Tuesday's T-Shirt
by Fancyfigures

“What day is it?” Duo grumbled as they strode swiftly across the lobby to the elevators.

“Tuesday,” muttered Heero. He was still trying to button his shirt properly. “Early staff meeting. You know it is. But now we’re late and I’m still on warning from that offensive mail you sent –“

Duo shrugged and grinned, waving at the half open doors. The whole car was crowded, but they had fourteen floors to travel and seven minutes to make it in time.

Heero pursed his lips. He dropped a little way behind his lover, just for the gratuitous joy of watching the tight ass wriggle into the crowded elevator. Then Duo’s hand grabbed his arm and pulled him in as well.

There was a crush of people; sniffles of cold; sharp elbows; silent glares. No-one was up to conversation so early. Heero and Duo were almost nose to nose. Duo made no attempt to give him more room, instead he nuzzled up against him and Heero could feel his hand at his crotch. There was the smell of Duo’s gentle sweat in his nostrils – he knew they should have showered again before leaving home, but then they’d never have made work on time. It was mixed with the tang of cum… the fruity smell of their new lube.

Duo sniffed, deliberately. When Heero glared at him, Duo lifted an eyebrow with mock innocence. Heero tried to shift round on his square foot of space, but all he did was stand on a woman’s toe.

The door slid open at floor 4 and some people virtually fell out. The others sighed with relief. Moving around to take advantage of more space, Duo let his jacket fall open casually. Or maybe not. Just before Heero was nudged back up against him, he caught sight of his tee shirt. There was a familiar throb between his legs and his mouth dried. Duo smirked and brushed his hand down inside his lapel.

If you’re already this close, why don’t you just suck my dick?

Duo bent his head in closer. “You bought it,” he whispered. “Remember?”

Heero glared back, mouthing a silent, ‘Selective amnesia’.

The elevator lurched to a stop at Floor 6. Several more people tumbled out. An umbrella got caught around someone’s legs and there were some irritable complaints. The door closed again and Heero found his back against the far wall. Duo was still pressed up against him. There were six or so other people left in the elevator.

“Do it,” mouthed Duo. “You’re close enough.” He tugged Heero’s wrist up against the front of his pants. Over Duo’s shoulder, Heero could see the back of people’s heads; there was a briefcase digging into his right thigh; he thought he could recognise someone from Industrial Relations Department.

“Never,” he mouthed in return. But he shook off Duo’s grasp and his fingers flipped open the button of Duo’s pants. The sliding zip sounded very loud, but no one turned around. Floor 9 came and went; so did three more occupants. Heero slid his hand down into Duo’s boxers. When the rest of the travellers exited at Floor 10, Heero and Duo didn’t move. Heero wrapped his palm tightly around Duo’s cock and pumped as fiercely as the space allowed. Duo had his eyes half shut and a dangerously feverish flush on his cheeks.

“This your floor?” called a guy at the door, holding it open. Duo’s eyes rolled up and a gasp escaped from the side of his mouth. Heero felt the dick grow thicker in his hand; pre-cum slipped stickily against the pads of his fingers. Duo was close.

“We’re fine,” he called over. He looked back at Duo, his eyes darkly amused.

“Plenty of room to spread out now, at least,” joked the guy, a little uneasily. Maybe he wasn’t sure why the two remaining guys were still crushed up against each other at the back. The door slid shut in front of his growing puzzlement. The elevator started its final ascent to Floor 14.

Heero squeezed, almost vindictively.

“OhmyfuckingGod…” groaned Duo, his hips bucking against Heero’s hand and his cock pumping out wetly into his boxers. There was a hot, thick mess in between Heero’s fingers. “Yes, ohfuckinghell, yes-“

“Floor 12…” Heero hissed into his ear, his own heart thudding and his pants painfully tight. Duo’s eyes snapped open. He was panting heavily and his hands were flat against the wall on either side of Heero’s shoulders.

“Floor 13…” Duo gave an irritable grunt and scrabbled for the button of his pants.

The elevator chimed Floor 14 and the doors slid inexorably open. Heero and Duo – both of them holding on to the wall as if they needed some kind of support – turned slowly. Duo chuckled; Heero groaned softly.

Two security guards were waiting there.