Sí Beag, Sí Mór
by Caroline


A cool wind danced playfully across the moon-drenched water. The sweet melody of the nocturnal chorus only added to the romantic atmosphere the two sidhe were creating. Heero kissed his way down Duo's neck, reveling in the soft mewling sounds the sidhe prince was making. He returned his mouth to Duo's lips to catch those sounds. The young prince was warm and delicious. Heero felt an unfamiliar warmth spread through his body as he realized he was making Duo moan and shudder beneath him. Duo wanted him as much as he wanted Duo.

He slid between Duo's legs and sat up on his knees, bringing Duo up to straddle his lap. The Unseleigh sidhe blinked at the sudden change in position, then smiled down at him. Long arms wrapped themselves around Heero's neck, pulling the warrior's head closer. As their tongues explored each other's mouths, Heero brought his hands up to the ties at the front of Duo's tunic. With nimble fingers, he unlaced them. The ties at Duo's waist were also hastily undone. He grasped the bottom hem of the flimsy garment, then hesitated. They were moving way too fast, still being driven by some unknown force that threatened to consume them both. But one look from those deep pools of endless violet and he would have stepped into those fires willingly. He gave Duo one last questioning glance to make sure the young prince wanted this. He was afraid of the answer he'd find in those eyes - afraid of being rejected, afraid of being accepted. But Duo's smile banished all traces of fear and doubt from his mind. The Unseleigh prince placed his small, delicate hands on top of Heero's, and together they drew Duo's tunic over his head. Heero reached behind the prince and carefully slid Duo's wings out of the slits in the back of the tunic. He tossed the material away and ran his hands across the smooth, bare skin of Duo's chest.

The long-haired prince closed his eyes at the touch, gasping slightly. He leaned his head back, allowing Heero access to his long, white throat. The Seleigh warrior traced Duo's collarbone with his tongue, trailing down his chest to take one pert nipple in his mouth.

The prince cried out and ripped Heero's mouth away from his chest. As he plunged his tongue deep into Heero's mouth, his fingers tore at the Seleigh warrior's laces and ripped off his shirt. Hands moved feverishly over bodies, quickly divesting both sidhe of the rest of their clothing. Heero drew Duo back onto his lap, placed a tender kiss on the boy's sternum, then looked up into his big violet eyes. He reached up to cup Duo's cheek with one hand.

"Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?" Heero asked, caressing Duo's bare hip with his free hand.

Duo blushed and leaned down to kiss the tip of Heero's nose. "No more so than you, Hee-chan."

"Hee-chan?" Heero asked, smiling.

Duo grinned. "Hope you don't mind. It's just an endearment. And you are so very dear to me."

The Seleigh warrior drew Duo's head down for another kiss. He moved to nibble on Duo's ear while his hands sought out the end of the boy's braid.

"May I?" he asked as he fingered the little tie holding the chestnut locks together.

Duo nodded, pressing himself closer to Heero. Both sidhe gasped as their arousals brushed together. Heero slipped the tie off and unraveled the silky strands. He ran his hands through Duo's hair, marveling at the texture. He grabbed large handfuls of it in his hands before clutching Duo's lithe body hard against his own.

The Unseleigh prince rained a shower of little kisses along Heero's face and shoulders. He began rocking his hips gently back and forth, moaning at the friction they were creating.

Heero's hands began exploring the tightly muscled body sitting above him. He stroked Duo's back as he too groaned at the sensation of Duo's rocking hips. He wandered his hands lower, wondering how anyone's skin could feel so soft. He teased the base of Duo's spine, causing the violet-eyed prince to shudder above him. He moved his hands lower still until he was cupping the boy's firm globes, pressing the prince even closer.

"Heero," the long-haired sidhe murmured as his hands explored the hard planes of the Seleigh warrior's back underneath his folded wings.

Heero moved his head to capture the boy's mouth. His fingers teased random patterns across Duo's ass before delving into the groove, searching for the hidden entrance. When he found it, he fingered the puckered ring lightly, causing Duo to moan loudly.

Heero echoed the sound and tumbled the prince onto his back. He knelt up, still kneeling between those long, silky legs, and drank in the sight of his lover. His lover... Heero liked the sound of that. The Unseleigh prince was breathtaking. Long chestnut hair fell in a halo around his head, wings folded gracefully underneath his body, milky pale skin dusted with a rosy blush - Heero had never seen anything as beautiful as the fey creature below him.

Duo fidgeted as Heero stared down at him. "Who said you get to be on top?" the young prince asked, grinning.

Heero lowered himself until he was stretched out on top of Duo's willowy body. "Are you complaining?"

The prince sighed as flesh met flesh. "No. But I get top next time."

Next time... Heero's heart fluttered excitedly at the words. Yes, there would be a next time. He had already lost his heart to the beautiful prince. He didn't know how they could stay together, but they could figure that out later. Right now, he had Duo warm and willing and writhing beneath him. Nothing else mattered at the moment.

He slid down Duo's body kissing and tasting every centimeter of skin he could reach. By the time he slid his tongue into Duo's navel, the boy was writhing wantonly beneath him. He slipped his hands underneath Duo's knees and pushed them up and out, spreading him wide. He hovered over his lover's erect member which twitched as he breathed warm air over it. He looked up over Duo's supine body to see violet eyes staring back at him with an unwavering gaze. Without breaking eye contact, he lowered his head and took Duo into his mouth.

"Nnngh!" Duo arched his back as Heero attempted to swallow him whole. Sparks of pleasure radiated outward through his body. He fumbled blindly for Heero, desperate to touch his new lover.

Heero reached up and clasped Duo's hand with his own, intertwining their fingers as he circled the head of his lover's cock with his tongue. It was a heady experience, having Duo in his mouth, making the boy moan uncontrollably. He wrapped his free hand around the base of Duo's shaft and began to pump in a steady rhythm. He pulled his head back and noticed a droplet of pearly white fluid forming at the tip of Duo's cock. Curious, he stuck out his tongue and lapped it up. Duo's essence was slightly bitter, slightly salty, but Heero became addicted to it instantly. He wanted more. But first...

His mouth wandered lower, licking and tasting the heavy sac nestled at the base of Duo's cock. He could hear Duo mewl above him as his hand kept up its steady pumping rhythm. He drew his tongue lower still until he found his prize. He rimmed the puckered ring several times with his tongue, feeling Duo tremble violently. Finally, he slid his tongue past the tight entrance and inside Duo's body.

"Ahhhh!" Duo nearly sat up, the sensation was so overwhelming. He had never in his short life felt anything like this. Stars clouded his vision as Heero moved his tongue in and out of his body. The steady rhythm of Heero's hand on his cock wasn't helping matters. He could feel a tight coiling sensation in his belly. He tried to hold it back, but it was only a matter of time before the dam broke.

"Heero," the young prince whimpered plaintively, tugging on their joined hands.

The Seleigh warrior moved his mouth up to suckle at the head of Duo's shaft. Removing his hand, he reached up and placed two fingers on Duo's lips. The boy eagerly opened his mouth and drew Heero's fingers in, sucking hard and making them slick. When his fingers were nice and wet, Heero withdrew them and sought Duo's opening. Still lapping at the head of Duo's sex, he slid one finger past the tight ring.

The Unseleigh prince moaned, half in pain, half in pleasure. Heero worked his finger in and out, stretching him gently. While he may not have had any experience with the art of love, he did know what to do. When Trowa and Wufei had taken their relationship to the physical level, Heero had been curious enough to ask questions, much to Trowa's amusement and Wufei's chagrin. He knew that without any kind of lubrication, he'd have to stretch Duo so the boy wouldn't feel as much pain when he finally took him. And Heero would never do anything to cause Duo pain.

He added a second finger. Squeezing Duo's hand in reassurance, he moved his fingers in a scissor-like motion to stretch the boy even more. He sucked hard on Duo's cock as he added a third finger. This time he brushed past a fleshy nub deep within Duo's body, causing the prince to cry out and arch his back.

"Heero... Heero..." the prince mumbled, unable to hold back any longer. He gripped tightly onto Heero's hand as his body trembled with pleasure. The coiling in his stomach was released. He cried out loudly as he sent spurt after spurt of his seed into Heero's waiting mouth. When at last he was spent, he collapsed weakly onto his back, riding the last waves of pleasure as Heero moved over him.

The Seleigh warrior caught Duo's passion in his mouth and held it there. When the prince's body was still, he spat it out onto his hand and rubbed it on his own aching erection. He lifted Duo's leg over his shoulder and positioned himself at the boy's entrance. Swooping down, he caught Duo's mouth in a deep kiss as he slowly pushed his way into the warm, pliant body beneath him.

Duo cried out as Heero filled him. It hurt, but not as badly as he thought it would. He forced his body to relax against the intrusion and allowed Heero's mouth to distract him.

When Heero was firmly seated in Duo's body, he broke off the kiss, holding himself as still as possible to give Duo time to adjust. His wings fluttered reflexively above them.

Duo opened his eyes to look at the man above him. Ignoring the pain for a moment, he reached up to run his fingers through Heero's dark hair. "You look like some kind of bird of prey," he remarked, smiling at the way Heero's wings were outstretched above them.

Heero's eyes gleamed wickedly. "I seem to have caught my prey."

"Then go ahead and claim your reward," Duo replied, moving beneath him.

Heero gasped. He pulled out almost to the tip before pushing slowly back in. He repeated this motion several times, allowing Duo to get used to the movement. When the long-haired prince began moaning and pushing back against him, he quickened his strokes. Faster and faster they moved until the world disappeared, leaving only him and the boy crying out beneath him. He stared down at his lover through half-lidded eyes. Duo's skin seemed to glow in the moonlight. His eyes opened wider. Duo was glowing, his skin infused with an inner, golden hue. Looking down at himself he could see that he, too, was glowing with the same golden light. Strangely he didn't feel frightened or worried. He had no idea what was happening however and opened his mouth to ask Duo.

Before he could say anything, his world suddenly shifted. His wings folded reflexively beneath him as he was rolled onto his back. He opened his eyes to see Duo grinning above him, the glow mysteriously gone.

"I told you I wanted to be on top," the prince said mischievously before beginning to ride up and down on Heero's cock.

Heero threw his head back as Duo rode him, the strange glow momentarily forgotten. His body was beginning to shake as his shaft was being continuously squeezed by Duo's velvety inner walls. He clasped Duo's hands, intertwining their fingers. He looked back up at his lover. The ethereal boy had his head thrown backwards, his long chestnut hair tickling the tops of Heero's thighs. The Unseleigh prince was hard once again. Heero brought Duo's hand to his own cock, wrapping both their hands around it. Together, they found a matching rhythm.

"Duo... koi," Heero murmured as the boy continued to move above him. He squeezed Duo's hands as he felt a warm wave of pleasure spread throughout his body. He raised his hips to meet Duo's downward thrusts. Over and over and over they moved until something broke within him. He cried Duo's name, ramming himself hard upward into his lover's body as he shot his seed deep inside. Above him, he heard Duo's cry of pleasure as he felt the hot droplets of his lover's passion rain upon his stomach and chest. They trembled together violently until Duo collapsed in a boneless heap on top of him.

Both sidhe lay together panting for air, unwilling to move. Heero wrapped his arms around his lover, absently playing with Duo's folded wings. After a few moments, he rolled them over so they were lying side by side. Heero gently pulled out of Duo's body, catching the groan of protest in his mouth as he kissed his lover deeply. He broke off after a moment to look into Duo's eyes.

"Duo, I..."

"Shhh," the Unseleigh prince interrupted, placing a finger over Heero's mouth. "You don't have to say it."

Heero pulled Duo's hand away. "But I want to. I love you, Duo. I don't know how or why this is happening, but I do know that I love you and I want to stay with you."

Duo kissed him passionately, entangling their limbs so that they couldn't tell where one ended and the other began.

"Heero, I want to stay with you also," Duo replied after breaking off the kiss. "I've never felt anything like this before. I love you, too."

Heero cuddled the boy against his body, stroking Duo's back until he felt his lover drop off to sleep. He didn't want to spoil the mood by telling Duo about the strange glow. They could deal with that after Duo woke up. Right now all he wanted to do was hold his beautiful lover and forget that they were still mortal enemies.

Some time later, Heero was startled out of his sleep. He looked over at his new lover, but Duo was still deeply asleep against him. Gingerly, he sat up, not wanting to wake the slumbering prince. He looked around, wondering what had woken him up. His instincts were screaming at him. Something wasn't right.

He stood up and hastily pulled on his clothes. He grabbed his sword and, glancing one last time at his sleeping beauty, left their nest. He flew upwards, weaving his way around the branches of the willow tree, confident that Duo was safe where he was. The nest would be hard to see in the dark. He landed on a slender limb near the top of the tree. He strained his eyes and ears, listening for whatever it was that had woken him up. But the area was deathly quiet.

Heero blinked. It was too quiet. Even the crickets had stopped chirping. Something - or someone - was near.

From the corner of his eye he spotted something moving on the ground. He moved to investigate, but a hand reached out of the darkness and grabbed his arm. He whirled around, sword in hand, to face his unseen foe. Before he could swing his sword, a familiar emerald-green eye blinked at him.

"Trowa!" he hissed as quietly as he could. "What are you doing here?"

"Saving your hide," his friend remarked mysteriously.

"What do you mean? What's going..."


Heero dropped to his knees, fumbling for balance as a wave of terror washed over him.


"Heero? What's wrong?" Trowa asked, grabbing his arm to steady him.

"It's Duo. Something's wrong with Duo."

The Unseleigh prince's dreams of a handsome warrior with startling blue eyes were rudely interrupted when something grabbed him, yanking him up out of the soft, makeshift bed he had been sleeping on. Instantly he was awake, struggling in the iron grip of a large Seleigh soldier.

"Well, what do we have here?" the hulking brute asked, twisting Duo's arm painfully behind him.

Another Seleigh warrior came into Duo's line of view, sword drawn and a malicious grin on his face. "Looks like we've found the traitor's little whore," he sneered, looking up and down Duo's nude form appreciatively.

"Release me at once!" Duo demanded, trying to ignore the pain shooting through his arm.

"Cheeky little devil, isn't he Mueller?" the beast holding him said, twisting his arm a little more.

The sidhe in front of him, Mueller apparently, stepped forward and ran one hand down Duo's face. "Yes, but I can see why Yuy wants him. He's a pretty little thing."

As Mueller's fingers neared his mouth, Duo turned his head and bit down hard on the appendages. Mueller cried out, yanked his hand away, then struck the young prince hard across the face.

Duo's head swam as he slumped to the side, held up only by the brute holding his arm behind him. Mueller grabbed a handful of his hair and jerked his head back.

"Where's the traitor, little slut? Where is Yuy?" he hissed in Duo's face.

Duo did the only thing he could think of. He took a deep breath and spat in Mueller's face. The Seleigh warrior growled and gripped Duo's face painfully with one hand.

"You're going to pay for that, boy," he hissed before thrusting his tongue into Duo's mouth.

Duo closed his eyes, unable to move, as Mueller's other hand groped his body. 'Great Danu, help! Heero...'

From high above, Heero and Trowa moved quickly and silently down the tree. When they reached the lower levels, Trowa held Heero back. The Seleigh warrior's eyes grew wide as he watched the scene unfold below him. Half a dozen soldiers from the King's Guard stood surrounding the nest. Duo was sandwiched between two of them, struggling as Mueller ran his hands over his body. Heero made a strangling noise in the back of his throat and started forward.

Trowa tightened his grip on Heero's arm. "No! You can't go down there. You've been branded a traitor by the Guard. As soon as they see you, they'll kill you. You can't take on all of them."

Heero struggled against Trowa's hold on him. Below he saw Duo kick out at Mueller, knocking the larger sidhe's feet out from under him. Hope bloomed in his chest as he saw Duo raise his arm to blast his attackers with magic. When nothing happened, he heard Trowa swear under his breath.

"Damn! The geas!"

"What?" Heero asked, turning horror-filled eyes to his friend.

"When we caught him the first time, I placed a geas on him," Trowa explained. "I never took it off. He can't use offensive magics against us."

Heero's heart went cold as he watched Mueller pin Duo to the ground. Neither he nor Duo had known about the geas. When Duo had changed Heero's wing color, he hadn't been using offensive magic on him. And now Duo was in serious trouble. He had to help. He couldn't let his love be taken by one such as Mueller.

Heero yanked his arm from Trowa's grasp, preparing to fly down to his prince's rescue, when another wave of pain sent him to his knees once more. He gripped the branch below him as he fought down a wave of nausea. From the ground he heard Duo cry out in pain as Mueller snapped one of his delicate wings. Heero's own wing ached with a phantom pain. A moment later, the pain was gone. A presence in the back of his mind he hadn't known was there also vanished.

"Heero! Heero!" Trowa knelt beside him, his visible green eye wide with worry.

"Duo... he's... he's..." He couldn't finish. He couldn't feel Duo anymore. The Unseleigh prince was either unconscious... or dead. Heero refused to believe the latter. He stood up on shaky legs. "I have to help him Trowa."

Trowa looked at him for a moment before nodding. "I'll help him. You stay here. Sneak back into the palace and get to the King. Tell him what's happening."

"Thank you," Heero said simply.

Trowa gripped his hand one last time then flew down to the group below. Heero listened as his friend took charge, ordering the others to back away from the fallen prince. He saw Trowa wrestle Duo's tunic onto the boy's limp body. The green-eyed sidhe picked Duo up and ordered the others to escort him back to the Seleigh palace. When they were gone, Heero breathed a small sigh of relief. Trowa outranked Mueller and his cronies. Duo would be safe in his care. He waited a few minutes before following. He'd have to be cautious. He had to get to the King before Mueller did. He had to help Duo. He would not be able to live with himself if anything happened to his beautiful lover.

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