Please cut and paste the code from the text box.

Remember to change the ring id number from 0 to the one you are assigned. Also please put the code on the main page of your site or in the cliques/webrings page. It's just to make it easier on us when we go to look for your code. If you have a blog, make sure that you put the code in your bio section or on the main page. Do not put it in an entry.

Yes, we will be checking for the code before you are added into the ring. You've got four days to get the code up once you register for the ring. After that your page will be deleted from our queue.

While you're at it, you might want to think about checking out our sister ring, Boygasm. Dedicated to all things yaoi and those who are obsessed with it.

If you have any other questions you can contact either Cyn or Nikita.

If you've done everything correctly the code should look like this on your page: We're all Seeing Red

Your Hosts...

Nikita and Cynthia