The Right Guy
by Kebzero

Wufei left his cramped cubicle at the Preventer branch office early that day, wanting space and time to think. The evidence was compelling. Winner Enterprises did in effect own an illegal weapons factory, that much was fact. Moreover, the takeover had happened four months ago, so even if they'd just bought the facade company, they would certainly be aware of just what they'd gotten now - but far more likely, they already knew when they signed the contract.

The big question for Wufei was... Did Quatre know?

Winner Enterprises was a large conglomerate, after all - Quatre couldn't possibly keep tabs on everything within his company. Even with several of his sisters helping out, there would still be room for any number of executive and managing directors below them in the company structure. Thus, it was entirely possible Quatre knew nothing of this.

Wufei was almost certain Quatre didn't know. At the very least, Quatre couldn't have known at the time of the purchase - he would never have agreed to it. Then again, it didn't matter. Once Wufei submitted the documents and the raid at Hawksbury Industrial Park began, the investigation would drag the name of Winner Enterprises down in the dirt. Bryant Incorporated might have made the arms plant, but it was currently run by Winner Enterprises - Wufei had papers showing sales made as recent as last week.

He wandered the streets of the colony for some time, but eventually homed in on Quatre's mansion. It wasn't as if had any other place to go, really.

Wufei pointedly avoided the staff as best he could. He retired to the study, picked at the books, ignored the fresh newspapers, and finally sat down in one of the comfortable leather chairs to brood on the matter. One way or another, he had to confront Quatre on this. Yet, he shouldn't. It would disrupt the investigation. What if Quatre had known exactly what his company had bought? What if he'd even sanctioned the purchase?

Then there was the fact he didn't want to turn Winner Enterprises in like this - it'd feel like turning Quatre in, and he didn't want that - especially not now. His duties said otherwise, though - and that did not make his decision easier.

When Quatre returned home that evening, he found Wufei sitting quietly in the dark room, lost in thought. Quatre's first two greetings went unheeded. He raised his voice for the third, taking a few steps closer. "Wufei?"

Wufei almost jumped, stared at him in surprise, then calmed himself. "Oh... Hi, Quatre."

Quatre smiled, tilted his head. "Bad day?"

Sigh, evasive eyes. "You could say that..."

Quatre placed a hand on Wufei's shoulder, gripping it firmly once, then letting up. "It's not doing you any good to sit here, Wufei..."

Resigned, Wufei mumbled a reply. "Maybe not..."

Quatre let go of Wufei's shoulder, and instead sought out his hands. "Come with me, Wufei. You need something else to think about - you need to relax. You look as if your job is tearing you apart."

That was true enough, Wufei conceded.


Wufei nodded, got to his feet, and followed Quatre's lead, the blond not letting go of his hand. They went out of the study, down through the corridors. Wufei still hadn't shaken off all his worries though, and thus it took him a while to notice. "Uh... Quatre?"

Quatre didn't stop, and didn't let Wufei either. "Yes?"

"This... isn't the way to the rec room..."

The large double doors of oak were directly in front of them now. Quatre paused, gave Wufei his warmest smile. "I know," Quatre softly said as he reached for the door handle, his other hand still holding Wufei's. The door slid open, revealing the interior; Quatre's much too large bed covered in satin sheets, the antique nightstands on either sides, the expensive-looking ornamental lamps, the reading light sticking out through the arch of the headboard... Yes, Wufei had seen it before - only, that time it had been Quatre that had been somewhat off-balance. "I thought..." Quatre finally mumbled, looking away, down at the floor. "I thought we'd jump straight to the massage tonight - you look really tense, Wufei." He dared resume eye contact. "You can tell me if something's wrong, you know. I'm your friend, no matter what happens."

Wufei had to smile at that. Quatre had a way of being diplomatic. Quatre hadn't suggested they were more than friends - even though it was obvious they had moved well into the 'benefits' bracket, if not beyond even that. The blond was holding out, waiting for Wufei's word on the matter. Wufei was not yet sure what to call their relationship - not that there'd be much of it soon. Quatre was sure to resent him for what he had to do.

It dawned on him he was being led towards Quatre's bed, and he started stalling. Even so, he was already inside, and Quatre took advantage of Wufei's moment of pause to let go of him and close the oak doors behind them. Wufei was almost positive he also heard Quatre lock the door. He almost jumped when Quatre's palms were on his shoulders again, rubbing softly. "Wufei, take off your shirt and lay down on the bed - I promise, this will help... I'll do my best to make you let go..."

Wufei doubted that very much - and for that matter, he didn't want to let go. He wanted Quatre - not just as a friend, but as a boyfriend.

Quatre walked over to a large dresser and started rummaging through the drawers. Wufei wasn't sure he wanted to know what the blond was looking for. Still, he'd been told what to do...

...and perhaps he could find some way to merely enjoy some last intimate touches from Quatre, rather than think of how the blond would most likely want to throttle him come the investigation. Desire was overpowering his sense of duty. He lingered for a moment, then took a few tentative steps towards the bed, undoing the top buttons of his shirt.

By the time Quatre returned from the dresser, Wufei had removed his shirt and lay face-down on Quatre's bed. The sheets were so smooth, so white they almost reflected the dim light from the nightstand lamps. Wufei tilted his head, saw Quatre approach with two candles in one hand and a bottle of some sort in the other. "Scented candles," Quatre explained as he sat down on the edge of the bed. "They're supposed to emanate a relaxing fragrance. I haven't tried them before, but I figured this would be a good time. Got these as a gift a long time ago, but never got the chance to..." His voice trailed off into a moment of remembrance before he caught himself. "Oh - matches." He pulled out the drawer of the closest nightstand, retrieving a small pack of matches. He put one candle down - it came with its own glass stub of a candlestick - and lit it, then got up, walked around the bed and placed the other candle on the second nightstand, retaining the symmetry of the room.

Wufei glanced at the bottle Quatre had left at the side of the bed. It was massage oil, that much he could read from the label. The blond was obviously going all out this time. Wufei smiled to himself.

The bed dipped. Wufei reached for one of the pillows and put it under his chest and neck, halfway hugging it. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, the relaxing fragrance of the candles already spreading through the room. Had his eyes remained open, he might have caught a glimpse of Quatre's shirt joining his own in a heap at the floor.

He heard Quatre clap his palms and rub them together, friction heating them up in a hurry. They had touched each other with cold hands before, and it had not felt entirely good - at least Wufei had argued as much. Quatre had merely grinned at him, but ever since, he'd made an effort to warm up his palms before-

Quatre applied some of the massage oil to Wufei's shoulders. The fluid was cold, but Quatre's palms soon spread it out, diminishing that minor discomfort with that tender touch of his. Wufei sighed in contentment, and did his best to let go of his concerns, relax in Quatre's hands. At length, he let his mind drift, the smell of the oil and the candles teasing his nostrils, making him so relaxed that if Quatre's hands had not started roaming most of his back and arms, he might have fallen asleep.

When Quatre pulled at his arm, coaxing him to roll over, Wufei was still very drowsy. It didn't last - especially not as Quatre began massaging his torso, moving downward while leaning forward, making grazing touches down to Wufei's waist before breaking off and supporting his own descent, placing a soft kiss to Wufei's lips, then another, and a third, firmer one. The fourth didn't stop as easily.

Wufei did nothing to end this. He didn't want it to. He put his arms around Quatre, held him close as the blond lay down on top of him, their lips still firmly locked, broken only for quick gasps of air. When the tip of Quatre's tongue again grazed his upper lip, Wufei relented, allowing Quatre that much, at first out of guilt for what he had to do tomorrow, but soon enough out of the sheer pleasure; the quick spar of tongues, the invitation to explore Quatre's mouth...

It took him a while to notice one of Quatre's hands working their pants buttons. Yet, he didn't object, didn't say or do anything to stop it. Even as Quatre broke their kiss, got up on his knees and grabbed at Wufei's pants, Wufei did nothing. Or rather, he did; Quatre's eyes pleaded with him without words, and tentatively, Wufei nodded, lifting his hips to let Quatre tug his pants and briefs off. If they were going to do anything, it might as well be now - they would not get another chance, and Wufei had to admit he wanted to find out more about being with another man.

Quatre discarded the last of Wufei's clothes to the growing pile on the floor and leered down at him, eyes appraising his entire body. Despite how his cheeks felt flushed, Wufei smirked up at him, then glanced at Quatre's open fly. Quatre grinned, taking the hint. He lay down on his back and quickly shed his own pants and underwear, leaving him just as gloriously naked, and the pile of discarded clothes even larger.

Quatre crawled back in over Wufei, kissed him fiercely, ground his hip against Wufei, rubbing their cocks together. The friction was so raw, so new; Wufei gasped at the sensations shooting up his spine, and back down again. Still, his ego could not take too much of that. He pushed at Quatre's shoulder, gently at first, then more insistent, finally using his leg and elbow to roll them over, leaving him on top, letting him do the grinding.

Quatre's hands roamed along Wufei's back, more than once reaching down to cup his rear, or up to keep a hold of Wufei's neck, steadying their kisses. Wufei didn't even notice the blond removing his hair band until his hair fell down his cheeks, their slow rocking shaking down a fair bit of hair over his forehead as well, touching down on Quatre's face.

Then, it started getting in the way, both of vision and of kisses. Quatre took charge again, and made rolled them back over. Wufei didn't object; Quatre's warm lips well at work on a hickey at his neck quelled all protests deep in Wufei's throat, substituted by soft moans. Quatre's thrusts were bringing him close, so close, so soon...

"Q-Quatre," he stuttered, just as the blond added teeth to the mark he was making. Wufei clenched his teeth at another forceful grind. "Wait, I-" Hiss. "I can't hold-" Another gentle bite, accompanying gasp. "Close, going to-" Tongue teasing his skin, hip roll, ragged breaths. "Quat-"

It was too late; the blond had ignored him thoroughly, and the result splashed against their bellies. Wufei's heart was racing, his breathing uneven, not helped by how Quatre captured his lips once more, sliding a little off to the side and reaching down to pump Wufei's erection to completion, a puddle gathering on Wufei's abdomen.

Wufei was almost as embarrassed as he was sated; he'd come much too soon. They'd barely even gotten started, and his body had gone and betrayed him like that...

Quatre didn't seem to mind though. He kissed Wufei again, them slid down, lips to Wufei's chin, clavicle and left nipple in quick succession, lingering at the last spot for a soft tug of teeth as well, stealing another gasp from Wufei. Further south, touching his abdomen, tongue grazing down, right through-

Still calming down, Wufei glanced down his chest, saw - no, felt - Quatre lap up his come, tongue dipping down in his belly button, even twirling about there. At first, Wufei felt queasy - did Quatre expect him to kiss those lips again, if-

Quatre took hold of Wufei's rapidly limping cock, made a quick lick, then engulfed the head with his lips, tilted his head to match Wufei's eyes, gave him a leer and let go, crawling in over Wufei again, up his body, coming to rest halfway off on Wufei's side.

Wufei forgot whatever it was he'd been thinking of, and welcomed the kiss, Quatre's tongue, the taste of himself from Quatre's mouth...

Still, when the blond rocked his hips against Wufei's again, it became apparent one situation was still unresolved. Quatre touched lips to Wufei's cheekbone, then went for his earlobe, every now and then pressing his cock against Wufei's hip. "Quatre," he all but hissed, breath still erratic. "I - I'm sorry, I couldn't last-"

"It's okay..." Quatre whispered in his ear. "Your pleasure is mine too..."

Wufei didn't quite believe that. For a moment, he wondered if Quatre would ask him to finish him off - but not necessarily with his hands. Wufei wasn't sure he was ready for that, even-

Teeth raked his earlobe. "And we're not done..."

Wufei slowly nodded. He was aware of that much; the fact ground against his side every so often.

"I have some ideas..."

Wufei didn't doubt that either. His heart got no reason to rest, excitement replaced by nervousness.

"On your hands and knees, Wufei..." Even if delivered in a whisper, there was no denying it was a command.

And it was one Wufei was not ready for. He frowned at Quatre, opened his mouth to ask just what Quatre was thinking. He would not accept- "No, Quatre - I'm not about to let you-"

Quatre's lips quickly touched his again, and the blond grinned down at him. "I know... Trust me, would you? I promise you, it'll feel good - and it's not what you think, Wufei."

Wufei was still suspicious, but as Quatre slid off to his side, he grudgingly accepted the dare, rolled over and got up on his hands and knees.

Quatre got to his knees too, handed Wufei a pillow, then put a hand between Wufei's shoulder blades, easing him down. "Use that like you did when I rubbed your back, Wufei. Oh, and close your eyes."

Wufei gave the blond one more cautious frown, silently warning him that if he was up to mischief, there'd be hell to pay. Quatre seemed to accept it with a lax smirk. Wufei took a deep breath, hugged the pillow to his chin and chest and closed his eyes, his rear a bit too high in the air - and vulnerable - for comfort. Just what was Quatre planning to-

Quatre's hands were on his ass, only caresses at first. Wufei wasn't sure where this was going, but this act alone was merely embarrassing. If Quatre was planning a spanking, he'd vowed to get even in a hurry. Quatre's palms kneaded him harder, rotated to line the thumbs to nudge at Wufei's crack, sweeping down a bit. For a moment, Wufei was sure Quatre was about to break his promise - and earn himself a swift kick to the crotch in the process. Then, Quatre's hands flexed his buns apart, and something far softer than expected grazed down the slit, then tickled at his pucker.

Wufei's eyes opened wide, shocked with realization. Quatre was- He clenched his teeth as he felt Quatre's tongue push inside him, even wiggle a bit once there. Wufei shuddered. Even if a much lesser one than expected, it was still an invasion of his body - and when tasting his come of Quatre's lips had been enough of a mental barrier to overcome, how could he possibly make himself kiss Quatre again, now that he'd-

Another thrust, a quick sweep inside, hands pawing at his ass. Despite his misgivings, Wufei hissed, shuddered again, and moved his knees further apart for support. Quatre's tongue pulled back out, trailed south, Quatre's lips surrounding a testicle, sucking while the raspy tongue worked the sac. Wufei gasped, felt Quatre's hand grasp at his cock, suddenly aware he was making a comeback.

Quatre let go, the tip of his tongue licking at the sensitive expanse of skin on its way back to Wufei's pucker, ass cheeks pried apart once more. Wufei fought the urge to thrust back against Quatre's face. He'd heard of rimming before, but the concept had sounded disgusting to him. Being on the receiving end, on the other hand... He moaned as the soft muscle flickered inside him again, struggled to relax, let Quatre reach further..

Quatre was amused. He'd not expected Wufei to be this responsive, but the sounds and shakes of Wufei's body pleased him greatly. He didn't mind the sharp tang of Wufei's body, not when it made him relax like this, egging him on as much as it did. Plus, of course, he had his reasons...

While Wufei was still panting, face all but buried in the pillow, Quatre decided it was time. Leaving Wufei but a few moments to recover, he stepped off the bed, went back to the dresser for another necessity and hastily made his way back, working the cap off as he walked.

Wufei felt the bed dip again, and despite himself raised his rear, wanting more. Sure enough, he felt Quatre's soft tongue touch the lower end of his spine, sliding down to the top of his cleft, a bit down... He sighed in contentment, smiled to himself. Quatre had been right, he'd enjoyed it very much. He'd-

Cold shot up his spine. Quatre's tongue was gone, but he felt Quatre's fingers graze his pucker with something rather chilly. He tilted his head to shoot Quatre a glare. "What-"

One of the fingers worked its way inside him, smearing out more of the cold lube.

"Hey!" Wufei growled. While it wasn't painful, it certainly wasn't something he'd agreed to. If Quatre thought-

The blond used his free hand to stroke Wufei's back and spine, but did not withdraw his finger. Instead, he prodded it in a bit further. "Ssssh," he soothed, his smile more of a smirk now. "You've already loosened up so much, Wufei... Don't tense up now..."

Frown. "Look, I told you, I will not-" He hissed as the hand on his back made its way in under him, grabbing his cock for a few quick jerks.

"I promise you'll like it, Wufei..." Quatre soothed, voice still soft. "Relax..."

Wufei was about to get up and take a swing at his friend, but the probing finger chose that moment to sweep along a sensitive spot. He tensed up, gasped, his erection twitching in Quatre's firm grip, struggled to relax again.

Soft chuckles from behind him. "Told you..."

Wufei sent him another quick glare, but decided to let go, facing forward once more. Perhaps there was something to this after all - and besides, it was not as if it'd ever happen again. Perhaps there was some sort of poetic justice in letting Quatre fuck him now - as Wufei would be sure to fuck up Quatre's life in return come morning, breaking the news of-

Quatre inserted a second digit, dipped them together, then flexed them apart. Wufei hissed, tried to accept the soothing caresses Quatre made along his spine. Quatre's fingers sped up, preparing him quickly. The tongue-fuck had done its job earlier; Wufei found it fairly easy to calm down, despite what Quatre was doing.

The fingers left him. Quatre hurriedly lubed himself up, nudged his head against Wufei's opening, waited for Wufei to relax again - and started pushing inside.

Wufei clenched his teeth. He'd expected it to hurt a bit; Quatre was wider than a mere few fingers - and far longer. The intrusion lasted seemingly forever, and Wufei struggled to not tense up just yet. Not before he felt Quatre's hips against his rear did he do so, breath ragged, body trying to adjust. It brought him some sense of vindictive pleasure to hear Quatre hiss as well; he wasn't the only one getting used to the sensation. Sure, Quatre had done this sort of thing before - but it had evidently been quite a while since he'd had the opportunity last.

Wufei was just as glad. He'd be damned if he was the only one going to feel slightly out of touch here.

Quatre slowly pulled out, and just as slowly pushed back in. Again. Again... Only when he was certain Wufei could accept him without tensing up too badly did Quatre dare increase his rhythm, constantly reminding himself to hold back, no matter how much he felt like ravaging his new lover; test his limit already on their first union.

Wufei managed to get up on his wrists. Having his face and chest ground into the pillow - and somewhat off it - was not very comfortable. Even so, Quatre's deep prods sent his body trembling, making it hard to keep from crashing back down to the mattress. The slight change of angle made Quatre graze against his prostate again, and Wufei shuddered, pushing himself back against Quatre before he could stop himself. No matter his mental blocks, he was enjoying this.

Quatre was too. Wufei's body wrapped tightly around him, muscles flexing against his intrusion, egging him on. He leaned in, touched his lips to the nape of Wufei's neck, shifted to make shallow thrusts when Wufei turned his head around, just so he could stretch far enough to deliver a sloppy kiss.

Wufei didn't even think of where Quatre's lips and tongue had been not long ago; he accepted the kiss willingly, even if he felt a slight loss at other fronts.

It was only temporary. Quatre straightened up again, grabbed a firm hold of Wufei's hips and increased his pace, pushing deep inside, filling the bedroom with the sound of skin slapping against skin, as well as their combined exasperated moans.

Even without manual stimulation, Wufei felt the edge approach once more. Quatre's thrusts only sporadically touched the spot, but that was more than enough. When Quatre's fingers again closed around his length, Wufei knew he would not last long. Sensing Quatre's thrusts grow harder, faster, more desperate, Wufei's last remaining shreds of logic surmised he wasn't the only one seeing the precipice.

Then, logic failed him entirely, the warmth that had gathered at his crotch released throughout his entire body - and a fair bit to the satin sheets as well. He'd hissed Quatre's name as he'd come, heard said lover let go a prolonged groan behind him, pace of both hips and hand at an all-time high, milking him dry for a second time.

Wufei's body had closed in even more around Quatre, and he met his own limit, one last savage thrust ensuring Quatre emptied himself deep inside his lover, his grip on Wufei's cock still firm - perhaps a bit too firm. He let go, well aware they were both spent. Breath and heartbeat out of his control, body feeling heavy and mind light, Quatre reluctantly pulled out, and fell over on his side, his knees giving out on him.

Wufei was in no better shape, and crashed down on the mattress as well. He landed halfway in his own wet spot, but he didn't care. He tilted his head to grin at Quatre, got the same in return. For several minutes, they just lay there, leering at each other, basking in afterglow, too exhausted to move much. Quatre tentatively reached for Wufei's face, cupped his cheek, made soft caresses with his thumb - but after a few sweeps, even that was too much of a strain, the arm falling lax between them.

Minutes slid past, and the warmth of afterglow was giving in to the slight chill in the room. Wufei was the first to shiver; Quatre picked up on it soon enough, and with some effort he managed to flip one of the sheets over them both, scooting closer to Wufei, meeting him halfway. They kissed again, softly, sloppy, warm breath against skin.

"Quatre, that was..." Wufei's whisper trailed off into nothing.

Quatre reached around him, pulling him into a loose hug, kissed his cheek. "I know..."

Wufei felt content in his arms, and was about to embrace him back when logic made an unwanted return, shoving libido aside, helped by guilt. Wufei tried to scoot a bit away, but Quatre's lax hold would have none of that. Quatre noticed how Wufei's smile had vanished; he knew something was up, and was not about to let his lover escape without knowing just what. If Wufei had regrets, he wanted to know of it immediately.

Wufei tried to meet Quatre's scrutinizing gaze, but failed.


He knew the game was up, but still... He didn't want to turn Winner Enterprises - and by proxy, Quatre - in for arms dealing, but the facts remained, and it was his job to make it happen. Still... he didn't want to hide what was coming for Quatre, and despite how he knew better... "Quatre... do you know of the Yahmal-Vanderberg Group?"

Quatre looked taken aback for a moment, mouth open. He looked away, uncomfortable. "Yes..."

Wufei's eyes narrowed just a little. Did Quatre know-

"It owns a small industrial park Winner Enterprises bought a few months ago. It deals with zero-gravity manufacture..." He bit his lip, and met Wufei's hardened eyes. "And - as you probably know by now - illegal arms manufacture."

Wufei's anger was overcome only by his shock. "You knew - you knew that I knew-"

Quatre nodded, looking away again. "Yeah..."

"And yet, you still-"

Quatre leaned in to land a kiss. Wufei pulled back at the touch, leaving Quatre look even more sad. "I... I'm sorry, Wufei - I didn't hear all of it until just a few days ago. One of our execs apparently thought it a profitable purchase, and went for it, despite how it is against all company guidelines. He had made a series of bad business deals, and needed to compensate the losses quickly in order to save his job. So..."

"He bought an illegal weapons factory."

Slow nod, pleading eyes. "I didn't know about it, Wufei - I swear I didn't."

"I... believe you..."

Weak smile.

No smile at all. "But it doesn't change the fact your company owns it now."

Sadness returned. "True... But as soon as I learned the truth, I made moves to dismantle the operation - make the factory live up to what it is supposed to manufacture, and-"

"Cover it all up," Wufei accused.

Deep sigh. "Wufei, please understand - if it becomes public knowledge Winner Enterprises is involved in the illegal arms sales, it'll be a disastrous blow against public and governmental relations. I'm not sure we could survive it, not with our public profile. We've built up a name standing for honorable intentions, clean business practices and the promotion of peace. If this got out it could easily ruin all that."

"Quatre, what about-"

"I knew you'd find out eventually." Soft smile. "You're very good at what you do, Wufei. I knew I would lose against you - but I still tried to make things difficult, buy myself some time to clean up the mess on my own. If the investigator had been anyone but you, I might even have tried more... drastic... measures - but I knew I could never bribe you, and I knew I couldn't trick you into giving up the chase either. And before you ask, I never considered using force. Violence is against everything I stand for now; I could not save my reputation like that." Quatre reached for Wufei's cheek again, touched it tenderly. "And I could never have brought myself to harm you, Wufei. Please believe that.. I love you."

Wufei could see the truth of that reflected in Quatre's eyes, the soft shimmer acting almost hypnotic. "I..."

Quatre's embrace tightened, and Wufei let himself be pulled in close, let Quatre kiss him, too stumped by those few words to react. "I love you, Wufei, I really do..." Another kiss, more desperate, but quick. "I wanted to have at least one shot at you, before..." His voice trailed off momentarily, but he got a hold of himself. "I won't be mad at you for turning me in, though. It's your duty, I understand that... I just..." Kiss to cheekbone. "Wanted this..." To tip of nose. "Before that..." A thorough kiss this time, more confident, needy. At its end, Quatre scooted down a bit, held onto Wufei tightly, curled up against Wufei's chest, nuzzling against his collar bone, blond curls tickling Wufei's throat.

Wufei was still digesting it all, tentatively returned the hug, smiling meekly. "I... You... only need... time, right?" He felt Quatre shift against his skin, and pressed on before courage left him. He touched his lips to Quatre's head. "Don't worry, Quatre... I - I'm not going to file a report. I..."

Quatre's grip loosened a bit, and the blond moved back up to look Wufei in the eye again, very concerned of what he'd just heard. "Wufei, you have to. You're a Preventer, and-"

Wufei's smile strengthened at seeing Quatre's worried expression. He leaned in to brush his lips to Quatre's. "I know - but I can't. Winner Enterprises doesn't deserve to get dragged into this mess - nor do you. I know you're innocent of all this, you didn't know-"

"It's still my responsibility - I-"

"Didn't know," Wufei cut in. "I love you too, Quatre. I couldn't do this to you, knowing the damage it'd cause."

"But - but your job. Lady Une-"

Wufei smirked, brushed Quatre's bangs aside. "Will undoubtedly figure out something's fishy when I don't report much of a progress, with the latest roadblock out of the way. She might suspend me and send another agent or two to investigate - and when she finds out I've been withholding information, she'll probably fire me immediately." Quatre was about to speak up, but Wufei cut him off with another kiss. "But I don't care about that, not now... Besides, that'd give you the time you need to make sure Winner Enterprises isn't involved when this scandal goes public, right?"

Quatre gave him one more harsh look, but read Wufei's resolve from his face. He knew he could not convince Wufei to change his mind, even if he wanted to. Instead, all he could do, was what he did; hug Wufei desperately tight, once more pressing his cheek against Wufei's chest. "Damn it, Wufei..." he hissed, then softened his tone a bit, lips briefly to skin. "You really are going to be my fall guy this time, aren't you?"

A bit taken aback at first, Wufei started chuckling at that, remembering their first time on the reel. "I suppose so..."

They lay there for a bit, embracing each other, soothing each other's concerns, hearts and minds calm now. "Wufei...?"


"Please stay..."

Soft chuckle. "I'm not going anywhere, Quatre..."

Smile. "Good..." Pause. "One more thing..."

Wufei ran his fingers through the curls at the back of Quatre's head, finding he greatly enjoyed their current position. In a way, it helped reaffirm his masculinity; made him feel less of a bottom... even if Quatre had shown him how enjoyable that could be. He all but whispered his answer this time. "Yes?"

"If you're staying... Look out for me, okay?"

"Of course I will."

Quatre snickered slowly. "Yes, I know you will - but I meant... professionally, as well."

Wufei paused his caresses, unsure what Quatre meant. "Hm?"

Quatre tilted his head up, and with some effort he met Wufei's questioning look. "Do you think I could... interest you in a job? As my business conscience? If nothing else, this whole mess has made it perfectly clear I need someone to look out for me and my interests, someone to check everything that goes on within Winner Enterprises, someone that would report only to me, someone I could trust with all my heart..."

Wufei gave him a serene smile, pulled him up a bit, their faces level, and leaned in to kiss him. "I'm all yours to command..."

-End Part #9-

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