Redemption and Consummation
by Jade

Duo got up as quickly as possible and rushed to Heero's side. "Are you ok, Heero?" Even though he knew it was a stupid question, Duo had to ask.

Heero turned his flushed face away from Duo, and nodded, unable to speak. His face burned with shame.

"Heero," Duo said more insistently. "This wasn't your fault. We need to talk about this, but right now we have a small chance to get out. We can't waste it. Can you get up?"

Heero nodded again, and ashamedly let Duo help him get dressed. They were both disheveled and sticky from their adventures at the hands of Zechs Marquise, but they needed to get going.

Zechs' word seemed to be good, for they found the door unlocked and the corridor outside deserted. The two pilots made their way down the hallway and literally walked out of the base. No guards were anywhere to be seen.

Not believing their good fortune, Heero and Duo nevertheless escaped quickly, and Duo was glad to see some degree of normalcy return to Heero as the distanced themselves from the base. He still wouldn't meet Duo's eyes, though.

Soon they reached a small town, and Heero quickly looked around for an unattended vehicle to hotwire. All they could find was a motorcycle. It would have to do.

Before Heero could start to work on stealing the bike, however, Duo put a hand on Heero's shoulder and was saddened to see the other boy flinch. "Heero?"

Heero turned to face him, but kept his eyes downcast. "What?"

"We need to talk," Duo said unnecessarily.

"Now?" Heero asked miserably.

"Yes," answered Duo. "Look at me, Heero."

Heero kept his head down, so Duo reached out, slowly, and put his finger under Heero's chin and lifted it gently. Reluctantly, cobalt met amethyst. Duo's heart ached at the hurt and shame in Heero's eyes. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, Heero."

"I betrayed you."

"No, you saved me from a worse fate. And you didn't betray the mission," Duo answered.

Heero sighed miserably. "But I liked it. That makes it worse."

"In case you forgot," Duo said, indicating his ruined clothes, "I liked it too."

Heero looked up briefly, a small smirk almost crossing his face. "Yes, you seemed to."

"So who's more sick? You, who enjoyed being pleasured by a talented, gorgeous man, even against your will, or me, who enjoyed watching?" Duo finished triumphantly.

"I guess we're both sick then," Heero almost smiled.

Impulsively, Duo flung himself at Heero, hugging him tightly. "I love you, Hee-chan!"

Heero staggered back momentarily, unsure of what to do as the braided boy pressed against him. Then instinct took over, and he wrapped his arms around Duo and held him tightly. "I... I love you too, Duo."

At Heero's words, Duo hugged him even more tightly. He buried his face in Heero's neck and breathed deeply. Then Duo whispered in Heero's ear, "So what are we gonna do about it?"

Heero could scarcely believe this was happening. He pulled back so he could look at Duo's face. "You mean... you still want me, after..." Heero trailed off, still unable to speak of it.

In answer, Duo thrust his hips against the other boy, and Heero could clearly feel Duo's hardness. Then Duo hesitated. "Unless..." Duo knew Heero wanted him, after today's activities, but... "Do you want to wait? Are you hurt? I don't want to push you."

"Oh, Duo," Heero began, unable to express the depth of his feelings. "I've wanted you since the first time I saw you. I can't help the fact that I enjoyed what Zechs did to me. But what I want with you... is different." Heero blushed again, unable to voice what he wanted.

Duo grinned as he realized what Heero was trying to say. "Don't worry, Heero. I like to be bottom." He heard Heero moan, then, and Duo slipped a hand down to brush the front of Heero's spandex, and felt the hard bulge there happily. Heero moaned again when he felt Duo's touch.

Heero fought for control. "We'd better get going," he hissed, wanting nothing more than to stand here and touch Duo all night.

"Right," sighed Duo. Then he brightened. "Back to the safe house!" It won't be long now, he thought to himself. And in the meantime, he got to ride behind Heero, pressed close against him on the bike.

Heero quickly started the motorcycle, and got on, indicating Duo should get on behind him. Duo happily complied, straddling the seat and scooting up behind Heero as closely as possible.

Heero groaned as he felt Duo wrap himself around him. Duo was very deliberately pressing his erection against Heero's ass, tormenting him. Now Duo slipped his hands around Heero's muscled body, running his hands over the ridged planes of muscle, accidentally brushing a nipple... "Duo! I have to drive!" Duo smirked and lowered his hands from Heero's chest, but that put them close to even more dangerous territory. Heero's own arousal stretched the spandex to its limits. "Duo..." Heero admonished again. "Behave yourself if you want to get home in one piece." Duo sighed and stopped his explorations. It wasn't easy, though, he couldn't seem to get enough of touching Heero's incredible body. Duo shivered in anticipation of all the pleasures that awaited them, and held more tightly to the cobalt-eyed boy as they roared away.

The vibration of the motorcycle and his proximity to Heero were doing erotic things to Duo's body as they traveled. Duo was moaning nearly continuously by the time they neared the safe house.

Heero was not having an easy time either. Duo was wrapped around him, rubbing himself against him as much as possible, and making the sexiest sounds he had ever heard. Heero couldn't remember ever being this hard for this long. The trip back to the safehouse seemed to take forever. But finally they arrived.

Heero pulled the stolen motorcycle behind the house, out of sight. They would have to ditch it tomorrow. But right now, tomorrow seemed an eternity away. The night stretched before them, beckoning.

They clambered off the bike and Duo immediately plastered himself to Heero, pressing his mouth to the other boy's desperately. Heero suddenly realized this was their first kiss despite what they'd been through already. Opening his mouth, Heero entwined his tongue with Duo's. Feverishly, they explored each other's mouths for the first time.

Heero wrapped his arms around Duo, pulling him close. He wanted to touch as much of the longhaired boy as possible, as quickly as possible. Duo seemed to melt into his arms, their bodies lining up perfectly, not a millimeter of space left between them.

The two boys broke the kiss with a gasp, having forgotten to breathe. Their eyes met in the semi-darkness, and Heero managed to say, "Lets go inside." Duo nodded.

They stumbled into the safehouse, arms wrapped around each other because they didn't want to let go. As soon as they got in the door, Duo pressed himself to Heero again, and their lips locked once more. After a moment, however, Heero broke the kiss and looked around the room. They weren't alone.

Trowa, Quatre and Wufei sat in the living room, faces showing varying degrees of shock. Quatre looked the least surprised, and actually delighted, as he observed Heero and Duo wrapped around each other. Trowa looked mildly surprised, which for him was showing a lot of emotion. And Wufei sat openmouthed, shock clear on his features.

The other three pilots took in their entanglement, and the state of their clothing. No one knew what to say, and deafening silence ruled.

Characteristically, Duo was the one to break the silence, and he stammered, "Uh, hi guys, love to chat, but we, uh..." Duo trailed off.

Heero finished, "We have a mission report to write up." With that, Heero swept Duo up into his arms and carried the longhaired boy off to their bedroom.

Heero carried Duo upstairs, opening and locking the door with one hand. Then he let Duo slide gently to the floor and held him close. He whispered in Duo's ear, "Can I interest you in a shower?"

To Duo, who had grown up on a colony with little water, the only thing better than a long hot shower was sex. So a shower with the object of his all-consuming passion sounded like heaven.

The two boys all but ripped off their soiled clothes and nearly jumped in the shower. For a minute, they jokingly argued about who would stand directly under the shower head until they discovered they both fit, if they were wrapped around each other.

So they stood, lips locked in a deep kiss, arms and legs entwined as much as possible, under the steaming water as if to cleanse themselves for a new start. Literally and symbolically, they rinsed away the dirt and impurities.

Slowly, they washed each other's hair, and rubbed against each other with soap-slick skin. Both boys were rock hard, and two erections slid against each other tantalizingly. Duo took great delight in making sure that one area of Heero's anatomy was perfectly clean. Repeatedly. Heero slumped against the shower wall as Duo stroked him with a soapy hand.

"Oh, god, Duo..." Heero moaned as he grabbed the other boy's hand, stopping the stroking. Duo pouted until Heero explained, "I promised myself that the next time I came it would be deep inside you."

"Sounds good to me," Duo agreed, then began to moan as Heero started to stroke him.

"But that doesn't mean I can't do the same to you," Heero smirked as it was Duo's turn to rely on the wall for support.

Heero watched Duo's beautiful face intently as he pumped his arousal. He felt he could never get enough of watching Duo, especially like this. Duo's face became even more ethereal in the throes of passion, and Heero found himself wanting to make Duo look that way, over and over, forever. Violet eyes glazed and half-lidded, sensual lips parted, Duo looked perfect.

Heero slid to his knees, wanting to give Duo even more ecstasy. Duo gasped as he felt Heero's mouth envelop him, taking his hardness deep into him, licking and sucking until Duo was panting for breath.

Duo looked down at the boy he had lusted after for so long, kneeling before him and sucking on him just like in his dreams. Duo felt his climax approach, helpless within Heero's hot mouth. In the end, it wasn't the suction of Heero's mouth on his erection that made Duo come; it was the delicious look in those cobalt eyes as Heero looked up at him, and the sight of his perfect mouth wrapped around him. Duo's world exploded, and he screamed incoherently as he flooded Heero's mouth with his hot passion.

Heero knew Duo was going to climax, and happily licked up every drop of the pleasure he had given his love. He stood quickly and supported Duo as the longhaired boy's knees finally gave out.

"Oh, Heero, that was..." Words failed Duo for once in his life. Instead, he snuggled against his lover until his legs stopped shaking.

Heero smiled and held Duo close. The emotion he felt at this moment was so strong, so raw, he thought his heart might burst. He felt protective and lustful at the same time, but strangely enough, it wasn't confusing. It felt right.

Gradually, Duo recovered, and their embrace went from comforting back to sexual as Duo rocked his rapidly returning erection against Heero's still painfully hard one.

Duo whispered in Heero's ear, "Shall we get out now?" Heero nodded and turned off the water. They stepped out of the shower, grabbed some towels and tried to dry off while kissing.

Finally, they tumbled onto the bed, Duo landing on top of Heero. Every inch of their bodies pressed together, they kissed deeply. Duo straddled Heero and started to rock his hips against Heero, causing the cobalt-eyed boy to moan. With a growl, Heero quickly flipped them both over, landing between Duo's spread legs, pinning Duo to the bed. Duo looked up at Heero. Duo knew Heero was incredibly strong, and could bend steel with the hands that currently held him. Heero pushed Duo's legs apart even more with his own knees, and crushed his mouth to Duo's. Duo moaned under this forceful assault, and rocked his hips up, trying to make contact with Heero's arousal. But Heero held himself just out of reach, denying Duo the friction he wanted.

Duo moaned, spreading his legs farther apart enticingly. The ache between his legs threatened to overcome any other conscious thought; he wanted Heero, and wanted him now. His body ached to be filled with that delicious hardness, just out of reach.

Heero pulled away from Duo's sensual mouth, drinking in the vision before him. Duo's mouth hung open, his arousal glistened with his need, and his eyes begged for Heero to take him. But Heero was waiting for Duo to ask, no, plead for it.

"What do you want, Duo? Tell me," commanded Heero.

Duo shivered at the tone of Heero's voice. He purred, "I want you, Heero. Inside me. Please, Heero, fuck me..."

"How bad do you want it, koi? Say it," growled Heero.

"Oh, Heero, I want it so bad," begged Duo. "Please, do me!" Duo's voice rose, pleading.

Heero began, "Do you have any..."

Duo answered quickly, "Bedside drawer."

Heero blinked, but didn't ask, just grabbed the tube and coated his fingers. He leaned forward and captured Duo's mouth again as he slid one finger inside him. Duo moaned impatiently as Heero continued to prepare him; but Heero wouldn't be rushed. After all this time he was not about to hurt Duo by lack of preparation. Not that it was easy; all he wanted was to ram himself into Duo, and it took all of his iron control to ignore Duo's pleas to just take him, now. Adding the last finger, Heero found what he was looking for as Duo saw stars.

Duo writhed on the bed, looking up at Heero enticingly. "I'm ready, Heero," he said huskily. Heero agreed, and gently withdrew his fingers. Duo pouted, but then watched hungrily as Heero coated his neglected hardness. Heero noticed Duo's rapt attention and lingered longer than he had to, stroking himself in anticipation of being inside Duo. The stroking and Duo's hungry eyes on him was almost too much for him. There would be time for games later, but right now he wanted, no, needed, to be inside Duo.

Heero leaned forward, pressing his glistening arousal against Duo's tight opening. Duo moaned louder, feeling what he wanted so close. "Oh, god, please, Heero! Take me now!"

Heero bit his lip as he did just that. Pushing past Duo's tight muscles, Heero relentlessly eased his length into the longhaired boy. Watching Duo carefully for any signs of pain, Heero slowly lost his mind as Duo's exquisite tightness gripped his arousal.

Duo's head was thrown back and he held his legs apart completely as Heero entered him. He couldn't speak; couldn't breathe; couldn't think as Heero claimed him. The only thing that mattered in the universe was the way Heero was making him feel, filling him, taking him.

Heero could push no farther; he was fully sheathed in Duo's incredible body. Both boys remembered to breathe finally; Duo tried to relax his muscles and Heero tried to control the urge to ram Duo to the wall.

Heero closed his eyes; was this just another dream, from which he would waken hard and frustrated again? It couldn't be real, no one could be so lucky as he was now, making love to the boy who had captured his heart. Then he opened his eyes, and Duo was still there, impaled on his cock, eyes pleading for more. Heero's body took over as his mind overloaded.

"Ready?" Heero growled and braced himself with a hand on either side of Duo's head.

Duo looked at the savage vision above him: cobalt eyes blazing with need and lust, steel muscles bunched with the effort of holding back. Duo knew he had never needed anything as badly as he needed Heero to fuck him. "Yes, Heero, oh, god, now!" pleaded Duo, and Heero crushed his lips to Duo's.

Sentiment fled as raw need took over. Heero withdrew slowly from Duo, causing him to cry out in frustration. Duo's cry quickly turned to a moan as Heero slammed back into him. Heero drew back and thrust into Duo over and over, each time harder and more savage. Duo took every thrust, begging for more even as he was pushed up against the headboard. Duo raised his hands, grabbed the headboard and braced himself; then begged Heero to do it even harder. Heero complied, the sight of a vulnerable Duo, arms raised, asking for more, driving him nearly insane.

Higher and higher, faster and faster they went, every stroke of Heero's cock inside Duo taking them closer to the edge. Angling every stroke for Duo's maximum pleasure, Heero drank in the violet-eyed boy's moans like nectar. Every sound Duo made, every spasm that rocked his lithe body drove Heero higher. Duo's tight muscles grabbed him, stimulating every inch of his erection as he thrust again and again.

Duo knew nothing but the feeling of Heero inside him; the feel of Heero's body slamming against him stroke after stroke. Each time, he thought he might explode from intensity when Heero pounded him; but incredibly, each time Heero buried himself to the hilt felt better than the last.

Heero held back as long as he could; finally there was no denying the inevitable release. Duo nearly screamed as Heero wrapped his hand around his aching arousal and began to roughly stroke it. Filled by Heero's length and stroked by Heero's hand, Duo succumbed to absolute pleasure, screaming Heero's name and bucking against him. Pearly strands coated them both as Duo emptied his need, pulsing again and again.

Watching as well as feeling Duo's climax, Heero finally surrendered to his own release. With one final, deep thrust, Heero shuddered and, looking deep into Duo's eyes, emptied his long-denied passion into him.

Still feeling aftershocks, Duo watched in rapt attention as the face of his dreams was rocked by ecstasy. The only recognizable sound Heero made was Duo's name, and Duo vowed he would never forget the way Heero looked at that instant.

Carefully withdrawing, then collapsing next to Duo, Heero's cobalt eyes sought violet. Duo smiled weakly before snuggling up to his lover.

"That was amazing, Heero. Although I won't ever forgive Zechs for what he did to you, if it weren't for him, this may never have happened." Duo whispered.

Heero gathered Duo into his arms protectively. "You are incredible. Don't worry, we'll have our revenge on Zechs. I guarantee it."

The End!