by Kuwabara no Miko

With the silvery clatter of ringing metal, a broad blade went spinning across a smooth wooden floor.

"I win," a nasal voice spoke without inflection.

Slanted black eyes grew round with shock. Wufei did not dare to move as a razor-sharp edge came to a stop, held against his throat so closely that there was a sliver of pain when he gulped, the bobbing of his adam's apple enough movement to cause the motionless blade to pierce thin flesh.

Blazing cobalt burned its fire into that round copper-colour face as Heero's slim body pressed Wufei's back against the wall, that sword at his vulnerable neck as still as though his fist was formed of stone. "Well, Wufei?" he practically purred. "You wished to see which of us was the better warrior, did you not?" Full lips quirked up at the corners. "I'd say the matter's been proven."

Elegant nostrils flared and Wufei's eyes filled with hard tears, though whether of anger or some other emotion, the Chinese pilot himself was not sure. He wasn't even sure if he'd hoped to win their skirmish, or if he'd hoped Yuy would--

"And what happens when you lose?" Heero asked, impelling his body closer, though the blade remained unmoving at Wufei's throat, the metal actually beginning to warm where it touched him, a thin trickle of blood slithering slowly down his flesh. Those intense blue eyes flickered with some sort of strange, unreadable emotion.

"What does Khushrenada do when *he* defeats you, hm?"

Harsh breath caught in Wufei's throat, his chest clenching as his eyes flew so wide he almost felt sure they would pop right out of his head. Yuy *knew*?!

"What do we do with a traitor?" the Japanese boy mused, unholy fire burning in his eyes.

Wufei felt a small measure of relief. And now Yuy would kill him, and he could die a warrior's death, freed of the miserable round of defeat and dishonour he constantly suffered at Treize's hands. He had not proven himself a fit husband to Nataku, but he would never in this lifetime be able to wash away the crimes he had committed. Perhaps in his next lifetime....

He stood still, thick black lashes fluttering down to brush pale bronze cheeks as Heero took several steps back. The tip of Heero's blade whispered gently at the small hollow in the junction between Wufei's collarbones, tracing over the flesh lightly enough to chill and cause gooseflesh to prickle, but not cutting, not breaking the skin.

Arched black brows drew down in a deep frown, though Wufei's eyes remained closed. He had not thought Yuy the sort to toy with his enemy. At the Japanese pilot's hands, he had expected swift death, had hoped to be mercifully dispatched with all haste.

Finally the blade moved down and Wufei sighed softly, waiting, knowing Yuy had been too well trained to botch the execution. He need not fear a slow death at the other warrior's hands.

Still, that blade did not pierce his flesh, though there was a soft flutter and the feeling of thick cotton material moving over chest and arms, as the front of his tank was easily slit to fall forward in front.

Finally Wufei opened his eyes, glaring at Heero, who was regarding him with a fixed gaze, apparently waiting for this moment. "Finish it!" he gritted through clenched teeth, dark fire blazing in his black eyes.

"You didn't answer my questions," Heero replied coolly, face expressionless. Suddenly, with a sharp movement, he planted the tip of his blade into the scuffed wood of the floor, leaving it standing upright, wobbling slightly, and took the steps to bring him back chest to chest with Wufei. One hard hand grasped Wufei's jaw, and the other reached around to yank the tie from that silken black hair, freeing it to wing in the Chinese boy's startled face.

Wufei's mouth worked silently as he tried to swallow through a suddenly dry throat. "Wh-what questions?" he finally managed to gasp out.

Heero leaned closer, so that their noses nearly bumped one another. "What does Khushrenada do when he defeats you?" that low voice husked. "Hm?"

Wufei closed his eyes in anguished memory, limbs shaking. "He....he..."

Heero chuckled and Wufei jerked against the wall as a hot tongue flicked lightly along the line of his trembling lips. "I know what he does." A warm mouth nuzzled his, causing him to gasp in stunned disbelief. "I've seen."

Wufei's heart raced against his breastbone, and he wondered when he had fallen through the portal that had brought him to this strange surreality. This couldn't be happening! This couldn't--

"And I asked you." The hand cradling his head clenched, fingers tightening in his loose hair, sparking tears of involuntary pain in his eyes. "What do we do with a traitor?"

"Kill me," Wufei managed to croak out, too afraid to open his eyes, thin lids a shield, sheltering him from the harsh face of reality, the hard face of Heero Yuy.

"That's not the correct answer," the soft, sultry voice declared adamantly, and suddenly Heero's lips were pressed firmly to his, lean body crowding him back against the brace of the wall, which was the only thing keeping him from collapsing at the moment.

Wufei let out a muffled protest, but did not dare to fight back as Heero's mouth plundered his thoroughly. His defeats at Treize's hands had half-trained him to expect such punishment, and he was also scared to resist Yuy, because he was certain now that if he did so, Yuy would *hurt* him. Not kill him - death he was prepared for, and even sought - but *hurt* him, more than Treize ever had!

Minute tremors ran over his skin as Heero's tongue undulated within the wet-dark confines of his mouth, tracing out the pattern of his teeth, sliding along the velvet interior of his lips, teasing his own tongue with long, sweeping strokes, until he moaned low in his throat and tasted in return, unable to help himself, his previous "training" instinctually kicking in.

Wufei felt it when Heero drew back, soft, sucking mouth releasing his only slowly, with a last pull that felt it must surely leave his lips bruised and swollen, more so than they were already from the deep kiss.

He kept his eyes closed, afraid to open them, shivering slightly with shock. Yuy had kissed him! Even now, one of Yuy's hands was buried in his hair, the other reaching back to jerk his sliced tank the rest of the way off. Yuy's body was pressed close against his own, squeezing him up to the wall, his upper back and tense buttocks pushed hard against the cool wood. Yuy's hips were fitted precisely to his own, hard bone grinding close through the material of their pants, the heated throb of Yuy's groin rapidly asserting itself at the forefront of his attentions, sending streaks of fire racing through his own limbs.

Wufei was torn between flat-out fear and strange arousal. He couldn't...just couldn't believe that this was Yuy, that Yuy would do this, assault him so! It was such a thoroughly unexpected development, something he would never have thought possible if he'd had a hundred years of pondering, and the sheer shock of it was the only thing keeping him from collapsing in a weeping huddle, he was certain of it.

"You really are quite pretty," Heero murmured, fingers tightening in Wufei's loose hair, tugging his head back slightly, even as his other hand moved to the middle of his back, to the slight gap between the curve of his spine and the wall. He tightened his arm, pushing Wufei's flat belly flush against his own and subtly increasing the pressure of their close-pressed groins. He watched a dark flush rise in that face, accenting the frightened, almost pained expression carving those delicate features, and he bent forward to lap gently at one smooth cheek. Wufei's breath caught as this small movement shifted their hips, and Heero smirked, sliding one leg between Wufei's quivering thighs, not letting up so much as a millimeter.

Wufei whined deep in his throat, still keeping his eyes closed. The comforting weight of his eyelids kept out the sight of Yuy's face, kept the reality of the situation from striking him fully. In this self-imposed darkness, none of this seemed real. As though he could banish Yuy and his too-close body merely by blinking. The only problem was, he didn't dare to blink, because he knew this *was* real. But still, keeping his eyes closed kept him within a gentle limbo, a safe haven of fantasy, where this was not Yuy touching him, not Yuy pressing unwished advances upon his captive body.

Warm, moist lips touched his again, and he gasped, mouth opening to release the sound. There was a sharp snap of teeth, catching the full swell of his lower lip in a clench almost, but not quite hard enough to break the flesh. He jerked in shock, a muffled cry escaping his tight chest, and his eyes nearly flew wide. That had hurt! Hot tears sparked the corners of his lids, flooding their dark shelter with shards of heated wetness.

Heero growled, worrying at his trapped lip for a moment before letting up, mouth moving once more away from his own. Those fingers tangled in his hair pulled hard, tilting his head back, and a thin sob gulped in his throat, the tears overflowing his tightly pressed lids, and spilling in a soft fall down his hot cheeks. He felt humiliated, frightened, aroused... All the same feelings Treize could raise in him, but this wasn't Treize - this was Yuy!

"Very pretty," Heero husked, licking away some of the welling tears with a delicate sweep of his tongue, before moving his hot, suckling mouth down to the taut arc of Wufei's throat.

Wufei shuddered and whined again as Heero's lips brushed the small nick made earlier by his blade, recalling the sting of pain to the surface as he lapped at the wound, licking away the drying trail of blood and breaking the thin closure so that the sliver-slice reopened, hot beads of crimson forming once again.

Hard sobs broke loose suddenly, and Wufei squirmed wildly, gasping as Heero latched onto the soft skin of his neck to suck hard. Heero's thigh pressed upward almost cruelly between his legs, shattering shards of both pleasure and pain winging through his body, mingling a rising cadence of passion, the siren song he knew all too well. He wept bitterly, hands rising to push helplessly at Heero's shoulders, hips writhing, hair yanked painfully as he tried to shake his head. He couldn't take it anymore! Treize was bad enough, but Yuy--

"Yamero!" he managed to jerk out, sobs bubbling up uncontrollably, finally opening his eyes, though all he could see was the long horizontal line of shadow where the opposite wall met the ceiling. "Yamero yo!"

Heero snorted and lifted his head. With a twist and a hard shove, Wufei was suddenly sprawled on the floor on his back, limbs askew, expression startled. He lay there, stunned into immobility, too confused to move. His bare chest heaved, more tight sobs working their way free. His legs were open, white satin clinging to the lean lines, and doing nothing to hide his half-roused state. Tangled raven hair tumbled in his face, silken strands not shielding, but rather, accentuating the burning sloe eyes filled with fear and heavy with desire, the flushed, tear-stained cheeks, the swollen lips that even now trembled with more tears, further fear.

Heero stood a moment and looked down on him. Wufei gazed back, near-terror dilating his pupils, small shudders shaking his entire frame.

"Lovely." Heero licked his lips, then knelt before Wufei's feet, crawling slowly between his open thighs, eyes locked on that fearful black gaze.

Wufei watched Yuy's advancement with a wild, mesmerized fascination, knowing he was viewing the approach of a true predator. He shook violently, more hot tears burning his suddenly pale cheeks, but he could not move, could not utter a word to protest. Yuy had won their sword fight, and that was all there was to the matter.

Feral blue eyes blazed at him, a devilishly delighted expression creeping over Yuy's usually cold features. Even from where Wufei lay, leaning back on his elbows, even with Yuy bent over him on hands and knees, the Chinese pilot could see the hardness pressed tightly against the soft grey material of Yuy's school-issue slacks. He trembled fitfully, mouth quivering wildly, wishing, wishing, wishing he dared to squirm away and run; run and never come back! But he had lost the battle, and as Treize had taught him, to the victor went the spoils - his body in this case. Besides, he was well aware of the fact that as good as he was, Yuy was better, and if he tried to run, Yuy would stop him ungently, and then things would be even worse for him than they already were.

He sobbed wretchedly, choking on his tears and sniffling back snot like a little child. He was caught in the snare, unable to leave, unwilling to stay. This was as bad as when Treize defeated him and used his body for his pleasure. Iie. Worse. Because this was Yuy, a fellow Gundam pilot, someone he had thought he could trust.

Suddenly warm lips pressed to the center of his chest, an open mouth settling moist, gentle kisses on the smooth copper flesh. He jumped, startled a bit from his weeping. Yuy was leaning over him, not touching him anywhere else. Just that soft mouth pressed to his chest, tongue tracing thin lines of fire. He shivered and unlocked his elbows, collapsing back to the wooden floor.

Heero lifted burning eyes, gaze lingering on the rich spill of black hair that broke over the scuffed surface, framing that beautiful, flushed face. That sight was...exquisite.

Silky black lashes fluttered down to shield those onyx eyes, and Heero smirked. No matter how the Chinese pilot tried to hide from him, he had won and he *would* win. There was no doubt in the matter whatsoever.

Wufei shivered, sobs slowly fading away, though there was still a slight catch in his heavy breathing that he just couldn't seem to control. The wood of the floor was cool beneath his bare back, but warming to match his body heat, and he felt as though he was burning from the inside out as Yuy moved the rest of the way over his prone body, knees to either side of his hips, hands braced on the floor with wrists almost but not quite touching his shoulders. No part of Yuy's body was in contact with any part of Wufei's, and Wufei did not open his eyes, yet he still knew how the other pilot was settled. He wouldn't be much of a warrior if he couldn't tell his enemy's position even in the dark. And even though Yuy was not exactly the enemy, and the darkness was self-imposed...

Warm lips brushed his gently, a light whisper of a kiss but even that hint of pressure enough to make his bitten lip throb with a dull ache. An ache echoed and intensified in his groin, a swift shooting reaction that made him gasp. Yuy's ragged bangs swept over his brow, tickling, softer than he would have thought from looking at the dark mop. Wufei whimpered, shivers increasing as Yuy's tongue licked at his lips, which fell open without his willing it. He was past the point of resistance, and maybe Yuy would be more kind than Treize...

Heero kept the kiss light, tongue teasing at the gap of Wufei's parted lips, but not entering his heated mouth, as sweet as it had tasted before. The Japanese pilot reached up to smooth tangled black strands from Wufei's face, feeling the flesh beneath his palm hot and damp with a light sheen of sweat.

Wufei lay still beneath him, except for the regular jerking of his chest as his breath hitched with each inhalation. His legs were still sprawled open, but he didn't dare to bring them together; afraid to move without Yuy's permission. His arms stretched out from his sides, wrists up, knuckles resting against the wood of the floor, fingers curled halfway closed, not yet fisted or clutching, almost relaxed.

"Pretty Wufei," Heero murmured, lips tracing over the damp curve of his cheek, down the line of his jaw, to nuzzle gently at the undamaged side of his neck. Wufei shuddered at the words, hearing in his head Treize's rich, sultry tenor purring, "Pretty child..." Khushrenada always spoke that endearment with a certain malicious affection, as though he both enjoyed reminding Wufei that he was truly not much more than a child, and also enjoyed touching, tasting...grinding a child into the soft cushions of his settee.

"Don't call me that," he found himself whispering brokenly, before he could stop the words. Tears sparked in his eyes again. "Please?"

Heero's tongue tracking up his neck to lap at one ear was his only answer, and he shook, face flaming wildly as that hot mouth closed upon the lobe with hot suction.

He wondered how much Yuy had seen, heard. *How* he knew what Treize did. Of course, considering the uncurtained glass that made up one entire wall of Khushrenada's office, all the Japanese pilot might need might be a good pair of binoculars and a safe place to spend a couple of hours. Perhaps the words had merely been a coincidence.

Wufei's shaking increased, and he bordered on hysterical weeping, forgetting the fact that Yuy was looming over top of him, the tingling, fiercely arousing sensation of the assault upon his ear and neck swallowed by the sudden realization that Yuy *did* know what Treize did; might have actually watched. Oh, gods! How could he bear it?! Bad enough Treize saw him stripped naked, crying like a baby, writhing in pain and pleasure! But if Yuy had seen....

Seen him struck by hard blows...seen him begging, pleading; first for mercy, then for more...seen him speared, impaled, fucked nearly senseless by a man almost twice his size... Sex was already too horribly personal and private to Wufei, as well as humiliating and painful at Treize's hands...but to have an audience, a witness....

Wufei teetered on the edge of unrestrained hysterics. The only two things holding him back were the fact that this was Yuy, and he did not wish to allow Yuy to see him any more disgracefully weakened than the other pilot apparently already had, and the fact that Treize always beat him that much harder whenever he lost control.

"What shall I call you then?" Heero breathed in that delicate ear, sending shivers through the surface of Wufei's skin, breaking him partially free of his horrified thoughts. "Traitor?"

"I-iie!" Wufei choked out breathlessly, stiffening as Yuy's hands moved to stroke his shoulders with amazing gentleness.

"I-I'm not! I sw-swear! I wouldn't ever--"

"Daijoubu." Heero nuzzled his ear once more, before shifting back to examine those terrified, desperate features. Wufei gazed up through tear-hazed eyes, shaking with tiny sobs. "If I thought you were sharing anything with Khushrenada but your body, you'd already be dead."

"I w-w-wish you w-would k-kill me," Wufei managed to wrench out, hot tears overtaking his sight, stinging his lids and drowning Yuy's face.

"Is it so bad?" Heero murmured, reaching up to brush away the first of the spilled, crystalline shards. Of course, the answer was clear in the fact that the proud Chinese pilot was so broken that he could not stop crying, was making no effort to free himself from an unacceptable situation.

"Hai," Wufei husked, suddenly feeling wearied beyond fear, beyond weeping. He let his body lay limp against the floor, the relaxed sprawl feeling somewhat pleasant. Treize never gave him long enough to feel things like the smooth floor, never gave him a moment without either pain or pleasure, or a combination of both, so that he could let his joints unhinge, his spine stretch. In this, if nothing else, Yuy was far more kind.

"Want me to make it better?" Heero purred.

"Yuy!" Wufei's eyes flew wide, taking in the wicked expression on that lovely face, the fire blazing in those cobalt eyes as Heero deliberately lowered himself to rest atop Wufei. Their hips pressed close once more, this time harder, as gravity was on Heero's side. The soft material of Heero's white school blouse brushed Wufei's bare chest as the Japanese boy propped himself up on his elbows, fingers tracing the open lines of Wufei's arms to grasp his wrists, hands and body holding the other boy immobile as he dipped his head once more to taste him.

Wufei let out a shuddering sigh, which Heero swallowed with a tender mouth, and parted his lips before the assault. The fire radiating from his groin as Heero's hard member ground against his was making itself felt through his entire body and fogging his already reeling mind. And, after all, there wasn't really any reason to fight, was there?

There was no way to get out of this, and Yuy seemed intent in his purpose. He had been rough, true, but that had been nothing compared to Treize. He had frightened Wufei, but Wufei had to admit most of that fear - if not all of it - had been born in his own heart, as a result of past experience, that had nothing to do with Yuy. And the Japanese pilot was beautiful, as beautiful as he claimed Wufei to be, with a face that was utterly perfect; fine, classic features inked in delicate clarity, and yet too distinctly masculine to be anything but that of a boy. And then there were those eyebrows...

There was just one thing he didn't understand. As Heero paused in their intimate oral fencing session, lifting away his mouth so that they could both pant a little for breath, Wufei managed to gather the wits - and wind - to gasp out his question.


Heero tilted his head slightly, blinking down at Wufei. "Hn." He seemed to consider not answering for a long moment. Then, "Because I want to." Wufei's lips drew down at the corners. That wasn't a very good answer. Nor was it worthy of either Yuy or himself.

Heero shifted his hips, eliciting a loud gasp from Wufei's swollen mouth, a dark flush surging to stain those round copper cheeks, and smirked as he continued. "Because you and I are well-matched. Because you're a warrior, a Gundam pilot as I am. And because I want you to know it *can* be better."

Wufei's brow knit in a startled frown, but before he could ask what exactly *that* had meant, Yuy had claimed his mouth again, warm-wet lips and tongue moving in a concerted attack, teeth withheld. For which fact Wufei was grateful, as his lower lip still stung from being bitten before. It was not sore enough to make this strangely gentle kiss anything painful, however. The slight ache underlined the pleasure, rather than eclipsing it.

Wufei did not respond immediately to the kiss, sweet as it was. He was too confused.

Did Yuy really mean...? But that would mean....

Rational thought was suddenly moved beyond his grasp as Heero's hips started up a slow, rolling grind against his own; not thrusting, but definitely providing both of them with a very stimulating amount of friction. Wufei moaned into Heero's mouth, feeling his face flush further, blood surging hot and molten through his veins, through his entire body but most definitely concentrated at one point. He was glad he wore such loose pants, for even slight restriction might be painful, he was already so hard.

Heero grunted softly as Wufei thrust involuntarily back up toward him, raising his head and smirking, eyes smoldering, kiss-bruised lips gleaming with their mingled saliva. His hands unfisted, fingers tracing up Wufei's palms with an almost ticklish shiver of sensation, then twining through Wufei's, and drawing his hands up to rest closer to his shoulders. He nuzzled Wufei's hot cheek, tongue trailing down to his ear once again.

"I won't promise not to hurt you," the Japanese pilot breathed in his ear, heated exhalation zinging through Wufei's body and curling about his groin to jerk in an almost painful knot of arousal. Wufei whined, arching his body as much as he could toward Heero's, breath coming in clogged pants, barely hearing the softly spoken words as Heero's lips caressed the sworls and folds of his ear, tongue flickering out to taste. "But I promise it will be better than it is with Khushrenada."

Wufei's breath caught sharply in his throat, a shiver of cold terror freezing a bit of his ardor as that name caught his attention, entrapping him in painful memories. He sobbed softly, unable to articulate the emotions roaring through his head and heart. Then Heero's mouth was warm and firm against his own, kissing him sweetly; reassuring, offering nothing but pleasure, tongue moving in slow, steady beats that echoed the light rocking of his hips, until Wufei felt the fear in him bleeding away, to be replaced by a rising sense of safety, of companionship. Not to mention a healthy amount of sheer, unadulterated lust!

He kissed Heero back eagerly, their tongues twining, using the skills he had unwillingly but flawlessly acquired at Treize's hands to cause the Japanese pilot to huff in surprise and grind his rock hard erection more tightly against Wufei's own with a low growl.

If Yuy *had* promised not to hurt him, Wufei would not have believed him, would have known it to be a hollow, empty declaration. But this was different. He could bear any pain Yuy might cause him, because it was not meant maliciously. Somehow he knew that. They were warriors, and the ways of violence were too deeply ingrained in their natures to be completely banished. Passion and pain had equal parts in their lives, and to give into one meant to court the other. Wufei accepted this, and even welcomed it. But pain at Yuy's hands, he felt instinctively, would be so much more acceptable than pain at Treize's hands. Because Treize was normally a very gentle man, and when he hurt Wufei, it was *meant*. Somehow Wufei was certain that if Yuy hurt him, it would be incidental, as the loss of control ripped through that lean body resting atop his. There was nothing for him to fear from Yuy. Already the Japanese pilot was fulfilling his softly spoken promise.

Wufei moaned low in his throat, arching up toward the other boy, giving over completely to desire, to the startling, unexpected, still mostly unexplained seduction Heero had undertaken, clutching at those strong fingers entangled with his as he sucked harshly on Heero's tongue. He lifted one leg to wind about Heero's slim hips, finally assured that he would not be hurt or humiliated if he dared to move, to respond.

Heero groaned and pressed down hard against Wufei's hips, dragging his mouth away to pant for breath, eldritch sapphire starlight burning into heavy-lidded, steamy midnight pools.

Wufei swallowed thickly and gazed back, trying very hard not to be afraid, a struggle in spite of his thoughts of a moment ago. Even though he had come to the conclusion that he trusted Yuy, it was still difficult, when his first experience - and each subsequent encounter - of this kind had been so...so...

"Hn." Heero smiled slightly, not smirking, but giving him a look that was softer, more gentle than anything he had ever received from the Japanese pilot before. Wufei's breath caught in his throat in a tiny sob, tears flooding his eyes, but from an entirely different cause this time. His chest ached, and suddenly he wanted Yuy to take him, to overwrite the anguished mixture of pleasure and degradation that was sex with Treize.

"Yuy..." He closed his eyes, unable to say the words while staring into those blazing eyes, but needing to vocalize the overwhelming urgency that was flooding through him. "Yuy, please...."

"Please what?" Heero asked huskily, bending to press his mouth to the tight arc of Wufei's neck, nuzzling up along the curve of his jaw, hips steadily working against Wufei's. "What do you want, Wufei?"

"I want....I want...." Wufei tilted his head further back, thick black lashes fluttering over his flushed cheeks, a thin whine working its way free of his throat. "Huuhnnn....I w-want...want you inside me, Yuy...."

Heero's mouth stilled, body freezing midthrust, as though he had not expected Wufei to utter those words. Probably he had not. Wufei was mildly shocked at himself for allowing them to leave the sanctity of his mind, to trip over his trembling lips so clearly. But he had meant them, and he had needed to say them, and he *needed* Heero inside him, as he had needed nothing before in his life!

"Please!" he almost wailed, throwing his hips upward toward Heero's, hands clenching and unclenching within the tight clasp of Heero's curled fingers, tossing his head fitfully, hair shivering over his shoulders and the floor in a dark halo.

Heero let out a stifled groan and latched onto Wufei's mouth once more, sucking hard on his sore lower lip, so that Wufei writhed beneath the other pilot's pinioning body, both pleasure and pain joining in a fire that raced through him, wild and uncontained.

"Yuy!" Wufei managed to get out as Heero's mouth left his. He whimpered out a disgruntled protest as Heero's hips rose off of his, Heero once again moving to kneel above him, mouth moving to his neck and lower, playing over his collarbones, tongue moving in broad sweeps, followed by nibbling teeth. Wufei let out a shivering gasp and arched up into this ravishment.

Fingers loosened, and Heero tugged his hands away from Wufei's, running his palms over the heated bronze planes of Wufei's heaving chest, pausing to toy with dark little nipples, tweaking and twisting, dragging forth another throttled cry.

Wufei shuddered, leaving his hands where they lay for a moment, uncertain. But then he remembered this was Yuy, not Treize, and although it took more courage than such a simple act should have, he allowed his arms to rise, one hand burying itself in the thick, silken strands of dark-auburn hair, the other going to clutch at the material of Yuy's white blouse over one shoulder. There was no reprisal, only further caresses, and Wufei loosed a tiny sob, hot tears flooding his eyes. This was the way it should be, he was certain of it! Yuy was right, this *was* better. "Please!" he begged, not even quite sure what he was asking for, but knowing he needed it, whatever it was, needed it from Yuy.

Heero growled low, hands flowing swiftly down the tense muscles of Wufei's stomach, unhesitatingly going to his belt and stripping away the thick leather, even while his mouth played over the taut curves of Wufei's upper chest, finally taking a tiny pebbled nipple into his mouth.

"Yuy!" Wufei sobbed, hips lifting unconsciously as Heero stripped his pants down them and halfway down his thighs, before removing his mouth from Wufei's chest and shifting himself to one side so that he could pull them the rest of the way off.

Wufei gasped, jumping a little at the touch of chilled floorboards against his behind. Though that slight shiver did absolutely nothing to quell the fire burning in the area of his body opposite the contact....

Heero paused, practically purring as his eyes ran over the now bared length of Wufei's slim, well-toned bronze body. "Very lovely..." he murmured, cobalt gaze gleaming.

Wufei bit at his aching lip, a little embarrassed, but more lost in the wonder that there was only honest admiration mingled with quite a bit of straight-out lust in Yuy's bright eyes. No possessive dominance, no malicious intent to choose the best way to hurt and humiliate. Yuy's eyes were dark and heavy-lidded with passion, and there was something dangerous and feral in their depths, but no calculated distance, nothing to cause Wufei to fear for his skin, his safety, his sanity, his soul.

"Yuy..." he breathed, daring much to reach up one hand toward the other boy's face, fingers trembling only slightly.

Heero caught his hand in midair, clasping it in warm strength and bringing it to his mouth, whispering fluttering kisses over the palm, a challenging light burning in his eyes as they locked with Wufei's.

Wufei allowed raven-dark lashes to fall, his entire body trembling in response to that maddening tickle. "Yuy...." He wondered if the other pilot wanted him to beg. At this point, he had no problem with that concept. "Yuy, please...."

"Hn." Heero released his hand, and moved so that he was lying half-draped over Wufei, still fully clothed. Wufei whined low in his throat, throwing one arm around Heero's neck, hips jerking upward without his willing it. He gasped as his bared erection rubbed against the material of Yuy's pants, over the boy's bony hip, the sensation overwhelming him, snapping any thread of control he might have had remaining.

"Yuy!" he blurted, closing his eyes more tightly and rocking against that rough stimulation. He nearly sobbed when a hard hand settled over the sharp point of his pelvis, stilling his motions quite easily. "Please!"

"Yamero," Heero demanded, voice quiet but firm.

"Please," Wufei whispered, reaching up to nuzzle against the curve where Heero's neck and shoulder joined. "Please...."

"Please what?"

A frustrated whimper, the words spilling falteringly over his lips. "Please...now....Yuy...don't make me wait...please...."

"Are you sure?"

Wufei's eyes popped open at the soft question, the last words he might have expected to hear from Yuy. He let his head fall back against the floor and blinked up at the other boy. "It's a little late now," he managed, choked voice quivering between a chuckle and a moan as Yuy's thigh shifted minutely against his hard member. "Ah!"

Heero's eyes gleamed down at him, his face serious and solemn, even as he lazily flexed against Wufei, pressing the searing heat of his own erection against Wufei's hip. "I have to know."

Wufei whimpered, struggling slightly against that iron-still hand keeping him from thrusting up to meet Heero's lean hips. "You won!" That was the end of the matter, as far as he was concerned.

"But maybe I've decided not to exact the same penalty for your defeat?" Heero persisted, a strange look in his blazing eyes.

Wufei languorously lowered his lids half-mast, foggy onyx shimmering at Heero through thick ebon lashes. "And maybe I wasn't talking about the swordfight," he purred, squirming as much as the hold on his one hip and Heero's weight on the other side of his body would allow.

Heero's breath caught in his chest, eyes narrowing. "Are you sure?" he persisted.

"Haaaiiii..." Wufei husked, raising his arms to wrap about Heero's neck, pulling insistently until Heero complied, bending to kiss him fiercely, tongues meshed, passion blazing once more between them.

"No waiting," Heero murmured against Wufei's pliant lips, planting little nipping kisses that felt good even while they stung bruised flesh. He released his grasp on Wufei's hip, and Wufei moaned into Heero's open mouth as the Japanese boy shifted, reaching into a pocket, even such slight movements enough to send hot, hard pleasure ripping through his entire body.

"Yuy...what are you...?" he whimpered into the heated mouth, brows puckering in confusion, although he did not open his eyes.

"Hush." Fingers pressed to the outside of the thigh not caught between Heero's own, sliding around its curve, then tugging insistently. "Up. Lift your knee."

With warm shimmers running through his belly, Wufei complied, planting his foot against the wooden floor. He knew what Yuy wanted, and it made him shake slightly with anxiety, but nothing like the fear Treize placed in him. For one thing, Yuy had gained his trust, and even though he knew it was going to hurt, he could bear it. Because it was Yuy. For another, no matter how large the flesh straining against the warm grey material of Yuy's pants was, even though it felt huge where it was pressed against his bare hip, there was no way Yuy could be as well-endowed as Treize. Not in those shorts he habitually wore. Not with the sheer size of the OZ general. That in itself was a relief. Even though Wufei knew it was going to hurt, he did not have to anticipate feeling split in half. And that thought went a long way toward quelling the automatic flutter of panic that opening himself sent through his breast.

He remained still, eyes closed, arms wrapped about Heero's neck and shoulders, soft white cloth clutched in his fingers, and frowned in confusion as he felt Heero pull away from him slightly, shifting and moving in a way he could not quite make out. The Japanese pilot was not undressing, so what was he--

"Ah!" Wufei nearly jumped up off the floor as one slick fingertip slid down between his cheeks, probing at his entrance. He hadn't been expecting that! As there had been no sound of a zipper, and Yuy's pants were undoubtedly still in place, he had not expected anything to touch him there! "Y-Yuy...what--" he gasped, gripping the other boy's shirt in desperate hands, trying to untense, to loosen his taut muscles.

"Hn," Heero voiced his amusement, lapping at Wufei's parted lips as he traced a path around that tight opening. "You told me not to make you wait."

"Wh-what?" Wufei gasped, face clenched in a pained expression as shards of golden warmth burst through him from the gentle touches Heero was giving him. "Uhn!" He sobbed out a sharp breath and arched as the one finger slipped smoothly inside of him. "Gods!" He'd never before had a penetration of his body that was so careful, so gentle, anything other than painful, in fact. It felt so...so different...strange, but shivery-good, and he let out an inarticulate moan as he pressed himself toward Heero's hand, shaking with the new sensation. "Yuy..."

"Hasn't Khushrenada ever prepared you?" Heero voiced softly, bending to kiss Wufei's neck gently as he worked that one finger, something hard behind the words, as quietly as they had been asked.

"Huhn! N-noooh..." Wufei whined, gripping at Heero more tightly, arching his body upwards and sobbing for breath as a second finger pushed in, working him, patiently loosening the tight ring of muscle. "Oh gods!" he choked, pushing back, shaking his head frantically with the feel of it, the so-good touch, that he had never before imagined existed. "Yuy!"

"Hush," Heero commanded gently, stroking back loose black hair that was strung across the sweat-dewed curves of Wufei's flushed face, and bending to kiss those sweetly parted lips, swallowing the sharp gasps and gulped sobs that Wufei could not contain, as he slithered a third finger home. Wufei wailed and his back arched up off the floor. "It's all right," Heero soothed, nuzzling at Wufei's jaw as the other boy sobbed and shook beneath him. "It's all right."

"Yuy, please!" Wufei gasped, as those three fingers worked him with a steady beat, sending rivers of pure sensation coursing through his body. Oh gods, that felt better than *anything* Treize had ever done to him! And yet he wanted more. He needed... "Yuy, please! I want you inside me, I need you inside me, please, please, plea--"

Heero's warm mouth over Wufei's drown out the almost incoherent pleas, tongue thrusting briefly inside to still his own tongue. Wufei let out a muffled whimper and kissed back with all the fire flaring through him, causing Heero to groan, a sharp shudder shaking that lean body pressed against his.

"Hai," Heero breathed as he slowly dragged his mouth away from Wufei's, dark eyes glowing from within. "No waiting...."

Wufei whined loudly as those warm fingers withdrew, leaving him feeling terribly empty and unfulfilled, bereft. But he knew that there was more to come. Heero would not tease, and besides, the hardness that throbbed hot and iron-stiff against his hip would surely brook no more hesitation!

The Chinese pilot slitted sloe eyes open, watching with almost lethargic curiosity as Heero lifted himself to kneel beside his splayed legs, unbuttoning the grey pants with hands that trembled ever so slightly. The buzz of the zipper was loud in the empty room, ringing in Wufei's ears, but tonight it was a welcome sound, not something to fill him with dread.

Heero freed his swollen member, and Wufei was quite relieved to note that, while it was thick and heavy, larger than his own, it was not on the same level as the outsized monster Treize somehow managed to stuff into those sleek white uniform breeches. Instead of fear, there was only anticipation, and he hovered on the verge of tears at this wonder.

Breath hissed between Heero's teeth as he lubricated himself thickly, carefully tucking the small tube he had used back in his pocket, before moving between Wufei's thighs.

Wufei reached for Heero, arms curling around those slim shoulders as the other pilot moved to rest over him once more. Heero was still fully clothed, but at this point, Wufei wasn't about to suggest he disrobe. He felt as though he was going to explode if he did not feel Heero inside him soon!

"Please!" Wufei raised one leg to hook over Heero's hip and rear, lifting himself toward the other boy, face frenetic with his need, black eyes burning. "Please, please, please...."

Heero propped himself over Wufei with one elbow, using the other hand to guide himself between Wufei's buttocks, nuzzling the slicked, wet tip of his member against the tight entrance. "Now?"

"Now!" Wufei sobbed, wondering how Yuy could even ask, how he could maintain the willpower to hesitate, to ask.

Then Heero moved forward, and Wufei cried out, throwing back his head and kilting his hips upward, toward that sweet, heated impalement. He sobbed for breath as the stiff, rounded hardness pressed slowly yet inexorably inside, writhing beneath the feeling. There was a little pain, but it was more a stinging discomfort than anything else. Certainly not the ragged feeling of being torn apart that he suffered whenever Treize thrust swiftly into him. This was so far beyond that...so different...could this really be the same act?

Without violence, without force, but also without hesitation, Heero pressed forward until he was buried to the hilt. Wufei moaned beneath him, locking his legs about Heero's lean hips, arms clenching tightly around his shoulders. He felt so delightfully filled, could feel the heat of Yuy inside him, could actually *feel* him, not just the pain that usually came with penetration, and there was something so glorious in this, something that went so deeply inside his soul, that he couldn't help but begin quietly weeping, sparkling tears falling from thick lashes to join the sheen of sweat that limned his face.

"Oh gods..." Heero groaned gutturally, panting for breath, lowering his face momentarily to rest against the hollow of Wufei's throat, hot tongue lapping at the salt-sweet flavour of Wufei's flesh.

"Yuy!" Wufei couldn't help himself any longer. As much as he savoured the feeling of Heero inside him, unmoving, he knew there must come more, and he set things in motion once again, thrusting his hips toward Heero's, asking, wanting, needing.

With a low cry, Heero surged into motion, face pressed to the other boy's throat as he began a tight, steady roll, ramming himself into Wufei with quick, shallow thrusts. His fingers gripped Wufei's shoulders tight enough to be painful, hot breath blowing over the sweat-sleek skin of Wufei's collarbones.

Wufei sobbed uncontrollably, arching up into this wild rhythm, fountains of overwhelming pleasure bursting free in his body, filling his mind, golden explosions that were unlike anything he had ever experienced before. He hadn't known it could be like this!

He let out a soft moan as Heero paused, stilling within him, but Heero only shifted, moving so that his upper thighs were partially under Wufei's buttocks, raising the lower half of Wufei's body off the floor, and giving himself much more leverage.

With his first thrust from this new angle, Wufei let out a ragged almost-scream. Heero had hit that spot, that one spot that Treize always made sure to touch with his own heavy strokes, but this was so different, without agonizing pain to distract from the raw feeling, this was so different, so--

"GODS!" he choked, body alternately clenching and unclenching, his fingers gripping so tightly at Heero's blouse that he heard something rip, feeling as though his face was burning, his entire skin afire with the sheer rapture that Heero's deep stroking was sending through him. "YUY!"

Heero merely grunted in reply, breathing heavily with his exertions, dark bangs stuck to his face by a thick layer of perspiration, mouth open, winged brows drawn down in intent concentration, eyes tightly closed, thick lashes cutting across his flushed cheeks in jagged sweeps. "Uhnh!"

Wufei raised himself to meet every thrust, thighs flexing about Heero's lean hips, thin cries bubbling up from his throat, lost in the endless flush of passion, of rippling golden ecstasy that broke through him in continuous waves until he felt he could not bear it anymore, that he must surely die from the pleasure, and yet still it went on, until finally the feeling swelled and surged and ripped itself from him in a bright burst, as he arched, spilling hot seed across his own belly and releasing a wild cry.

The impossibly tight clench caused by his orgasm dragged an answering cry from Heero's lips, and the other pilot succumbed as well, three final stuttering thrusts marking his climax as scalding wetness unfurled deep within Wufei's shuddering body.

Wufei lay breathless for a long moment, his entire body shaking, filled with a tingling warmth that made him almost feel his skin ought to be glowing as Heero's thrusts slowed and stilled, and the other boy lowered himself to rest over Wufei, though not withdrawing. Wufei was glad, he liked the feeling of having Heero inside just as much now that the urgency was gone as he had before. It gave him a strange sense of comfort, that he felt he needed now that the passion was spent. His legs dropped, entangling with Heero's, his arms loosening, but remaining clasped about the Japanese pilot's shoulders. He nuzzled his cheek against the warm scratchiness of Heero's head, feeling the heated, sweaty curve of Heero's own cheek pressed to the curve of his neck. Heero's arms were wrapped about him, hard and strong, their chests moving together as both boys caught their breath.

Slowly, hot tears welled up in Wufei's eyes, and suddenly he found himself weeping quietly, though he was not even certain why.

He shuddered slightly as Heero finally pulled free. There was a rustle, the sound of a zipper, and then Heero squirmed up so that he could clasp Wufei in his arms, both boys lying on their sides on the hard floor.

Wufei curled into the embrace, feeling strangely sheltered and safe. He pressed his face to the soft material of Heero's shirt, warm and slightly damp beneath his cheek, the scent of sweat and...well, Heero, rising from the white cloth, a comforting combination.


"Was that better?"

More sobs followed this gently asked question, Wufei burying his flushed face against Heero's neck, seeking reassurance and finding it in the warm reality of Heero's body, of the hard arms that tightened about his shaking shoulders.

"You're not going back to him," Heero said softly but firmly.

Wufei cried harder.

"Tell me you're not going back," the Japanese pilot demanded, one hand lightly stroking Wufei's hair, the mixture of command and tenderness not really so unusual in the package that was Heero Yuy.

Wufei could not get his throat to work, so he merely shook his head. He couldn't go back! Not to Treize! Not after this! There was a certain deadly fascination where Khushrenada was concerned, something about him that drew Wufei even though he knew the dangers he faced....

But now that Heero had shown him how much better it could be, the *right* way in which such things were done....

Iie. Iie! He could never go back to Treize! Would never go back to Treize!

Even though he still didn't know exactly why Heero had done this, or what his intentions were....


"I-iie," he managed to get out, his tears slowing. "I w-won't...c-can't go b-back."

"Good." He could hear the smile in Heero's voice as those fingers threaded gently through his hair. "That's good."


"Hn." Heero drew a deep breath. "Because I wanted you to know it could be better. Because I wanted to prove to you that you were worth more. Because I wanted...you."

"Oh," Wufei breathed, wondering what that had meant, but too tired to pursue the matter any further at the moment.

"Besides..." a self-satisfied smirk crept into Heero's voice, "I won."

Wufei smiled against the warmth of Heero's chest, nuzzling closer. "Yes. You did." His arms tightened. "But...so did I."


The End

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