.

"Nani?! I'M insane? You're the one..." Wufei cut his words short upon seeing the look in Heero's eyes. It was one of sadness and denial, but most of all one of honesty. Guilt increased two-fold as he began to see everything come together. Heero hadn't slept with Treize. He doubted that he'd even touched him of his own free will. This wasn't a matter of Heero being weak, it was a matter of His Excellency being a bastard.

"He took me into his arms and tried to kiss me. I... I punched him in the gut and came here to you."

Black eyes burst into wide saucers as a snort weaseled it's way from Wufei's mouth, slowly making it's way into an all out laugh. Heero sort of smirked at his reaction, as well as at what he'd done to the general. The smirk made way into a smile, and before too long, both boys were shaking water off the pools of rain in the trees from their boisterous laughter. Boisterous laughter melded into tears of extreme amusement, which eventually quieted the pilots, who had somehow found their way to the hood of the car. There they lay, on their backs and gasping for breath as they clutched at their sides to stop the pain, letting an errant giggle escape every so often after the bulk of the laughter had subsided.

"That's just riiiiiiich," snickered Wufei, as he raised his hand to wipe a tear away from his eye. "Treize Khushrenada, socked in the stomach by the Perfect Soldier."

Heero snorted as well, and turned his head away from the incoming deluge to face Wufei. Chang sensed the movement and turned his head as well, until their eyes locked together, and silence roared through their bodies like an illness. One swallowed, and the other licked his lips, but who was who didn't really matter.

"I'm sorry I judged you, Wufei. Treize is..." began Heero.

"...exquisite," finished Wufei with a knowing expression plastered on his face.

Heero nodded, and another awkward feeling invaded him. He wanted to turn away from the boy lying next to him on the warm metal, but at the same time he wanted to just reach out and dissolve into his body, just as the steam from the rain pounding down on the hood was dissolving into the humid air above him. As if Wufei could have read every thought and desire in Heero's head, he rolled onto his stomach in one graceful movement and drilled this ebony eyes into Heero's, looking down at him almost predatorily. It was an instinct he didn't expect to get, let alone act on, and it surprised Heero as well, whose instincts took over too.

A perfect hand reached slowly up and behind Chang's neck, and latched onto the tight pigtail there. Their eyes never broke their gaze as the tie was worked loose by nimble fingers, then flung to the ground to be beaten by merciless rain. Cascades of almost blue black hair exploded over Wufei's shoulders and fell just above Heero's face. Almost instantly Heero threaded his fingers through the locks at the nape of his neck, and Wufei responded by fluttering his eyes shut and shivering. More sensual and marauding than even Treize's voice could ever be came Heero's, dripping from perfect lips like maple syrup, low and needy.

"Not as exquisite as you, Wufei."

The Japanese boy never saw those black eyes flutter open, for he'd already pulled Wufei in so close that those words were whispered directly into a small bronze ear. Cheek against cheek Heero nuzzled the boy half on top of him, half in his arms. Winding his fingers tighter into his raven locks, Heero slid his other arm around Wufei's back and softly darted the very tip of his tongue out to barely brush the same bronze ear he'd whispered into. The shudder that coursed through Wufei made him pull his head back to look down at the boy partially underneath him.

Through the haze of lust-induced blurry vision, Yuy looked up and tried to focus on the image he saw before him. Chang Wufei was now on top of him, propped up by hands that rested at either side of Heero's head, gazing at him longingly. Rain swirled in around the boy above, and pattered on the car as Heero blinked to clear his vision. The pregnant moon hung directly behind Wufei's head, casting an eerily sexual white aura around him. Then bronze melded into black, and black melded into rose as the sweet head dipped down to touch noses with the boy who remained plastered on his back against the car.

The pause that could have lasted either a few seconds could have just as well carried them through hours. Eyes that had seen too much for their young years, hearts that had broken a thousand times over yet always managed to mend themselves, and minds that fought against logic all spoke to each other in magnitudes with which words could never accomplish. Heero swallowed a lump in his throat and shivered as he felt Wufei's hot breath against his parted lips.

"I love you too," whispered Wufei, whose mind had been on nothing all day long but those words Heero had wrote.

Sounds of a whimper aching out of the Perfect Soldier's mouth were muffled by thin, soft lips over pouty pink ones. The kiss was gentle... Wufei was scared. Heero tightened his grip on the lock of hair he held at the nape of the boy's neck and snaked the other down to grab a firm globe of flesh. The second Wufei's eyes darted open, Heero knew he boy had been caught off guard. With a smile and nothing more than a simple lightning fast movement, Heero turned over, taking the Chinese boy along with him, and pinning HIM to the vehicle. Wufei blinked as Heero kneeled, knees far apart, and lightly placed Wufei's legs over his thighs.

"Wha...?" started Chang. He was being pushed up a bit, so his back rested on the windshield of the vehicle. A shiver shook his muscular body as the bare skin of his arms touched the cool glass.

Only an evil seductive grin answered the half-formed question. Cobalt flashed through the extensive green they were surrounded by, and slowly, achingly slowly, Heero leaned back and grasped the bottom of his tank top, sliding it out of the waistband of his shorts.

Wufei groaned very slightly, realizing he was in for a strip show he didn't know if he could handle. But he found he couldn't turn away from the perfection before him, so he watched as heat and torture raged between his legs. Once the shirt had been pulled free of it's restriction, Heero arched his back, allowing the cool water pound his muscles, washing over his body in a current that made even Wufei's skin prick with goose bumps. Heero closed his eyes and ran a hand up and under the shirt, inadvertently bunching it up as he did, so as to show a nice firm section of tan skin on his side. Wufei bit his lip and shifted on top of the car, not even realizing he was moving one of his legs in a rhythm against Heero's thigh.

After what looked like pinching a nipple from underneath the fabric, Yuy gasped a bit and slid his hand back out, taking the hem of the shirt in hand. Lethargically he pulled upward, as if he were stretching before getting out of bed in the morning. Wufei found himself sliding down a bit, back slinking down the glass, in order to try and connect his aching member with Heero's. Spandex hid little, this he knew from watching Heero countless times, and it hid even less when you were aroused. When he regained his concentration on the upper portion of the short haired pilot's body, the tank top was gone, revealing a ridiculously toned and tanned chest and torso, along with dark brown nipples, hard as little pebbles. Blue eyes drilled into Wufei, slightly amused, but more hungry than anything else. A single finger reached out and pointed at Wufei's shirt.

"Off," Heero whispered.

The Little Dragon shuddered and groaned again, then lifted the upper half of his body off the windshield. Obviously lost were his inhibitions now, for when he flew upright, he took Heero's sides under his hands and clamped his mouth down on the boy's rain slicked stomach. Yuy gritted his teeth, his whole world exploding at the sensation of Wufei's tongue, lips, hands on his body. The perfect hands curled into Chang's hair,and slid down his neck and back, grasping the boys shirt for himself and allowing his ministrations. A slight rip was heard as Wufei's mouth left Heero's body facilitating the removal of his shirt, but no one cared. As those thin little lips started to seek hot flesh again, a hand came down on his shoulder and pushed him back down onto the car.

Chang didn't have time to think, for the second he landed back on the glass, a hungry mouth was covering his. Finally. The kiss they'd both dreamed about for almost a year, the REAL kiss, was finally happening. It was urgent and needy, and months of emotion spilled out as tongues meshed, trying to communicate their caring for the other in a series of licks and swirls. Two bodies ground against each other in aroused abandon, and moans poured back and forth into their mouth for what seemed like ages. Finally Heero broke away.

Teeth nipped their way down Wufei's neck, sucking rather harshly at the spot where neck meets shoulder. This sent a jolt of ecstasy through the Chinese boy, the likes of which he'd never known, but assumed he would learn more of soon. Heero made his way down and swirled his deft tongue around a rose nipple, feeling the skin there perk like a swollen bee sting. Tenderly at first he rolled the nub between his teeth, then harder with each suction against it. Wufei bucked against Heero's chest, trying desperately to relieve the aching tension in his neglected muscle below. A smile tugged at Yuy, and he removed his mouth from the worried right nipple to concentrate on the left one, as he ground his chest back into the rock hard member he felt pressing against it.

Raven hair clashed against the glass beneath it as Wufei turned his head to the side and ran his fingers through Heero's hair. His captor was taking his precious time, and it was unbearable. So many times he'd dreamed of Heero's hands on him, and so many times he'd pleasured himself thinking of it, but it was nothing like this. Sparks that ignited fired pulsed inside him, and sensations that could never be described made the boy want to scream and thrash and cry and moan all at the same time. Lower still Heero's mouth went, biting the tender flesh of his stomach, and drawing ever nearer to the soaking wet pants that housed his hot erection.

More lightning flashed across the sky and finally a cheek, a nose, a mouth, came to nuzzle against Wufei's strained cock. A whimper choked it's way out of the boy's mouth at the same time an evil smile spread over Heero's mouth. Shamelessly, Wufei thrust his hips upward to increase the contact, but the contact was already gone. Chang looked down to see Heero's head hovering right over his still covered erection, eyes ablaze with sinful desire. He licked his lips, causing Wufei to moan, then curled his fingers around the drawstring of the thin white pants. He pulled slowly, torturing the boy beneath him, then finally started sliding the fabric off toned legs.

Wufei wore white silk boxers underneath the pants, but Heero was far more conniving than Wufei could manage at the moment, and had grasped those as well, successfully stripping the boy on the car naked from the waist down. An awkward moment passed as Heero simply stared at the unexpectedly large exposed member in his view, rosy red with constricted blood, and begging for release. It twitched slightly, and Heero shuddered once before practically diving toward it, face first.

One lick was all the warning Wufei got. Heero was hungry for the boy, and had been for months. The tongue darted out and teased it's way up the underside of his shaft, before plunging the entire length into hot wet heaven. A scream ripped through the air, and instinctively Wufei threaded his fingers through Heero's dark locks again, bucking up hard into the eager mouth. As Shenlong's drunken eyed pilot stared upward into the heavens moaning, rain melted into the stars. Moans pealed through the air as Heero's tongue pulsed over Wufei's engorged cock, sucking tightly over it.

" unnh.. HEERO!" gasped Chang.

A low growl came from the same heated mouth around Wufei's length, sending vibrations through the boy's lower body. Underneath Heero, Chang writhed closer and closer to release, whining loudly. He felt a hand slide against the velvet orbs suspended underneath his penis, and gasped as he discerned their direction. As gracefully as possible, Heero slid an already wet finger into the dark pucker even lower, pushing past the tight ring of muscle into sweet heaven. The one touch proved more than enough to send Chang falling over the edge of desire.

Hot life came spurting full force down the back of Heero's throat, coating his mouth with utter ecstasy, as a harsh scream sounded again on the wind. The Perfect Soldier swallowed eagerly, finishing every drop as Wufei rode out the last waves of shuddering pleasure, gripping Heero's hair almost ferally. Finally the mouth and intruding finger came away and Wufei tentatively looked down to lock his eyes on the heaven that smiled up at him from between his trembling legs.

Hard velvet arms wrapped around Wufei after Heero pulled himself to lie next to the boy. It was almost baffling how affectionate Yuy was being, but no one in present company was going to dispute it. Wufei tilted his head to rest against the other boy's and sighed happily.

"That was...." started Chang.

In a flurry of motion, Wufei found his sated self lying on something rather soft to the touch, yet rippling underneath, Still on his back he turned his head and felt pouty lips on his ear. Without Chang even realizing it, Heero had pulled him on top, so the Chinese pilot rested with his back against Heero's chest. Strong fingers grasped both Wufei's nipples and pinched hard.

"Shh..." Yuy whispered.

Chang shuddered at the voice and touch, not quite sure if he could handle another round. His body defied his thoughts however, when he realized that the erection pressed to tightly against his ass was nude. Somehow Heero had managed to get his spandex off, though when was a mystery. Again, Wufei's organ rose to the occasion, gleaming and hard as the boy lying on his back underneath him slid his hands down Wufei's stomach.

"Wufei.... MY Little Dragon, Wufei.... will you let me take you?" asked a breathless, needy Heero Yuy.

A nod was the only response given, and a furious one at that. The mouth that had asked the question opened and took a bronze earlobs inside, sucking and nibbling at it hungrily while fingers from the same body slid between the boys. The rhythm of the pounding rain over Wufei's body, not to mention his again hard penis drove him mad. It was like a thousand fingers from every direction massaged him and coaxed him further to the edge of arousal.

Slowly, two fingers this time requested entrance to Wufei's heat, and acheived their goal in a matter of seconds. Heero moaned and delved deeper, brushing against the spot he knew could drive his love insane.

Wufei pushed himself upward a bit, then back down again onto Heero's fingers, begging internally for somethign more. Yuy's hard nipples brushed against Chang's shoulderblades, causing both boys to shudder and whine in pleasure.

"Please Heero, now... I need you," pleaded Wufei.

Those words were all the encouragement Heero needed, as he was even more desperate than the boy above him. One of his hands slid up to Wufei's face, placing his thumb on wet lips that eagerly accepted the gift into their warm recesses. The other hand removed itself from the dark passage they were housed in and replaces themselves with a thick pink erection, pressing against the same tunnel.

From even the slight touch of Heero's cock, Wufei knew it would hurt. He'd never gotten to see it, but as he was lowered onto the arousal, he cried out, clenching his eyes shut and releasing Heero's finger from his mouth. That hand drifted downward to grasp Chang's weeping member, and nimble fingers slid over the tip, tugging at it playfully with every inch of Heero that dissapeared into Wufei.

Heero groaned at the tightness of his lover, and sucked at his neck like a hungry kitten. For a long while they simply lay on the metal and glass of the vehicle, allowing both to adjust to the feeling of utter pain and pleasure. Had Heero been anyone but Heero, he would have let himself go the second he felt the velvet tunnel enclose him. But instead, he waited, and with a long moan, grasped Wufei's hip with the hand that guided his penis earlier, pulling him up slightly, and off his member.

Wufei panted as he was let back down on it, realizing that with every thrust Heero made, his hand on Wufei's cock only pumped harder. Already blurred vision started to grey at the sides as Chang shivered when Heero's rapid breath came panting into his ear, heavy and urgent. Slowly the pace sped, and before long Wufei was making his own thrusts downward onto Heero's aching member.

With a groan, Yuy clenched his fist around Chang and whispered into his ear.


Before the boy could respond, a hard thrust came upward, impaling Wufei and sending a cry out into the pouring rain. He felt the cheeks of his muscular ass pound against Heero's abdomen for a split second, then he was being raised again.


Again Wufei was met with an almost brutal force upward, though the reaction it caused was nothing more than sheer erotic need. Wufei whined and Heero groaned loudly, as once again he pushed Wufei back off again.

"... love... "



Chang instantly exploded, hot and salty over Heero's hand as the sentence completed. Tears sprang from his eyes, and he shuddered violently, body, mind and heart awash in love and pleasure. Heero pulled Wufei down once more and rolled his hips in a tiny tight circle. Both hands wrapped around Chang's chest tightly as Heero gave up, gritting his teeth and climaxing . Both boys moaned as the all too Perfect Soldier sprayed life inside Wufei, jerking after every spasm, and squeezing almost too him tightly. Again the words came.

"I love you...." whispered both shaky boys, simultaneously.

They slept on the car, naked in the rain, never releasing the other from the death grip they held. Shortly before the sun rose, they awoke, limbs entangled, and in danger of catching a death of a cold from the amount of moisture int he air. The rain had finally relented, though it hadn't stopped. Now it was just a soft mist covering them like a blanket as the warmth rose fromt he sky, in colors that seemed much newer now, and much clearer.

"Heero," started Wufei quietly, "why do you like the rain so much?"

The naked, glorious boy who was queried stared up into the sky for a moment, then closed his eyes and smiled. The mist washed over his gentle face for a moment before he turned to face the only person he'd ever love.

"It frees me... cleanses me... makes me unafraid. It throws my cares to the wind and lets me love. It saturates this parched heart of mine. The rain was what enabled me to tell you how I felt, Wufei."

It was the single most un-mission related string of words he'd ever heard from Heero Yuy. Black eyes stared at him for a moment before looking at the swelling sunrise and speaking.

"Perhaps we should move to India."

The thought took Heero, who was still watching Wufei, off guard.

"India? Whatever for?"

Wufei turned and everything clicked into place. The world stopped, and even the sunrise froze in time. Only the smile that spread across his face when he looked at his love, and the words that were spoken from his lips resounded.

"Monsoon season."


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