The Right Guy
by Kebzero

After only a few days, Wufei's investigation was taking a direct route to nowhere. The local branch office hadn't even bothered to do a rough sort of the material, which left Wufei with a considerable amount of information to skim, looking for the needle in the haystack. The few names he had to go on quickly turned into dead ends; they were far too entangled in red tape and legalese. Wufei doubted he could ever conjure up the evidence to cut through that mess.

He hadn't really expected the perpetrators to come out and say something along the lines of, 'hey, we're making a boatload of money on illegal weapons here! Come and get us!'. It would perhaps make his job easier - but part of the fun was weaseling the bad elements out, and maybe make them squirm a bit under the spotlight of suspicion, before filing for an arrest. He doubted Lady Une would allow him to 'improvise' all that much - no covert demolitions, for instance.

As if that incident with the illegal mobile suit factory in the Australian outback had been his fault.

Okay, so he had helped rig the explosives, and yes, he had been the one to push the detonator - but it had been Sally's idea. For the most part.

Lady Une couldn't argue with the results, though. No lives were lost, they could scratch one factory of doom - and it had proven an effective deterrent. Several other firms suspected of arms manufacture suddenly had a change of heart, some coming clean and publicly surrendering all the machining tools and parts to the authorities, others covertly and expediently getting rid of their dirty little secrets as best they could.

Earth had been surprisingly easy to scourge of the majority of illegal arms industries. The colony clusters hadn't had much to start with - but with the crackdown Earth-side, some entrepreneurial undesirables had taken to space and set up shop here.

This was what Wufei was investigating - suspicions and outright allegations against several small companies, possibly straw companies for more known perpetrators. They covered their tracks well, though. Still, they weren't running away, so Wufei was in no immediate rush to find a clue, and in time, a conviction. Perhaps several.

A few hours over the standard, Wufei decided to quit for the day. He put his reading glasses away and rubbed his sore eyes. As he got up, hand hovering over the light switch of his allotted cubicle-sized office, he glared at another of the report binders. With the mildly disgruntled groan of a workaholic, he picked it up and stuck it under one arm. Soon after, the lights were out, and so was Wufei, leaving the local Preventer branch office in favor of Quatre's mansion.

At least he wouldn't be short of bedside reading material.

Wufei wasn't the sole workaholic, however. When he returned home around 8 PM, Quatre still wasn't there - so the butler informed him. While he was offered an excuse and dinner right away, he opted to wait for Quatre. The butler insisted master Quatre would not run too late. Wufei wasn't so sure. It wasn't the first day he came back before his gracious host.

But Wufei had his binder. He went to the study, settled into a comfortable chair with a reading light close by.

An hour later, he heard the shuffle of tired feet. He looked up from his binder, quickly putting his glasses away. Quatre never noticed. He was busy dragging his feet towards the other recliner chair. He slouched down in it with a content sigh and a quick rub at his temples.

Wufei gave a ghost of a smirk. "Rough day at the office?"

Quatre acknowledged him with a fatigued nod. "Hi, Wufei. Yeah..." He sighed into a slight smile. "I got a really interesting proposition, though."

With as deadpan a face as he could muster, Wufei countered "Business or pleasure?"

"Hm?" Mind a bit drowsy, it took a moment for Quatre to catch on. With some effort, he laughed. "All business, I'm afraid. Besides, very few of the people I deal with could be considered 'suitable' for someone my age, much less my preferences. They're all old men in suits, and their younger secretaries tend to be women - fully spoken for, with affairs of their own."

Wufei let the smirk return, stronger this time. "And what about the few young male secretaries?"

Quatre grinned, closed his eyes for a minute and shook his head. "It doesn't quite work like that, Wufei. They're all busy working, hedging for their next promotion..." He paused, then made sure he had eye contact with Wufei, still giving him a grin. "Though... a few weeks ago, there was this one guy who kept stealing glances at me during a meeting. Dark hair, not too tall, a bit too small for his suit." He chuckled. "I'm used to the occasional looks from the young women - a few of them are always on the lookout for a wealthier target to enamor and later blackmail."

With a snort, Wufei followed up on the joke. "I thought the usual method for gold diggers was to inherit their fortunes - preferably while they were still young."

Quatre sank back in the soft recliner again, sighing contently. "Yeah... They don't have the patience to wait for someone as young as me to die, though - and they usually don't have a stomach for murder. The threat of a scandal would suit their purposes much better."

Wufei nodded in understanding, waited for Quatre to go on. When it didn't happen, he asked. "Anyway... The one guy you mentioned - what happened?"

"Hm? Oh..." Quatre shrugged. "Pretty much nothing, really. He was handsome enough, in a 'lost, little boy' kinda way, but he also looked really uncertain. I gave him some glances of my own, but they might have backfired. He was on the verge of all out blushing when the meeting adjourned, and he was whisked away with his boss' entourage before I could really approach him. I managed to slip one of my personal business cards into his stack of papers, though - one that has my direct number, not the one going through the pool of secretaries. I'm fairly sure he noticed me doing it, too. I was hoping I could at least make a friend out of him."


Again, Quatre drew on his shoulders, relaxing in a sigh. "He never called. Maybe he's still working up the nerve to ask - he seemed really shy."

Wufei grunted, closing his binder. "I think there's more to it than that, Quatre."

"I suppose... Asking someone like me out on a date would have to be a bit daunting, given my name, my wealth..."

Amused snort. "No, not that. Something much scarier."

"Oh? Like what?"

Wufei's smirk ventured into a grin. "You were acting serious during the business meeting, right?"

A bit perplexed, Quatre struggled to straighten up his slouch just a little. "I don't act serious. I am serious. I can't make deals if I don't appear strong, sincere and-"

Wufei raised an accusing finger. "That's it, right there. Have you ever seen your 'business face', Quatre? I have, a few times, and it's one of the most intimidating expressions I've ever seen - especially after being lulled into a false sense of security by your 'sweet and innocent little boy' face first."

It was Quatre's turn to snort. He gave a lopsided smirk. Wufei was probably on to something, there.

Wufei pushed on, though. "You put the ZERO effect to shame, sometimes."

Quatre chuckled. "Now, that is pushing it, Wufei."

In his defense, Wufei merely shrugged. They fell quiet again. After a few minutes, Wufei had had enough, and got to his feet. "Well, I'm starving. Would you care to join me for dinner, or should I tell the staff to leave you a can of soup to heat?"

Grin. "I thought I was the host here..."

Wufei nodded, smiling. "Then act like one," he said, offering his free hand to help Quatre up from the overly soft and enveloping chair.

Quatre accepted.

All in all, it turned into a pleasant evening. Gone were the events from a few nights prior - at least in Quatre's mind.

It is fairly easy to forget a drunken memory - if you were the intoxicated one. It's not that easy to forget being hit on by someone, drunk or otherwise - at least not when your love life is lackluster to start out with.

-End Part #3-

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