Gundam 00

Black Mirror
by Faded Fallen
Hallelujah x Allelujah
He really can't leave him alone and does he really want him to?

Damn the Consequenes
by Faded Fallen
Tieria x Setsuna
Everyone is irresponsible except Tieria.

by Trixie
implied Johann x Allelujah
Hallelujah has something to say about Johann.

01 Learning Curve
02 Tells
by Aravis Tarkheena
Lockon x Setsuna
He can't read Setsuna, but he wants to try.

Louder Now
by Faded Fallen
Lockon x Allelujah
It's always the quiet ones.

No Subtext
by Faded Fallen
Graham x Billy
There's nothing going on between the lines.

Signal to Noise
by Miss Hallelujah
Setsuna x Lockon, Allelujah x Tieria
Tieria comes to realize that some things cannot be computed.