The Right Guy
by kebzero

Environmental Chaos had finally got their act together, and the colony climate was back to the regular temperate one. On the one hand, it meant less flesh to look at out in the yard. On the other hand, there was no longer any need for the sneak peeks now; they could devour each other with their eyes at any time without fearing the repercussions. Almost.

In a way, Heero, Duo and Trowa had entered somewhat of a trial period with each other. Having come to somewhat of an unwritten agreement of their relationship, they were adjusting to living by it. Trowa did his best to adjust to the previously established couple, while the couple did their part to adjust to him - for they were not a couple anymore; they were a trio.

There could be no room for guilt or envy when two of the three were together, and the one apart. More than once, Trowa was pulled aside by either of his new boyfriends, sometimes for a quick kiss, other times for a more thorough grope - albeit nothing worse. Trowa reciprocated with them both, albeit with less fervor, still adjusting to thinking of them as boyfriends, rather than friends. For that reason, he did not want to encourage them too much, too soon. However, they held good on their promise to Trowa; the even more intimate things could wait.

For a little while, at least.

Trowa was content as it was, even if it did take a day or two of mixed engagements to get over the slight feeling of guilt he sometimes experienced - times like when he found himself crammed up under the wrecked Taurus torso for a quick make-out with Duo while Heero sorted scrap at the other end of the yard, or that time Heero pushed him against the lunch nook wall for a hasty but thorough kiss-and-grope while Duo was away with Hilde making a pickup at the deli. Likewise, it took a while to get over the touch of envy that watching his boyfriends getting intimate sparked - though, this was far easier to deal with, as they - as soon as they noticed him - pulled him in with them. They were three. They were together.

And they were not moving fast enough beyond that, in Duo's opinion. To include Trowa also put a quick stop to any nookie he could get from Heero; it'd be cruel to have a tumble with Heero while Trowa remained on the sideline, not yet daring to join in the fun. As a full week since their first of several innocent nights together approached, cravings were beginning to build up. Duo knew Heero was not unaffected either, but he seemed to be better at coping with it.

Trowa wasn't oblivious to their needs, and had once or twice suggested that he should go for a nice, long walk or to the cinema, alone - and though he never outright said it, it was perfectly clear what he imagined they should be doing while he was gone.

Neither Heero nor Duo had accepted that, however, and had not let him escape, instead going for rather heated cuddles at the couch, with or without the TV running in the background.

None of the three seemed to notice that Hilde didn't spend the evenings with them anymore. Then again, that wasn't merely because she had a fair idea of what would go on in that house; she also had a boyfriend of her own to play with. She was delaying introducing Scott to her three friends, though. She wanted control over the situation this time.

In short, the trio was not getting serious.

That changed as Trowa's curiosity and libido finally overcame his concerns and contentment.

It happened as their lunch break came up. It was Hilde's turn to fetch the meal at the deli, and thus, the three of them were left alone. Not that they minded; they certainly knew how to seek companionship in each other now that the tension between them was gone.

Thus, in the midst of pettings and smooches going every which way between the three of them, Trowa at length - and quite reluctantly - pulled back a bit, clearing his throat, gaining his boyfriends' full attention - he only had about half from each before, for obvious reasons.

Given how jittery Trowa suddenly became, it wasn't as if Heero and Duo couldn't guess what was up - nevertheless, they didn't say anything, waiting patiently - though they were both grinning. Trowa looked away, scratched his right bicep to ease the sudden itch there. "Guys, about tonight..." Quick bite of lip. "Uhm... I was thinking... Maybe we could sleep together... in a less literal sense?"

Duo's wide grin turned into an equally wide leer - before it vanished in a line of a smile. He touched the back of his hand to his forehead. "I think... I'm going to be sick..."

That not being quite the answer he wanted, Trowa frowned. Did that mean he'd waited too long? Or not long enough? Or-

About then, he caught sight of Heero's smirk, just as his second boyfriend copied the first one's move and added "Yeah, me too - must be one of those things going around these days. We should probably turn in early today..."

The grin returned. "Exactly."

Trowa had caught on by then, smiled serenely in contrast to his snort, and shook his head at their little ploy - albeit he liked the prospect offered.

Even the best plan does not survive contact with the enemy. Also, any vacation plan does not survive contact with the boss. Or co-boss. Hilde was a lot of things, but stupid or blind were not among them. Still, she didn't mind the idea of cutting the day short, and after a quick call to ensure her own evening of promise, she met the boys' proposal halfway, and let them put away their gloves and tools three hours prior to the usual.

Even if it was Duo's night to make dinner, all three of them pitched in, wanting both something edible and something they had made themselves. For three young men, that can be tougher than you'd expect - and it was not as if any of them had ever attended a home ec class - other than during sporadic hiding in boarding schools during the war.

To their favor, they were independent spirits, crafty and clever. They had gotten through the war well enough on their own cooking; now that they had access to both fresh supplies, a plethora of cooking utensils and above all else cookbooks, they could make just about anything - and in most cases, eat it safely afterwards, too.

Preparing the meal became just as important as enjoying it afterwards. There was little time for fooling around, although they couldn't get away from a few friendly pats and quick kisses - not that any of the three were actively trying.

They were a little short in the decor department. Heero had taken it upon himself to 'set the mood' - however, given that all he could find in the cabinets were old, half-used crimson column candles left over from last Christmas and similar leftovers, his vision of a candle-lit dinner fell somewhat short of a romantic movie scene. Still, the column candles did their job when he flipped the light switch of the kitchen, if emanating more of a cozy than tender mood. Not that it mattered, it's the thought that counts - and Trowa and Duo certainly appreciated that.

None of them managed to focus all that well on dinner, thinking - if not daydreaming - ahead. Jokes were passed along with the dinner bowls over the table. A slow game of footsie evolved underneath it.

They voted unanimously to leave the dishes for the day after.

Even in their eagerness they still wound up at the couch, building up the same slow dance they had done every night for the last week; fingers and lips always seeking out new places to explore and exploit, albeit nearly always above the belt. The TV remained dark; they only had eyes for each other now, anyway. And the couch - which despite not being lumpy like its predecessor - was not quite big enough to comfortably hold the three of them. At least not in the horizontal direction they found themselves entangled in.

Belts were loosened, pants unfastened, shirts tossed over the back of the couch. Yet, it wasn't until Heero almost rolled off the couch that they finally decided to take their game to a more suitable venue.

Even with his fly open to reveal his white cotton briefs, and with a few intimate squeezes fresh in memory, Trowa stalled at the doorstep, once more growing nervous. It was not so much a performance issue; he knew well enough that bit was already in motion - and Heero and Duo knew as much from hands-on experience. Likewise, he had gotten a good feeling of what their moods were like.

Trowa's final qualm was more like feeling this was the last line to be crossed; after this, he could no longer simply pick up and leave, never again. He still wasn't sure how he'd been able to do just that with Quatre in the first place, but he did not think he could do it a second time.

Not that he had any plans to - but a small, nagging doubt remained, wondering if the other two really wanted him there for good, and not just for the night. He knew better, but still had trouble believing it.

His boyfriends understood and simply held his hands, one each, waiting for him to make up his mind. While they did, Heero's pants lost their final hold on his hips and slipped down his thighs to pool around his ankles. Tired of waiting, Heero pulled at Trowa's hand, curled it first around his side, before shoving it down the back of his boxer-briefs, not letting go of Trowa's hand until he felt it grip lightly, pawing at the bun. Heero smirked, took a step back. Face blank, Trowa followed, all the way over to the bed, at which point Heero guided Trowa's palm down, smoothing it across the back of his thigh, and at the same time divesting himself of his last item of clothing.

Heero sat down at the end of the bed, his erection in clear sight between slightly spread legs. He pulled Trowa towards him, kissed his bare stomach, teased Trowa's belly button with his tongue, then tickled the bit of fuzz along Trowa's treasure trail while he slowly slid Trowa's pants and briefs off.

Naked now, Trowa felt the jitters again - albeit the tingle was mostly of a good nature. Arms embraced him from behind, and he felt Duo kiss his neck, hands eagerly pawing at his chest, smooth silk of boxers pressed against his rear through the gap in Duo's unfastened pants, his hands still in Heero's. Trowa tilted his head and got a sloppy kiss as a reward before Duo pulled back.

Out of patience, Heero leant back on the bed, tugging Trowa along in over him. He met no resistance at all, far less as he hooked a hand around Trowa's neck, bringing him down for a kiss, then to coax Trowa along as he shifted further up in the bed.

Trowa was still on hands and knees, straddling Heero, when the mattress dipped again. Neither of them took particular notice of it, engaged in a heavy, messy kiss, Heero's fingers digging into Trowa's upper back and shoulders. It wasn't until he felt a palm rubbing at his ass Trowa broke free of the moment, turned his head and noticed Duo, in all his glory, kneeling beside his feet, a big grin on Duo's face and a small tube in his free hand.

It was clear enough what he wanted. Trowa gulped once, managed a very meek nod before Heero cupped his cheek and focused his attention elsewhere again.

Duo's fingers worked quickly. Trowa barely noticed one become two, become three. Then again, he was distracted quite effectively by Heero's lips, which after devouring his own had assaulted his cheeks, throat and collar bone in fast succession, soon fast at work at a nipple. The halfway bent-down position was beginning to wear on his arms, and Trowa was grateful when he felt Duo push his knees against his own, leaving both of them straddling Heero. Trowa struggled to stand up on his own knees then, reluctantly letting Heero's lips leave his chest, though he soon found Duo's fingers tweaking the same, Duo's cock hard against his rear.

Duo kissed Trowa's shoulder again, left one set of digits to toy with Trowa's chest, the other roaming to graze Trowa's hip, then dip in between them as he adjusted himself, guiding the tip of his erection into place. He eased Trowa's rear cheeks apart, quietly muttered "Last chance..." against Trowa's ear.

Gasping from yet another pinch at his nipple, Trowa hissed out a "Please..." He'd come much too far to waver now.

Duo did not let the invitation go unanswered, and slowly pushed himself inside, delighting in the sounds the continuous thrust, his kisses to neck and shoulders and his fingers at work at the chest elicited from Trowa.

Trowa's legs almost gave out on him, but with Duo steadying his back and hugging his torso, he didn't fall. If anything, he reclined further back against Duo, which only impaled him deeper. He was well out of breath by the time he felt the end of it; Duo's crotch firmly against his rear.

Duo wasn't faring much better. He knew Trowa wasn't a rookie at this, but it had obviously been a while since his last time. Duo shook that thought away in a heartbeat, though - the present was far more intriguing than the past - and he could barely wait to make the future.

Slowly, tentatively, he pulled back out, leaving only the tip of his cock inside, then just as slowly entering Trowa again, making sure to keep him from falling in unwanted directions. While he left one set of fingers to torment Trowa's nipples, Duo slid his other palm down Trowa's chest and washboard, splayed his fingertips as he reached the dark set of curls, and twirled his fingers around Trowa's base, starting to pump Trowa in the same lax beat he was fucking him.

Against the back of Trowa's neck, and against his shoulder blades, Duo muttered small curses and swears, brief one-word statements representing his current thoughts and actions. "Fuck..." was an obvious choice. The all out hissed "Yeah..." just as well. The slight gnashing of teeth at the discomfort of standing like this was more of a surprise - but to be expected. True, their position was not an ideal one, but there was one good thing about them being on their knees, straddling their third lover.

Heero made that rather obvious as he scooted down a bit, stretched his arms up to wander up and down along Trowa's torso, before ending up with one hand covering Duo's, joining him in jerking Trowa off, then replacing him. Trowa barely noticed the changing of the guards - but Heero was not about to be ignored. He pushed up on his left elbow, leaned in against his two slowly thrusting lovers, and tentatively guided Trowa's erection to his lips, a quick lick for attention first - and as soon as he heard the gasp, confident he'd gained it - a far more enveloping taste, his short bobs faster than his lovers' rhythm - but he heard no objection to that, only approval.

Trowa's thighs were shivering by now. It was one thing to have Duo fill him so utterly, grazing tender spots at each delicious, yet torturously slow fuck - and quite another to have Heero's warm, wet mouth engulf him, Heero's fingers now massaging his sac. Trowa tried to speak, but nothing comprehensible would come out, only the hoarse, appreciative moans.

Behind him, he heard Duo chuckle. Duo kissed Trowa's earlobe, warm whispers against his ear. "I know..." Inbound, tentatively. "Gotta love Heero's soft lips..." Final short thrust, fully inside.

Trowa gasped.

Duo grinned. "...and raspy tongue..." Slow outbound, barely the head inside now.

Trowa gasped again.

Once more seeking out the tight heat, Duo snickered again. "And teeth... He's got quite a gift, doesn't he?"

Trowa could nothing but agree, and was already meekly nodding as the sound of palm against soft flesh reached his ears.

"Hey!" Duo cried out over Trowa's shoulder, directing the shout down Trowa's chest toward Heero, whom had what could only be a smirk wrapped around Trowa's cock. Duo was not about to tolerate getting spanked. Not like that, anyway.

Heero did not regret his quick and just punishment to Duo's comment. However, he did close his palm on Duo's butt cheek instead and squeezed tightly, coaxing Duo towards him at the next careful thrust.

"Yeah..." Duo hissed, "That's better..."

Trowa was not entirely in agreement. His legs were at a wider angle than Duo's, trapped on the outside of Heero's torso and Duo's knees as they were. Leaning back against Duo - on Duo - could only take so much weight off his knees - and his thighs were about to give out. He didn't want it to stop, but it couldn't continue like this - not without him collapsing on the other two. "Guys..." he finally caught himself mumbling. "...I think..." Clenched teeth as Duo made his deepest move yet. Soft groan at Duo pulling back. "We need to-" Hiss at Heero's teeth gently raking his erection again. "My legs - about to go out-" Duo's lips to his shoulder.

Then, abandonment. "Gotcha, Trowa..." Reluctantly, but not breaking rhythm, Duo pulled out entirely. Heero let his lips go of Trowa as well, and helped Duo ease Trowa over on his side, then over on his back to give his legs a rest. The rest of his was still fair game, though. Duo leaned in from the side to kiss Trowa deeply, viciously, not quite Heero's match - but damn close. Trowa could only guess Duo was learning from the master - and hoped he wasn't fumbling the job on his end. If he was, Duo didn't seem to mind the slightest.

Heero saw this as his chance. He got up on his knees, gave his sore elbow a quick rub, then positioned himself between Trowa's legs. He met no resistance as he raised them off the mattress, slowly pushing Trowa's knees up and a bit apart. Heero made a grab for the discarded tube of lubricant, made a quick job of preparing, lined himself up and looked up at his two lovers kissing before him - specifically the one of them who could offer him half a glance at this angle, not wanting to do something that wouldn't be appreciated.

Duo wasn't yet aware, but Trowa certainly was. While still under Duo's ferocious assault against his mouth, he tried to nod his assent. While that made Heero immediately make his move, easing Trowa's ass cheeks apart and starting to push his cock inside, it also served as a fair warning to Duo.

The kiss was swiftly broken, but not before Heero thrust himself inside to the hilt. All three of them cried out; Trowa and Heero from the joining, Duo at the same - but for being replaced. He shot Heero a quick frown, but mellowed off soon enough, instead taking full advantage of how Heero's hands were busy steadying Trowa's legs, keeping them close to Trowa's chest. With no chance to stop Duo, Heero let himself be kissed with the same fervor he'd witnessed but seconds before, allowing Duo's tongue to spar with his own, and for a few brief moments, he forgot what he was doing, breaking the rhythm he'd set for himself and Trowa.

Trowa watched their heated kiss, Heero still halfway inside him, throbbing. If nothing else, it gave him a few moments to catch his breath, despite how the scene before him did little to calm his rapid pulse. Tentatively, he reached out for Duo, touched his hip, caressed his side, advancing on the belly and below as Duo broke the kiss, stepping back out of reach - but not before grabbing one of the pillows, handing it to Heero.

There was no loss; Heero refocused on Trowa right away. First, he eased the offered pillow in under the small of Trowa's back, offering much needed support and elevation, then struggled to get back into a decent pace. Heero nudged Trowa's legs apart further, leant in over him, repositioned himself, stretched as best as he could to give Trowa a kiss, yet remain within. He succeeded, giving Trowa a taste of both Duo and the lingering flavor of himself while keeping up a series of shallow fucks, still sufficient to give tantalizing brushes. Trowa moaned into Heero's kiss, which only egged Heero on.

It came as somewhat of an unwanted surprise when Heero's entire body suddenly stiffened and Heero quickly broke their kiss, turning his head to send Duo a frown. "What the heck are you doing?"

From his position at Heero's rear, fingers at work on the same, Duo merely grinned down on his lovers. "Isn't it obvious?" He thrust two digits in deep and flexed them.

Heero gave the slightest of winces, but got over it soon enough. He was used to Duo's impatience. "Duo, I-"

Leer. "No offense, but you're no good at topping, 'ro. Just look at Trowa - he thinks so too."

Heero shot an angry glance at Trowa, whom only reacted with surprise, shirking back at Heero's harsh eyes. He turned to glare daggers at Duo again, just in time to receive another vicious prod. He groaned, but moved his hips again, pushing into Trowa. It didn't help that Duo steadied his hand, ensuring Heero impaled himself on Duo's fingers each time he pulled back. Heero soon got fed up with that. "Fine," he hissed, made another thrust, eliciting another throaty sound from Trowa. "Just get on with it."

That was all the encouragement Duo needed. He pulled his fingers out, inched closer, waited for Heero to make his next thrust, a hand to his hip coaxing him to stay there for a while. Duo nudged his cock against Heero's pucker, glanced up to catch a nod, then eased himself inside, the familiar tight heat wrapping itself around his erection. Duo clenched his teeth, kept going until he was fully seated, allowing himself to pant, then break out in a grin.

Heero straightened up, helped by both his lovers, turned his head to meet Duo's lips with the corner of his mouth, making for a quick half-kiss. Duo retreated to whisper against Heero's ear, his arms steadying Heero, pawing at his sides and torso. "Let me, Heero..." He backed up his hips a little, pulling Heero along. "I'll show you both how it's done..." Duo moved forth again, making sure Heero slowly thrust into Trowa at the same time.

Heero struggled to remember how to breathe, the familiar feel of Duo combined with the new sensation of Trowa was almost too much of a good thing to bear. He gasped, felt Duo's teeth rake against his shoulder, bite weakly down near the neck, at the same time easing them both back for another thrust. Heero panted. Again.

Trowa had long since lost his calm too, not that it mattered. Excitement was good too. Hands grazed his shins and thighs, his hips and sides, albeit only Heero's reached much further than that. Duo kept them going at the relaxed pace, and it was driving Trowa crazy. He guessed it was even worse for Heero, judging from the ways his face contorted, the irregular, quick breaths, the soft shudders that he passed on. Trowa looked up at them both. Duo touched Heero's chin again, tilting his head for another spar of tongues, his hips still in motion. Trowa watched the duel, mesmerized. He'd wanted them both, and now he had them both; both of them fucking him at the same time, if somewhat indirectly. He reached out to touch them; let his fingertips graze Heero's chest, smoothing through the shimmer of sweat gathering there.

Duo made a rather savage, deep thrust. Heero groaned. Trowa did the same, arching his neck. The need to reach for his aching cock became ever greater, but he didn't want to. With two partners, he certainly had no intention of getting off on masturbation - unless they specifically asked him to. Waiting for either of them to take action was getting tedious, but Trowa preferred that over the alternative of coming at the first touch. The warmth building up in his lower body certainly suggested that was a plausible outcome.

Alas, he was not the first to reach his limit. Heero, caught between them in a double assault on pleasure spots, could not fight it much longer. Duo's relaxed thrusts were nearly always on target, teasing his insides, forcing him to push deep into Trowa, the soft clenching of muscle there egging him on. With two sets of hands toying his skin, precious few sensitive areas were left alone. Duo's lips were tugging on his earlobe, the tip of his tongue tickling the edge. When Duo let his fingertips slide down Heero's belly, reaching into the dark curls, trapping themselves between Heero and Trowa at the next slow advance, Heero could take no more. Two deep gasps, the familiar surge to his crotch, a ragged cry as Duo seated himself fully within him; he came, shuddering.

Duo kissed Heero's shoulder, grinned against the skin, but kept the pace a while longer, making sure Heero was thoroughly drained before slowing down, stopping at another inbound. Heero's body was starting to relax, leaning back against Duo for support, his arms lax, hands resting on Trowa's thighs. Heero's breath was strained, but he smiled sated down at Trowa, turned to get another half-kiss from Duo, not having the strength to make it as rough as the last.

Duo embraced Heero tight, put his chin over Heero's shoulder, grinned down at Trowa while he brushed his fingertips against one of Heero's nipple, playing with the small nub. "What do you say, Trowa? Shall we lose the middleman?"

Trowa gave a stressed snort, smirked back up at them. Heero twisted his arm back to give Duo another slap to the butt, but there was no strength in it. Duo only snickered it off, kissed Heero's cheek again, then pulled out entirely. Heero did the same, his erection fast growing limp now. As soon as he was untangled, he crawled over to the other side of the bed, opened the nightstand drawer and rummaged around, retrieving a small towel. Quickly swiping off the slight mess, he lay down next to them, rolling over on his side to watch.

Duo scooted closer and quickly substituted Heero, one swift thrust to seat himself this time. Trowa hissed through clenched teeth, forced himself to relax, sent an annoyed glare up at the sadist grinning down at him. A glance to his side ensured Trowa he'd get no support from his other lover. Heero looked way too amused for that.

It was all too clear Duo's patience was running low. His thrusts were far higher paced now. Duo coaxed Trowa's legs to wrap around his waist, shifted his angle of attack a few times, each variation triggering soft shudders in Trowa's body, weak moans signalling he was getting it right. Duo grinned, caressed Trowa's thighs, but pointedly avoiding going for his groin. He gave Heero a glance, but had to repeat it to get a grunt and nod in acknowledgement. Luck would have it Trowa had closed his eyes, and thus didn't notice.

Not until his sweaty bangs were brushed aside and Heero's lips latched onto his, that is. Trowa opened his eyes wide in surprise, matching his mouth, but quickly gave in to Heero's tongue, the feel of fingertips roaming his chest, slipping ever more down... Heero wrapped his fingers around Trowa's languishing erection, and began pumping it in a vicious, slow rhythm, his lips not leaving Trowa's.

Heero's deep kiss and firm hand combined with Duo's cock brushing his insides in savage thrusts was more than enough. Barely able to breathe, Trowa moaned against Heero's lips, heat building up at his crotch finally finding its release, spilling up over his stomach and Heero's fingers. Much to Trowa's enjoyment, Heero didn't stop either of his assaults just yet.

Nor did Duo. His thrusts became shorter, faster, remaining deep, delighting in how Trowa's inner walls flexed at his completion, fast bringing about Duo's. With a final, hoarse cry, Duo came within Trowa, his last few thrusts all but shudders.

While Duo was panting, grinning like mad down at his two lovers, Heero finally broke the kiss, let go of Trowa's flaccid cock and reached for the discarded towel, swiftly wiping the worst mess off his hand and Trowa's crotch and abdomen. As Duo finally pulled back, crashing down to the bed on Trowa's side, opposite of Heero, Heero handed him the towel, which was quickly accepted, used and soon after discarded on the floor.

With a final effort, Trowa planted his legs to the mattress, lifted his hips to pull the pillow away from under his back, then fell back, delightfully exhausted, breathing far from calm yet. He took one look at the pillow, chuckled and tossed it aside. "I'm not using that pillow tonight..."

The other two snickered at that. "That's okay," Duo stated between pants. "You can use my chest."

Trowa slapped said chest with the back of his hand, lax arm remaining where it had fallen. Duo took Trowa's hand in his own, clutched it tightly and brought it up to his lips, a soft kiss to the back of it, before trapping it against his chest again.

Heero glanced at the pillow, and started snickering. "That's your pillow, Duo..."

"Huh?" Quick look for confirmation, followed by groan. "Damn..."

Trowa squeezed his hand, half a smirk on his lips. "Don't worry, Duo. You can use my chest, if you want."

Snort, mild glare. "Oh, yeah? How about right now?!" Duo let go of Trowa's hand, rolled over against him, giving Trowa a quick one-armed hug, snuggling his cheek against Trowa's chest, one leg between Trowa's. Trowa chuckled at the assault, but offered no resistance. Instead, he did his best to return the embrace.

Heero rolled over on his back, folded his hands behind his head and stared into the ceiling, eyelids slowly closing. He was not really up for cuddling now; his sated body wanted rest. Duo was more of the sort to want afterplay than him - which made it all the better to have Trowa help out, excuse of a missing pillow or not.

He couldn't avoid the few times Duo reached out for him though, brushing against his side, knowing the few spots that were a little ticklish. Heero made a lazy attempt at slapping Duo's fingers away, but was too dozed to react much anyway.

Duo rubbed up against Trowa again, his thigh grinding against Trowa's crotch. It was too soon to spark a new reaction, but it wasn't meant to - not entirely. Duo kissed Trowa's chest with the corner of his mouth, withdrew his assault on Heero and let the digits play with one of Trowa's nipples instead. He grinned, eyelids getting heavy. "Trowa... You're a damn good fuck..." he drawled.

Soft chuckle. "Thanks... I guess."

Heero snorted, rolled over on his side to face them, leaned in to land a quick, light kiss to Trowa's cheek. "Don't let it get to your head, Trowa. He says that to all the guys he fucks."

Dry laugh. "Yeah, all two of you..."

Heero laid back again, hoping that would be the end of it. Not that he'd mind an encore; he was pretty sure there'd be one - but he just wanted to rest a bit before then.

"You know what we need?" Duo asked, just as sleepy as Heero, but refusing to give in just yet. "A soundtrack... It's too damn quiet in here..."

Mild grunt. "We've never really bothered with mood music before... Not for this part, at least." Half a smirk. "And if you absolutely want one the next time, please try to pick something without throbbing porn beats - it's not like we're making a movie here..."

Duo grinned, perked his head upright to catch the look on both their faces. "Hey, there's an idea - I mean, we're three now, so we'd always have someone to man the camera, and-"

Still smiling, Heero clenched his eyes shut, covered them with his palm and shifted thumb and index finger to rub at his temples for good measure. "Duo, shut up... I wanna sleep..."

Chuckle. "Hey, I think we could make good money if I sold a tape of Trowa shagging your lights out." He winked at Trowa from the corner of his eye, got nothing but a serene, conspiratorial smirk in return. "Bet he could to it, too." Duo put his cheek against Trowa's chest again, sighed contently. "Yeah, I think I'll buy a video camera tomorrow, and-"

He was cut off by his own pillow slapped against his head. Luckily for him, Heero made sure the dry side of it made the impact. Duo snickered, pushed the pillow aside. "Bah, you're no fun, Heero..." He tilted his head to glance up at Trowa. "What about you?"

Trowa looked to Heero, saw he too wanted an answer to that. "Well... I'm all for shagging Heero's lights out..."

Heero closed his eyes, gave them a sleepy grunt.

"But not on videotape."

Wide grin. "I'm sure we could arrange that..."

Heero lashed out with the back of his hand, albeit it did more of a fall and slip along Duo's cheek than actual impact, finally coming to rest against Trowa's belly.

"Well..." Heero said at length, voice drowsy. "I'm all for shagging Duo - but he's too scared of-"

"Hey, I'm not scared," Duo growled. "I just know you'd fuck up on the job, that's all. Heck, the one time-"

Smirk, eyes still shut. "Good choice of words, Duo..."

Snort. "A good fuck and a fuck-up isn't the same, 'ro."

Trowa moved his hand to pat Duo's braid. Duo's hair was slowly coming out of the weave, and Trowa's pilfering didn't help that - but it didn't matter. He hoped to help re-braid it in the morning. There was something truly entrancing about the ridiculous length and volume of it. "You know... I think I'm with Heero on this one..."

"Huh? Ooh-hooh no," Duo stalled. "No way. I'm not a bum boy."

Trowa's thin smile was no reassurance. "We'll convince you to challenge that belief, somehow..."

Duo gave a grunt, rubbed his cheek against Trowa's chest, tightening the hug. He was enjoying his pillow for the night, despite how it was lacking in fluffiness. "Like hell..." he drawled, before breaking out in a yawn.

Heero tilted his head, looked at his two lovers, a devious smirk on his face now. "What if... we left you out in the cold until you'd be willing to try...? I mean, it'd be one-sided now - Trowa and I would still have each other..."

Duo gaped at him, then shot a quick glance up at Trowa too, not wanting to believe what he'd just heard. "You traitorous bastards! If you even think about-"

Trowa chuckled, hugged Duo close and landed a kiss to the top of his head. Heero rolled over to join in the embrace. A little bit of cuddling couldn't hurt... He brushed aside Duo's bangs, leaned in to plant a soft touch of lips there, then remained close, leaving the three of them all entangled. Quiet descended for a while, and for that time, their closeness, their soft breaths, their small caresses of each other was all that mattered.

Heero and Duo were already good and drowsy, apparently comfortable enough for a nap. Trowa, being trapped halfway under the other two, was not quite so comfortable he could fall asleep - but then again, the warmth and intimacy of the moment was more than a compensation. He let out a slow sigh, and finally breathed out "I wish this could last forever..."

Heero nuzzled up against Trowa's shoulder, his mussed hair tickling Trowa's throat and chin. "Mmmhhmm... Maybe it could..." He tilted his head to give Duo a lax look. "What do you say, Duo? Don't we need a permanent third pair of hands around here?"

Soft chuckles. "Yeah..." Corner of mouth to skin. "We could use a good houseboy..."

Heero snickered, Trowa gave a slight snort, but let it slide, only giving Duo's braid a weak tug. He sighed again. "I'd like that, though. Stay here permanently, I mean. I... I don't want to lose something as good as this ever again."

"Don't worry," Heero drawled, infected by Duo's drowsiness, making a small yawn. "We told you - you're part of us now..."

"Yeah," Duo added. "And we're not gonna let you get away, ever..."

Trowa thought about it for a moment, then answered truthfully. "I don't want to, anyway..." He snorted, smiled to himself. "Cathy's going to flip over this."

"She'll just have to learn to live with it," Heero stated.

"Yeah. You're ours now, Trowa." To prove his point, Duo shifted his hand from Heero's shoulder to slip in between Trowa's hip and Heero's belly, tugging at Trowa.

Tranquility fell upon them, and the chill of the room began to be noticeable. Duo made tentative grabs for a corner of the sheets, managing to secure a fistful worth at the fourth try, and casually threw the sheet above them. Heero helped cover them up. They settled down, closed their eyes...

Trowa suddenly chuckled quietly.

"Hmmm.... What is it, Tro'?" Duo all but whispered, grinding his cheek against Trowa's chest.

Trowa made slow circles on Heero's back with one hand, petted Duo's braid with the other. "Oh, nothing... I was just thinking... did I just sleep with my bosses to get a promotion?"

Soft laughter briefly permeated the room. They huddled up even closer, and relaxed. Trowa embraced the other two, content they were using him as a pillow, grateful he had his own. It was easy enough to sense they were falling asleep now, and even if he knew he'd be sore as hell when they came to again, Trowa suspected they would make it up to him, make him forget it soon enough. Heero did a mean foot massage, and Duo was equally good with his hands.

Trowa was drowsy too, but he chose to fight it, wanting to stay awake just a little bit longer, savoring the moment, enjoying the feel of his two lovers pressed up against him, the faint hiss of their breathing, the warmth of their bodies, the lingering tastes of their lips on his own...

Some things were worth losing sleep for.


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