Promises Under the Influence
by Uru-Chan

**Baby do you know what you did today? Baby do you know what you took away? You took the blue out of the sky, my whole life changed when you said goodbye, and I keep crying...crying...**

Needle-thin shafts of sunlight filtered through the treetops, dappling the rural highway. Even now, in the post dawn hours, heat radiated off the pavement. Wufei ran his fingers through sweat-slicked hair, whipped loose and smarting against his cheeks. Power thrummed beneath him as he gunned the motorcycle, rumbling up from the engine in a dull roar. His loose, button-down shirt fluttered wildly behind him, revealing the narrow arc of his back. Color stained his cheeks as he considered his own tank, lost somewhere in a tangle of fine bed-linen.

Treize...K'so. I wonder what he'll do when he finds me gone. I wonder if he'll even care. The Chinese boy worried his lip between his teeth, dark eyes fixed on the western horizon. But do you care? his conscience tormented him. That's the only thing that matters. Baka. Always follow your own advice.

**I wish I never saw the sunshine, I wish I never saw the sunshine, and if I never saw the sunshine, Baby, then maybe I wouldn't mind the rain.**

Moisture beaded just above his lip, and his tongue darted out to cleanse it. The dark flavor of salt and heat sparked memories in the Chinese boy. Slipping unnoticed into the General's chambers, demanding justice, and tumbling at last into the man's bed, making love until --

Iie!! Wufei's features creased in a frown of annoyance. We had sex. Don't try to justify it with pretty words. He doesn't love you. And that's why you're hungry, tired, and wet, he mused wryly, instead of breakfasting in Kushrenada's bed.

The narrow mouth twitched in a wistful smile, a soft "hn" of acceptance escaping his lips. He wasn't altogether certain when he'd made the decision to flee. Wufei flushed slightly at the thought of last night's carnality, the wanton behavior that startled him and amused Treize to no end. It tormented him, this duality; Gundam pilot by day, a desperate needy little plaything by night.

It isn't what you want, the Chinese boy assured himself, albeit weakly. It's not what you deserve.

**Every day is just like the day before, all alone a million miles from shore. All of my dreams I dreamed with you. Now they will die and never come true, and I keep crying...crying...**

"Sometimes I wish the dawn would never come." Wufei's mouth twitched at the memory, two figures huddled together in the red-streaked half-light. Duo's devotion to an abusive lover had startled him, struck something deep within him, a chord of truth. There was something about holding him, something in the way he touched me. He made me feel valuable, like I was someone special. I -- I've never felt that way before.

Wufei drew a pair of sunglasses from his pack, settling them on his nose with a sigh of regret. One hand rubbed at the exposed flesh of his throat and chest, wiping the sweat on his thighs. Irritated, he unfastened the remaining buttons, shrugging out of Treize's shirt. The limp white fabric sailed briefly out behind him, only to flutter to rest on the heat-soaked pavement. Don't need anything of his, he announced bravely, enjoying the chill of wind on moist flesh.

"Maxwell." The word fell unconsciously from his lips, laden with a kind of half-hearted blame. If only I'd never held you in my arms...if only you'd never brought me to question everything I believe in. Perhaps Treize-sama cared nothing for me. I held my suspicions from the beginning. But I must admit, there is a certain comfort in a man's arms. I suspect my lover felt the same.

**I wish I never saw the sunshine, I wish I never saw the sunshine, and if I never saw the sunshine, Baby, then maybe, I wouldn't mind the rain, oh~ this pain. I know there would not be this cloud that's over me, everywhere I go**

But this dishonor..this degradation, the Chinese boy lamented, a thick sigh escaping his lips. It isn't meant for you. Besides...Treize is a grown man, and he's not about to change. Frowning, Wufei lifted his hand, scooping the hair off the base of his neck, allowing the air to cool the damp flesh.

I should be grateful, he murmured pensively. It's true that I'm suffering, and Maxwell is no small part of it. But I think perhaps it's best to suffer for a time. It's not enough for me, what Treize and I had, not anymore. I know exactly what I want, and I will find the strength to wait for it.

Arigato Maxwell, he whispered, lips turning in a genuine smile. I wish you, and Yuy, the best of luck. Chang Wufei gazed resolutely at the horizon, sunglasses rendering the landscape a wash of burnished gold. Black hair whipping wildly about, shirt abandoned, he gunned the engine determinedly towards the future.

**I wish I never saw the sunshine, I wish I never saw the sunshine, and if I never saw the sunshine, Baby, then maybe, I wouldn't mind the rain, oh~ this pain. I wouldn't mind the rain; there wouldn't be this pain. I wouldn't mind the rain...I wouldn't mind the rain.**

I Wish I Never Saw the Sunshine by Beth Orton

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