The Right Guy
by Kebzero

People make mistakes. After all, they're only human.

Despite everything, the merchants of death are human too - at least they started out as such. Corruption does not only strike those with power; those who merely seek it are just as vulnerable.

All in all, this was to Wufei's benefit. After having come up with so many dead ends and leads that were tied up to oblivion in red tape, finding one that could be traced all the way from a suspect company Earth-side to an abandoned location on L4 was a pure blessing.

Earth-side, Bryant Incorporated was a rather large conglomerate, with a hand in many areas of industry - and quite a few fingers dipped in the remainder, including some that were officially banned. One such would be non-sanctioned arms manufacture. After the end of the Mariemeia conflict, however, they had cleaned up shop as best they could, and Earth-side, the business of Bryant Incorporated was now as pure as fresh snow.

One subdivision had been relocated to the L4 cluster right around that time. The official reason was that L4 offered good deals for businesses that would be willing to establish themselves in the cluster. That was true enough - all the colonies were struggling to fill the gap of the abandonment of the vast arms industry OZ had gotten started during the first war. The L4 cluster, having been an industrial and commercial hub from the get-go, had gone through the largest militarization, especially after the former head of Winner Enterprises - Quatre's father - was killed. L4 therefore suffered the most upon the abrupt transition back to a peace-time economy again.

However, the amount of Low Earth Orbit heavy lifters and shuttles Bryant Incorporated had hired for the move was a bit large for a mere subdivision, even with all the machinery. Supposedly, the branch dealt with the manufacture of ball bearings and other items that could greatly benefit from a zero-gravity production environment - but some of the early invoices and other documentation Wufei could find from their early days at L4 showed him something was wrong. What the factory took in of raw materials and what they supposedly made didn't match up. Instead, the large quantities of light-weight alloys, electronics and chemicals were more along the lines of what they'd need to make weaponry - big weaponry. Possibly even mobile suits, though he hadn't found traces of procurement for any power cores that size yet.

The abandoned facilities were also rather spacious for what they were supposed to have contained. The number of employees was far too small, and the machining tools brought up from Earth or bought or made at L4 were not quite what they'd require for making ball bearings. One particular device on the lists had only one logical use; making straight bits of pipe - or gun barrels.

Even if that initial address was now only an abandoned industrial park on a remote colony in the cluster, the paperwork left behind held traces that went further. Bryant Incorporated had apparently first tried to hide their subdivision, but a few brushes with local law enforcement had made them wary, and wanting to get rid of it - at a profit, of course. They had not been so afraid that they would abandon their little enterprise in the red.

So far, Wufei had been able to follow the subdivision through a massive paper trail, going through five company name changes, two relocations, three mergers and a plethora of fronts and straw companies. His current 'last known location' seemed pretty reliable - it was situated in the Hawksbury Industrial Park, registered under the Yahmal-Vanderberg Group. Again, the front had every document in order, but Wufei was certain a thorough search of the premises would reveal they were making more than their ads said.

Wufei wanted to make a more thorough search before going to such steps, though. Right now, the good people at Hawksbury Industrial Park did not suspect they were under investigation. Wufei wanted to dig up as much evidence as he could before requesting a search warrant. When he did that, tracks would surely be covered at a tremendous speed. Also, Wufei wanted to set up a backup team. Some death merchants have quite the intimate knowledge of their trade - and are not afraid to use it.

For the first time in weeks, he was in a very good mood as he returned to Quatre's mansion.

Quatre picked up on it the second Wufei entered the study. He couldn't remember having seen Wufei smile quite so openly, much less immediately search out the comics when he looked through the fresh newspapers.

"Had a good day?" he asked, not hiding his smile either.

"Hm? Yeah, you could say that. Finally caught a break. Might find at least one perpetrator, after all."

Slight nod. "That's good..." Quatre put away the book he had been reading.

Wufei eyed him over the top of the paper, dug himself a bit deeper into the large leather chair. "And you?"

Quatre shrugged. "Well enough... It was a fairly calm day today. Not a single minor crisis to deal with..." He sighed, and sat back in his own chair. "I could get used to that..."

A faint, amused snort later, Wufei shook the paper upright and returned to reading.

Quatre looked up in the ceiling, waited a few minutes, then dared ask the question that had been brewing for the same. "So... do we skip it today? I mean, if neither of us have anything to vent..."

Wufei chuckled, and folded the paper away. "No, I don't think we should break our little tradition. Besides, I enjoy our fights on the reel."

Quatre smiled at that. "Shall we go now, then - or do you want to wait until after dinner."

Wufei didn't even need to think it over; he simply got to his feet and headed towards the hallway. He turned to look over his shoulder. "Let's go."

The two of them had made it somewhat of a ritual to have a small fencing session every night. One or both of them always had frustrations they wanted to excise in any way that they could - and on the reel, facing a worthy opponent, they got their chance. Of course, they were usually both rather tired this time of day; their work took much out of them, and doubly so on days of great frustration.

Over the last few weeks, Wufei had shown he could be a good match for Quatre; after that first attempt, he'd learned to fight back with vigour - but their bouts were never really balanced; one or both had always had a rough day, and thus suffered in performance on the reel. They had just about the same number of victories by now - but who bothered keeping track of such things, other than the both of them?

That is, it had been unbalanced - up until now. For the first time, they stood at opposite ends of the reel, both fairly rested, and both in good spirits. It was somewhat at a paradox; that mental state was usually what they came here to achieve.

Wufei had expected this to work in his favor. The first time they'd faced each other, he had been at a disadvantage. With a level mental playing field, he was sure he was going to win. Alas, things rarely go as you think or plan for - nor did this. Quatre fought valiantly, deflected just about every thrust Wufei made, and came back with a fierce counter-attack almost at once.

Not that his attacks were any more successful than Wufei's. As their allotted time came to an end, they were at a draw, both panting heavily, having pushed themselves to the limit in order to achieve victory - but as neither of them would step down, they had to settle for the draw.

They stumbled off the reel, put their foils back at the rack and took off their masks, calming themselves down again. It was a good thing Quatre's mansion had far more than one bathroom; they were both in need of showers now - preferably before their usual late dinner.

Wufei finally noticed how Quatre was looking at him; almost staring. As Quatre took a step forward, Wufei asked "What are you looking at, Quatre?"

Quatre only smiled, took another step, and another, and reached for Wufei's face.

Wufei's heart was still pounding from the duel; this didn't ease the rhythm at all. Quatre's hand came so close - and then brushed the side of his face, tucking one lock of black hair that had loosened from Wufei's tight ponytail back up. To Wufei, Quatre's touch was vaguely electric, sending mild tingles along his skin, especially as Quatre's palm all but cupped his cheek. Wufei found he rather liked the feeling, but remained as still as he could, unsure of how to proceed from there, how to find out...

...and then, as Quatre's hand withdrew, a question just rolled out of his mouth. "What's it like to kiss another man - for real, I mean?"

Quatre was rather taken aback by the question, surprised at it, and very curious as to what had triggered it in the first place. Before he could stop himself, he inquired. "Why do you ask, Wufei?"

Finally realizing his own question, Wufei fended the rebound off with a shrug. "I... Well, I'm just curious, that's all. I mean, you, Trowa, Heero, Duo - all of you turned out to be-" He bit down on his lip, not wanting to offend a friend by saying it aloud - but it was true, and-

"Gay, Wufei?" Quatre gave a secretive smile. "Well, I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but I know that I'm gay, at least." He chuckled lightly. "And I know - as you do - that the other guys have shown they have... leniencies... in that direction." Tentatively, he reached out for Wufei's face again, let his fingertips caress Wufei's cheek again. The tingle returned. "So... what do you want to know specifically, Wufei?"

"I..." Wufei started blushing. "I don't know..."

"Are you wondering what it's like to be touched by a gay man?" Quatre cautiously asked, and as he spoke, his fingers grazed along the curve of Wufei's ear, slipped off the earlobe and trailed down Wufei's neck, then coming back up again, hand curving around Wufei's neck as his fingertips worked themselves into the black mass of hair, tentatively tugging at the tight hair band, slowly slipping it off. Wufei did not object; he even leaned in closer, just as he was coaxed to. "Or what it's like to actually be kissed by one...?" Quatre continued, the question trailing off to a whisper as his face came closer still.

"Yeah," Wufei all but hissed back, before hastily adding "I'm not gay, though. I'm only..." Whatever he was supposed to say, he lost track of it as he lost himself in Quatre's eyes, so close to his own now... "Curious," he finally remembered, but the word all but died in a whisper in his throat.

Barely an inch away now, Quatre gave a good-natured chuckle. "Of course..." And then, he was no longer talking, his lips otherwise engaged. The kiss was light, tentative, yet Quatre kept a firm hold of the back of Wufei's head, burying his fingers in Wufei's now freed hair. He relented for just a second, then kissed Wufei again, a bit firmer. He repeated the slight retreats, always coming back with a new attack, and between them he whispered against Wufei's lips, "It's okay... you can... touch me..."

Wufei's arms had been oddly lank along his body, keeping just as rigid as most of him. Quatre's quiet words finally made him dare move again, reassuring him that doing so would not break the moment. Tentatively, he put his arms around Quatre, hugged him close, shifting one set of fingers to ruffle through the blond hair at the back of Quatre's head, even summoning the nerve to go from defense to a mild counterattack. He could almost feel Quatre smile against his lips, but soon learned the blond was not about to relent very much.

Their kisses grew more rough, needier, until at last Quatre swept the tip of his tongue along Wufei's upper lip, and then make a final retreat, intent not to push Wufei too far on this first occasion. He gave a sly smile, then corrected himself - This second occasion. It was a fair bit better, though. "How... was that...?" he breathed out against Wufei's face, again an inch apart, distance slowly increasing.

Wufei's jaw moved as if to speak, but no sound came out at first. His eyes were glazed over, his mind partly lost in sensation. Even so, he finally regained enough control of himself to mutter out a very honest answer. "I... I don't know..." No sooner had he said it did he regret it, noticing the slight disappointment clearly on Quatre's face. Wufei had serious trouble bearing that. "Uhm... Quatre...?"

All but whispered in a sigh, Quatre answered "Yeah?"

Wufei's grip around Quatre tightened, and he gave a faint smile. "...could we try... again? To help me make up my mind?"

Quatre broke out in a smile at that, nodded weakly, and moved in close, happy to oblige.

Wufei got quite a few more samples in kisses that night, but his stomach had inconveniently intervened, rumbling loudly enough to give Quatre a visible guilt streak, immediately saying they should probably leave and get ready for dinner. Wufei had, somewhat reluctantly, agreed. While he certainly didn't mind Quatre's lips, or his caresses, his /smell/ was another matter. He imagined his own scent was not exactly a thrill to Quatre's nostrils, either. Besides, the hot stream of water did wonders on his sore muscles, working out the last tension there.

Before they'd split up for the showers though, Wufei had told Quatre he'd liked the kisses, only to hastily reaffirm that he was not gay - merely curious.

Quatre had merely smiled, and nodded along with Wufei's denial.

They didn't speak of it again for days; all there was, were the occasional knowing glances, or the slight smirks they shared now and then. Of course, the memory of Quatre's lips on his own lingered with Wufei throughout those days, even as he was shuffling through stack after stack of boring documents, searching for more evidence against the Yahmal-Vanderberg Group, and better yet, more ties back to Bryant Incorporated. He did not want to let the original evil-doer let go that easily, if he could.

He'd taken on the investigation with renewed vigour, not only because his luck had finally seemed to turn, but also from the significant boost to his mood Quatre's kisses had given him. He'd even come as far to admit to himself it was denial. He liked Quatre. No, more than liked - and it wasn't limited to his lips. Perhaps... Just perhaps he did sway enough to dare ask Quatre for more than friendship.

He pushed such thoughts aside in favor of the investigation, though - especially after he hit a new snag. A few potential 'smoking gun' documents were in the hands of the L4 government - but the official in charge of that particular department was remarkably uncooperative. Wufei suspected a bribe; the official was not important enough to dig up dirt for extortion on - and to be honest, looked much too dull to do anything sufficiently scandalous for a blackmail.

It wouldn't stop him, but it would delay him - and it did much to dampen his mood again, despite memories of recent events.

He didn't dare ask Quatre for a new, and possibly improved set of memorable moments, though. Instead, he chose to bide his time, sure a chance to feed his curiosity further would come up sooner or later.

And just a few days later, he was proven right.

Wufei had come home early that day, once more having had rather heated arguments with an assortment of clerks and secretaries, digging for ways to push the uncooperative official out of the way, or circumvent him altogether. Progress was slow, but steady. Having had time to cool down with today's newspapers, Wufei had managed to let go of most of his frustrations already.

The same could not be said for Quatre as he burst into the study, face contorted in anger, muttering a string of expletives Wufei was hard pressed to believe he even /knew/, much less would actually say. Even so, the spectacle amused him, and barely able to cover his smirk, he asked if Quatre was up for another bout at the reel.

Quatre's reply was to tear Wufei's newspaper out of his hands, grab his wrist and haul him along to the rec room.

The outcome was clear almost as soon as they had changed into the white suits. Quatre, while fueled on fury, had little actual strength left, and his moves were sluggish compared to when he was rested. His mind might be willing, but his muscles held back, too tired to reach anywhere close to their limits.

They both realized it, but kept going for a few minutes before Quatre finally admitted he was not quite up for the challenge that evening. They put their foils and masks away.

"Rough day?" Wufei cautiously asked. From experience, he knew he only had to offer Quatre that little escape to let him rant freely about it.

This time, Quatre held back. Still, most of his anger had left him by now. He panted, trying to calm down, clasped one shoulder while he rotated his arm, trying to loosen it up. "Yeah..." he finally muttered. "Incompetent fools..." He glared at Wufei, but the fire died to embers as he did so. "It's... Well, one of the members of the board made somewhat of a slip-up - the sort that could turn into a PR nightmare if the press finds out."

"What sort of slip-up?"

Quatre looked away, studying the length of the reel. "Nothing... Never mind, Wufei. Shouldn't bother you with this." He rubbed his shoulder again, gave a ghost of a whimper.

Almost automatically, Wufei reached out and grabbed Quatre's hand, trapping it against Quatre's shoulder. "If you want, I could help you with that..."

Quatre stared at him for a moment, then offered a slight smile. "That would be great..."

Wufei nodded, knelt down on the foam mats next to the reel and patted the flat, soft surface. "Just... lie down here, and..." He looked away as he continued, a bit embarrassed to say it. "Uhm... It would probably help if you pulled your suit down to the waist and... took off your T-shirt."

Quatre chuckled as he knelt next to Wufei, reached for his chin, tilted it up and leaned in for a quick brush of a kiss.

Wufei's flush was brought out in full then, especially as Quatre unbuttoned his jumpsuit, wrestled out of its arms and rolled it down around his waist, then untucked and pulled his white T-shirt over his head. Wufei tried not to look /too/ hard... though he certainly appreciated the view.

Quatre lay down as Wufei had directed, folded his arms and used his balled-up T-shirt as a makeshift pillow to act like a buffer between his arms and his chin.

Before he could lose his nerve, Wufei straddled Quatre's hips and got to work, digging his fingertips into the tense mass of muscle and bone that made out Quatre's shoulder blades, kneading it loose as best he could.

They didn't speak. Then again, the soft sounds Quatre let out as Wufei's hands moved out from the shoulders and to his biceps, back again, trailing down the spine before sweeping up again along the sides were more than enough; they certainly spoke volumes to Wufei's desires - and quite a bit to his crotch, as well; It was getting steadily harder to ignore that fact.

He pressed his thumbs against the tips of Quatre's shoulder blades, kneading his fingers firmly against Quatre's skin.

Quatre let go another deep, drawn-out moan, more than enough to send shivers down Wufei's spine. "Yeah," the blond suddenly drawled, head tilted against the rumpled T-shirt now, eyes closed. "Grind into me like that... more, don't stop..."

Wufei finally realized he had, but got over it, and resumed his work, weathering the next soft whimper, despite how it shot straight at his groin.

"Harder..." Quatre pleaded. "Faster..."

About then, Wufei noticed how the sated smile had turned into a smirk. He knew well enough when he was being toyed with. Never mind how the words reminded him of his compromising position, straddling Quatre's hips - if at an off angle for what Quatre eluded to. He slowed down to a halt, and with some reluctance, he removed his hands from Quatre's back.

Quatre let go another deep sigh, opened his eyes and glanced up at Wufei. "Thank you..." he all but whispered as Wufei moved aside. "Your turn now..." he added as he got up on his knees, apparently unconcerned about his bare torso, despite the slight chill of the room.

To that, Wufei was rather hesitant. He'd shifted a little to the side, to better hide a still growing problem. He had inched even a little further around when Quatre's hand landed on his shoulder. Wufei didn't face him; deliberately kept his back to Quatre. It was simply too embarrassing. "That's - that's okay, Quatre. I'm fine, I-"

The hand left his shoulder - but instead, Quatre's arms snuck in around Wufei's chest, hands quickly moving up to the collar of his jumpsuit, working the buttons there free. "Nonsense," Quatre all but breathed against his ear. His fingers worked the last button open, and they moved in for a grip, softly tugging it off. Quatre's lips touched Wufei's ear, and he let go a short gasp in surprise, afraid to as much as move. "You're stiff as a board," Quatre whispered again, as if speaking directly to Wufei's-

Well, he had to agree to that much. His jumpsuit went down over his shoulders.

"Come on, Wufei... help me out here..."

Quatre's soft words reached for him, pounded against his last defenses. At length, Wufei relented. It was only a shoulder rub, after all, nothing worse... Besides, with his front to the floor, at least he could hide the piece of wood Quatre had mentioned.

Even with Wufei cooperating, Quatre all but wrestled Wufei's T-shirt off of him, eagerly coaxing him down on the mat. "I'm not as good as you," Quatre offered as he straddled Wufei's hips, sitting down a little too hard, causing Wufei to make a soft whimper. It wasn't Quatre's weight that was a bother, but the impact had repercussions - but that was between him and the foam mat. Quatre's placed his hands on Wufei's shoulders, gave some tentative palm rubs. "You need to relax just as much as me, though..."

That much was true - only, Quatre mounting him like that, kneading his bare shoulders, did little to ease tensions within Wufei - despite how he enjoyed it, how he tried to calm down and let the good feelings overcome his nervousness.

Before long, sounds he could not imagine himself making forced their way up his throat, out his mouth, only to egg Quatre on. Quatre's hands started roaming about, the touches got rougher, and Wufei ever so slowly started to relax, to enjoy.

It wasn't until then that he noticed how Quatre had scooted a bit further down than where he'd started out at, Quatre's hips now rocking gently against his rear in a way that was far more suspect than his own seating arrangement earlier had been. Uneasiness started overtaking Wufei again, and it certainly didn't help when he felt Quatre lean down against him. He got up on his elbows and tilted his head, just in time to feel Quatre's bare chest against his back, his loose hair being brushed aside, a soft kiss impacting the now-exposed nape of his neck before moving on to his cheek, finally settling for his ear. Wufei felt fingertips graze across one of his nipples, starting a teasing back-and-forth motion. Quatre's other hand slid along Wufei's side, sending even more shivers along his spine.

He had never been so glad for not being particularly ticklish.

The rocking of Quatre's hips was far less subtle now. Quatre's teeth tugged at his earlobe, Quatre's hands teased his chest, one trekking south, sliding torturously slow along his abdomen and attempted to dig inside between Wufei and his rolled-up jumpsuit, then moving up to tease Wufei's belly button.

Wufei let go another prolonged moan, finding the experience almost a little too enjoyable. It was finally dawning on him that Quatre was - quite clearly - stating his preferences. The implications of that were enough to send his mind spinning - as if Quatre's special touch had not made him light-headed enough. First, he thought of Trowa. He knew the two of them had been... together - but he had never suspected that Trowa was the one that... He mentally shook his head, working free of the image, soon enough seeing himself in the same position - and that was more than enough to make him start worrying again. Kissing was one thing, as was this dry-humping - but to allow himself to be fully taken like that-

Quatre sensed how Wufei suddenly tensed up again, and eased up. He was pretty sure his 'message' had gotten through. Now all he could do, was work to calm Wufei's jitters about it. He was determined to get what he wanted; it had been a long time since he'd last had someone to- He clenched his teeth, chasing the first word that had come to mind away. No, someone to make love to - someone to love... Memories pushed against his consciousness, but he tried to ignore them. Wufei was not Trowa, and Quatre was determined not to make him a rebound guy either.

Finally having the space to move, Wufei rolled over on his back, not caring it would be very evident how he felt about the whole matter - as if the way his body had become putty in Quatre's hands had not been proof enough. It surprised him to see Quatre so still above him, though. He'd been expecting Quatre to keep going. As he looked into Quatre's eyes, he realized the blond was lost in thought. Still afraid of where this was going, he also wanted more, wanted Quatre... Tentatively, he reached for Quatre's face, and as he cupped the blond's cheek, Quatre finally seemed to snap out of it, breaking out in a soft smile. Wufei pulled him down, their chests against one another, their erections softly rubbing together through the thin fabric of the jumpsuits. They kissed again, although Wufei blocked Quatre's tongue with his own when it attempted entry. Quatre had certainly stated his preferences, but Wufei would not give in without a fight - and judging from how Quatre withdrew, he'd gotten the message.

Quatre briefly touched his lips to Wufei's again. "So... are you still only curious...?"

Wufei couldn't help but smirk at that, all but rolled his eyes. "Well... I'm a scholar at heart, Quatre... I always lust for more... knowledge..." His hand curled around the back of Quatre's neck.

Quatre chuckled down at him, half an inch closer, whispering against Wufei's lips. "Well, then... Are you ready for Professor Quatre's lesson now...?"

Wufei did not answer with words. Instead, he pulled the blond down, receiving Quatre's lips with enthusiasm.

They had continued making out for quite a while, there on the floor of the rec room. However, the foam mats were not very comfortable, despite how they rolled over occasionally, switching their positions, aware of just that problem.

Quatre restrained himself as best he could. He wanted to do a lot more, but he knew Wufei might not be ready for those things just yet. Thus, he kept his fingers to merely some light touching, and his lips to mostly innocent places, just in case - although the temptation to slide down and give Wufei's nipples a lick was certainly there. If Wufei hadn't winced that last time they rolled over, muttering something about his sore back, Quatre was sure he would have given in to that desire - and perhaps more.

Showering - separately, of course - was a great relief to both of them; a bliss of soothing, warm water. After all, the intention of getting rid of tense tissue through the massages earlier had backfired quite a bit, leaving them more stiff than relaxed.

Dinner that night passed in silence - but the looks they shared were more than enough to make the butler retreat at every given chance. It wasn't just their smiles and eyes that spoke volumes to the butler; every time he entered the dining room with a new dish, he also had a clear view in under the table, where the two young men were engaged in a rather rough game of footsie, matching their soft laughs and mild winces perfectly.

Wufei was almost ready to admit how much he felt for the other man - both to himself, and to Quatre. Not that Quatre didn't already know from the way he'd acted; he merely hadn't said it yet.

Instead, they returned to the slow dance around each other, neither really bringing up the topic - albeit, whoever came home first now greeted the other with a kiss - and each fight on the reel ended in a reconciliation on the foam mats next to it - if much less intense and brief than their first. The shoulder rubs even did as originally intended now.

That didn't stop them from a quick kiss-and-grope follow-up, even if that too never went quite as far; it was more teasing than anything else. Quatre gave the occasional indication he wanted more, but he was willing to wait for Wufei to catch up to him.

Wufei was content to wait as well.

And thus, several days passed, their daily ritual expanded from merely venting anger and frustration into seeking relief and pleasure afterwards.

Wufei's mood was at an all-time high since he got to L4; Quatre had made sure of that. That he finally got the cooperation he sought from the local government, thusly circumventing the official - whom he'd reported as a potential bribe case to the Preventer branch office - only added to his delight.

The new documents were just what he needed, too. Recent procurement reports, reports from governmental inspections, assorted copies of business contracts, mergers, business transactions sticking out as suspect as a twenty thousand dollar toilet seat on a military budget - the list went on and on. He had a nearly clear trail leading from the Yahmal-Vanderberg Group and Hawksbury Industrial Park back to Bryant Incorporated Earth-side. That pleased him greatly; he did not want them to escape their pasts so easily. He was certain the few uncertainties remaining would be filled out to satisfaction once he conducted a proper search of the premises, including their file cabinets and computer terminals. If he could summon enough manpower for the job, it would undoubtedly be a major break for the Preventers. They had long issued warnings about companies hiding their dirty affairs in space, but they had never had definite proof for any of the sort. Now, Wufei was certain they had.

However, he also tracked the Yahmal-Vanderberg Group the other way, searching through a mass of shady transactions to find the current owners. They too had to be brought to justice. To buy, own and operate an illegal arms factory was just as vile as setting one up and hiding it in the first place. The last change of ownership had happened four months ago, so Wufei was certain whoever had supervised the purchase was well aware of just what they had bought. And that made his discovery all that much harder to accept.

The Yahmal-Vanderberg Group was now fully owned by Winner Enterprises.

-End Part #7-

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