Weekend T-Shirts
by Fancyfigures


”You’ll be changing into something more decent.” Heero’s comment was statement rather than question. “We’re due at the restaurant by seven.” He stood at the front door of the apartment, keys in hand, ready to go outside. The only evidence that he was anything less than calm was a flicker of heat in his bright eyes, and a patch of skin just under his collar that was dark with teeth marks and throbbed along with his pulse.

Duo leant against the doorway of their bedroom and stared at him along the hallway. He sighed with exaggerated patience. “But you complained when I changed last time.”

“That was because you were still naked last time,” replied Heero. The pulse at his neck quickened. His fist tightened on the keys.

Duo yawned. “It’s the weekend, Heero. It’s down time. We’re officially unemployed, albeit for just a couple of days. Remember?”

“You’ve been all but naked since Friday night,” said Heero. He sounded as if he were making a conscious effort to keep his tone steady. “It’s now Saturday night. To be precise, you’ve been naked since Friday, 18:47, which is when you started to strip off.”

Duo smiled. “Far as I remember, to be precise, you weren’t too keen on my tee shirt. Something about its inappropriateness at our exit interviews.”

“Just the tee shirt, Duo. I had no issue with the pants. Nor the socks, nor the boxers …”

Duo stretched slowly and languidly, making sure that Heero was watching him. “Details, mere details.”

“Duo, we were in the car. We still had five miles to go. There are lights at every junction and we had to stop at each one. I don’t think that guy appreciated you tossing your underwear into his open window as he drew up beside us.”

Duo shrugged. “His girlfriend did. I was just expressing my relief at the end of a tough working week.” He laughed aloud at Heero’s flush. “Yeah. You expressed your relief pretty graphically too.”

The only details Heero could truly remember were the sounds of his car shrieking to a halt at the lights and Duo’s triumphant laughter; his sudden left turn across two lanes of traffic and into an underground car park; the murderous glare at the barrier as he grabbed for a ticket; the desperate search for the darkest bay; and finally the even more desperate abandonment of any discretion as he dragged the car to a diagonal stop in the nearest bay available and fell on Duo’s virtually naked body.

Duo watched the memories flare to life in his lover’s eyes and his dick twitched with self-satisfied pleasure. He liked to please Heero. He’d pleased Heero a lot when he’d flipped the car seat back and opened his legs around Heero’s hips. He’d pleased himself even more when he’d felt the pressure of Heero’s chest against his own and the sharp pain of Heero’s teeth in his shoulder, and then the thrust of Heero’s cock up inside his ass that made him swallow his laughter along with his breath.

They’d come within a couple of minutes, both of them, the car windows steamed up and the suspension rocking furiously. Heero had groaned and Duo had cried out in his usual, exuberant way, and now there was going to be a sizeable bill for the steam cleaning of the car seats. Again.

Duo started to wander up the hall towards Heero. “Good thing you left that job,” he murmured. “You’ve been much more relaxed.”

Heero smiled because that was true, though it wasn’t just because of the freedom from the job. The other reason was in front of him: the man who brought him not only relaxation but agitation; sexual turmoil; unadulterated joy. A hell of a delicious mess, all the time.

Funny how it suited him to live with that.

Duo grinned back and kept walking. Heero’s face was outwardly calm and yet he could see the passion bubbling like a hot spring in the dark irises of his eyes. It was that strength of emotion that he loved; that he craved. His oversized tee shirt clung to his thighs. He wore nothing underneath it, but he didn’t need to explain that for Heero to know. Those were the sensual seeds he regularly planted in his lover’s deepest, most lustful heart, and then watched take fruitful root.

“You can’t wear that to the restaurant,” said Heero, though he was still smiling. His eyes were drawn irresistibly to the hem of the tee shirt and the shifting, swelling shapes underneath it. “It’s Quatre’s birthday. He may take exception.”

They both looked down at the shirt.

I’m cute? No shit

Duo looked up at Heero’s face, quizzically. “It’s a lie?”

Heero raised an eyebrow.

Duo’s gaze dropped back down to Heero’s tented pants and he smiled more broadly. “Off it comes, then.”

He was still lifting it over his naked shoulders when Heero tackled him and brought him to the carpet. They wrestled for a few minutes, then Duo rolled on top of Heero, pinning his lover’s hands above his head. The tee shirt was hanging from only one arm and he wriggled it off impatiently.

“Naked again,” sighed Heero, though it didn’t sound like a complaint. Duo’s skin was warm against his arms and when he looked to either side he could see Duo’s muscled thighs, gripping him tightly. His eyes traveled slowly back upwards, making sure he savoured the glorious sight of Duo’s erection, shamelessly weeping with arousal, dampening Heero’s shirt. If Duo would just lean forward, he could lick off the sticky drop that welled from its slit …

But instead, Duo sat back on his heels and flipped open the button of Heero’s pants. “An hour ago, you weren’t any better dressed yourself. You were butt-naked – and not only that, but hot, horny and very, very hard.” He wriggled on top of Heero’s legs, pulling Heero’s pants down. The briefs followed. When he unbuttoned the smart shirt, the tee shirt underneath made him pause. “Yet another provocative line in tee shirts, I see.”

“It’s from your drawer,” Heero gasped. He wanted to take a proper breath but Duo’s weight was on his belly. His hands weren’t captured any more, but he kept them stretched above his head just because it felt good. His bared cock was heavy and thick, twitching against his groin.

Duo nuzzled at his neck, his hand reaching between Heero’s thighs to nudge them apart. “Nah. Could have been made with you in mind.”

Heero smiled the greedy smile that told Duo everything he wanted to know. “I told you … it’s your shirt. Your slogan.”

Duo shucked back to settle between Heero’s outstretched legs. He ran his sweaty fingers along the creases of his lover’s groin, down the underside of his straining cock, and under his balls. Heero was gasping: his hips bucked up from the floor, reaching for attention.

“I like that slogan a lot,” murmured Duo. Their eyes met over the tee shirt in question.

I’m huge in Japan

“You damned well better be,” growled Heero. “Do it!”

Duo knelt up and bent Heero’s legs back towards his chest, stretching them wider. He guided his cock to Heero’s entrance; teasing its warmth against him; watching the muscles clench around the opening. Heero’s arousal bobbed with impatience against his belly, shifting against hairs that were damp with sweat. Do it…

Duo’s cock pressed inside, the muscle stretching round him, clutching him in. Heero groaned loudly and his hands scrabbled at the carpet. Duo reached a hand over Heero’s head and captured his wrists again, holding them to the floor. He thrust, almost too slowly. Heero whimpered.

Duo curled his other hand around Heero’s cock and began to pump. His palm slipped up and down the shaft in the same rhythm as his hips ground up against Heero’s ass.

“Now –“ groaned Heero. “Oh, fuck -

Duo felt the throb inside his fist, felt Heero’s cock swell against his grip. Cum spat from its tip, licking around his fingers, slicking his slowing hand. Heero shuddered with his climax, his hands fighting against their restraint, but Duo still held him firm. It was, after all, what Heero liked. At the same time, Duo felt the muscles tighten around his cock and he grunted with a pleasure that had never disappointed him. His head fell forward and he sighed out over Heero’s straining body.

They both lay there on the hallway floor, spent, sweating and sated. The restaurant was far from either mind.


It was lunch time … maybe later. Duo stirred sleepily on his side of the bed and yawned.

Heero stood beside him, dressed in casual sweats and fresh from a shower, prodding him to wake up. “We must get ready to go to Quatre’s. Since we never made the celebrations last night, I said we’d visit him and Trowa some time today.” His eyes lingered over the folds of the sheet, plumped up over Duo’s groin. He licked his lips.

“Breakfast?” murmured Duo, smirking. His eyes had also dropped to Heero’s groin. “Or lunch?”

“Me first,” Heero growled. With his free hand, he started to loosen the waist of his sweats.

“What’s that you’re holding under your arm?”

Heero’s eyes flickered away. “A gift for Quatre. No time to buy anything else…”

Duo frowned and shifted himself to sitting. “It’s another tee shirt. But you can’t give him that...”

“It’s just a joke,” said Heero. His expression was deadpan. He stepped back, but not quickly enough: Duo’s long arm darted out, snatched the shirt from his hands and shook it out.

I taught your boyfriend that thing you like.

Duo started laughing, very loudly, shaking his head. Heero was grinning too, and took the opportunity to push Duo back down in the bed.

“Heero, you mischievous son-of-a … you never cease to amaze.”

“Hold that thought,” murmured Heero, his fingers brushing against Duo’s erect nipples, his hand spread wide on the smooth flesh of the other man’s torso. He pulled the sheet aside, climbing back in with his lover, letting his pants drop off behind him. He pressed his knee between Duo’s thighs, nudging them apart. Duo just waking was a delicious sight; his eyes heavy-lidded; his lips seductively swollen; his skin warm and flushed. To sample it all was even better. Especially Duo’s thick, tasty cock rising up to greet its lover.

His mouth watered with anticipation and he wondered just how late the day could be before having to go to Quatre’s. He knew their friends would curse them for unreliability, but they wouldn’t worry. They all knew where Heero and Duo would be spending their weekend.

He licked gently at Duo’s belly, sliding his lips down further, greedy for more, feeling the body arch up under him. “Like I said … just hold that thought.”

The young woman tried very hard not to stare but it was such an attractive sight. The two young men sat on the bench in the park, both fit and gorgeous, engrossed in each other’s conversation. They were both smiling – the long-haired one laughed a lot. As she watched some more, their hands trailed wistfully across each other’s body as if the desire was like quicksand and was irresistible to them. It was obvious that they welcomed sinking into it.

“Who are they?” asked a very young voice beside her, and she looked back down guiltily at her daughter.

“I don’t know them, love. Just … looking, that’s all.”

The child peered at her, suspicious. “We’re still going to the bird place, aren’t we?”

“Yes,” her mother reassured her. “The sanctuary’s just at the far end of the park.” It was a favourite outing for her daughter, and she needed to get going before it closed for the day. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the men nestling against each other. One of them slid a strong hand around the neck of his companion; the captured man leant back in towards him, moistening his lips. The young woman felt warmth that was nothing to do with the fine day.

“Are they going there, too? To the bird place?” came the relentless questioning.

The woman sighed. “Probably not.” They looked as if they had alternative ideas of entertainment. “Why do you think that?”

Her daughter snickered. “The matching tee shirts. Look. They like the birds, too.”

The woman glanced back, this time catching sight of the men’s clothing: tee shirts in different colours but the same design of two fluttering birds, dipping towards each other. The same slogan across both chests …


It kept a smile on her face for the rest of the weekend.

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